October 23rd, 2016
Hi Guys,

I am pleased to announce my first ever Webinar from Budapest. Some of the RSD Crew will fly out to Hungary just to make this happen. Read it and weep.

Announcing Free RSD Webinar!!

The Webinar will start 11:30 PM Budapest which is equal to 10:30 PM in London or 5:30 PM in New York or 2:30 PM in Los Angeles


Reserve your seat at www.rsdwebinar.com

Webinar RSD Ozzie

The LIVE WEBINAR will start on May 16th, 2013 at 10:30 PM London Time or 5:30 PM New York Time


- How you can you keep out yourself going through the night without letting approach anxiety sidetrack you. Invigorating vs. debilitating warm up sets.
- How to approach the toughest sets to up your skill level.
- How to warm up before you enter a club so you get results you won't even believe the day after
- And Lastly, You'll Get To Ask Me ANYTHING related to game




I will be next:

May 17-19, 2013: London, United Kingdom
May 24-26, 2013: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
May 31-June 2, 2013: London, United Kingdom
June 7-9, 2013: Gothenburg, Sweden
June 14-16, 2013: London, United Kingdom
June 21-23, 2013: Barcelona, Spain
June 28-30, 2013: London, United Kingdom
July 5-7, 2013: Vienna, Austria
July 12-14, 2013: London, United Kingdom
July 19-21, 2013:Cologne,Germany
July 26-28, 2013: London, United Kingdom
August 2-4, 2013: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
August 9-11, 2013: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
August 16-18, 2013: London, United Kingdom
August 23-25, 2013: Amsterdam,Netherlands
August 30-September 1, 2013:
London, United Kingdom
September 27-29, 2013: Athens, Greece



How to develop your intuition in pickup

First hurdle in your way becomes your logical mind. You must view it as a right/left brain deal. Most of the time you don’t know which drives because you shift from one to the other even in the middle of spontaneous action. But you want to know where your spontaneity lies.
Lines, openers, alpha behaviors
Anything you copy from the internet basically kills your free will intuitive mind. You must follow guidelines but never suppress your creativity. On program, as a coach, I aim to uncover the student’s true self by not getting in the way. You do that by giving the student a framework and then leave it up to him to fill in the blanks.


Intuition defined

Solving complex situations at a subconscious level. In other words that buried iceberg inside your head contains all the answers from a coaching standpoint. Where you cannot logically explain why you went a certain way or chose a particular action from another. Now that’s intuition. Thinking on your feet. You can’t teach this stuff. If you can teach it, then you deviate from the true meaning of it.

Intuition and Success

It is the difference. You don’t have all the answers at a logical level. You can’t predict the ripple effects of your remarks to a girl. Your intuition can serve as radar for when things go bad or just before they go bad. Your spontaneity will guide that situation into a successful interaction. You must develop it.
Intuitive people become masters of their field. Great chess players use their intuition to anticipate their opponent’s moves 3 moves ahead of time. You can’t do that logically because they only have seconds to make decisions. Same applies to the best strikers in football who can anticipate what the defender will do and fool them. Ronaldo Nazario Lima, possibly the best striker of all time in the game, would look at the defender’s feet before executing his dribble. He could tell ahead of time what the defender would do in seconds. He would also position himself in the field where he knew the ball will find him so he could score. On an interview, the three-time World FIFA Player was quoted as saying, “I just play”. He had no idea how he did those things. Smells like intuition to me.

Same applies to dating women. If you look at a pull in retrospect, you will find moments where you anticipated situations before they happened and came up with solutions on the spot. You, for example, befriended her friends ahead of time so they would not cock block at the end of the night and such. You came up with “I don’t have any friends. I am all alone” (tongue in cheek) when they asked you, “Where are your friends?” That stuff came up out of nowhere.

So if this is so sweet, how can you develop intuition if you have none? You are this logical drone that thinks women are unpredictable emotional creatures from the planet Neptune and you can’t figure them out. How do you go about doing this?

Miscellaneous Couple Tips (Relationship Advice)

