December 5th, 2016
How Do You Know If A Girl Is "Checking You Out" Or Just Looking Around?
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What's the difference between a girl "value scanning" her environment, and randomly by chance staring at YOU, as opposed to staring at you intentionally, to get you to make a move?
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If she is making eyecontact then you look at her and she smiles she is noticing you not the environment

If you guys make eye contact and you smile then she smiles she is noticing you not the environment/or just being polite.
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Way back in the day, Eric Weber wrote a couple of books on pick up and the local library had one. I remember reading in there that a common complaint women have is that their IOIs are too subtle for most men. One airline stewardess said that she is busy and if she is nice to a guy it's because she finds him attractive, but, guys think she is just being polite.

Turn the shoe around. When you are scanning the crowd evaluating which are hot and which are not, if you are staring at one, is it because you are randomly staring at a girl, or because you are hoping to make eye contact with her?

You know that answer.


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There are really 2 answers to this.

I'll smile at girls I pass in the club. If a girl smiles at me back, I'll take that as half an IOI. Usually she'll turn away, and I'll keep looking at her. If she turns to me and smiles again, I know it's a full IOI and it's on. I'll go up very directly and talk to her, with heavy kino. I got my last pull that way.

On the other hand, while a girl checking you out can be a strong IOI, it should have little bearing on how you handle the situation for the most part. If you want her, go up to her, whether she was checking you out or not.

Also, just because she was checking you out doesn't make her necessarily easier either. I've had it when I go up to a girl obviously looking at me, and she'll get nervous, like I just came up to gloat.

The only real reason you'd want to know a girl was checking you out is for personal validation anyway, which isn't a good reason at all. :-)

When in doubt, just approach her.

To all, thanks for reading.

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10Pin Wrote:
assume is the only belief that empowers you.

here here ... if I didnt assume attraction I wouldnt approach 1/3 of the woman I do.

This weekend I met 2 targets that I was really attracted too. One was married; the other had a boyfriend near <<< but I'm still kicking myself for not going for the #.

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The difference is her response when you open her. If she's into you, you know she was probably checking you out.
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Ask yourself these questions when she is looking at you: "Am I having a great time?" and "Do I have value?" and "Am I outside my head or inside my head?"

If you answer yes, then she is looking out of interest.
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