May 26th, 2017
Good day everybody, I know you're accustomed to me showing my face around here on TUESDAYS, but I'm here to alleviate any potential "case of the Mondays" you might be suffering from with a wonderful announcement:

I've got a series of three videos for you this week, showing previews of my traveling road show known as the Jeffy Hotseat Transformational Experience.

The Hotseat is of course, a full day of hidden camera infield pickups, with live instructor breakdown, and a variety of intense change work exercises to designed to ingrain the lessons into your deep visceral understanding.

When tyler put out HSTE last year, I was a little wary, however after attending several of his events myself I saw the incredible value of this type of work and was fully on board. Not a lot of people know I’m doing these exercises now, so I wanted to put these vids out to let you know that now, I’m basically the biggest champion of this change work, and show you what I’m bringing to the table in the revamped JHSTE.

So I’m gonna cut right to it.. watch the following clip, we’re going to talk about the Hot Seat, explain what it is and then give you a little taste of the types of exercises we do at the hotseat.

So there you have it.

Check back tomorrow for the next preview showing the type of infield breakdown I do at the event, that goes beyond mere "tactics and techniques" and gets you to comprehend and internalize the concepts needed to exude an effortless charisma with everyone you meet.

Make sure to hit up to get on the VIP Interest list so you're notified as soon as the next video drops, and I'll see you tomorrow!

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Let me start off with a quick announcement, then I'll get into the video and the core of the article.


They will sell out fast, so check them out ASAP at

The cities are:




OK... With that said, what is "Todd Game"?

Well it's beholden to one thing only. RESULTS.

It's not about your emotions, and it's certainly not about your excuses.

It's about taking not only ACTION, but smart action. Designed to get what? RESULTS.

So all the technique is important, but I hope that puts things in perspective. Game isn't about the techniques, it's about the process. The mentality. The techniques are an inevitable result of the right approach.

If you want to catch more Todd Game and are in the United States or Canada, you should check out my OPENING MASTERY tour.

Tour Dates Are Below:

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 3.21.21 PM

Really "Todd Game" is about winning. I've always been an athlete, and I've always (eventually) won at everything I've done. In fact, when I started at game, I was terrible, but I knew how to WIN, so I always had confidence I'd succeed.

So I thought as long as I'm on the topic, I'd share with you a couple of my favorite videos about winning as well:

This is the mentality of winning:

And this is the technique of winning:

If you want more Todd Game... and a whole lot more pickup, I'd suggest checking out one of my upcoming Immersion programs. They sell out fast, so act soon.

That's all. See you next week :)
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Questions and Answers shot in Vegas during a break from the Vegas Summit. I answer questions about pulling time, breathing, high energy approaching and so much more....

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and visit my blog on

The complete list of my bootcamps -


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What's up? RSD Luke here coming to you from Vegas where I am in the process of filming my product. More details coming your way soon!

Today I have a special video for you. How to game in a strip club. In this video, I break down exactly how to use a strip club to sky rocket your game, and also how to get results from the strip club itself. It is a topic that I believe has not been covered enough, so I am super excited to be sharing this information with you. Check out the video below:

Hope you got a lot out of it and I hope you will be gaming in a strip club soon. It is super fun and rewarding.

That's all from me this week.


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Jeff here with my weekly content for that ass, live and direct from SF, CA. Here's where I be in the next months:
9/10: Dallas
9/23: San Francisco
10/8: Los Angeles
10:14: Las Vegas
10/22: San Francisco
11/4: San Francisco
11/11: Los Angeles
12/3: Philadelphia
12/16: San Francisco

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The topic for today's video is how to handle so-called "white knights," AKA guys who try to interfere when you're talking to women and try to shut you down in an attempt to curry favor with the girls themselves.


I had the idea to make this video a couple weeks ago when a guy rather rudely entered my set. Watch the clip and see how I reacted:


So that's it for today, be sure to check back in next monday to see what I'm doing in my unique, brand new Jeffy Hotseat Transformational Experience.




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