January 17th, 2019
LR: Sex in Grand Central Terminal
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The trite Hollywood romance and lusty love story are all so until they happen to you…

Friday. I have a date with Diane, a GF of mine with bright red hair. Most of my friends know her and the turmoil that has recently been brewing. Things have been on the rocks with D but I refuse to end things. My inexperience gets to me; I think our problems will fix themselves. And that’s just not so when the issues are REAL.

You see, older women have what they call “real world” problems: money, kids, marriage, career, divorce, and parenting to name a few. Being a “sex-worthy” guy only gets you so far; relationships are a different animal. Although I learned and grew tremendously about myself, being with Diane had the possibility of radically altering my life. I see this now and not a moment too soon. Experience is KING and food for character.

Trains in NYC sometimes are delayed. D has a hard time understanding this and a heated argument takes place in front of Joe’s Coffee. Remember guys, frequently arguing is a sign that your relationship is skating on thin ice or the GF is a bit contentious. Methinks both are true in this case.

But the incident is the spark of the flame; the fuel accumulates in the prior days—in this case, months. Crying times ensue and I try to empathize with and comfort her but it’s damn hard; she does this too often for my liking. Now not being in any mood to go out, D tells me to walk her to the train. Fine. I escort her to the subway and say goodbye. She’s about to go through the turnstile, alone. I can’t walk with her anymore—we’re going to different places. As the escalator takes me back up to the main terminal I turn and look back. We look at each other for a moment; her eyes tell me that things will never be the same.

My mind is confused and I am definitely “in my head.” FUCK. I hate fighting and feeling like shit. So I call a few guys, Kobe and Rob (Katalyst and Kydd) and make plans to have a night of glory. Done. But before I head out, I decide to have a quick adventure with someone. Maybe it will be with someone awesome and fun but that’s a tall order. I usually settle for second-best superficiality.

Great. Tonight’s weather caused substantial delays, and GCT is jam-packed with travelers who “have to be somewhere.” Many tired and frustrated faces fill the main terminal; lets see who wants to get cheered up. From a distance, I see a girl sitting stilly. Her artsy look betrays the delicacy of her deep thoughts. There is something about girls who can just relax and enjoy themselves without modern banalities. They don’t turn to their cell phone or tune out with their Ipod; instead, imaginations, dreams, and fantasies help pass the time.

When a girl’s mind is floating actively within the river of consciousness, it’s a great time to approach because she’s at ease and receptive to stimulus. But I am not in the right mood and cower when I see a guy to the left of her. Time to get un-stifled. I walk around the main terminal and talk to other women to loosen up; all this is done outside of her perception, of course. The interactions are brief and bitter. No matter, a surge of clarity hits me. Time to go in.

WAIT. She’s writing now. Oh god, very HOT. Normally, I wouldn’t let a newbie use this as an excuse to not approach but I’ll make an exception for myself. After we can meet and attract women with ease, we need to graduate from the phase “I need to talk to every woman in WHATEVER circumstance.” Playing your cards is one thing, but playing them smartly sometimes means checking to see what the circumstance does. However, err on the side of ALWAYS approaching. Don’t fool yourself; until “it clicks” you better be approaching every girl you want, regardless of the circumstance.

So I hover around the main terminal like a lion stalking its pray, like a fucking SHARK about to rip into a pretty white doe. I open a few girls to keep warm. But then finally her head comes up and leaves the fury of pencil on paper. The guy is still to the left of her. I quell my silly fears and go in hard.

I walk towards her and say the first thing that pops into my head: “Rock on.” Her face tells me she’s a tiny bit confused yet remains non-hostile. “Rock on,” I say smiling again and immediately follow this up by climbing onto the railing where’s she’s sitting and taking a seat next to her, without asking of course. Starting a conversation is like landing a plane. I keep smiling and ask, “Whats up?”

I talk to her like we are long-time friends. She doesn’t resist it—a good indication that she’s “go-with-the flow”. Cool. Anna introduces herself first: “Hey, I’m Anna.” I was expecting a more reserved, quiet artsy girl but this is a pleasant surprise. From her tonality and demeanor, I can tell she meets random people. Anna’s vibe isn’t an over-bearing public relations spokeswoman, but rather a calm, under-the-radar artist who isn’t afraid to put her personality on the line. She’s real, and I’m enjoying her and the interaction.

We talk about where we are headed and where we are going. But the content of our conversation plays second fiddle to the vibe that surrounds us—peaceful and playful. It is as if we were long-time friends waiting to catch a train that couldn’t come too soon. Girls want to feel this, and so do we—connection. As people, we forget how to float down the river of time on the raft of consciousness; most of us are wounded, guarded, and bitter. So be that force of masculinity that catapults the two of you onto a plane that can’t be reached by the absurdities and nonsense of this world. Remember this next time you talk to a girl: take her out of the mundane and into the movies and novels, into the dreams and sublime.

I’m really digging Anna because unlike most girls, she “gets it;” she knows what life is about and doesn’t need any help from me to show her. After about 10 minutes of connecting with her, I reckon its adventure time. Her friend is supposed to be arriving soon, so Union Square is too far of a trek. But the dining concourse downstairs lends itself to explorations.

We get some ice cream and discuss sundries. The dynamic and dialogue feels like Ethan Hawk and Julia Delpy in the movie “Before the Sunrise” and “After the Sunset.” Sexual tension slowly weaves between the pauses of our conversation. Her thoughts tickle my mind. Witty and well-timed words of hers make me smile. Long curls gently kiss the top of her breasts and lay like airy clouds on her taut, teenage body. She’s 23 but looks 18;. Never would have guessed if it wasn’t for her precociousness.

“They should make a movie about this, I don’t think it has ever been done before,” she says, referring to our interaction.

