March 27th, 2017
My beloved friends, 

I just wanted to share some of my views on pick up here and what it did to me and my life. Watch the video below, I think it came out great and captured it pretty well...

It has a lot to do with my incentive behind creating the most comprehensive Pick Up And Personal Development product there has ever been: The Natural. It truly feels like it's my life's work. 

>>> The cool extra-special-bonus thing is (lol), we're giving away EXCLUSIVE NATURAL CONTENT before the online course is even out yet. (July 22nd). Yes, that's right, RSD has never done that before, but I'll do it anyway: Get over to, drop your email and have sent to you:

# Full real-life sex stories, everything from open to close: My personal Lay Reports.
# Instructor Epiphanies: Ideas about game and social dynamics that are too controversial to be shared publicly.
# Textgame analysis: A deeper look into instructor text game to maximize pussy

Again, all that just one email-address-drop away:


Not much more to say here, you guys rock, but you should know that by now ;)

All the best wishes, my friends,

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Just finished up another amazing Immersion program in NYC. Was insane seeing the progress from all of the students.

One of the main sticking points I saw this week, and one I see all the time, is what I call "The Half Hour Conversation To Nowhere". Here is the cure for that particular malady:

for more cures to more sticking points, as well as more infield footage than you can handle, check out

and for more tips regarding escalation in general, check out this video:

... 'till next week.
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What up!?  RSD Luke here... I'm back into the swing of things in Las Vegas raging with my clients crushing it and I was reflecting back on Winter Summit in Miami.  This video is from 1 of my 2 talks at Winter Summit.

I hope you enjoy...

If you enjoyed the video and want to see more infield breakdowns comment below... 
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Happy Tuesday to all, just wanted to give you a heads up that the Execute the Program v2.0 launch is still in full swing, meaning you have one week left to get the bonus package and the opportunity to win the one on one coaching with me... a lot of guys sent in screencaps where they used the program to hook up with a girl within hours of watching the videos, but there are still a couple more spots left...

Anyways, here's my upcoming schedule for Hotseat and Bootcamp:

4/30: Las Vegas
5/13: San Francisco
5/28: Washington, DC
6/11: Seattle
7/2: San Diego
7/16: Boston
7/30: Atlanta
​8/5: RSD WORLD SUMMIT in Las Vegas
9/10: Dallas

We have a 3 person team that handles ALL of your questions about RSD events-- call them any time to talk game or ask any questions you want!

NORTH AMERICA (Toll Free): +1 (888) 546 7286
EUROPE: +44 (0) 2079 934 034
AUSTRALIA: +61 280 155 522
ASIA: +81345789305


So today I wanted to address a phenomenon I've been seeing lately. These days it seems like there's this huge culture war where everybody is offended by everything and reasonable discussion on difficult issues is a thing of the past, replaced by shrill screaming and demonization of the other side. 

If you do this pickup stuff and you're on the internet it easy to get the impression that everybody on the planet thinks it's LITERALLY HITLER, especially feminists, and it's enough to make you want to hide your interest in this topic from society. 

I'm here to tell you, THAT'S NOT THE CASE:

Anyway, that's it for today, pick up a copy of Execute the Program if you haven't already to get those bonuses, and I'll see you next tuesday...




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"What's up!!!"

Ok, so I've got a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT to make today... And that is that my BRAND NEW PICKUP PRODUCT TenGame drops May 11th @ 11am EST!

Oh, ya... 

NEW content + ALL of my previously unreleased INFIELD FOOTAGE broken down "Hot Seat Style" (literally hours upon hours of it!) + NEW interactive exercises + MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! ;)

I'm going to be releasing preview vids soon, so be sure to jump on the TenGame VIP list, to be the first to see them AND to receive a FREE Daygame Breakdown:




But that's not all... ;)

To really go ALL OUT here, and offer as much value as possible, I've also decided to do LIVE STREAM VIDEOS *EVERY SINGLE DAY* leading up to the launch May 11th!

What does this mean for YOU? 

Well, every single day at 3pm PST, you can join me LIVE on my YouTube channel, where I'm going to be sharing with you BRAND NEW PICKUP CONTENT and most importantly, ANSWERING ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS!!!

---> To join simply visit this link every day at 3pm PST:

---> Or simply join the TenGame VIP list to receive notification emails 30 minutes prior to the broadcasts:

Hope to see you there!!!

