May 28th, 2017

Mad Max is here. His long awaited Natural Game product coming right at you. Get ready to be blown away by his insights into this game. This guy is a breath of fresh air for all of us at RSD, his enthusiasm, his stamina, his drive, you will learn from all of it. I had the opportunity of spending some time with him this year and I walked away both impressed and inspired. Believe me you want to check this video out! Enjoy!


Check out The Natural:



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What's up? RSD Luke here coming to you from Hawaii. We just wrapped up another epic freetour with Tyler and Max here in Honolulu after a week long training session at Vegas Immersion. I am super stoked for Max's product The Natural. If you haven't already, check it out here. You will get a ton of value out of it.

Today's video features some of the most important concepts I believe will help you achieve the results you want in game. I clear up the concept of congruence and explain it the way I see it. I believe you should be congruent to the person you want to be in the future and not your current self, since your current self is not getting the results you want. I also talk about having a specific type and how that helps you in game, and also I touch upon the topic of female friends and social game, and how I leverage both to increase the quality and quantity of my results. Check out the video:

Hope you got a lot of value out of it.

I will be in Chicago next weekend 21st July and then in Kansas City on the 29th. After that there is Summit in my hometown in Vegas. This year should be amazing. If you can make it out, it's definitely worth the trip.

That's it from me for now. See you next week.


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Premiere 3
This week, I released episode 1 of a weekly show called #AskNickKho and I’d love to get your questions for my show about networking, mindsets, relationships, and business. As the CEO and Co-Founder of Real Social Dynamics, I have a lot of field experience in business and also I have a lot of insights from the perspective of an avid participant in RSD Nation.

Check out the first episode below:

Please add your questions as comments that you may want included in future episodes and I’ll make videos about my favorite questions or the ones that are the most popular.

In addition, I did an interview with a good friend and a strong business advisor for RSD named Mike Straumietis who is a genius businessman and the founder of Advanced Nutrients, which is the best marijuana fertilizer and generating over $60 million/year. He’s also a powerful socialite, political advocate, documentary creator, and technical advisor for the TV Series “Weeds” and the movie “Pineapple Express”.

It was a pretty epic interview and I have shared it below:

Please check out my other videos at my very quickly growing youtube channel as well by visiting:

I plan on building a huge wealth of intelligence to share with member of RSD Nation and I hope you really enjoy my efforts to deliver the best value I can from my personal experience and from the powerful mastermind group I’ve developed throughout my career.


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Hi motherfuckin diddly its Jeff here with some more fun times for that ass. Heading to Boston tomorrow for some love in the mist, and after that it's Atlanta and WORLD SUMMIT YALL

7/16: Boston
7/30: Atlanta
8/5: RSD WORLD SUMMIT in Las Vegas
8/27: Sacramento
9/10: Dallas
10/8: Los Angeles

NORTH AMERICA (Toll Free): +1 (888) 546 7286
EUROPE: +44 (0) 2079 934 034
AUSTRALIA: +61 280 155 522
ASIA: +81345789305


Today's video features Max, and we get into a variety of wonderful things. Please review:

Well, I'm off to the gym and I don't mean the fuckin pokemons gym.

Ok maybe I do





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Hey Whats up,

It's Madison here, what am I doing. Oh nothing but the usual, eating a fat 10oz Sirloin, Red California wine and looking out the window at the Calgary Stampede… yikes! Ya, this is the perfect time to get drunk, cheat on your wife and write a country song about how you love your tractor… don’t mind if I do!

All jokes aside, we got a really sick video linked up for you this week. I know you guys love when Max and I join forces and team up together. We have gotten a lot of sick responses on our videos. Well, this week we will not disappoint. This week me and make go DEEP on my favorite subject… PULLING… but not just that… NATURAL PULLING.

I’m doing a worldwide tour and hitting most of the major cities around the world. Click the link here to see if your city’s on the

Wanna meet me in Person LIVE? —> CLICK ANY OF THE DATES HERE BELOW!!!

Bootcamp: July 14 – 16, 2016: Calgary, Canada
Free Tour: July 28 – 30, 2016: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Bootcamp: July 28 – 30, 2016: Ottawa, Ontario, USA
Bootcamp August 5 – 7, 2016: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Bootcamp August 11 – 13, 2016: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Bootcamp: August 25 – 27, 2016: Dublin, Ireland
Hot Seat: August 27, 2016: Dublin, Ireland
Bootcamp: September 8 – 10, 2016: Zurich, Switzerland
Hot Seat: September 10, 2016: Zurich, Switzerland
Bootcamp: September 15 – 17, 2016: London, United Kingdom

We have a 3 person team that handles ALL of your questions about RSD events– call them any time to talk game or ask any questions you want!

NORTH AMERICA (Toll Free): +1 (888) 546 7286

EUROPE: +44 (0) 2079 934 034

AUSTRALIA: +61 280 155 522

ASIA: +81345789305

Keep in touch, and don’t be a stranger!




Snapchat: MadisonDaGod

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"Yo, yo, yo!!!"

Gonna keep this article short and to the point... So let's just jump straight into the content! ;)

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Verbal Game Trick: How To Create Your Own Reality Using Nothing But Your Words (Feat. RSDMax)

(Click here to check out Max's new program "The Natural" --->


Julien & Jeffy Reveal What Women DON'T Like On An Online Dating Profile (+Top Mistakes Guys Make!)

(Click here to check out Jeff's "Execute The Program 2.0" --->


"Until next time!!!" ;)

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Servus, was geht ab my dear Natural Family!
I'm in NYC, damn, I so fucking love this city! Thanks for all the peeps that randomly said hi on the streets! ;) Just wrapped up recording two sick vids with Brandon Carter!!

