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About Me: 
15 years old.
Currently live in South-Africa, but born in Norway.
Hoping to become an instructor one day.
17 now. Would still be cool to be an instructor someday.
I'm very interested in weightlifting, eating healthy, psychology, game, music and nature.
I lift heavy weights following Rippetoe's programme. Have gained over 10kgs so far.
I surf about once every 2 weeks.
Ive played guitar for 3 years.
I enjoy reading self-help books.
I dance too now. Yay I'm cool.
Favorite Music: 
Changes very often. -Some Deadmau5 -Eminem -30 seconds to mars -Rise against ---- Rise Against is still pretty sweet.
Favorite Books: 
-The power of Now -A new Earth -Awaken the giant within ---- I really should read more. I was such a productive 15 year-old. - 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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