August 15th, 2018

You will find most people are friendly and take you in as long as you don’t behave like a weirdo and are cool. No need for sophisticated strategies or tactics here. Be enthusiastic! That’s about the only rule I have.

It is unlikely worst case scenarios will arise. Nobody will bite you head off for talking to them. Nobody will beat you up. Guys with girls you approach will be super friendly for the most part, provided you talk to them and are cool. Nobody gets into fights unless they are looking for them.

As to people being rude to you, most people will be polite when dismissing you. Girls that don’t want to talk to you will say “we have to go the toilet” or “we are going back to our friends” and excuse themselves.

So what’s the problem when approaching? Well, the real problem is fear itself. Fear of the unknown. Your fear of doing something new that you haven’t done before. Once it is done and repeated over time, it becomes simple and normal to do. Most guys struggle with unfamiliarity. Approaching strangers in a club is not something they are in the habit of doing. With time they get used to it and fear dissolves.

Just like bank robber Willie Sutton’s famous answer when asked why he robbed banks: “Because that’s where the money is.” The reason we approach in clubs because that’s where the girls are. Hundreds of them in one place.

Why not make a lot of questions

Making a lot of questions is another nasty effect of “my mind goes blank when I talk to girls”. Because they are trying to impress a girl, most guys run out of things to say in a hurry. Their minds cannot keep up with the stress of producing stories or recounts that would get them the desired approval from females. Out of desperation they turn to questions. Why? Because they are easy. No need to be a genius to produce 20 unsolicited questions. “What’s your name?” “Where are you from?” “Where do you live” “do you like the music here?” and so on.

It doesn’t take much to understand that most people will be turned off by this. It is so common in my trade that we gave it the name “interview style”. Instead of talking with a girl, a normal chat, you go into a “job interview”. Because every guy does this when they don’t know what to say, most girls have seen it all many times and are repelled by it. Most girls will just excuse themselves and leave and others will be rude to you and leave. That’s about the outcome of such a style. It is a no-no. As in don’t you ever.

What topics of conversation once I am in?

First thing, I wouldn’t talk about anything that doesn’t amuse me in the first place. If I see the conversation going in a direction I don’t like I cut her off with something like “that’s great but check this out”, and I change the topic into something I enjoy like salsa dancing or Barcelona-where I used to live-, etc. Most guys have problems with this because they think is impolite. Well, being the nice guy will not get you girls. Approval seeking only will get you into “try hard” territory-read most women will lose interest fast.

Once you get down to it, and by approaching lots of girls, you will find yourself talking about your personal interests and things you are into. One student said after the first night of live program “I have opened girls talking about pineapples, tap water and my country. So simple. ”

It is simple because-as you will find out after you approach hundreds of girls-what you talk about, the content, is irrelevant. The feelings, emotions, and general vibe you are bringing into the interaction will account for as high as 90 percent of your approaching success.

On nights you feel good, positive, enthusiastic you will float to success. On other less inspired nights, you will have to make it happen out of cheer muscle work. We are only human. I wish there was a button to push to make us execute to perfection but there isn’t. Don’t give yourself a hard time for it. Regardless of your level of skill, you will have nights where you tank. Get over it. Tomorrow is another day.

Token resistance or why you want to love ploughing thru

It is a given. When you first come in and introduce yourself, they are all asking themselves “who in the hell is this guy?” the question pops for a second in their head, and I have even recorded this on camera myself-yes, I have approached girls with a camera in my hand aimed at them, sue me. I can stop pause the video at the exact point when this question is going thru their mind-in fact I show it to my students during my seminars.

If you don’t know what I mean, think when a stranger stopped you for directions on the street. There was a split second there when you asked yourself “who is this guy, what does he want?”, but then your mind went “it is ok, he just needs help”. All happens fast. You pass a quick judgment on that guy as to “safe or not safe”.

Same happens with girls. At the beginning they make snap judgements that are activated in split seconds. Those judgments run along the lines of “is this guy cool or lame?” especially if you are trying too hard to impress them right off the bat, they go “lame” and turn their back on you. Sorry guys. Girls don’t have much time. Remember their biological clocks are ticking. They are looking for guys with potential for breeding.

