August 21st, 2018
Hey kids, it’s your friendly older brother Madison. I want to apologize for putting you in the locker when we were younger, but I’m here to make up for it now. I brought the goods this week, the real goods – get it!

This week’s video is all about how to find mentors. This has become a really popular subject in our day and age. Especially for young dudes who want to find mentors in business, health, spirituality, dating and relationships. Especially with the rise of Tai Lopez, Tim Ferris, and the whole entrepreneur movement. So I wanted to chime in and record this video of how I’ve managed to find multi-million dollar mentors in my life. People who helped me with my music and fashion careers. And most importantly, guys that taught me more about success with women and dating than I can even begin to explain.

If you want the complete master class on how to find a mentor, watch this video now. Don’t hesitate, do it now. It will change your life, guaranteed!

Glad you enjoyd it!

This is something ive been thinking about for a very long time. And took me many months actually to put this video together . I started about five months ago and then had to think over all the details in order to finish it off at my last FreeTour in Montréal. The most important thing with this information is “speed of implementation”. Don’t just think about it, also apply it right away - don’t hesitate - go out by the books now, follow the instructions. Kill it!

I’m doing a worldwide tour and hitting most of the major cities around the world. Click the link here to see if you’re city’s on the

Wanna meet me in Person LIVE? —> CLICK ANY OF THE DATES HERE BELOW!!!

Free Tour June 16, 2016: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Bootcamp: June 16 18 2016: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Bootcamp: June 23 – 25, 2016: Toronto, Canada

Bootcamp: June 30 – July 2, 2016: Ottawa, Canada

Bootcamp: July 7 – 9, 2016: Vancouver, Canada

Bootcamp: July 14 – 16, 2016: Calgary, Canada

Free Tour: July 28 – 30, 2016: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Bootcamp: July 28 – 30, 2016: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Bootcamp August 5 – 7, 2016: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Bootcamp August 11 – 13, 2016: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

We have a 3 person team that handles ALL of your questions about RSD events– call them any time to talk game or ask any questions you want!

NORTH AMERICA (Toll Free): +1 (888) 546 7286

EUROPE: +44 (0) 2079 934 034

AUSTRALIA: +61 280 155 522

ASIA: +81345789305

Keep in touch, and don’t be a stranger!




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Whassup my squids Jeff here with some of that real stank for your edification.

Bout to head to Seattle this weekend, doing that old hotseat bootcamp thing. I'll be around the USA all summer check it out:

6/11: Seattle
7/2: San Diego
7/16: Boston
7/30: Atlanta
8/5: RSD WORLD SUMMIT in Las Vegas
8/27: Sacramento
9/10: Dallas
10/8: Los Angeles

NORTH AMERICA (Toll Free): +1 (888) 546 7286
EUROPE: +44 (0) 2079 934 034
AUSTRALIA: +61 280 155 522
ASIA: +81345789305


I'll also be running bootcamps in San Francisco all throughout so if you're in the Bay Area this is a great opportunity to get this shit on lock this summer.

 Anyway today I'm trying something a little different. I asked my wonderful Facebook followers for some suggestions of videos for me to watch and "react" to, like all the cool youtube people are doing now.

Unsurprisingly, they sent a bunch of pickup shit. Well far be it from me to keep the people from getting what they want. So here we go, the first in the Jeffy Reacts Series:

I'll be back next tuesday with another installment of Jeffy Book Club!





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Watup soon-to-be Naturals!
Comen at ya from fucken Germany, finishing up the Natural, what a MAMMOTH of a thing to create - so psyched!!

>>> Don't forget you can already grab EXCLUSIVE NATURAL CONTENT before the online course is even out yet. (July 22nd). Head over to, drop your email and have sent to you:

# Full real-life sex stories, everything from open to close: My personal Lay Reports.
# Instructor Epiphanies: Ideas about game and social dynamics that are too controversial to be shared publicly.
# Textgame analysis: A deeper look into instructor text game to maximize pussy

Again, all that just one email-address-drop away:



It's almost like a checklist... the cruel, disgusting and pathetic symptoms a man will display due to LACK of taking action, a lack of going out. I experienced those horrible symptoms myself... and it was devastating... sharing some harsh truth here, just saying.

Taken from my DAILY Live Streams on


HARDCORE Self Amusement:

RSD For Girls: How To Get The Hot Guy In The Club:

How To Replace Your Shitty 8 to 5 job: STEP BY STEP GUIDE:

I'm giving everything for The Natural to make sure this is the biggest value explosion the entire industry has ever seen. I'm truly working on #MakePickUpGreatAgain

Follow me on:


PS: FREE LAY REPORTS: head over to to get exclusive content that I DON'T SHARE ANYWHERE ELSE!

PPS: Don't forget to check your spam folder!!
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Two Vids today: First, a short video explaining obvious and not so obvious mistakes most guys make in interactions that prevent you from success and good opportunities. Hope it helps. I also posted a recruitment informational video for the position of instructor assistant primarily for London based guys but also for Europe. Disregard the recruit vid if you are not interested or you are not in the process of being recruited for the position.(Send intro letter and CV to )




The complete list of my bootcamps –


Grab a copy of The Physical Game Book and discover how to develop a razor sharp instinct of when and how to take your interactions with women to a higher physical intensity.