And, until then, enjoy some of the previous ones here below!

"Until next time!" ;)


TenGame Live Stream 1 - Scarcity VS Abundance


TenGame Live Stream 2 - Pickup As A Rite Of Passage 


TenGame Live Stream 3 - Competitive VS Collaborative 


TenGame Live Stream 4 - How To Offer Value (Highlights) 


TenGame Live Stream 5 - The Nuances Of Game + How Your Own STUPIDITY Gets In Your Way (Highlights) 


TenGame Live Stream 6 - How To Handle GOOD Reactions (Highlights) 


TenGame Live Stream 7 - How To Game Yourself (Highlights) 


PS: Want a Daygame Breakdown My Students Paid $2,000 for... 100% FREE? 

---> CLICK HERE: ;)
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Wow, guys and girls

I. Am. Fucking. Psyched. I can't even express it right now. We're half way through the recordings of my upcoming online course THE NATURAL and it's become obvious that this is going to be the biggest thing RSD has ever built.

I'm not allowed to go into details but the entire course is designed to reach the "No Game Game": Girls escalating on you, girls pulling you, her friends BEGGING you to take her home. 

That's right. It's crazy, I know.

But I've discovered things about effortless Natural Game within the past 2 years that I just NEED to put out there and share with all of you guys. 

It's been such an amazing life-changing experience and I want to give all of it back to you. All of it.

Buuut, here comes the great thing: As the RSD instructor with the fastest growing brand, I feel it's my duty and responsibility to give value, as much as it's humanly possible:

>>> That's why we've decided we're already giving away EXCLUSIVE NATURAL CONTENT before the online course is even out yet. (July 22nd). Yes, that's right, RSD has never done that before, but I'll do it anyway: Head over to, drop your email and have sent to you:

# Full real-life sex stories, everything from open to close: My personal Lay Reports.
# Instructor Epiphanies: Ideas about game and social dynamics that are too controversial to be shared publicly.
# Textgame analysis: A deeper look into instructor text game to maximize pussy

Again, all that just one email-address-drop away:

I know it's weird, the course comes out July 22nd, and I'm already busting out so much content... well, it's all to maximize the value you'll receive ALREADY. 

Because, YOU are why I'm able to do all this, thank you. ;)

Will explain everything in detail: 

So again, thank you so much for everything, boys and girls. You guys are one bunch of fucking amazing individuals. THIS is for you. 

All the best wishes, my friends,

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PS: FREE LAY REPORTS: head over to to get exclusive content that I DON'T SHARE ANYWHERE ELSE! 

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I've got two special treats for you today: 

1. The solution to one of the biggest sticking points that almost every guy who does pickup has, and then 2. The answer to the question I get asked more than any other.

As well as a special announcement:

We have ONE spot available for New York Immersion due to a cancellation. The program starts tomorrow and has been sold out for nearly a month, so this is a rare opportunity.


I know the page says LA, but the details and price are the same for NYC. Please email if you're interested.

And if you're interested in the LA program, obviously sign up before it sells out... I believe there are only four seats left as I'm writing this...

Okay on to the videos :)

First off... do you ever get called a "player" or called out for doing pickup? Do you get lots of LMR and always feel like you're pressing for sex and the girls just occasionally "give in"? If so, you need to watch this video:

I know a lot of people can relate to that because I see the same sticking points every time I go out, to the point that it makes me want to pull my hair out.

If you want solutions to ALL your sticking points, I'd suggest trying out Valentine University for $1 now.

Now how about my most commonly asked question. "How do you game in college?" College definitely requires a different approach that has more of a long-term social circle focus. For more on what that approach is, check out this video below:

Man I wish I'd known that when I was in college!
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What up?!  I just got to New York to speak at the New York Free Tour and instruct Bootcamp.  It's no secret I have a lot of female friends and an expansive social circle.  I am going to be giving you guys more social circle content.  This will really give you guys an inside look into what a proper social circle looks like and how to actually get hard core results from your social circle.  I have A LOT of attractive females as well as naturals in my different social circles.  It's extremely enlightening to get their take on game even if you have to take it with a grain of salt.  You have to take this type of knowledge with a grain of salt because women rarely know accurately what attracts them to men.  Naturals can rarely discuss exactly what they do that's so effective.  However, being the intelligent social warrior that you are... I am sure you can read between the lines and get value in hearing what my super hot model friend has to say.  If you would like more interviews from my attractive female friends or my badass natural friends comment below.

