January 24th, 2018
Wow, guys and girls

I. Am. Fucking. Psyched. I can't even express it right now. We're half way through the recordings of my upcoming online course THE NATURAL and it's become obvious that this is going to be the biggest thing RSD has ever built.

I'm not allowed to go into details but the entire course is designed to reach the "No Game Game": Girls escalating on you, girls pulling you, her friends BEGGING you to take her home. 

That's right. It's crazy, I know.

But I've discovered things about effortless Natural Game within the past 2 years that I just NEED to put out there and share with all of you guys. 

It's been such an amazing life-changing experience and I want to give all of it back to you. All of it.

Buuut, here comes the great thing: As the RSD instructor with the fastest growing brand, I feel it's my duty and responsibility to give value, as much as it's humanly possible:

>>> That's why we've decided we're already giving away EXCLUSIVE NATURAL CONTENT before the online course is even out yet. (July 22nd). Yes, that's right, RSD has never done that before, but I'll do it anyway: Head over to www.becomingthenatural.com, drop your email and have sent to you:

# Full real-life sex stories, everything from open to close: My personal Lay Reports.
# Instructor Epiphanies: Ideas about game and social dynamics that are too controversial to be shared publicly.
# Textgame analysis: A deeper look into instructor text game to maximize pussy

Again, all that just one email-address-drop away: www.becomingthenatural.com

I know it's weird, the course comes out July 22nd, and I'm already busting out so much content... well, it's all to maximize the value you'll receive ALREADY. 

Because, YOU are why I'm able to do all this, thank you. ;)


Will explain everything in detail: 

So again, thank you so much for everything, boys and girls. You guys are one bunch of fucking amazing individuals. THIS is for you. 

All the best wishes, my friends,

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PS: FREE LAY REPORTS: head over to www.becomingthenatural.com to get exclusive content that I DON'T SHARE ANYWHERE ELSE! 

PPS: Don't forget to check your spam folder!!
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What up?!  I just got to New York to speak at the New York Free Tour and instruct Bootcamp.  It's no secret I have a lot of female friends and an expansive social circle.  I am going to be giving you guys more social circle content.  This will really give you guys an inside look into what a proper social circle looks like and how to actually get hard core results from your social circle.  I have A LOT of attractive females as well as naturals in my different social circles.  It's extremely enlightening to get their take on game even if you have to take it with a grain of salt.  You have to take this type of knowledge with a grain of salt because women rarely know accurately what attracts them to men.  Naturals can rarely discuss exactly what they do that's so effective.  However, being the intelligent social warrior that you are... I am sure you can read between the lines and get value in hearing what my super hot model friend has to say.  If you would like more interviews from my attractive female friends or my badass natural friends comment below.

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So here we are once again… Execute the Program v2.0 is booted up and ready for you to master! The end product of nearly a decade of personal experience, bolstered and improved upon with rock solid experience and real life teaching, presented on a platter for YOU.

And remember I’m only offering this monster bonus package for those who pick up their copy of ETP2 before April 27th!!

Check out the FINAL video in the series here, featuring six of the top new techiniques from ETP2:

-> www.ExecuteTheProgram.com

  • all bonuses from ETP v1.0: Nine Ball audio book, Pandurr shirt, Getting Laid music playlist, Jeffy’s Image Macros
  • Three Monthly Webinars with Jeffy
  • Jeff’s Home Mixology Course
  • Interview with Online Pimp “Sweaterchode”
  • Entered in Raffle to win 1-on-1 coaching session with Jeffy

After the first program launched, I said “I never want to think about this online shit again,” because I had spent basically three years of my life creating it. And I meant it at the time, but as I saw all the great ideas coming out of the mastermind group, I knew it was my duty to compile it all into one comprehensible package.

So eight months later, here we are. It’s been exhausting, but I did it. This is IT… the highly repeatable SYSTEM that takes all modern updates to the online dating game into consideration and puts it all in one place for you. 

And you can put it into action and start getting laid literally HOURS after you watch the videos in Execute the Program v2.0.

It’s all here:
  • PROFILE 2.0
Again, most guys’ profiles are laughably bad… you’ll see not only how to make yourself stand out in the crowd, but learn the secret language of the profile and what yours is communicating to girls OVERALL, beyond the sum of the individual pics and lines. When you know this, you can even “get away” with having TERRIBLE, cliche’d pictures on your profile that girls usually hate, but actually have them LOVING YOU instead. 