1. Never go to bed angry. I have said this one before. This is the one that allow me personally to extend my LTR over the three year limit (a personal record). Resolve differences before bedtime, ideally in a neutral ground like a coffee shop. You avoid scenes and you can get to agreements faster. One of my boundaries was not to discuss heated relationship issues inside the house. It was hard at the beginning because we spend a lot of time in the house but it is better outside if issues are heated. She will run and hide somewhere in the house if she gets into a tantrum but not in a coffee shop. Women care about how they come across to strangers more than you think. She will act like a puppy in public even though inside she feels like a spider monkey about to scream(intended humor). Furthermore, I would also take her for a nice breakfast on a Sunday morning if I wanted to talk to her about stuff in the relationship I wanted her to do for me. For some reason all those continental breakfast “happy carbs” and caffeine made her more open minded to my ideas. Be smart. Don’t be a chump.
2. Plan ahead of time couple’s holidays. I used to plan mine 2 months ahead of time. You get the best tickets at the best price. Unfortunately amazing holidays cannot be booked unless you do it well in advance. Not only you save money but you can book special activities together that otherwise will be impossible on short notice. Plan is the word. Don’t leave it up to chance. Pre-agree on things you want to do together there. Don’t leave days open because you might find each other with nothing to do. She will blame it on you for not being forward thinking enough. Many times I found myself with three days in my holiday we had nothing planned for. Your girlfriend might interpret this as a sign you don’t care enough for her. She will start whining sooner rather than later. Then she will scratch like a cat. Watch out!
3. Buy her brand-name stuff she is already buying. This is smart. When you give her presents pick stuff she is already shopping for…but better. For example, new perfumes that are coming up but she don’t have yet and so on, perfect gifts for birthdays, couple anniversaries and celebrations. It shows you pay attention to her likes therefore you care. Even if you don’t.
4. Learn techniques to resolve conflict. Guys act weird and withdraw when they fight with their girlfriend. Primary reason is they don’t know or have no idea how to approach/resolve conflict. Take time to learn skills to conflict negotiation and resolution. Don’t rely on sex to resolve conflict. Why? Though makeup sex is great, you might reinforce to her the idea of drama in an indirect way. In other words, she might create all sorts of drama in order for her to get amazing sex at the end of it. Not very healthy and it will drive you crazy with all the conflict she will create. You want to discourage drama, not promote it. Whenever there is conflict, deal with your emotions separately from her and then resolve conflict. Women will interpret your emotionality as a sign of weakness. She will drum up bogus conflict to hurt you or to get back at you because she knows you can’t handle it. Silence is not a solution to conflict. By being mute, you are telling her you are insecure and incompetent if/when you do not address situations in the relationship by using silence or stone walling her. Women know this is a weakness. Women love a man but hate boys. For her, if you cannot handle her emotionally you are a little boy. In my LTR I would yell at her and call her on her shit but then go away and cool off and come back to resolve conflict. She wants to know you are alive and you care (you can get mad at her and let her know she is being ridiculous) but also you are in control of your shit (pass tests). David Deida’s old school books come to mind now. Women crave security. She wants a man, somebody who can handle her tantrums and still screw her brains out. Make no mistake; girlfriends have no mercy for guys who act like boys. You will pay a big price for behaving like a toddler which includes testing you 24/7 and/or flirting with guys behind your back. Your choice. Learn the fucking skills.

3 Easy Ways to Develop your Sixth Sense (intuition)

Here we go. Quick and dirty like I like.
1. Let your body talk. Listen to whatever your tingling sensation your stomach is hinting at. Butterflies indicate you are about to do something risky your logical mind disapprove of. You must go against the grain here and do the opposite of what your rational brain tells you. Butterflies happen around hot women you are attracted to or groups of them. You must go in and expand your comfort zone. Heart racing is another example of your body indicating you are about to do something scary your logical mind finds disagreement with. Just do it! like the Nike commercial. You are retraining your brain that way. New neurological paths are being created as a result of your actions. That’s game!
2. Meditation. Meditation is a great way to expand your intuition. When your head is completely calm, new ideas pop up. It is really when your real self speaks. Walking meditation in nature can help you get new perspective on things. Long walks away from civilization help you unplug from the stress of life. When you come back, you are likely to have fresh ideas on how to approach old problems. Above everything, meditation teaches you how to listen to that inner voice inside yourself. That’s the voice of intuition. After all, Newton discovered gravity sitting idle under an apple tree and being hit in the head by an apple. Nature or nurture.
3. Fast intuition. A good mechanic can tell just by the sound of the car the solution to the engine problem. He trusts his associations. He trusts his gut. What is your gut (not your mind) telling you about a particular group of girls you are about to approach? Discard the usual voice of fear telling you you will suck and get deeper. Eventually, you will hear the voice of intuition telling you will be fine. Nothing bad ever happens so go for it.

Anyway I am out. You guys have fun.

I will be next:

May 17-19, 2013: London, United Kingdom
May 24-26, 2013: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
May 31-June 2, 2013: London, United Kingdom
June 7-9, 2013: Gothenburg, Sweden
June 14-16, 2013: London, United Kingdom
June 21-23, 2013: Barcelona, Spain
June 28-30, 2013: London, United Kingdom
July 5-7, 2013: Vienna, Austria
July 12-14, 2013: London, United Kingdom
July 19-21, 2013:Cologne,Germany
July 26-28, 2013: London, United Kingdom
August 2-4, 2013: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
August 9-11, 2013: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
August 16-18, 2013: London, United Kingdom
August 23-25, 2013: Amsterdam,Netherlands
August 30-September 1, 2013:
London, United Kingdom
September 27-29, 2013: Athens, Greece


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Hey there...