I agree: “Yep, I think it would be unique, never seen anything like it in Hollywood.”

Anna tells me “You know, you had me at Ice Cream.”

I tell her “that’s how I get all the girls.”

Lovely, my Anna rocks. We probe deeper into each other’s personal lives and the topics become more emotionally laden. Some things I say about my general philosophy and history resonate with her and I can feel the vibrations. And then the phone rings, it’s her friend; she has to go.

Our bubble deflates. I look at her and see those sad eyes that I will know all too well in the coming days. Don’t be sad my love; it’ll be okay. I look at her full lips and wonder how they feel on my mouth, and on my body. Anna turns her head slightly when my face meets hers. I pull back slowly, and we look at each other—I don’t have a reaction. Going for the kiss, although it felt right, may have surprised and caused her to turn her head. She kind of has a boyfriend; no matter, we lock eyes and now we really want it. Our mouths plunge into each other with sexual force and give in to the moment. Anna’s full lips suck and dance on mine. The kiss is slow, sensual. Her warm breath and feminine scent remind me why I love women.

Day 2

A week passes. Anna calls me one night and leaves me a message saying she’s coming into NYC the next day. Okay, lets see where this goes. I meet her where I found her; only this time she brought a friend. Looks like I’m being investigated—got to be on my best behavior.

The interaction with her has less intimacy but I chalk that up to us being a party of three; regardless, I remain composed. The three of us walk up 5th avenue and to Central Park where her friend has an interview. I’m not doing too much along the way there, just showing her friend I’m normal. This is called Normal Game, the newest thing.

Anna’s friend leaves us by the benches outside the zoo, and we pick up where we left off. Our love bubble forms again and after a few minutes of chill and solid connection, its time for us to go to Union Square—my favorite place.

We sit at Union Square park; I’m completely at ease. I don’t know how it happens but our interaction gets stronger and hotter. We begin to cuddle. The force between us doesn’t let up; it pushes for escalation. Both of us oblige. Soon my lips are on hers and we grab each other. High-low. Between utter passionate carnal kissing, we lightly envelope like boyfriend and girlfriend. I kiss her feet and play with her thighs. My hands run along her legs but stop inches away from her warmness. We make-out for an hour until she has to go. I swear, if people weren’t in the park, I would plunge myself inside her.

Day 3

This is Anna’s last day. I meet her where I found her; this time she’s alone. A solemn undercurrent flows through our dynamic. To the bookstore and then back to main terminal where we will hold each other like teenagers in love. I’m falling for her.

I can’t let this happen. I want her. I want her NOW. I have a brilliant idea, “Anna, you should stay. Stay and we can make the city ours for a night.” She agrees, “I would like that. Lets do it. Its crazy, but lets do it.”

There’s a bit of hesitation on both our parts but the force between us is too strong.

“Come to Queens, lets get my stuff,” and just like that, we leave to my place.

But I don’t want her here. I already told her what’s going to happen: “we’re going to have a day in the city and then a night of passion with each other.”

She tests for congruence and asks, “oh really?”

“Yeah, really,” and we leave the train to get my stuff.

We check into the Chelsea Hotel. Love is already in the air. I can’t wait for us to be alone. But it feels like we already made love. It feels like we fucked like animals many times before today; I guess that’s a testament to the comfort between us.

We like the room. We decide that we are going to live here after we retire from the tired world. I lie on the bed and Anna cuddles next to me like she did in the park, but this time we’re alone. It’s just the two of us and the world. How long can we keep the world at bay? Things just happen. They really do. You meet a stranger and you find yourself in them. The force between us makes our clothes come off effortlessly; it’s the inevitability of love and the fire of the moment.

We’re almost naked and through the heat of our breaths she asks me, “what do you want?”

As she grinds into me I gasp but then manage to get the words: “I”

“You already got me….I’m yours.”
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Great FR man!

Your insight is poetic. Very well written
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RogueElement Wrote:
Great FR man!

Your insight is poetic. Very well written

Guess how many times I have to use my dictionary when I read Summa's report.

Great LR bro:D
L PRINCE THE NYC CREW. Rolling out to the hottest venues -- (soon to be)Pulling the hottest girls -- I love this city!!

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The beauty of an awesome report is how it can inspire others to renewed action and vigor. Thank you Summa, whoever you are.

The only people for me are the mad ones,
the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk,
mad to be saved, desirous of everything
at the same time, the ones who never yawn
or say a commonplace thing, but
burn, burn, burn,
like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding
like spiders ac r o s s the stars.

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coming fast and hard into the scene. there is something about nyc... that i love.
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dude you should be a writer... and i mean this for real... this was BEAUTIFULL BRO.. i truly mean that.. even take this little bit.. alter the pua bits out.. make it more marukami and your set :)
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Always an inspiration to read your stuff..
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Dude, i was so in "fuck this game" mindset before i read ur FR. Your FR reminded me of how beautiful this game is. Your the fuckin man. wut a fuckin value giver... Watchin you in-field has made me go shit...i can really do this (closing--well i've yet to pull but i get makeouts consistently now)

Summa Wrote:
This is called Normal Game, the newest thing.

So glad u said this, I think this is the downfall for most people on this player shit. Fair enough, you can be weird, but theres a time and place for it (e.g. nightclubs filled w/Jersey girls)
I love this pimp shit. Hustle in the day, pimp at night.

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Alex - 2011
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Amazing LR broski. I felt that on a deeper level!
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Brilliant story. First time reader of you and was curious who Dan said was part of his crew in the city. I really liked your writing. The way people write can sometime communicate things that can't be said otherwise. Your metaphors and imagery were the shit... yes, I'm a writer in my personal life also and have recommended Before Sunrise and After Sunset as movies to watch
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