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This is my video on dealing with having fun while getting things done. This time I explain to you where perfectionism comes from and what to do about it and  present a few secrets on how to cope with boredome.

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Wow this video opened my eyes a bit. this is exactly what me and some of my friends are going.(we are intermidiate level)  the nights are becoming so repetitive, we do the same routine every weekend so much that we start joking that we are like  Sysyphus pushing the same rock over and over for eternity. and lately non of us have motivation to go out. i'll take your advice,try to change focus from outcome,mix things up and see how it goes.  ps: being for a while in the game now i don't come from that newbie mindset and i am afraid to look bad in set. i get more of a performance anxiety than approach anxiety. i have to start wearing that white belt again and strive for a new challenge. (check for Jigoro Kano the founder of judo who was burried with his white belt)
Btw thanks for the video.
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Brilliant video Ozzie.

My current wingman is experiencing many of the same problems shown in this video. Sometimes I forget too that you have to switch your focus to a different outcome than "getting the girl".  I know this when all of a sudden I stop having fun.

Question:  Recently, my sets with really hot girls have opened smoothely, however, once I start asking boring questions to keep the conversation going, I get a shit-test. How do you pass them without being needy or too aggressive at the same time?

For example, girl says:  "I don't know" or "I don't want to talk to you".

Thanks man.
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