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Just put out a blog on how to talk to girls at parties, seems like the next reasonable idea to float your way would be how to talk to her AFTER that party(or after you've met her)

"ALAS, (your name here) is calling, and this is how I answer all of my calls that I'm excited to receive."

STOP! Forget what you think you know about girls giving out there number.

"But oh its kinda weird and she'll think I'm a creep"

"But she has(or might have) a boyfriend"

"But I'll vanish into thin air"

These are some of the common excuses as to why a guy shouldn't push for the phone number and these kind of rationalizations are just plain stupid.

Let me help clear something up for you...

SHE OBVIOUSLY KNOWS YOUR FUCKING HITTING ON HER. And if she doesnt then that means your not expressing your interest well enough, not making your intentions clear or trying to "sneak up under her radar", which is a NO-NO. 


this sometimes wont even matter when it comes to number closing. BUT DON'T MAKE AN EXCUSE NOT TO SHOW YOUR INTENT.

Go watch the movie "Just Friends" with Ryan Reynolds. Perfect example that playing the "caring friend" is not an effective method.

So anways, back to the numbers game...

In all honesty getting a phone number will become one of the easiest things you can do in the game. It almost starts to become a cheap trick, its what you do after that number what matters, but thats for an entirely different article.

One of the simplest and quickest ways I've probably ever gotten a number was when I was walking down my town's Main Street, and saw this cute girl walking by. I stop her and say:

"Hey, your gorgeous, whats your name?"
Her: "Tits McGee"
Me: "Word, what are you doing later?"
Her: " Idk, probably just hanging out"
Me:"We should hang out later whats your number?"
Me: "Cool, Bye"

The truth is, girls will pretty much hand there number out to any guy they're not creeped out by. Make them feel a somewhat positive emotion and its pretty much yours.

Girls really don't see giving out their phone number as a big deal. I mean, it's not like you just asked them to marry you or suck your dick, right?

It literally is what it is, a phone number. No big deal, just a regular part of life. It's just like saying hello to a girl. There are numerous, numerous ways to get her number in the most simplest of terms.

Hell, these guys do it without even talking

So, what you should get from this is asking for a girls phone number IS NOT A BIG DEAL. You shouldn't feel intimidated to do it, she doesn't see it as a big deal and neither should you.

"What's the best way to get over my fear of asking for/getting her number?"

Like always, the answer is taking action, practice and pushing out of your comfort zone. There's no way your gonna magically vaporize any fear you have or nervousness. It all comes from slowly desensitizing yourself to the proccess. I'll tell you what, go out and ask 20 women for their number after talking to them for 2 minutes minimum and I can almost guarantee that at least a couple of them will give you their number. 

Also, persistance is key. If she comes up with an excuse like "I'm working and my manager might get mad" You can say "Just tell him were old friends from kindergarden." If she has an objection, just give her a reason to rationalize that giving you her number is not a big deal. You can even be like "What's your number, (in a sarcastic tone) I promise to only call you 30 times a day" and that usually will make them laugh and get over their objection.

Follow these steps and you'll be saying:


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