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When Should You Text A Girl? - 3 Simple Steps for Success

Merry Christmas guys!


One of the most common dating questions I hear is: When should I text girl after getting her number?

Typical answers from the internet: Instantly, 1 hour, 3 hours, 24 hours, 3 days and even wait for her to text you.

The correct answer is: Send a GOOD first text within a reasonable timeframe, usually 3 hours, of meeting the girl. I'll explain why.

An awful first text is not going to work reliably whenever you send it. For example, the following text would be really BAD to send within 1 hour or after 3 days:

Hey Sandra! Great to meet you! We should go for a drink later this week! – John

This text demonstrates neediness and is asking too much commitment from the girl. Most of the time a girl will not respond to this type of text (whenever you send it).

On the other hand, a girl is likely to respond to a GOOD text after 1 hour or 3 days. Consequently, you must focus more on the content of the first text than when it is sent.

Below are 3 simple steps to help maximise the effectiveness of your first text. You will never have to worry about WHEN to text a girl again, if you follow them:

Step 1: Always send a short Value-giving first text

You have just got the number of a girl. The first step is to send her a quick text which brightens up her day/night and does not require a response. This is known as a value giving text; it is not asking for anything from the girl (response / commitment).

One of the following simple texts is ideal:

Hey (her name), have an awesome day – (your name)
Yo (her name), have an awesome night – (your name)

e.g. Hey Sandra! Have an awesome rest of the day - Psychopathic

These first texts convey the following:

·    You are busy Alpha male.

·   You are not asking for a date or commitment in
the first text (demonstrates you have an abundance of women in your life).

·    You are a positive and value giving guy.

·      You are not trying too hard or taking life too

·      You are not chasing.

Value-giving texts are not complicated and probably go against a lot of advice you have received in the past. Most guys try too hard to entertain the girl with the first text or go for the date too soon. For example, here are some BAD FIRST TEXTS:

Hey Sandra! Great to meet you tonight. We should meet for a drink this week – John (too much commitment for a first text)

Hey Swedish Sandra! Crazy meeting you today! How many guys have you chatted up today? If it’s any less than 20, I’ll know you’re lying ;) - John (trying too hard / gamey)

First texts should be simple and not be try hard. You will set yourself apart as a cool guy who does not need to impress the girl and believes he is enough. Girls are not stupid; they know guys look up witty lines on the internet. Don't be that guy.


Step 2: Send the first text within 3 hours of meeting the girl

Send the first text to a girl within 3 hours of meeting her (same night or same day). This may be while you are still talking to her, immediately afterwards, 1 hour later, or 3 hours later. As pointed out earlier, it does not matter. The key is to send a value giving text within a reasonable time frame and solidify the interaction with the girl.

Step 3: Go meet other girls and forget about your first text

This last step is crucial for success. The woman you are texting is one of thousands you could meet and is not worth thinking about constantly. Thinking about the woman, or first text, leads to neediness and desperate texting. Trust that your first text has been received and continue with your awesome life.

Personally, I will text a girl and throw the phone back in my back pocket. I am not invested in the text and don’t care if she texts back. Obviously, if she does it is a bonus. However, I know I am going to meet more girls in the next week.


And that’s it. Simply send a good value-giving text within 3 hours of meeting a girl. It does not have to be perfect, because life is not perfect. These 3 steps will set you up for texting success and hopefully answered your question: When should I text a girl?

I will follow up in a later article about how to maximise your chances of getting a date from texting.


Enjoy your turkey! Check out my journal for texting examples: node/243112/forum


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 That's excellent content, mate.
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I usually text something like drive safe or good night to the girl the same night I get the number. Thanks to Brad for this one, make sure you add your name to the end.

Also something that kinda boosted my text success rate was beside having a great interaction and not running away straight after I got the number was that l tell the girl in a sort of a chill funny vibe  "wait by the phone tomorrow, I'm gonna text you".

Just remember that you actually follow up on this so you don't lie :D
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 love it
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makes perfect sense
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