This section features tons of examples of profiles that needed some work, and how their creators used the program to fix them. You’ll also see a variety of totally new and AWESOME examples.
In this section, I’ll show you how to run a girl through the message funnel incredibly effectively - literally step by step instructions to create your own unique funnel as well as how to deploy it to ensure she meets up with you. 

 The difference between an APOLOGY, which is qualifying yourself, and a STATEMENT OF EMPATHY… which can turn the whole interaction around

When to shrug off her tests and plow, and when to go genuine and connect - understanding this distinction can be the difference between getting blocked by her, and actually meeting up with her.

I break down exactly what it means to be “witty” and HOW TO DO IT YOURSELF, as well as exactly how to convey the right tone that shows you are “cooler than the girl.
  • PHONE GAME 2.0
This module has a lot of great additional information that builds upon the previous ETP1 phone game section. You’ll learn strategies for all kinds of contingencies including scheduling multiple dates on the same night, and rock solid tactics to ensure you never get stood up again. 
  • DATES 2.0
Tons of new case studies and tactics to make the date, the pull and the endgame even smoother.

The Straight to Your House date - full strategy guide for this new and powerful way of approaching things

FOUR HOURS of brand new infield footage of dates, from open to close, including STUDENT DATE and THREE new Jeffy Threesome Dates
Rock solid, field tested pointers for what to do in the immediate AFTERMATH of your dates, as well as ongoing game for managing your rotation once you get the ball rolling… how to deal with drama and all of the unexpected pitfalls that come along with this lifestyle once you start pulling massive amounts of ass - with these key mental shifts you’ll be able to stay on top of the game. 

All of it highly structured and organized so that you can easily digest the information, and start getting laid RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

-> www.ExecuteTheProgram.com

If you already have Execute the Program v1.0, your previous purchase will apply as a credit for the upgrade to the new material, so you can get started today. And don't forget all the awesome bonuses, for a limited time only.

Turn your mobile phone into a magic free machine, without all the hassles of going to the club. 

See the final video in the series HERE:

-> www.ExecuteTheProgram.com

PS. Using the techniques outlined in ETP I’ve not only fucked over a hundred girls off the internet but also had dozens of threesomes and seen my students do the same. This isn’t luck, this isn’t magic… it’s TECHNIQUE and it can be duplicated. 

If this is something that you want, it’s here for the taking right now. Make the decision and RSD gives you with a promise and a money back guarantee the ability to go forward. 

-> www.ExecuteTheProgram.com

God Bless, 


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You’ve made it to the fifth day of the ETP v2.0 video series, without getting run over by a bus. Congratulations!

So far we’ve discussed a variety of things such as how to take your profile to the next level as well as navigating the minefield that is messaging the girls… now let’s take this to the real world and talk about the DATES.

In ETP 1.0 I really nailed down what I consider to be the ultimate structure for a successful date. 

In the year since the original came out, the mastermind group and I really ratcheted shit up to the next level, and we improved upon things in ways that I couldn’t even have imagined. I then took the new ideas and rigorously field tested them until I was satisfied they were airtight.

After you watch this section, you will know exactly how to arrange your dates in a systematic way that only a complete moron could screw up. 

Some of the new content includes:

* How to get HER chasing YOU on the actual date, so at the end of the night she pulls YOU and feels like she’s won

* New strategies for the pull that make it even smoother so she leaves with you and comes right into your house no problem

* What NOT to send her after the first date if you didn’t hook up but want to see her again. 

* How to run the second date and make sure you close the deal if it doesn’t happen on the first meet up.

Then we take things into completely new territory and explore some new types of dates:

The Straight to Your House Date: 

Why even bother going out, when you can just have her come straight to your house? At this point, the program truly becomes like GrubHub for vagina. We’ve developed this style out HARD and got it down to a science.

You will learn exactly how to set this type of date up logistically so it’s as easy as possible for her to make the decision to come straight to your home, and you’ll also get the full game plan for what to do on this “date” once she’s arrived at your place.

Threesomes from the Internet

And of course, you know I’m all about that girl-girl-guy action, so I took it upon myself to figure out exactly how to pull threesomes off the internet.

lol who does that ONLINE so consistently if not a guy who figured out a method for it??

now, you know the program is the online/app dating system that gets you laid, period. 

so why not have 3somes while you’re at it… it’s totally real and it’s totally within your reach. As well as totally AWESOME.  I’ll tell you how you get the girl to do 3somes with and not come off as a chode, how you get her to work the girls, this is how you come in, etc.

