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10 Reasons Why You Need a Good Wingman


Merry Christmas guys!

2012 has nearly ended and I want to pay respects to the awesome guys who have been my wingmen this year.

This articles explains the concept of a wingman and outlines the reasons why you need to find a good wingman for the New Year.

What is a Wingman?

Simply put, a wingman is a guy helps you meet women in different locations. Typically, he will occupy a friend while you talk to a woman you are interested in.

Why do you need a Wingman?

The reason you need a wingman is to maximise your chances of success when meeting women. A wingman can do the following:

 He will distract a friend or friends while you isolate a girl you like. Without a wingman you would have to contend with the friends and this makes life much harder.
- He will open a group of women when you are having an off-night and not in the mood to approach. This can get you into a conversation easier.
He will talk to you and help you have fun
- Give you advice 
- Push you out of your comfort zone

- Deal with unfriendly/rival guys in a bar
- Back you up in a fight or confrontation

How do you get a Wingman?

You can meet a wingman in a variety of ways. One way is to talk to guys in bars/clubs who may also be trying to meet women. Talk to your friends and ask if they are willing to help you meet women. Finally, there are always guys looking for wingmen on dating/pickup forums.

Why do you need a Good / Awesome Wingman?

It is usually quite easy to find, or be, an average wingman. An average wingman could be a random guy you meet in bar or an old friend. However, it is much harder to find, or be, an awesome wingman.

Below are 10 reasons why you need a good/awesome wingman:

1. He will take an active interest in your life
There is nothing more awkward than a wingman who does not know where you live or where you went to University. Girls will often ask your wingman how you met etc. You will be rejected by girls if you don't know your wingman or they don't know you. A good wingman knows your back story and tells girls how great you are. An awesome wingman patiently listens to you and wants to become good friends with you.
2. He is always positive and supports you
There will be nights when approaching women is hard and things do not go right. A bad wingman will put you down or moan. A good wingman is always positive and supports you through these tough nights. An awesome wingman does these things and turns the night around for you.

3.  He talks to loads of women
A poor wingman stands still all night and does not talk to many girls. A good wingman 
is actively talking to women throughout the night and introduces you to groups. An awesome wingman is the life of the party and opening every girl in sight.

4. He is equally skilled or better than you with women 
A bad wingman is someone who does not understand women and is constantly being rejected by the friend of the girl you are talking to. A good wingman can hold his own when talking to groups of drunk women. An awesome wingman is better than you with women and you are constantly learning from him.

5. He is not selfish
A terrible wingman will not talk to fat or ugly women. A good wingman will distract the hostile fat girl. An awesome wingman will have sex with the fat girl to ensure you enjoy the beautiful friend. Just make sure you repay the favour.

6. He is cool
A flawed wingman will brag in front of girls and is not socially savvy. A good wingman is cool around women; he does not show off, insult them, or put them down. An awesome wing is the full package: well groomed, popular with women, charismatic, friendly, fun, positive and funny.

7. He has your back
A good wingman will stand next to you when you are being threatened by a hostile guy. A great wingman will fight alongside you. An awesome wingman will take a punch or kick for you.

8. He is inspiring
A bad wingman is uninspiring and boring, A good wingman takes risks and puts his personality on the line. An awesome wingman will chat to the hottest women, in the craziest situations and inspire you to do the same.

9. He will not steal your girl
Usually the guy who opens a group of girls picks the girl he is interested in. A bad wingman will not respect this rule and, without permission, will try to steal the girl. A good wingman will let you choose the girl you are interested in and maintain distance. An awesome wingman will do everything in his power to make sure you go home with the girl.

10. He sticks with you till the bitter end
A terrible wingman will abandon you at the first sign of a bad night. A great wingman will stick with you till club closing time or when you get the girl. An awesome wingman will help you talk to girls on the streets at 4am and not complain.



As you can see, there is a big difference between an average wingman and an awesome wingman. An awesome wingman may take time to find or cultivate. Most likely, you will have to build a relationship over time through going out regularly with a guy.

I found an awesome wing this year. We met randomly in Leicester Square, London. He went out with me most nights for 8 months and we become really great friends over time. When we were hanging out nothing could go wrong and everything was fun. Above all, he demonstrated all the qualities of an awesome wingman and I tried to do the same in return.

Hopefully this article will inspire you to find an equally awesome wingman in the New Year. It is well worth it!

My wing and I:

Best of luck. Please check out my journal:


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