Token resistance is just a screening mechanism girls develop over the years of meeting guys. They are programmed to give you some kind of resistance at the beginning to see if you are strong, sort of a test to pass. That’s why I love it when they give it to me. I see it as an opportunity to show her I am not your average Joe. I want to push through that initial wall and have a big chance at converting the interaction into a lay.

It is a fact that unless you are used to getting through that kind of resistance you won’t get laid often. Most of the students I have trained with amazing success during and after program are guys who aren’t fazed by this kind of resistance. Master ploughers as I call them. They even enjoy working their way through initial resistance.

Reality check: If you are looking for positive reactions right off the bat towards you-so called approval seeking in game lingo-, you will be pigeon holed under “entertainer” or “lame” labels. In both cases girls lose interest fast. Most guys that abandon ship early or give up on a girl too soon do it because they don’t get the reactions or approval they were looking for right away. Since girls are programmed to screen males and not give approval right away, those guys end up bouncing off girls all night and getting zero results.
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As a defiant young kid, I first started going to nightclubs when I was 12 years old. At the time, I convinced a nightclub owner to give me a job, which was passing out fliers to promote concerts at the Cattle Club in my hometown of Sacramento. As a result, the owner of the club would get me into the club and sneak back stage to hang out with the rock bands, like Bush, Korn, and Deftones.

I’d also hangout on the dance-floor and bar with all of the college girls to grind the night away. I think I looked older for my age because those college girls got pretty freaky on the dance floor with me, and they must have assumed I went to the college across the street with them.

It was the perfect job for me because the bar was across the street from the California State University of Sacramento, where my father was a professor at the time. He’d pick me up after work at the university and would even let me stay out late at night until the club closed. My father had a very active youth, and supported anything I wanted to do, as long as I kept my head on my school, where I was a straight A student and heavily involved in athletics.

However, I always felt like there was more adventure to be gotten. I was always restless. Thus, when I got to high school, I took things to the next level. I convinced my parents to allow me to attend a boarding school in New Jersey near New York City. It was like living in the movie, Cruel Intentions. In addition to witnessing social politics on a high level, the owners of a popular NYC nightclub let me rent it out and host my first private for my underage high school class.

I loved hosting parties so when I got to college level at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I started throwing huge parties. I’d rent out 50 foot yachts; 3 story nightclubs where I’d recreate the masquerade ball from the movie, Romeo and Juliet; and throw big parties with my fraternity at a $30 million mansion on the lake.

My parties got me so much attention in magazines and newspapers that I decided to take my involvement with nightlife to the next level and I got recruited by the New York Office of Playboy Magazine to be a marketing representative for the Playboy College Marketing Office, I got to throw parties at where my role was to throw parties to promote the “Girls of the Big 10 Colleges”, assist with model interviews, photo-shoots, and venue-scouting.

That’s me in the bottom right corner of the 2003 edition of Playboy Magazine for the Girls of the Big 10.

My parties led me to adopt the nickname, “Nick Papageorgio”. This was because my friends thought I reminded them of the character Nick Papageorgio from the movie, Chevy Chase’s Las Vegas Vacation. In the movie, Nick Papageorgio was an underage kid in Vegas who threw extravagant parties. This was similar to what I was doing. Eventually, the name got shortened to “Papageorgio”, then “Papa G”, and finally to just “Papa”.

These big parties made me very popular at school. Even in a large campus like the University of Wisconsin, everyone knew who I was. Girls would be interested in me because of these parties and the social status I created with these parties, but I wasn’t dating the girls that I really wanted and I wasn’t sure how to attract those stunning girls that weren’t interested in me for me. I felt like a lot of the girls liked me for my adventures and parties, but not just for me.

Well, I decided to find a solution.

My friends and fraternity brothers used to meet on a regular basis at a strip club, where we’d talk about how to pickup girls. We were so into picking up girls that we even wrote jokes, stories, and scripts to say to girls … scripted pickup lines. My friends and I were convinced that we created masterpieces because we got amazing, sporadic successes, and we shared crazy stories, but it resulted in some big embarrassments as well.