I saw Julien off to the airport last night with a NEW HARD DRIVE FULL OF MY LATEST INFIELD FOOTAGE.

We worked and worked to have this ready before he left Los Angeles for Europe, and it was an absolute natural high to work literally up to the last minute cutting the last of the new video footage to hand off to him before he left.

Two months ago Julien returned to Los Angeles from a long trip around the world and told me flat out...


On some level I think he got a sadistic thrill out of pushing me to do something I didn't think I could do, but I'm always open to being pushed -- and any time someone is willing to "cheerlead" me into hitting a next level I'm always down.

(It's crazy to me how some people will DECLINE someone trying to motivate them.  I view it as a GIFT!  Then again I'm usually on the motivator's end...)

Anyway I really believe there's no natural high that compares to setting a large goal and accomplishing it, and I went to the gym after at 8AM and pounded out the weights.  Just feeling fucking great.

Julien is going to ROCK ALL EUROPE with my new Hot Seat footage, and I'll be hitting up the States with both  my and Julien's new stuff here as well.

It includes a few new 3some videos which are the first I've properly put out, as well as a shit ton of DAY GAME on South Beach models that Julien shot in Miami this past trip.  Many different styles of game from highly aggressive and obnoxious to totally chill and conversational -- pulling hot girls with no technique at all.

It's absolutely the shit and we're going to keep building on it in the coming months.

We put our souls into this event, just hammering and hammering by going out 7 nights a week for the past 2 years since we recorded Hot Seat 2, in order to improve our skills.

What's funny about this is that from a "business end" the Hot Seat 2 was already so good that the only way to improve on it was GETTING OUR ELBOWS INTO THE MUD FOR 2 YEARS and going out 7 nights a week.

LOL usually in business you can improve on something by putting more money into it or whatever, but in this case there was no escaping us simply having to haul our asses out to the club NIGHT IN AND  NIGHT OUT to make that 0.1% improvement a night that compounds over 2 years into something insane.

I remember watching Kobe Bryant highlight videos and dreaming at what a Hot Seat 3 would look like, how I wanted to build up my game so that people watching it would feel the same way.  Then I also wanted to include a lot of "down to earth" style game with me pulling girls with boring conversation and no technique at all -- both to show what's possible in the long term, as well as what's attainable NOW.

It's so crazy to see the first draft of this thing done...

We'll do the PROPER "Hot Seat 3" launch at some point when we feel we've maxed out what we can do with the footage over the coming months -- but I highly recommend you get on it IMMEDIATELY for the following reasons...

1- While Julien and I recorded the footage, we may not be TEACHING it much longer as I've just dumped six figures into the new self development company and you'll be seeing a ton of new material coming out for that soon.

(Todd or someone else will likely take over the actual teaching of the event.)


3- Oh shit did I *hint* at this strong enough? Julien and I are teaching this personally, and may not be for much longer. :)

So while I'd urge you to sign up when the official Hot Seat 3 launch campaign takes place, if you have the chance to take the program while we're still teaching it (NOW!) I'd recommend you get on board.

Anyway here's my schedule for the coming months...

May 9, 2013: Los Angeles
May 16, 2013: Chicago
May 23, 2013: New York City
June 6, 2013: San Francisco
June 27, 2013: Boston
July 4, 2013: Washington DC
July 25, 2013: Honolulu

www.rsdfreetour.com / www.rsdhotseat.com / www.rsdbootcamp.com

I have a 3 person team that handles ALL of your questions about RSD events -- Stuart, Huey, and David -- all guys in their 20's who are highly active in the game and pimp it with instructors personally, call them any time to talk game or ask any questions you want!

NORTH AMERICA (Toll Free): +1 (888) 546 7286
EUROPE: +44 (0) 2079 934 034
AUSTRALIA: +61 280 155 522
ASIA: +81345789305

We also have the Las Vegas RSD World Summit coming up in August!

Imagine a week in Vegas with the whole RSD crew, seminar in Venetian Hotel all day, going out all night! It's pure fucking insanity, people die to get to this all year!

If you want an event that will MAKE YOUR YEAR consider coming to hang out with us in Vegas for the week. There's plenty of ways to do it within budget, and the program is super reasonably priced.


Life is short. When an adventure like Summit is available, do it.



So as I was pouring back over an old hard to prepare the Hot Seat 3 marketing campaign, I was looking for any old footage that would show Julien and I back in the day so people could see the progression.

