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I've found that game is basically mind kung fu.  Finding those mental mechanics to smash anxiety and stress the instant you feel it.  Calibrating nearly instantly.  Learning the most potent subcommunication to demand attraction.  Getting 5 minute lays.

The Game and Mystery were right when they said it was all about congruency tests... but congruency tests are not only in the words, but also in subcommunication.  Super microscopic subcommunication.  To the point where it cannot be thought out, only felt.  At all moments you need to feel like Justin Timberlake in Japan.  

I'll break down some key concepts that have accelerated my game.

Concept 1 Auto Interest and Calibration
Think about a time when you KNEW you were getting a new car.  All of a sudden looking at cars becomes like crack to your mind.  You fucking love looking at cars.  Why?  Because it is in your reality that you are getting a new car...  Ok now make it your reality that you WILL get all the women you seek.  All of a sudden you will love watching Jersey Shore and reading about pick up.  Your mind will absorb what it needs to get you there.  But once you get a civic make it your reality to get a lexus...

This one was HUGE for me.  If you are bragging about every chick you bang to your friends, you only THINK you are a player.  The guys who get the most don't tell anyone, it is as much in their reality as brushing their teeth.  The way you FEEL about brushing your teeth, you should FEEL about getting laid.  It's just something you do, no need to prove to anyone that you brush your teeth.

Concept 3 Where's your head at?
Get in the habit of being aware of where your focus is at.  If was as easy as brushing my teeth, what would I be focusing on RIGHT NOW?  Ok, now let's focus on that.  Would your focus be getting pissed off?  No it would be something along the lines of 'how can I have fun right now!'  Get in the mental habit of changing your thought patterns by constantly asking yourself this question.  This is the magic calibration mindset.

Concept 4 What shines ain't always goinga be gold
I am going to be sticking to these three concepts religiously for the next few weeks.  I'll inevitably reach some new barriers requiring adjustments in my mental mechanics.  And knowing that there are new barriers that will arrise that I cannot predict now.  That I can only know about the next road block after experience is the 4th concept.

Let me know what you think of these and whether you have any mental mechanics to add.
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