I remember one date with a gorgeous gap model, where I had prepared 7 hours of scripted conversation that I thought at the time was full of brilliant lines. The problem was that the girl wasn’t very talkative and what I thought was going to be 7 hours turned into 3 hours followed by 4 more hours of lots of silence because I didn’t trust myself to say anything as interesting as the weeks of preparation of “canned/scripted material” that I was using.

One of my friends found a website on the internet that had more pickup lines to use and I got addicted. I thought I needed more lines so for the next year and a half, I dropped everything in my life: school, friends, work, everything, and, all day long, I studied picking up girls. I went out during the afternoons to practice picking up girls, and went out at night and continued to pickup girls.

When I get involved in anything, I go to the extreme. My curiosity in aerospace engineering, got me to create a team of engineers in the Air Force ROTC, raise $100,000 for a NASA project on a zero gravity flight on the KC-135 that I flew out of Johnson Space Flight Center, and got me a NASA Academy contract. My interest in politics had me run for Wisconsin State Senate. My interest in business spurred me into jobs at Fortune 500 companies. Picking up girls would be taken to the extreme as well.

I proceeded to memorize and practice using pickup lines and, within a few months, I had 100s of pages of scripts. During the day, I’d make up new ways to pickup girls and I loved treating the world like my own social experimentation laboratory. My excitement for pickup in general had me travel to random metropolitan cities around the world just to explore my curiosity of picking up girls from around the world.

Each day, I obsessively wrote “field reports” detailing my expeditions picking up girls and the details of the success I was getting. What started off as a few 100 people reading my online articles, soon became 1000s. Then, I was invited to join an underground fraternity of other guys who were doing the same thing. It was called The Lounge, and I became its admissions officer.

I started traveling around the world meeting other prospective members to see if they were good with girls, and I’d invite them to join our fraternity. My obsession was to find any missing pieces that might help me get the hotter and hotter girls, to help me take my game to the next level.

I became a much more self reliant and dominant personality. I experimented with crazy ways to pickup girls. I would pickup girls in my car, on the streets, in shopping malls, on the train, in the plane, everywhere. And I was meeting others, like Tyler, who was doing the same pickup mission as me.

However, traveling around the world is expensive. Soon, I ran out of money, but a random guy from the internet, who had read about me emailed me, and said he’d pay for my airfare to fly to San Diego to teach him how to pickup girls. I said I’d do it if he’d invite my friend, Tyler, as well. And he agreed.

So we flew down there and we met the guy, who happened to be a 23 year old virgin. After working with him for 2 weeks, he got his first kiss, and a few weeks later, he got laid for the first time. Soon, he was telling everyone about us, and we started getting invitations to teach others as well. So we created a curriculum and started selling seats for a $600 workshop while hosting dinner parties for prospects in major metropolitan cities around the world.

Thus, we would travel to random major metropolitan cities and teach a dozen students. Then, the next weekend, we’d teach 2 dozen students. Another weekend, we’d have 3 dozen students. Soon, we’d have as many as 60 students in 1 weekend in London a few months later. That’s when I knew that we really had a business now.

So I decided to take the underground pickup artists from the Lounge and turn it into the first corporation dedicated to teaching guys how to pick up girls with wingmen educating students through real world experience (similar to how Russell Simmons did the same with pioneering the path to take the underground hip hop world into a worldwide influencing business).

My friends decided to move with me to LA, and I took a lease on a $4.5 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills to become our Headquarters because it was where my friends and I believed was the city with the hottest girls in the world. This house had the history of being the ol’ “Rat Pack Party Mansion”, where Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and the crew used to party; and my bedroom had belonged to Dean Martin. I built a company infrastructure out of this house.

A couple years later, I moved out of the house, spread our staff all over the world to gain global reach, and I got an office at a plaza in Pasadena to manage the business. We formed a global mastermind group of the guys who Tyler and I found to have the most amazing skills with girls, great core values, and a passionate desire and ability to help others transform their lives to achieve amazing success with girls and life in general.

Since that time, we’ve evolved “the game” to focus now on conveying the attractive qualities of your identity through a more natural form of expression and discarded the canned lines. Our focus is more on expression and not trying to make the perfect impression. We have learned how to really cut years off the learning curve of our students in days. And we make all of these transformations using the same real world exercises and adventures that we went through.