And I stumbled onto somethin HILARIOUS.

It was an old vBlog from when we were visiting the Getty museum in Los Angeles and got trapped inside because the train to the parking lot had stalled out.

Julien started tripping out because he was in "lower consciousness" in those days (lol) and spazzing out on the poor underpaid workers.

To pass the time I decided to try out something new I'd been working on -- recording a *ahem* "video blog".

The topic was "grounded entitlement VS gimmicky entitlement" which is one of the best I've ever done.

Have a look at this and you'll gain massive improvements.  And from there I hope you'll be inspired by Julien's first ever vBlog attempt and see how "repetition is the mother of skill".


Fun stuff huh?

LOL glad you enjoyed this, and check this next video to go DEEPER on the topic of "REAL ENTITLEMENT!"

I'd also like to point out how you can see Julien struggling just to keep a few ideas in his head.

He's trying to remember 1) it's Julien from RSD, 2) welcome to my blog, 3) I'm Tyler's assistant, 4) I'll be sharing my ideas on Tuesday and Thursday.

His brain literally isn't WIRED to handle memorizing all that.

Look at him now -- riffing off HUGE segments "off the cuff".

You can learn how to do this from the book "The Talent Code" by Daniel Coyle.  It's all about how your brain adapts to that which you do again and again!



This video is one of my less popular and yet in my opinion among MY BEST.

What you'll learn here is absolutely vital to your game and if you want to expand on your knowledge of "entitlement" it is a MUST WATCH.


Funny enough that video was one of the first times I felt my brain really GO OFF on an improvisational "riff" (ie: no prepartation).

I was absolutely thrilled I was able to articulate all those ideas into a semi coherent thread, and imagined what it would be like to be able to do that for a full 2 hours in every Free Tour.

Fastforward 2 years and I'm now doing it consistently.  FUN STUFF. :)




This week Utopia5 released a new article on "RSD Misinterpreted" and why the idea of "dropping the self" is often misunderstood!

Check this out!


btw as a funny sidenote, this whole "forum post of the week" thing was actually an experiment that I did for my own edification.

I noticed how for years people will and moan that there's no good content on the forum.

And then I'd sort of believe it myself, since I'd think back to all the crap on it and figure "Ya it's probably true."

But then I'd check and there were always some great threads.  You just gotta ignore anything obviously stupid and skim over the crap without mentally registering it.

Funny enough though -- the CONTENT RICH THREADS often get the LEAST VIEWS!

The typical post of the week has like 50 to 100 views on it, meanwhile the lower consciousness "Do looks matter" or "Is RSD a cult" threads get a few thousand.

This is why I often allow the shitty posts to be left up and then add a PROPER POST WITHIN THE THREAD -- since I know this is a great way for an article by me to get read.

The truth is this:  most people are BORED and LOVE being all WOUND UP!

They say "I hate the looks matters threads" but they fucking LOVE THEM.  Most guys are no different than girls -- addicted to drama.

Why bother to read a content rich thread that makes you have to mentally exert yourself when you could get a quick fix of feeling "alert" by being sort of titillated and irritated at the same time by reading a TRAIN WRECK? :)

LOL on the forum it's just like how girls often complain at asshole players but fuck them again and again while ignoring the nice guys -- dudes often complain about drama but keep reading it while ignoring any good content they happen to come across. :)

Anyway this is going to lead to one of my best vblogs of all time I have planned out in my head.

It's going to be called the "narrow road" and the premise will be that society conditions us into this type of mentality and behaviour.

We're fucking ASLEEP and are addicted to either the stimulus of easy to digest bullshit or else the unconsciousness of anything that provides relief.


This is going to be an amazing vid.  Stay tuned!



I had a lot of great feedback on Elliot Hulse's video last week, and this week I wanted to share Daniel Coyle's material from "The Talent Code".

What you'll see here is how we make you get good fast at a Bootcamp, and how myself and my crew have gotten so good at pimping girls.

Daniel Coyle isn't an RSD instructor with stream of consciousness humor to keep you engaged, but if you can focus for a minute he has some GREAT POINTS!

Check this out...

The video is really just a promo for his book "The Talent Code" which I hope you check out!


So I'll be back next week with more and hope you enjoyed this!


Thanks so much for reading and I'll talk to you soon!

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"Yo, yo, yo!"

It's my very last day here in Los Angeles... And I just got back from yet another night out recording BRAND NEW INFIELD FOOTAGE for the BRAND NEW Hot Seat event and I have to say that this immanent departure has really snuck up on me...

Time sure DOES fly, as they say... ;)

Time to say goodbye to the girlfriends...

Time to say goodbye to the local crew...

Time to say goodbye to stability...

And time to head back INTO THE WILD!!!

