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Hey it's Ozzie again,

Firstly, one of my recent bootcamp debriefs where I give a feedback to my students struggling with running out of things to say when interacting with girls in clubs. Again the feedback is tailored expecially for my bootcamp students' needs, if you would like to get one that is aiming into your sticking points sign up for one of my programs, here:​

 - http://www.rsdnation.com/ozzie/events 

And the video:

The first ever q&a session, just watch and enjoy.

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Sweet videos Ozzie. Loved the higher production value!
You definitely deserve it!
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Getting gud ozzie, keep it up! You're simple in what you do, not simplistic but simple and effective. Very nice.
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10 seconds and it's already gold
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Good stuff Ozzie.

Question for you. When I'm approaching a two set of girls I've been getting 'She's my girlfriend' more often than I would want lol. I've come back with something like ' oh I love lesbians' and gone in for a group hug, or sometimes getting a more annoyed response from the ladies. Basically get cock blocked a fair bit. Any more salutions for this?

Thank you Sir 
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