November 18th, 2018
2 Reasons I've Never Believed Looks Matter........More On This Later
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I want to write a blog article about this at some point soon, but I wanted to write this in response to a thread that was deleted by mods.

You may or may not agree with me that "looks matter". That's cool, I don't care either way.

The fact I've personally watched well into the 100,000's of live pickups (and DONE 10's of thousands myself) I think is a pretty good basis for an opinion, but hey, to each his own.

Anyway my two reasons for my personal (and admittedly subjective) opinion are these:

1) Being less good looking makes you more "attainable".

I've continually believed that girls see a great pick up artist and think "Man this guy probably has so many options, I don't know if he's playing me."

When you're less good looking this is not as much of an issue.

My buddy Jesse, who has been with 200+ women, deliberately wears nerd glasses to sidestep this whole issue. This blemishes his looks and makes him appear somewhat like an idiot. But as he puts it "I don't want them to know that the wolf is here......"

Now if you're a good looking dude you can compensate for this by "Qualifying" the girl properly.

But the point is that getting ATTRACTION is far and away the easiest part of a pickup. The hard part is getting the girl to believe she has a chance with you.

2) Being less good looking frees you from the constraints of your big fat James Bond self image.

Let me ask you a question...........

Have you ever gone out and tried a new opener that was totally ridiculous (like "I like salad") and because it WASN'T YOU it opened amazingly well? Maybe you even wound up taking the girl home and laid in bed with her thinking "This whole thing happened because I blurted out my opinion on salad??"

Well that's because when you're opening with your "real game" there's often more outcome dependence than opening with some silly nonsense.

In my case the openers "WHO ARE YOU??" and just walking up and staring at the girl without saying a word (while she giggles) were the most amazing conversation starters I'd ever seen.

UNTIL I started viewing them as my "real game" and then they no longer got the same response -- because when I was just messing around I had no outcome invested into it whatsoever.

In my personal opinion, when you go out dressed funny or ridiculous you find that you don't care as much about the outcome because it's like "I'm just this fun dude bringing funny vibes." Meanwhile when you're dressed PIMP it's not like girls are coming up to you and complimenting, because typically anything other than full out peacocking usually isn't really acknowledged regardless. IME it's more or less arbitrary. One way or the other is fine.

QUESTION: Why is it that the PUAs who are like 5'4 and funny looking always kick so much ass with girls?? (At least the PUAs who I personally hang out with).

Because they're not "almost traditionally good looking" like dudes who are 5'8.

Dudes who have zero chance of being 6 feet tall or traditionally good looking don't deal with that same "I wish I was good looking" neurosis, because it's never been a part of their realm. They've "gotten over themselves" many years ago.

Guys who are posting the "I want to be good looking threads"?? IME those are most often dudes who are ALMOST traditionally good looking, and so it constantly eats at them and messes up their flow. If they could just accept being NOT TRADITIONALLY good looking, then maybe they'd see a big spike in their results. Because looks are so subjective and based on personality anyway.

So those are really my two main reasons for why I've believed it never matters.

Agree or not, hopefully you gained something out of it. I'm going to close this thread because I don't want the same boring nonsense posted back and forth, but I'll post a proper blog on it at some point this year.

I just wanted to post this right now so that if more of these thread pop up, users could just link to this thread explaining the RSD view on the topic.

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