I'm going to be touring EUROPE for the next SIX WEEKS running all sorts of Live Programs in all of the major cities, so if you're located anywhere nearby DO NOT miss out!!!

Here are my next Free Tour / Hot Seat / Bootcamp dates...

May 9 – 11, 2013: Oslo, Norway (taught with Ozzie)
May 16 – 18, 2013: Copenhagen, Denmark
May 23 – 25, 2013: Munich, Germany (taught with Ozzie)
May 30 – June 1, 2013: Amsterdam, Netherlands (taught with Ozzie)
June 6 – 8, 2013: London, United Kingdom (taught with Ozzie)
June 20 – 22, 2013: Moscow, Russia

www.rsdfreetour.com / www.rsdhotseat.com / www.rsdbootcamp.com

I have a 3 person team that handles ALL of your questions about RSD events -- Stuart, Huey, and David -- all guys in their 20's who are highly active in the game and pimp it with instructors personally, call them any time to talk game or ask any questions you want!

NORTH AMERICA (Toll Free): +1 (888) 546 7286
EUROPE: +44 (0) 2079 934 034
AUSTRALIA: +61 280 155 522
ASIA: +81345789305


On that note, I have THREE brand new videos that I want to share with you here today...

That's right!

"Daddy provides..." ;)

First off:

From No Ass To Badass: How To Tattoo Highly Attractive Qualities On Your Personality

This video was actually inspired by some of the recent forum topics here on RSDNation... (THIS ONE in particular...) Which brought up a CRUCIAL concept: The Art Of FIELD TESTING New Material!!!



Pretty neat, huh?

Onwards to the next video!

What Am I Working On In My Game NOW? + How To Eliminate The Emotional Fat That Holds You Back

In this second video, you're going to learn:

1. How To Leverage Bad Feelings Into "Alerts" That Will INSTANTLY Show You In Which Direction To Take Your Game...

2. How I Personally Improve My Own Game (Even At Instructor Level) And How You Can Do The Same For Better And Faster Results...

3. How To Eliminate Drama From Your Personal Life That Ultimately Prevents You From Growing...


And lastly...

You're Not Your FUCKING Khakis: How To Your Comfort Zone (Fuck Situational Confidence)





"Until next time!"





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Hey, Todd here.

In this article/video you will learn how to game the absolute hottest girls... and how to make them your girlfriends on YOUR terms.

This video marks the second time I've addressed the topic of how to game tens, but this time I've expanded the topic significantly to include multiple approaches and styles as well as information regarding KEEPING tens in a relationship on your terms.

This was shot at the free tour event in London, UK and I want to say a huge thank you to all the people who turned up for the event as well as those who helped out.  In particular Ozzie and his assistants, as well as those who asked great questions, made this video possible.  It was a great turnout and the atmosphere was electric, so I was really thrilled to be a part of it.

Without further ado, here is the new "how to game tens" video:

Where I'll be next...

BootcampMay 17-19, 2013: New York, New York, USA
BootcampMay 31-June 2, 2013: Tampa, Florida, USA
BootcampJune 7-9, 2013: Denver, Colorado, USA
BootcampJune 14-16, 2013: Los Angeles, California, USA
BootcampJune 21-23, 2013: New York, New York, USA
FreeTourJune 27, 2013: Montreal, Canada (7pm-9pm)
BootcampJune 28-30, 2013: Montreal, Canada
BootcampJuly 12-14, 2013: Philadelphia, Pennslyvania, USA
BootcampJuly 19-21, 2013: New York, New York, USA
BootcampJuly 26-28, 2013: Los Angeles, California, USA (under 21 bootcamp)

Regional Conferences:

June 29, 2013: Montreal, Canada (International Jazz Festival Seminar)
July 6, 2013: Boston, USA (Freedom Seminar)
August 3, 2013: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (World Summit Special Seminar)
September 7, 2013: New York, USA (Supermodel Fashion Week Seminar)
October 5, 2013: Munich, Germany (Oktoberfest Seminar)
November 16, 2013: Los Angeles, USA (Disneyland Seminar)
December 28, 2013: Chicago, USA (New Years Seminar)

Get Instant Access to RSD Inner Circle:


I'm hitting a few smaller markets over the coming months as well, so be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to see me in your area soon!

Here is the previous how to game 10s video which was a big hit and contains some amazing information in a really quick format.  It's a great look at the core of the concept as well as a trip down memory lane for me as a videographer.

One other administrative note, to clear up any confusion:

YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN INNER CIRCLE DINNER EVENTS AND MEET WINGMEN IN YOUR AREA -- FOR FREE. There has been some confusion on this matter so I want to clarify. The videos and instructor education through Inner Circle is a paid product, but the groups themselves are 100% free to anyone who wants to come. So take advantage of this amazing resource!


