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Hey guys!!

I’m writing for you from London, England.

The weather here is rough at this time of the year, and it may look like this is not the best time to amp up your game, but you couldn’t be more wrong. The harder it gets the faster you learn, and boy when the summer comes it’s going to be easy to game.

And, of course this is the topic of my next video that I shoot while debriefing my bootcamp students.

I think those debriefs contain massive value and it would be useful to share it with you.

Although my feedback refers to my bootcamp students, it may serve you well with your own sticking points, as I know most of the guys I teach have similar problems.

… and if you think you need more help with your own game, sign up to one of my bootcamp programs in Europe:

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And more herehttp://www.rsdnation.com/ozzie/events 

And the today's video:

Revise your game

If you follow my advice about game you probably know that I like to make my programs really difficult, perhaps most difficult bootcamp programs there are.  I run them in the busiest, craziest nightclubs I can find, and one of priorities is to teach my students how to approach sets on the dance floor. Here is one of my older videos that may help you with that:

Also don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel here:


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Awesome stuff!! 
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Dahm loved ur post this week bro.. Not tht it matters to u but if u continue to make these behind the curtains of bootcamp vids,with powerful lessons and tactics... Its almost guaranteed your popularity around here will rise...
SHOUT OUT the most underrated PUA
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Join Date: 07/05/2013 | Posts: 74

Revolutionary video!

I have never seen before a video breakdown of two comparable interactions in the history of the pick-up community.

Thanks Ozzie.

You're the man!

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Awesome, makes perfect sense! 
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For a minute there, I thought I was watching a surgeon explain through video tape how an open heart bi-pass procedure takes place during an interaction.

Awesome stuff!
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Great stuff thanks for this Ozzie something i have to work in turning around the negatives into positives and persisiting a litte more. Also physial like lifting the girl up and making it more playful. 
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