And the ability to EXECUTE the right moves and the right time.
The Physical Game Book


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Sooooo.... we have a NEW RSDTYLER video today!!

First in like 5 months.

It's a BEAST!

You probably remember me saying we've stepped up the videos to another level, and they'll start coming out.

Well this is the first :)

It features my bro Julien at his best.

He's just released "10 Game" as you know, and I've been SO PSYCHED about the responses to it.

There's been huge waves about it and people going nuts.

Have you picked up YOUR copy yet?

Head over to...

...and see what all the fuss has been about.

I really also want to give a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who picked up a copy and supported Julien!

(And of course themselves, in their own transformation).

We spend more time and money than you'd imagine creating the free content here on RSD Nation, so we appreciate you supporting it programs like "10 Game" because we also put 100X more effort into THOSE programs to make them truly special, and all round just work like crazy 24/7 to put out content you will learn from and enjoy.

By picking up "10 Game" you not only grabbed a program Julien put his heart and soul into for a long time (*years worth of work go into creating something like that) but you vote to encourage Julien to keep producing this type of content for free and posting it for you.

It's win/win all round.  The power of community.


And that being said.... we have a new video that you're going to love... RIGHT NOW.

It's Julien and I on a rampage at a Miami mansion party.

One of the best and most exclusive parties of the year out there.  Was a blast!

You've seen the other videos from the party come out, but this was really the primary video we were focusing on that night (we shot those extra ones because it was such a cool environment - love them too of course, but this one was the mission!).

It's a blast, you need this in your life right now...

Soon... after months of waiting for me to reengage the RSDTyler channel, the day is here!!



Thanks for checking it out.

You don't want to imagine what goes into producing a video like this.

Looks easy right?

Lol, if you think so, we appreciate the compliment for the fact we made it look that way.

But reality is... think of EVERYTHING that could be difficult about shooting a video like this, and you can assume we encountered those types of roadblocks.

But in the end.... we got a full camera video from the hottest South Beach party of the year with proper lighting and the whole she-bang... for YOU to enjoy.

(And then the editing team spent countless hours cutting and censoring it!)

So hope you soaked up all the efforts that went into this silly little piece of content.

It has great lessons in it, and most important, it captures the FUN lifestyle that we live at RSD.

There's a LOOOOOT more to come.

As I've mentioned, I'm well ahead on videos and have pushed hard to take them to another level.

So see you back next with week more!

See you soon, and have fun!!!


P.S. we may change back to the old RSD Nation.  Some developers through this one together but there hasn't been a huge response on it, we may switch back and then I may oversee another design.  We'll decide later in the month, but wanted to give a quick head's up about it.

P.P.S. remember to grab YOUR copy of Julien's 10 Game over at...
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What's up my Otherkins, Jeff here once again with a missive of love. Laying back at home for a lot of the summer to focus on YouTube and getting back in top form, but I will be hoppin around the country a little bit. Here's where I'll be, doing bootcamps and hotseats:

6/11: Seattle
7/2: San Diego
7/16: Boston
7/30: Atlanta
8/5: RSD WORLD SUMMIT in Las Vegas
8/27: Sacramento
9/10: Dallas


Shift Parody YT Thumb

We have a 3 person team that handles ALL of your questions about RSD events-- call them any time to talk game or ask any questions you want!

NORTH AMERICA (Toll Free): +1 (888) 546 7286
EUROPE: +44 (0) 2079 934 034
AUSTRALIA: +61 280 155 522
ASIA: +81345789305


Today's video is from Chicago Free Tour and features a nice assortment of questions from the audience.


Anyway, I'll be back next week with something totally different... I decided to do a couple REACT videos to some oldschool PUA shit on YouTube and break it all down lol.


See you Next Tuesday!



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Did you know that I’ve decided to give you 7 MORE DAYS to get TenGame with ALL the bonuses?

Yep, I got you... ;)



BONUS #1 - Advanced Infield Footage
Create a Vacuum Effect of Massive Magnetism That Breaks Every Rule of the Game.

BONUS #2 - "Diving Into Your Subconscious" Teleconference
Get Rare and Remarkable Insights Into Your Subconscious and Re-Define Your Reality As A Man

Exclusive Footage Gain Access To Exclusive Recordings From The Julien World Tour Events

BONUS #4 - Month 1 of Accountability Teleconferences
Get Personal Support from Julien To Stay on Track and Maintain Massive Improvement

BONUS #5 - Un-Announced Super Bonus
A Super-Secret Stealth INFIELD Bonus That Has NEVER BEEN RELEASED BEFORE (Shhh!)


*You only have a few days left before they're completely gone, so take advantage now!*


And enjoy today's new vid feat. Tyler about INTEGRITY!!! ;)

The Power Of Integrity: Julien & Tyler Discuss The Costs & Benefits Of Being In Or Out Of Integrity

"Until next time!" ;)

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