January 17th, 2019
London Bootcamp with Ozzie 5-7 September
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I have been into the game for almost 1,5 years and I consider myself being on an intermediate level. Can pretty consistently get girls rated up to 7s. My goal with this bootcamp was to get to the next level and be able to get 8s to 10s. Getting a gameplan and knowing what to work on.

Day 1
We met up in a hotel lobby and Ozzie talked about the three learning types Hacker ,Dabbler and Obsessiv from the book Mastery by George Leonard. Which he was referring to over the entire weekend.
Went to the club Sway and ate dinner and Ozzie talked about talking with passion, being bold and authentic and hit the 100 % expression point. After 5 min of going around the club repeating to ourselves “I don´t give a fuck what other people think” and some instruction how to approach and not to approach, we went in to befriend the room for 30 minutes. I started to go around and talk about bananas with a group of girl that had a hen party. I talked about that I like to travel and bananas with another group where a guy told me that they weren’t interested, but I continued talking. I talked to a hot girl in that group which was interested, but she freaked out when she saw that Ozzies assistant Pete was taking movie shots. Ozzie told me to not bounce from sets and to be more physical. I approached a couple of sets on the dance floor and talked about sports, but they blew me of after me approaching a couple of times, clawed them in and did some hipbumping. Ozzie was gaming a Polish girl who was asking him who I was all the time. Ozzie introduced her to me. Did some kino on the dancefloor and talked about sports. Asked her if she knew how to say hello in Swedish and went for the kiss. Got some resistance the first time but got a makeout on the second try. Stay with her for the rest of the night, her friends leaved and she wanted to go home with me but I went to debrief instead.

After the first night I was a little bit disappointed and thought that I haven’t learned as much as I wanted.

Day 2
Debriefing of the yesterday night and Ozzie talked about physical game and showed videos of us from the night before and video of himself in the field. We also painted a picture of ourself as we projected ourself and on the other side a picture of our real self. This was done for trying to shorten the gap between the two.
Went to a Salsa club that Ozzie said was ten times more difficult than every other club. Ozzie wanted us to pull a girl to the dance floor within 30 minute after the initial 30 minutes of befriending the room. I introduced myself and said I was from Sweden and it was my second night in London and talked about sports. I was clawing everybody I talked to right from the start. I pulled a black girl to the dance floor and spinned her around, danced close to her and was trying for makeout, but I got rejected. The same happened with two other black girls I pulled to the dance floor. Managed to pull a girl from a 2set to the dancefloor but when I was escalating she went back to her friend. I approached her again and she told me she was lesbian I dragged her up two more times after struggling a lot. Me and the other two students Shiv and Chris. Approached a hen party and one of the girls got really pissed off. Ozzie told me to go back and be friendly for 20 min. Talked to a fat girl when I was ordering a red bull in the bar, and she paid my drink. Talk a little to her and her guyfriend and went to a 3set pulled one of the girls to the dance floor and made out with her. She was ugly so I just danced a little more and I saw Ozzie signalling for me to go fore the makeout, so I did one more make out and then I let her go. The fat girl, that bought me a red bull, came and dragged me to the dance floor when I was going to wing Shiv in a set. I danced with her a while but didn´t managed/wanted to get a make out. When it was 5 min left I pulled another girl to the dancefloor but she rejected me quickly and then me and Shiv tried to approach a 3set on the dance floor but they were getting mad on us. After that it was debrief time and we got to se movie shot of us infield.

After tonight I really felt I got the things I needed to take my game to the next level. Especially being physical directly and trying to drag every girl to the dancefloor.

Day 3
We begun the day with vocal exercices. Holding conversation by shouting to each other over bond street. Then we were approaching people in the escalators. I was approaching with “Is Hyde Park a real park?” and then changing subject and talk until the end of the escalator. First we approach someone behind us, then someone going in the other direction and trying to hold the conversation as long as possible. Lastly we ran in the escalator besides and talked to the girl and then we went back and approached someone behind us again. After that we went to a café and talked about yesterday night. Ozzie talked about how to maintain the energy level during the night.

Some things I have learned during the bootcamp:
    [ ] I am an obsessive learner.
    [ ] Pickup is not complicated; the results come if you enjoy the
    [ ] process.
    [ ] Don´t bounce from sets, long sets get you laid.
    [ ] Just practising the thing I learned on bootcamp to not get
    [ ] scattered.
    [ ] Core confidence is confidence without external validation.
    [ ] Talk about things you are passionate about.
    [ ] Be expressive, don’t try to impress the girl, hit the 100% expression
    [ ] point.
    [ ] Be authentic.
    [ ] Girls like to be touched.
    [ ] Separate the value from the girl, talk to the person.
    [ ] Expect token resistance.
    [ ] Physical game is a shortcut to sex.
    [ ] Try to pull every girl to the dance floor.
I really think I got what I expected from the bootcamp, now it’s up to me to put in the required work to get to the next level, but I have the road marked out.
Ozzie Bootcamp 5-7/9 2008      Wing with me in Uppsala, Sweden! Field reports
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Fantastic summary!

the salsa bar is quite a tough nut to crack...but you did really well!

PM me and we can touch base if your around!
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"We're gonna have so much fun, you gonna die laughing!"
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