Not only that, you’ll see three full dates from the opening messages, to the meet ups, with hours of infield footage all the way through to the pull. 

You’ll see how I developed my strategy over the course of these dates, and watched it blossom into its ultimate form on the final date with an actual porn star.  

Sure, maybe it’s not for everyone, and isn’t the main focus of ETP2, but the program itself is so powerful, that if you get bored of fucking so many girls “one at a time,” this shit is what will take your sex life to another level.

How to present yourselves online to get even “straight” girls to meet you two… hint: you DON’T want to present as a couple, but you don’t want to lie either. I’ll show you how my strategy evolved to be smooth as silk.

How to act on the date and what to do back at the house to start the threesome

You’ll see exactly how I developed my strategy that allows me to basically pull threesomes off tinder AT WILL. I’ve included three FULL infield threesome dates with my commentary included.

Last but not least, I decided to record a full infield STUDENT DATE, from open to close, where we follow one ETP’er on his quest to score some love in the night, all broken down frame by frame as the student watches the tape with me in the studio.

All told, there are four NEW hours of Infield Footage… and when you add in all the infield from ETP 1.0 including the Five Infield Archetypes Series, we’re talking about a grand total of EIGHT FULL HOURS OF INFIELD FOOTAGE. 

Yes, you read that correctly. EIGHT full hours of infield footage. 

So I’m gonna show you another clip, but before that:


After some thinking, I decided to add a very unique Bonus if you get your copy of *Execute the Program v2.0* from April 13th through April 27th!

I’m taking the first twenty guys who purchase ETP v2.0 through the links on the *VIP INTEREST LIST* and use the system to get a phone number… they’ll each receive a free 1-on-1 coaching call, where I’ll critique their profile and discuss anything they want about game!

All you have to do is send me screen caps of your message interaction with a girl where she gives you her phone number.

Just get that number, and you’ll get the one on one coaching call with me. 

So be sure to *SIGN UP TO THE VIP LIST NOW*, and pick up a copy of The Program before April 27th!

—> www.ExecuteTheProgram.com

here’s today’s clip, where I give you the TOP TEN PICES of ADVICE for dates:

See you tomorrow at noon EST for the launch!


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Welcome to Day Four of the ETP v2.0 Extravaganza.

Yesterday we went over some tips on messaging girls on the apps, now let’s talk about the phone game. In today’s video I’m gonna give a few crucial distinctions that make the difference between a good text message and a needy one that makes her laugh at your buffoonery and delete your ass.

Before we get to that however let me remind you of the sick Bonus package I’ve put together for ETP2, chock full of goodness. If you pick up a copy of *Execute the Program v2.0* through the links on the *VIP INTEREST LIST* before April 27th, you get all of the following:
  1. All ETP1 Bonuses: Nine Ball Audio Book, Panduh Tee Shirt, Jeffy’s Image Macros and GIFs, as well as my private Gettin’ Laid Playlist. 
  2. Three Monthly Webinars with Jeffy
  3. Home Mixology Course
  4. As well as a special hour long interview with one of the shining stars of the ETP Mastermind Group, a man known only as “Sweaterchode.” This is a guy who, in the first month after getting the program, slept with more women than he had in his entire life, and just continued to kick absolute ass from there. You’ll hear how he took the core ideas of the Program and made them his own, and how you can do the same to get literally more than you ever imagined, with ease. 

SO… be sure to *SIGN UP TO THE VIP LIST NOW*, and pick up a copy of The Program before April 27th!

—> www.ExecuteTheProgram.com

Now. One of the most misunderstood concepts in the original ETP was the “value-giving text.” A lot of guys wanted clarification as to EXACTLY what was meant by this term, and it’s explained in exquisite detail in the program v2.0

—> www.ExecuteTheProgram.com

PS. When you sign up for the VIP List you’ll also get a PDF with my Top Three Phone Game Hacks to get a girl to meet you out, immediately sent to your inbox. DO IT.

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Greetings m’RSDN, and welcome to the third installment of the *EXECUTE THE PROGRAM v2.0* Takeover.

If you’ve seen the original version you know that  *EXECUTE THE PROGRAM* is a highly systematic, step-by-step process that literally anyone can replicate.

We took a look at your profile yesterday, now it’s time to move on to the next step… the ensuing messages you send out to women, and the ensuing conversation all the way through to the phone game. 