More information about inner circle is available at www.rsdinnercircle.com

Before I sign off, I want to mention that if you want more unique thoughts and information I put out ideas and lines on both facebook and twitter daily:


Thanks again, and until next time,

p.s. Check out www.rsdinnercircle.com for more info on the program and how to get ongoing lessons and support from RSD Instructors like myself.

p.p.s. To find FREE Inner Circle meetup groups in your city check out: http://bit.ly/RSDInnerCircleCityList
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Hey there!

So today we've got a bad ass video that includes me coaching in the field and pulling a new girl (as usual) shot in front of a scenic city lookout point (also as usual...). :)

And as I'm writing this I've just returned from San Diego where Julien and I showed our first ever version of the Hot Seat 3!!!!!

We've been working so hard on this... In such a state of momentum with it... That we'd worked ourselves into a mode of IT'S NEVER GOOD ENOUGH!!

So we've been shooting and shooting, getting sicker and sicker shit -- from threesomes to compilations of 3 minute pull after 3 minute pull to daytime model game -- all sorts of crazy shit you've never seen.

And when we finally showed it in San Diego we kiinda realized...

"Uhhhh okay this is pretty amazing, this is a damned good working version of Hot Seat 3!"

Regardless we're going to keep shooting and shooting.  The hardest part of getting infield footage is MENTALLY ACCLIMATING TO BEING CONSTANTLY FOLLOWED AROUND.

You get the creepiest feeling in the world from it, knowing that at any time you can be thrown out of a club or have the girl freak out.  But with the high level of value we can deliver for very cheap with a Hot Seat event, it's simply too good to pass up. 

Anyway I'm obviously very excited about it and here is the first review from a dude whose been to all the previous events.

I'm really psyched about it so wanted to share it here and urge you to check it out.



Before I start, I want to mention that I've been to almost every single major hotseat event. I've been to several hotseat 1 and 2 events since 2011, a couple of Julien's bonus hotseat events, I've seen many infields of Jeffy hotseat during last year's world summit, and Alex's hotseat in DC and san Francisco.

The new footage of hotseat is INSANE. I cannot contain my excitement of how much Julien's game has improved since just a YEAR ago so I must write about it first. While talking to Julien last year during the summit, I was mentioning how flashy and insane his infield footage was. Julien said "I don't think a lot of my longer infield footage is flashy at all. That's just what I normally do. Anyways, dude, if you check out my game right now, the old footage is nothing. I've improved so much since then. If I ever get to shoot footage again, it'll be insane."


Day 1 was all of Tyler's new stuff. A lot of the new footage that Owen shows is stuff when his state is at rock bottom. No flashiness, not a lot of crazy humor; just pure confidence in himself and the belief of "there is no reason I am not enough" as Alex teaches.

Honestly, a lot of the footage from the past was very flashy because RSD wanted to show people what was possible when you push boundaries. Many of the community members I've talked to have gone to talk about how they like Alex's hotseat better because he doesn't do a lot of insane stuff and seems very normal. But from what I've seen, Alex's verbal game has always been one of the best among instructors, not in a sense of funny humor (although he can be extremely funny), but his strong point is in emotional expressions where he can create small spikes of conveying positive and negative emotions and make the conversation so much more dynamic.

Tyler's new footage is even more normal than that, and I think that is precisely what he wanted to show this time to people who are new to the community. "Don't be intimidated that you're not saying anything interesting. You can say the most boring shit ever but believe there is no reason why you're not enough. Relax and just stick in there. Then state will transfer on that you are interested in what you're saying and they'll get interested too". All of Alex's principles applies but in a more toned down level. Personally, it helped me much more than the previous footages because some of the conversation Owen was having with others was the most normal, boring stuff but he STILL MANAGES TO PULL because he's confident that the interaction is going well, and he sticks in there. And a lot of the pulls were made possible just because he stuck in there. It's like minimalistic game.

Though I say a lot of his stuff is normal, of course, he still has many footages where he is fully in state, pulling within minutes of meeting girls like a true G;)

Julien's game is the best among all instructors I've ever seen. He's not a guy who became insanely good at game just because his mentality and humor is different anymore; what I mean by this is a lot of RSD members believe that Julien's game is unreplicateable for most people because of his personality traits only works for him. But now Tyler and Julien have extensively broken down his game where they can explain step by step on what he is doing and what its making the girls feel.

Julien is a master of game, a true puppeteer. He's Neo from the matrix who sees the patterns of the matrix better than anybody else and toys with it. Hanging out with him in field, I've never seen Julien get blown out from an interaction. Of course, he still gets ignored by girls every now and then, but once he starts a conversation, even the very first interaction he has during the night, they can't leave him. He is extremely self-amused. He can talk to a 55 year old woman for 2 hours, get fully into state, then pull the hottest girl right after. He TRULY doesn't care who he's talking to.

