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January 31st, 2015


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About Me: 
"The assistance of mans soul comes from new experiences" -Alex Supertramp
Yo I am Snow from Cape Town and I like to party.
Life is good, life is sweet and while it gives you the odd slap in the face it always has a way of making things work out.
I am a student still learning aspects to improve my game as well as helping others improve theirs at the same time.
Reading, Adventuring and seeing new places thus gaining experiences and stories to tell future generations and help people of today.
I to Surf
I to Fight (MMA)
I Read
I party
I Learn
I experience
I See
I push my limits
I exersize
I live
Favorite Music: 
Psy Trance, Rap, Metal, Rock, Indie
Favorite TV Shows: 
Californiacation, Dexter, The dudesons, South Park
Favorite Books: 
Power Of Now Mans Search for Meaning Nine Ball Last Resort The Catcher In The Rye A New Earth

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