Ohhhh and we're approaching the last days before The Natural finally drops!!! >>> Don’t forget you can already grab EXCLUSIVE NATURAL CONTENT before the online course is even out yet. (July 22nd). Head over to, drop your email and have sent to you:

# Full real-life sex stories, everything from open to close: My personal Lay Reports.
# Instructor Epiphanies: Ideas about game and social dynamics that are too controversial to be shared publicly.
# Textgame analysis: A deeper look into instructor text game to maximize pussy

Again, all that just one email-address-drop away:

AAA For The Natural QandA


I'll keep it short and sweet - super sweet, bittersweet - today. What many people don't know: Back in January I went through one of the toughest times in my life so far: I was burnt out, ran into a series of unlucky events and everything was going down shit. Really not a nice spot to be in when you're trying to build a brand. So I decided to make this video, maybe it will help someone:

The Natural: The biggest value explosion the entire industry has ever seen. I’m truly working on #MakePickUpGreatAgain

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Last Saturday, I wrote before the last day of an Immersion program. Today I'm writing the day before the next one.

The programs we've had so far have been outstanding successes. As you can tell from the comments below:


“Holy shit, this week was fucking insane. Immersion is over, my mind has been blown and my game is so much better. The theory is intense, precise and all of it immediately applicable in the real world. The infield coaching and exercises have given me huge shifts. Before Immersion I was too sacred to approach and then when I did I was clumsy as hell and didn’t know what to say. Now I can approach easily and when Im in set I know exactly what to do and say to move things in the right direction. I got a lay on the program and went on with dates really hot, really fun girls. All I have to do is keep going out and applying what I have learned and I know I will be banging hot chicks regularly. Fuck me I am so excited about the future, life is good… Very, very good.”


That was what one of our students had to say about the program last week. Every program we've done so far has been sold out, and I keep getting interested emails, so we've decided to open up a new session!

If you're interested, act soon. It's rare that we have a program up for more than a week before it's sold out... and particularly this one since we intend to make it the FINAL NEW YORK PROGRAM OF THE YEAR.

After this program I'll probably move somewhere warm for the winter because... well, because daygame ;)

Between the two Immersions I went to Prague to relax and I also shot some really sick infield, which you'll be seeing soon on my YouTube channel, and especially in Valentine University.

While I was in Prague, I also shot this video, which I think will help you massively when it comes to sorting through all the pickup information to find what gets you REAL RESULTS:

That should help you massively in terms of where to focus if you want to get REAL results. And as long as we're getting down the the core essentials of game, you should check this video out as well:

It's so so important, really, to focus on the fundamentals. Once you have those down, all the advanced concepts make sense and become effective. This is how I teach in Immersion, in Valentine University, in Opening Mastery... etc. The right training methods can make all the difference... when combined, of course, with TAKING ACTION!

So with that said, it's Saturday night... go have fun!

and P.S. Check out Immersion. You'll be glad you did
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Really long Q and A in Munich, didn't plan on it but it came out like that. My voice was fine, not like the last time. Some topics keep coming back but I am trying to get a fresh view on them. Just like in any activity, dating topics repeat themselves at different times and you have to keep coming back to them. Physical escalation vs calibration is one of those.



The complete list of my bootcamps –
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How’s it going? RSD Luke here. Just wrapped up another week of training here at the Vegas Immersion program. Last night was another epic night where again I got all of my students in the Vegas Immersion program to a table in one of the best nightclubs in Vegas for free. This is one of the events that we do every week and so I can’t wait until next Wednesday. It was a lot of fun. I was also up until 7am this morning. It was another great night of filming for my Hotseat. I am very excited to show you the footage. I am sure you will learn a ton from it. I know that this is exactly the thing I would of wanted to know and see when I was learning game.

It has been pretty crazy lately now that summer has finally come into full swing. The students in the program have been getting unbelievable results and I am excited for the next couple of months. If you have never come to Vegas I urge to come check it out. My training sessions have been on another level lately. This combined with the epicness which is Vegas has lead the students to progress and learn so much during their stay here.
On to today’s video. This video was recorded several weeks ago at the Vegas Immersion training room. Tyler was in town and we decided to do a training session together, as I frequently do with other instructors when they are in Vegas. In the video, Tyler and I are answering a student’s question. We talk about inner game vs outer game and the balance between the two. This is an extremely important topic since getting the balance wrong can lead to years of no progression, no results and frustration. Getting this right is essential, so I strongly encourage you to watch the video right now:

Hope you got a lot out of it. This video is very important and hopefully clears up a lot of confusion with regards to  inner game vs outer game.

I am also stoked for Hawaii next weekend. If you have ever wanted to come to Hawaii, now is your chance. I will be doing Freetour, Hotseat and Bootcamp there. I will be sharing my best and most effective ideas, and also during the Hotseat breaking down my best footage and also teaching you step by step cold approach and also how to build social circle. If any of that sounds interesting, I urge you to come check it out.

Also, I will be in Chicago on the 21st, a city that I have lived in in the past. I am pretty excited to go back. If you are in  Chicago or in the surrounding areas come say hi.

That’s it from me for now. See you next week!


PS If you aren’t already following me on Snapchat, go ahead and add me. My username is lukegerhard or add me using the snap code below. I post every day and you can see for yourself the kind of lifestyle I live. I hope it’s motivating and inspiring for you. It wasn’t that long ago that I was a computer programmer in Chicago getting very little results. Watching the people that had the kind of lifestyle that I wanted was very inspiring and drove me to take action and believe that it’s possible.

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