In a similar vein to the profile however, most guys seem to have their heads buried far, far up their own ass when it comes to “what to say” once they’ve got a girl interested. 
ETP v1.0 went a long way towards correcting this and removing said heads from said rectums. However there were still a lot of gray areas that people weren’t able to wrap their heads around completely.

In ETP2 we UP THE FUCKING ANTE with a bonanza of new  explanations, information and tips, including:

* THE INVESTMENT RATIO:  This one is HUGE. Awareness of how much investment she has given you is the single most important thing in determining what your next step should be. 
Whenever possible you want to be less invested than she is. However, there are also many situations you will be put in where you will need to invest slightly more than her to continue the conversation or escalate forward. The key is to do it in a CONTROLLED way, and in ETP v2.0 I explain exactly HOW to do this, in full detail.

* How to take my lines from the original program and spin them into your own UNIQUE funnel based on your personality that will never get “called out” for being canned, or get you “exposed” on the date itself for not being congruent with what you messaged her 

* Tonality - precisely HOW to be “cooler than the girl,” and really convey that winning “above it all” attitude via text.

* The “Online Push pull” - use this to maximize quality and quantity of leads/numbers you get off the sites. If you master this in your messaging, your dates will become extremely easy… you’ll be the guy that “gets away with saying anything” because you have the sacred knowledge that as long as the over-all vision of yourself that you are presenting is on point, everything will work out.

* How to weave statements of intent into your funnel so they are almost SUBLIMINAL and the girl TACITLY accepts them without it messing up your investment ratio.
  • Breakdown of exactly how to construct a unique message funnel step by step - what exactly each step should consist of, and when exactly to deploy each step to move things forward in the most efficient way. 
  • Brand new cutting edge openers that blow my old ones away - including my best opener ever
  • One very quick and reliable way to figure out if your message might come across as lame BEFORE you send it to her
  • What REALLY counts in an opener when it comes to RESULTS aka actually getting to meet ups and sex - 4 important characteristics your opener MUST HAVE.
  • The biggest trap guys fall into when trying to use “cheeky” lines that completely neuters them and makes you look WORSE than before - how to avoid this so you can express yourself like a badass congruently.
  • When to shrug off her tests and plow, and when to go genuine and connect - understanding this distinction can be the difference between getting blocked by her, and actually meeting up with her.
  • How to convey a dream-like ethereal presence that creates a low pressure situation for her to go on the date (and fuck you) with no social pressure
  • Tons of new one liners and quips to throw out at her in a wide variety of situations
  • How to deal with the “you’re too young/too old” shit test in a brand new way way that completely ANNIHILATES it and actually makes her start CHASING you. This isn’t what you think!
  • Dozens of case studies and examples of real life interactions that weren’t represented in the original
  • “Going meta” explained: how to play with genre awareness to add an additional layer of sophistication to your messages - it shows you stand out and know what’s up - and that’s half the battle. 

Before I show you today’s clip, however, take a moment to SIGN UP TO THE *VIP INTEREST LIST* below, to immediately receive a PDF with my Top Three Text game pointers to get a date tonight:

➔    www.ExecuteTheProgram.com

VIP members get a special bonus package from me, chock full of amazing goodness.

First off, you’ll get everything from the original ETP bonus pack, including: Nine Ball audio book, Pandurr shirt, Gettin’ Laid music playlist and my collection of Image Macros for texting. 


I’m giving you a series of THREE MONTHLY WEBINARS in which you can ask me any question about online game and have me answer in real time…


You’ll also get a special video seminar on how to stock a fully loaded home bar and mix cocktails… this is something that I use to GREAT EFFECT when pulling to set the mood, and in this 90 minute video you’ll see exactly how to replicate my setup at home and blow her away when you ask her in for “one more drink.”

(NOTE: this bonus package is NOT included in The Program if purchased through any other lists or links, only to the people who are on the *VIP INTEREST LIST*)

So sign up below, then sit back and enjoy this installment of The Program Video Series, How to avoid Flat lining 

we’ve all had it happen… the conversation is going great, and then it just fizzles out for no apparent reason. You’ll learn how to ensure this never happens again.:

> www.ExecuteTheProgram.com

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Yo yo yo… it is I, your proverbial boy Jeffy here with yet another missive of glorious wisdom. 

I created ETP1 to address the UNIFORMLY TERRIBLE game I saw being run online. I’d hear guys complain that they could never get girls to reply… but then I’d check out their profiles and they were GARBAGE. 