These two are the biggest improvements I've noticed from Julien's game.

1. Extreme self-amusement; his verbal game has improved 1000%; whatever comes out of his mouth is exciting, even when he's talking about the most boring stuff; you feel it, and the girl feels it. His masculine polarity, challenging attitude draws them in immediately.

2. Extreme awareness of what the girl is feeling at the moment. His empathy level is ridiculous that he knows exactly what the girl is feeling at the moment to the tee. This way he can calibrate even before the girl knows what's going on. Many times the girls verbalize this: "What's going on right now?". They can't believe the interaction is going so fast. As Jeffy puts it, they're on a water slide just getting swooped away.

With the two combined above, none of his sets are boring at all.

My favorite video is when Julien goes in for the first time in the venue, he's all out of state, and he talks to one girl just for the hell of it. He says something like "I suck. I'm really lame right now." during the interaction and he tells the girl to stay because he needs to loosen up. The girl DOES kind of want to leave him because he's not hooked that well yet. His stuff is still good enough for the girl to stay, but in a venue as busy as that, there needs to be more stimuli for her to keep being engaged.

About 3 minutes into the interaction, you see Julien's mind clicking. He loosens up; he's getting in the zone. The girl immediately gives him feedback. She tells him that he was kind of OK at first but now she's so engaged that she can't leave him now. As the interaction progresses, Julien's personality just shines with ridiculous humor and self-amusement. He leaves the girl, talks to the next girl and hooks immediately. And as the night goes by, this girl can't leave him. He pulls.

He pulls the hottest girls and only the hottest. Girls who fend off anything that comes their way can't resist Julien.

In another set, Julien gets a super hot girl to get down on her knees and beg for his affection, fingers her, all in the middle of the venue where everybody can see; He pulls her to an alley way within an hour. The girl had no chance. To her eyes, Julien is God. Julien knows this and teases her to an extent where she is so helpless that she just wants to jump on him.

Oh day game, day game, day game. Yes, there is a lot of day game in the new hotseat where the sun is shining brightly on everybody in the middle of an open mall district in South Beach, Miami. Julien's game is no different. At one point, he talks to the first hot girl outside Starbucks, hooks immediately, hooks her friend who is inside Starbucks separately, stops a model who's a total stranger walking down the street alone and merges the sets, and number closes. The club promoter who was in the mixed set thinks Julien is the coolest guy he's ever seen and wants him to come to his club. He's no doubt the coolest guy in the area and everybody's attention is on him because they're having so much fun.  He pulls a stripper during day game in the street. All his number closes are solid.

He breaks down all his interactions like a strategist and conveys it so you can understand it and apply it yourself.

This is what true game looks like. Julien has the best game among all the RSD instructors I've ever seen. Even his facial expressions are hypnotizing that you can't take your eyes away from him while he's in field. The song quote: "You are a cinema" was meant for this guy, not a girl. LOL. His little comments, back handed compliments, masculine polarity, his body language and self-amusement; I don't think anyone has a better understanding of the vibe of interactions than Julien does. He is also a ridiculously effective instructor where he pin points your issues and snipes at your weak points and extensively explains it.

No company has a product that exceeds the monetary or educational values of the new RSD hotseat.

P.S. These guys are STILL taking infield footage so I believe their material will be continuously updated from now on.



Thanks man!!

I wanted to share this as it's been the project we've hammered away on for several years now.

My biggest intention in going out 7 days a week these past few years straight has been in preparation to record the Hot Seat 3, and so this is kind of a big deal for me to see it finally come together!

Anyway here's a list of my upcoming events if you want to check it out...

May 9, 2013: Los Angeles
May 16, 2013: Chicago
May 23, 2013: New York City
June 6, 2013: San Francisco
June 27, 2013: Boston
July 4, 2013: Washington DC
July 25, 2013: Honolulu

www.rsdfreetour.com / www.rsdhotseat.com / www.rsdbootcamp.com

I have a 3 person team that handles ALL of your questions about RSD events -- Stuart, Huey, and David -- all guys in their 20's who are highly active in the game and pimp it with instructors personally, call them any time to talk game or ask any questions you want!

NORTH AMERICA (Toll Free): +1 (888) 546 7286
EUROPE: +44 (0) 2079 934 034
AUSTRALIA: +61 280 155 522
ASIA: +81345789305

We also have the Las Vegas RSD World Summit coming up in August!

Imagine a week in Vegas with the whole RSD crew, seminar in Venetian Hotel all day, going out all night! It's pure fucking insanity, people die to get to this all year!