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So here we are once again… Execute the Program v2.0 is booted up and ready for you to master! The end product of nearly a decade of personal experience, bolstered and improved upon with rock solid experience and real life teaching, presented on a platter for YOU.

And remember I’m only offering this monster bonus package for those who pick up their copy of ETP2 before April 27th!!

Check out the FINAL video in the series here, featuring six of the top new techiniques from ETP2:


  • all bonuses from ETP v1.0: Nine Ball audio book, Pandurr shirt, Getting Laid music playlist, Jeffy’s Image Macros
  • Three Monthly Webinars with Jeffy
  • Jeff’s Home Mixology Course
  • Interview with Online Pimp “Sweaterchode”
  • Entered in Raffle to win 1-on-1 coaching session with Jeffy

After the first program launched, I said “I never want to think about this online shit again,” because I had spent basically three years of my life creating it. And I meant it at the time, but as I saw all the great ideas coming out of the mastermind group, I knew it was my duty to compile it all into one comprehensible package.

So eight months later, here we are. It’s been exhausting, but I did it. This is IT… the highly repeatable SYSTEM that takes all modern updates to the online dating game into consideration and puts it all in one place for you. 

And you can put it into action and start getting laid literally HOURS after you watch the videos in Execute the Program v2.0.

It’s all here:
  • PROFILE 2.0
Again, most guys’ profiles are laughably bad… you’ll see not only how to make yourself stand out in the crowd, but learn the secret language of the profile and what yours is communicating to girls OVERALL, beyond the sum of the individual pics and lines. When you know this, you can even “get away” with having TERRIBLE, cliche’d pictures on your profile that girls usually hate, but actually have them LOVING YOU instead. 

This section features tons of examples of profiles that needed some work, and how their creators used the program to fix them. You’ll also see a variety of totally new and AWESOME examples.
In this section, I’ll show you how to run a girl through the message funnel incredibly effectively - literally step by step instructions to create your own unique funnel as well as how to deploy it to ensure she meets up with you. 

 The difference between an APOLOGY, which is qualifying yourself, and a STATEMENT OF EMPATHY… which can turn the whole interaction around

When to shrug off her tests and plow, and when to go genuine and connect - understanding this distinction can be the difference between getting blocked by her, and actually meeting up with her.

I break down exactly what it means to be “witty” and HOW TO DO IT YOURSELF, as well as exactly how to convey the right tone that shows you are “cooler than the girl.
  • PHONE GAME 2.0
This module has a lot of great additional information that builds upon the previous ETP1 phone game section. You’ll learn strategies for all kinds of contingencies including scheduling multiple dates on the same night, and rock solid tactics to ensure you never get stood up again. 
  • DATES 2.0
Tons of new case studies and tactics to make the date, the pull and the endgame even smoother.

The Straight to Your House date - full strategy guide for this new and powerful way of approaching things

FOUR HOURS of brand new infield footage of dates, from open to close, including STUDENT DATE and THREE new Jeffy Threesome Dates
Rock solid, field tested pointers for what to do in the immediate AFTERMATH of your dates, as well as ongoing game for managing your rotation once you get the ball rolling… how to deal with drama and all of the unexpected pitfalls that come along with this lifestyle once you start pulling massive amounts of ass - with these key mental shifts you’ll be able to stay on top of the game. 

All of it highly structured and organized so that you can easily digest the information, and start getting laid RIGHT FUCKING NOW.


If you already have Execute the Program v1.0, your previous purchase will apply as a credit for the upgrade to the new material, so you can get started today. And don't forget all the awesome bonuses, for a limited time only.

Turn your mobile phone into a magic free machine, without all the hassles of going to the club. 

See the final video in the series HERE:


PS. Using the techniques outlined in ETP I’ve not only fucked over a hundred girls off the internet but also had dozens of threesomes and seen my students do the same. This isn’t luck, this isn’t magic… it’s TECHNIQUE and it can be duplicated. 

If this is something that you want, it’s here for the taking right now. Make the decision and RSD gives you with a promise and a money back guarantee the ability to go forward. 


God Bless, 


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