October 23rd, 2018
The Good Music Thread
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my music has got to have firey passion or be totally chill

firey passion....
arcade fire - rebellion (lies)

stars - ageless beauty

architecture in helsink - do the whirlwind (coming to melbourne in febuary FUCK YES!)

chilled out vibe
ratatat - cherry

tommy guerrero - organism

and the boss of all bosses... al green - tired of being alone

weird, i've never seen the videos to a lot of these, puts a different spin on them
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Band: Guns N Roses
Song: November Rain (The last two minutes of that song has insane drama)
Type of Song: Piano Ballad that transforms into a Rock n Roll Power Ballad at the end

Band: AC/DC
Song: Rock N Roll Dream
Type of Song: I think this is AC/DC's only power ballad in their entire history

Band: Deep Purple
Song: Mistreated
Type of Song: Heavy Blues (If this ain't the blues, go die)

Band: Lynyrd Skynyrd
Song: Freebird
Type of Song: The longest guitar solo of all time. Country Rock. Turning that song off when it's on the radio is blasphemy

Band: Queen
Song: Show must go on
Type of Song: Opera Rock. Freddie Mercury is the greatest singer of all time.

Band: Queensryche
Song: I Don't Believe in Love
Type of Song: 80s Hair Metal. Ahhhhh, the good old days

Band: Alice Cooper
Song: Poison
Type of Song: 80s Hair Metal. Somebody please find me a Time Machine! I wanna go back there!

Band: Lizzard's Tale (That's my band \m/!!!)
Song: Mr.Bigshot
Type of Song: A marriage between Jazz, Blues and Rock N Roll. Someday You guys will see me headlining in the Download Festival! HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAA!!!
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Jack of Hearts

Jack of Hearts

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A while ago I went to see a show by Deerhoof, they're an amazing band I think. maybe you have to get used to them first.

Deerhoof, tears of love and music, freejazz/rock/japanese pop (???)

And then I love Fela Kuti, legend.

Fela Kuti, Lady/Water no get enemy, Afrobeat

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1812 overture
Classical musics the goes on and on with some bitchin' cannons in the finale.

A Tribe Called Quest
Can I Kick It
Good ol' hip-hop.

Brian Setzer Orchestra
Gettin' in the mood
Swing, rockabilly, jazz. Whatever, it's good.
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De Reet Sap Ram...

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Wonderful - Bubba Sparxxx (cool upbeat hiphop song; he's got a LOT of good fuckin song: check out "back in the mudd" and "deliverance")

Heaven - Ian Pooley (upbeat, relaxed beachhouse)

Bach Improvisation - Bobby Mcferrin (Awesome vocal skills and musically gifted dude. This just makes me smile everytime i watch it; oh and there's a hot black chick in the crowd that gets a closeup a few times. I can't stop watchin his shit.)

Beautiful Day - Matt Darrey (listen to the lyrics as well!)

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Schwarz & Funk - Remando Al Viento
Chill out music

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... I really enjoy listening to Jay-Z

song: Blueprint 2
artist: jay-z
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artist: sublime
song: anything from their self titled release 1996. every note rings with pure alpha vibe.
genre: reggae/punk rock
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Rad seeing folks post Opeth, The Mars Volta, and Cynic. Here are some of my favs:

Band: Black Bonzo
Song to Check Out: Lady of the Light (
What they play: Jovial modern day progressive rock which is heavy on the organ

Band: Iron & Wine
Song to Check Out: Boy With A Coin (
What they play: What jesus would play if he was an americana singer song writer that hipsters like

Band: Enslaved
Song to Check Out: Ground (
What they play: Amazing progressive black metal.
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Above and Beyond
Trance (a lot of remixes).
Air for life:


Solar Stone
Forever mirin
Oslo crew
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