January 16th, 2019
This is how u run dancefloor
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I'm a stronger dancefloor man other than verbal. Anyways, first things first. Learn to dance. Watch youtube hip hop vids. Teach yourself and take ballroom classes if you want to get really good. If you can't when u DO dance don't just stand behind her the whole time.

Switch it up. Dance face to face, and back to back.

Escalate slowly. You need to be comfortable with put ur hands anywhere around her.

This is how I do it, I go face to face. Grab each hand lift them while dancing put them behind her head and pull her in. You can also lift both of her hands and put them behind ur head. Also you can hold her hands and run them down from your shoulder down ur chest. Let them feel you up.


I get really close, smiling, and kinda rub my cheek sometimes against hers and then I pull off LASER EYE and then I go for the kiss. Usually I get it.

From there, get sexual when you dance. Put ur hands all over her. I will continue to occasionally make out, always being the first to pull away teasing her. I'll go back to back, then grab each hand while behind her and rub her down starting with her shoulders and down her chest down to my legs.

Then you can try pulling her whichever way you want to. Beware the cockblocking friends.

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