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Hi there,

This week I have for you a video explaining the whole topic of taking responsibility for success. As you might already know this is not the first time I touch this topic. Problems in this area happen to everyone, and that is why it is so important to be able to manage it properly. This video will refresh your knowledge about the topic and also give you some new ideas on how to deal with it.

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Hey Ozzy WhatUP?

Are you gonna be teaching bootcamp in Prague on May the 6th to 8th?, please confirm 'cause you are the one intructor i'm very intersted to attend bootcamp with. Thanks

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Ozzie, you definitely walk-the-walk, instead of talk-the-talk.

Thanks to you, I approach mix sets all the time and to my surprise, many of them are not boyfriend/girlfriend sets.

I like how you have so much fun approaching these difficult sets, it's like you have a big smile and say without words:  "...aha, watch me get blown out!" but you never do.

Thanks man.
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