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How to Get a Girl to Like You - 10 Simple Steps to Make Youself Naturally Attractive to Women


Picture this scene. You are about to approach the hottest girl you have ever seen in Starbucks. How can you increase the chances of it going well? How do you get a girl to like you?

First, there are no underhand tricks involved in getting a girl to like you. There is no magic pickup line, magical aftershave, or mind control. Second, what attracts a women is not a mystery.  Women are hard wired to be attracted to high status behaviour (confidence).  

So, how do you become a naturally attractive high status male? This article is going to give you 10 simple steps to help transform yourself into an attractive alpha guy. Implement these tips and I guarantee girls will start trying to impress YOU.

1. Display powerful / confident body language

Women are hard-wired to be attracted to confident men. They want a man who has been with a woman of their calibre before and can handle them. Consequently, confident body language is essential to gaining attraction from beautiful women.

You may be wondering what confident body language looks like. To help explain this, below I have provided a video of me approaching a woman on the street in London. Please watch it and I will briefly explain the key concepts.

When approaching a women (0:18-0:25 in video), the following demonstrates confidence:

- Walking upright with head tilted slightly upwards (exposing the neck)
- Shoulders back and chest forward
- Walking at a slow pace and swinging arms
- Being relaxed and not stiff
- Taking up space around you
- Getting early eye contact before you say anything

When talking to a woman (0:25-4:00), the following demonstrates confidence:

- Taking up space (for example, I planted my foot next to her foot)
- Standing with feet shoulder width apart
- No fidgeting
- Maintaining strong eye contact throughout
- Leaning back and not leaning in
- Relaxed posture
- Hands out of pockets
- Body pointing towards her

Confident body language should not be forced and develops over time. My video was not an active demonstration of body language techniques. Through making small changes to my behaviour patterns I now instinctively display attractive body language. I suggest implementing little changes in your life. For example, try standing with your feet shoulder width apart for a week. Quite quickly it will become second nature.

2. Believe that you are an awesome guy (supreme self-confidence)

If you do not 100% believe that you are a truly awesome guy then a girl is certainly not going to think it.

From now, start believing that you are the most awesome guy on the earth. You have loads to give the world and people need to know you. Women will start to see you as this awesome guy because your behaviour will naturally reflect your mindset.

3. Have fun

Life is fun and meeting women is great fun. Do not treat it like a chore or too seriously. You have the opportunity to meet a beautiful women and find out what is unique about her. If you are having fun, she will be having fun with you.

From now, have fun wherever you go; especially when talking to women.


4. Use break rapport voice tonality

When you walk down the street you are probably bothered by beggers. They nearly always use a seeking rapport tonality. Seeking rapport tonality is when your voice pitch raises at the end of sentences. The natural reaction is to ignore these people because they want something from you.

Women will also ignore guys who use seeking rapport tonality. They think you are trying to impress them and that you believe them to be more important than you.

Start using a  breaking rapport tonality when talking to women. This is the tonality that a person in authority uses. Imagine a policeman talking to you or how you talk to your friends. The voice goes down at the end of sentences. This is extremely important and will set you apart from a lot of guys. It demonstrates that you do not see her as more important than you and are not trying to impress her.

5. Be Physical around women

Naturally attractive men will touch women when talking them. This builds rapport and a man to woman dynamic (not friend to friend).

Do not be afraid to touch women on the arms and shoulders very early in a conversation. A women is more likely to see you as a friend if you hold off on the physicality. However, physicality is going to make you more attractive in her eyes because it demonstrates that you are comfortable around women of her calibre.

6. Have a purpose and goals in life

Women want to be with a man who has a distinct purpose in life and has goals to achieve that purpose. Stop going through life in a daze! What are you trying to achieve? What are you contributing to the world? 

You must know where you are going in life before a woman will join you in your reality. To help achieve this I suggest reading the following books over the next month:

- Way of the Superior Man by David Deida (Highly recommended to discover your role as man)
- Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins (Setting goals and making decisions)
- As a Man Thinketh by James Allen (How to be a man)

7. Have boundaries when interacting with people

Women hate a man who they can walk all over or other people can walk all over. Have boundaries in your life. If someone does something you disapprove of, tell them.

For example:
If a women is using here mobile at the dinner table instead of giving you her full attention; politely tell her to stop it.

Women will respect you more if you have boundaries. Being the nice guy who lets her get away with everything is highly unattractive.

8. Be the buyer, not the seller

You are an attractive man trying to make positive changes in your life. Why would you be impressed by a girl who simply has good looks? You shouldn't!

Have extremely high standards and start qualifying women. Is she caring? Does she travel? Is she drunk every night? Does she have a goal in life?

Do not be impressed by any woman and do not set out to impress them. Be skeptical of women and find out what they are about before displaying your interest. Be the buyer, not the seller. Women are attracted to guys with high standards and she will feel like you have chosen her. Selling yourself is unattractive and low value behaviour. Above all, never actively show off or try to impress a women in a conversation. 

9. Be a challenge to women

Women are not attracted to guys who are too available or needy. Your primary purpose when going to bars is to have fun. If you meet a woman it is a bonus. Do not show your interest until she has done something to deserve it. 

Tease women when talking to them. Act like they are your best friend or little sister. 


10. Smile

As you go through the world, notice how many people do not smile and are miserable. Try smiling more in your daily life. You will be amazed by the reactions. If you are feeling happy: SMILE! Smile when you are in a bar because you are having fun. Girls will notice and start approaching you.


I have outlined 10 easy steps to make a girl like you more. There are many other things you can do but these will make a significant impact during your interactions with women. Be brave and approach women everywhere you go. 

Best of luck.


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