If you want an event that will MAKE YOUR YEAR consider coming to hang out with us in Vegas for the week. There's plenty of ways to do it within budget, and the program is super reasonably priced.


Life is short. When an adventure like Summit is available, do it.



So oftentimes when I'm really underslept I'll be in a new city and HAVE to do a vBlog because it's a personal standard that I set for myself that any time I'm in a new city I'll record something.

This standard is extremely important, because I've learned that without it I'll make excuse after excuse to not record anything new.

I've often said that I try to deliberately add in a sense of scarcity about opportunities into my brain, and I do so in order to push myself to get things done.

Anyway when I'm tired I'll often tackle easier / simpler topics because I won't mentally trip all over myself.  And in this case, I've covered whether or not pickup is a numbers game.

I'm really happy with my treatment of the topic and think it's well worth watching, but ironically I didn't avoid tripping all over myself by DELAYING AN ENTIRE FERRY BOAT FROM DOCKING while I recorded.

LOL woops. :)

The video also includes clips of me coaching and pulling from a really fun night!  I tried to make the little pull clip related to the coaching I was doing about "not asking for permission" -- you also see me on a fucking bicycle cab with the girl which I think is pretty fun.



I really hope you enjoyed this, but most importantly, I recorded the video to REALLY PUT IT IN PERSPECTIVE why it's so important to be approaching girls ALL THE TIME!

Like I said you don't have to spend the rest of your life doing this, so don't freak out! :)

Just assume to be doing it until you have the sex life that you want, and GF that you want if that's your thing.

Get it done!!



I also wanted to go further on your education in this by drawing your attention to a video where I talk about the importance of actually enjoying talking to lots of girls.

It's a pretty nutty vid from back when I had the FULL BEARD going!  Check it out!

Good shit doubling up on the concept, now is the time to put it into use!!



I recently stumbled onto this video from Elliot Hulse where he talks about the importance of building your brain.

This is absolutely critical and he explains it in a VERY smart way.

I've read every book that he describes in the video and I'd urge you to watch it and subscribe to his channel on www.youtube.com/strengthcamp

I hope you enjoyed this and will take the advice to heart.

VERY VERY critical.

What he's said about using audio books to absorb informtion while you're walking or driving is absolutely on point.



Rocknrollpua: How You Evolve Through The Process

Super sharp article on HOW YOU IMPROVE by going out by a guy who has run the race!


Thanks to everyone for the contributions this week!



So I'm out, and have some very cool things planned for NEXT WEEK'S articles.  I hope you're very psyched!


I appreciate you reading this and I'll see you soon!  Have fun!

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Hey gang, I'm back. Last week's video was delayed because I had a catastrophic hard drive crash. Apparently this was a fault with the older intel SSDs where they would occasionally just FUCKING TAKE A SHIT ON THEMSELVES. Awesome drive Intel... great job!

Anyway, got a new drive, rebuilt my computer from scratch, had a lot backed up but not all of it, so now I'm on board with the fuckin CLOUD. Moral of the story? BACK UP YOUR STUFF FOLKS.

So yup, had an amazing Bootcamp this past weekend here in San Francisco. Everybody got laid, including one student who fucked in the Consensual Sex Van. Yes, the van keeps rolling along, despite the best efforts of the LAME-STREAM MEDIA to derail it. Come on, motherfuckers, give me a break, this van is made from American steel, you're made from BULLSHIT and TEARS. Go cry moar trolls, I'm Billy Badass and you're Wendy Bullshit. 

So yeah, the party does not stop. Here's where I'll be running program over the next couple months:

May 3-5: San Francisco
May 10-12: Toronto (w/ Alexander)
May 17-19: San Francisco
May 23-25: Dallas
May 31-June 2: Austin
June 6-8: Las Vegas
June 14-16: San Francisco
June 21-23: San Francisco

www.rsdfreetour.com / www.rsdbootcamp.com

RSD OFFICE (toll free): +1 (888) 546 7286

Having said all of that, let's get straight to today's video. In this one, I illuminate two core concepts that can dramatically improve your success with the opposite sex: DISCIPLINE, and INTENT. Check it:

In my experience, these are the two most important qualities or characteristics that come into play when determining whether a guy is going to have (relatively) quick success, or if he's going to languish in first gear, spinning his wheels for god knows how long. 

Further, embracing the concepts of discipline and intent can help you to avoid the dramatic ups-and-downs that can often plague guys when they're learning the game. 

Take note that these concepts must be used in CONJUNCTION in order to have the true synergistic effect that will skyrocket your game to levels you previously found unimaginable. 

That's all for today, lot on my plate with RSD stuff.... lots of cool shit coming down the pipeline.

See you next time.

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