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Nice video Ozzie. I plan on taking a bootcamp with you within the next year or 2. (been planning for the last 4 years, I'm from Canada)
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What I love about Ozzie's approach is that it cuts through all the B.S and focuses on things that you can control in the set. What kind of action you're taking.. the way in which you game yourself.. how you respond to things.. if you dial these in, and focus all your attention on them, you become a wu-tang killaaa in the field.
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Another fantastic video Ozzie, packed with tidbits of powerful insight!

You've taught me, since I've been watching you, to get over your fears first and performance will improve.

You've also taught me the importance of "physical game" which is why you have get over your fears first.

"Fear technology" and "physical game" have always been the pillars of what you teach, which is why you look amazing even if the set isn't initally going the way you want to.

Thanks man.
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Hi Ozzie,

I love the practicality of your videos!
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Wow, I'm not very familiar with Ozzie's content, and that video was great.
OTOH, Ozzie is a lot like the "my dad trying to use the internet" type of instructor LOL
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I think Ozzie is the most underrated instructor which is totally insane. 

You're the fuckin man Ozzie. 

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Wassup Ozzie :)!

Opened my first very hard sets (mixed groups on the dance floor with music so loud you can hear it clearly even with ear plugs) on my own this weekend. Survived for average of 2 mins. Did a little bit of physicality too.

Only did a few, but I surpassed my goal. Before I was scared of doing this for a long time (for what appears to now be no reason whatsoever other than fear of failure).

Even after taking 2 of your life changing boot camps.

Reason being, i'm sure, that I actually managed to find a wing who's actually game enough and sees sense to approach the hardest sets with me in a disciplined fashion. 

We've been doing them for a good few weeks now every weekend.

It was because of reference experiences. Lots of them. Now those hard sets I thought were impossible on my own or I'd get in trouble with the bouncer (a completely false belief) look easy to open!

Next, i'll be working on fear of failure of these sets (so that I don't fear approaching and failing due to the social pressure in front of my wing men who don't understand Fear Technology), so that I don't make the excuse of "I could open that set easily, i'm the man' etc., without actually going to do them, so it stays as a 'happy dream' in my head. 

Thank you so so much Ozzie!

But wing men willing to do this stuff are hard to find, so it may be that travelling afar or taking your program are the only options to break through these situations :).


PS Loved your make out set video from the other day! I took the girl off the dude (even though he pushed me once) and nearly made out with the girl, but hesitated as I'm stuck on make outs. Oh well, next time (I made out with 2 chicks at once a few weeks ago though after doing Fear Technology and opening them at the door - Crazy! I then could've walked them out the club but it all happened so fast that they walked the other way and I lost them)
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Thanks Ozzie, that was awesome
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