While the version of Execute the Program definitely addressed a lot of the issues surrounding the avalanche of fail I saw online, with ETP2 we’ve gone even DEEPER.  

This program represents a far more evolved and new understanding of online game, brought about not only by my extensive experience, but from helping guys' most common problems (and some very advanced ones) as well. 

I’ll teach you how to figure out the OVERALL EFFECT your profile is having on women, beyond just the individual pics.

How to “get away” with having terrible and cliche’d pictures that girls usually hate - with this one tip, you can post the same pics and they will be LOVING YOU.

How to pose in your pictures so it doesn’t look stilted and awkward

Pinpointing and removing humor in your profile that’s only funny to guys, not girls. 

Discussion of emerging platforms such as Hinge and Bumble

Tons of new, real examples of profiles that needed some work, and how their creators actually used the program to fix them. 

And brand new examples of AWESOME profiles, and what the true measure of a great profile really is. Check out this clip:

Tomorrow I’ll be back with another video, this one going over the biggest and baddest module in the upgraded Execute the Program v2.0 - MESSAGING 2.0

Finally, SIGN UP FOR THE *VIP INTEREST LIST* to become eligible for an awesome goodie bag of BONUSES I’ve cooked up just for those on the list…

➔    www.ExecuteTheProgram.com
  1. You get EVERY bonus from the original ETP: Nine Ball Audio Book, Pandurr Shirt, Gettin' Laid Music Playlist, Jeffy’s Image Macros
  2. THREE monthly Webinars with Jeffy - pick the brain of a 14 year veteran of the online game LIVE… and if you can’t make it, these will be recorded and put online to view again and again.

Remember, these bonuses (and more) will ONLY be available to you is you get a copy of the program through the links on the VIP List, so take a quick minute RIGHT NOW and sign up by clicking the link below:

➔    www.ExecuteTheProgram.com

PS. When you sign up for the VIP List you’ll also get a PDF with my Top Three Phone Game Hacks to get a girl to meet you out, immediately sent to your inbox. DO IT.

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Yo yo yo… Jeffy here. I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the official RSDN takeover week for:

Execute the Program v2.0!

In today’s video, you’ll learn how after the first ETP came out, I had zero intention of creating an updated version whatsoever, and then the shocking sequence of events  that led me to change my mind. Moreover, you’ll see how these upgrades to the original program make it EVEN EASIER for the average guy to get started and begin having sex with girls off the internet mere HOURS after applying the strategies outlined within. 

(official release date: April 13 at noon EST)

Every day this week I’ll be releasing a new video with fresh clips from Execute the Program v2.0, so you’ll be able to start using the system right away, before the actual launch date. 

So click on the link below to sign up for the VIP interest list and be notified IMMEDIATELY when the videos are released:
---> www.ExecuteTheProgram.com/vip

If you get on the VIP list, when you pick up Execute the Program v2.0, you’ll also get a crazy bonus package that I’ve put together…

First off, you’ll get ALL of the bonuses from the original ETPv1.0, including:
  • The audio book version of my infamous book “Nine Ball: Confessions of an Angst-Ridden Maniac Who Decided to Get Laid or Die Trying.” 
  • Special edition PANDURR shirt, the very shirt that I’m wearing in the product itself. Sharpen your game and look sharp at the same time
  • My collection of image macros and gifs that I text to girls. We’re talking about hundreds and hundreds of images, painstakingly curated by me over many years, each one imparting a unique emotional color and punch to your text interactions. 
  • My private Gettin’ Laid Playlist. Every aspect of my game “from soup to nuts” is carefully considered and finely honed to create the smoothest, most awesome time ever for the girl, down to the groovy tunes I put on back at the pad. Take the guesswork out of it, throw this playlist on and get down to business. 

Beyond that, I’ve got several other bonuses in store, so if even if you already have the original program, I’ve got something for you too when you upgrade. 

So this is one bonus package that you DON’T wanna miss. HOWEVER, you can only get this bonus if you purchase THE PROGRAM via the links on *THIS LIST*

Take a minute RIGHT NOW and get on the list by clicking the link below:

➔    www.ExecuteTheProgram.com

When you sign up you’ll also IMMEDIATELY get my Three Step Text Template to get you a date with a girl, so you can start getting laid right now.

So strap on your helmet and your strap-on, and get ready for a wonderful week of Jeffy content. Tomorrow I’ll talk about your PROFILE 2.0. 

See you then!

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