Due to a post-Grammy’s party hosted at our Project Hollywood Mansion, I met a socialite who invited me to the grand opening of a celebrity party club in a skyscraper in Beverly Hills. Here, I got my first exposure to my new passion, the Young Hollywood lifestyle. At this party, each floor was packed with 10:1 women to every man. Every sexy female celebrity and super-model was in attendance, and I decided right away to do whatever it took to get deep into this.

Thus, I put my social life above and beyond everything, and dove as deep as I could into the world of Young Hollywood; and I was eventually elected onto the Members Board of the elite Young Hollywood party organization, Xenii. Members paid $1000-$25,000/month to party with gorgeous models and celebrities. I networked my way through Young Hollywood until I became what I consider to be the equivalent of a “Social Senator”.

I learned how to treat my social life like a business because I am a business man. I spend a lot of time developing it and put just as much time improving it. You can find me spending 2-3 hours a week sending out text messages to guys and girls to continue to build upon my relationships. My number 1 rule was that whenever someone asked me to do something social, I would always say “YES”.

As a result, I found myself being invited to daily parties on mansions in the Hollywood Hills, movie studios events, cocktail parties at private residences, taking executive retreats with successful CEOs and socialites to famous special events (ie Sundance Film Festival, Playboy Mansion parties, exotic vacations). And I’d use the skills I learned to pickup girls to help me to build a fun lifestyle and make great friends, in addition to picking up amazing girls.

All of this was done while I finished up my Masters in Business Administration at the University of Southern California, where I studied Entrepreneurship and the Entertainment Industry. However, right about the time when I graduated, Xenii disappeared due to the investors pulling out. I stayed in touch with all of the great friends I made during my adventures in it, but I decided it was time to get back into RSD Instructor mode.


Now, I have a great dating life with beautiful girls, have an amazing social circle, and amazing world traveling adventures and experiences. I’ve used my skills to gather friends and build a global business while simultaneously building a global social network. In addition to learning the skills of pickup, I’ve gained overall life and social skills. There is nothing more important than the relationships we form with people important to us, especially our friends & family.

In addition to going out with the RSD boys to pickup girls, I am often introduced to girls through my social circle now. In between longer term girlfriends, I’ve had a few months in which I’ve had dates every night of the week (some from cold approaches and others from my social circle).

Today, I’ve transformed from someone who was young, naïve, and often loss for words, but very ambitious; into someone who has approached 10,000s of strangers in random public places around the world forming relationships, picking up girls, and building a global network. I’ve find myself comfortable in almost any scenario due to constantly pushing my comfort zone. My adventure still seems to have just started though.

While my business partner, Tyler, and I met in Hawaii, we came to the conclusion that he would return to Los Angeles and help me grow Real Social Dynamics on a business administration level with our local HQ staff; and, in return, I’d resume my mission as a RSD Instructor and continue to teach students through bootcamps and seminars. I’ve found this decision to be one of the most inspiring and life-changing choices that I’ve ever made.

Since 2002, I’ve worked with Tyler and the RSD team to build Real Social Dynamics into a multi-million dollar global enterprise, teaching over 20,000 clients in over 200 cities and 30 countries. People joke about my love for “high society” – and I’ve always enjoyed playing around in the high status venues, primarily because the types of girls that I meet. However my love for the game is so strong that I’ve continually put the growth of the organization as my highest priority, and I’ve reinvested nearly every penny I’ve gotten from RSD back into the business.

We continue to bootstrap just like when I began my journey, traveling around the world as a poor college student, spending countless hours studying pickup, and crashing on people’s couches to learn about how to pickup. Instead of traveling in hotels, I stay for free with RSD volunteers. Instead of paying for flights, I’m doing a RSD seminar road trip across the USA, and Europe via train. And our marketing is still almost all via “word of mouth” due to our thousands of success stories.

The skills you learn while studying how to pickup girls has changed every aspect of my life for the better too, including non-pickup related aspects of my life, such as inspiring me to train heavily for the Iron Man triathlons that I’ll be racing this year; fulfilling my passions in travel, dining, and education; and also in building an amazing network of friends around the world that I value more than anything. And I hope that you will all use the skills from RSD to transform your life.
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