May 21st, 2018
The Hell Gamer Busty Brunette
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victor lee

victor lee

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Imagine this Nprwegian girl walking by your side in the supermarket

Picture for illustration purposes. Actually, for Noewegian standards this is a ¨cute¨ girl, but not yet on the ¨beautiful¨ league. However, her breasts are simply perfect. She's The Hell Gamer Busty Brunette, THGBB

THGBB is there, ready.


Had not taken shower since I woke up, with f messed hair, lousiest clothes ever and not giving a damn because I read yesterday a LR of a RSD Nation member who laid a nasty pornqueen after meeting her wearing ONLY green mesh shorts.

Seriously, this is what I had in mind when I went to the market today. Get my brother and we hit the market.


So I open THGBB asking whether they sell wine in the market (I know for a fact that they don't) as I need it to cook the risotto.

THGBB is very sociable after some drinks at her friends place and actually gets serious on my opener, and walks here and there with me to find some alternative for the wine, but turned out it was a mix with wine... for meat.

Meanwhile we walk here and there, I claw her, good style, like lil' Tim does. Loots of comfortable dominant touch, I was proud of myself. Did some PU 1.0 stuff very naturally such as asking if she would cook for us, busting here a little etc. Sexual tension was sparked,but in very playful way.

Number close

THGBB has to go and I already got almost everything I need. I can pretty much go to the counter with her, but I decide it is better to give a break by shopping some more and going later to the counter. Also, I see she is bodyrocking and I am just to lose her.

So I really project decently my voice of command:


Naturally, THGBB obeys. We exchange numbers and a little more busting her balls as she said something silly. I tell her we are going back home cook and I call her in 10 mins.

Follow up, the phone game

Sent her a message. Short, non needy, offering value, etc etc. (Thanks, Ryan!)

¨were cookin now the best risotto EVER. even the queen of norway wants to get a piece¨

THGBB replies after a while:

¨hahahaha r u guys goin 2 drink later¨

I am in the middle of having microcalibrated orgasm loops each time I put more of the risotto in my mouth so I ignore her sms and keep eating and drinking wine. Love Europe.

THGBB writes again:


Short and to the point. I smell the flake and for the first time in the interaction I see she is a Hell Gamer so I take action and call her. She does not pick up the phone (now, looking backwards, she was probably on the line with some other dudes).

I write THGBB an sms:


THGBB calls me back after a while, talks to my brother. He is very low energy and says something like ¨yeah we are at home, no, we are not doing anything... what u guys doin¨

Damn. I love my bro. He's a cool man, but that is not what I wanted to have her to listen. I pick up the phone from him and shout the best I can to make her ears feel it.

¨HEEEEEYYA! Fuck yeah, we are finished with dinner, and where the hell are you now? Buying cigarettes? Right. Commmhier!!! N O W etc etc¨

Lots of masculine dominance and polarity with good state. Again, if I could see myself doing it, I would like it :rolleyes:

She tells me she is going to wait for me in front of the bank in 2 mins with a friend, let's call her Melody because she is really sweet, like a nice melody for chody kids. I ask if Melody is as cute as her and then after her confirmation I say it is ok and will be there in 3 and take my time to finish the risotto.

Day2 (actually it was the same day after 2 hours)

Arrive, she still not there. I play with my mobile, THGBB calls me asking where I am and we see each other. Melody is a sweetheart and also with beautiful body. My brother will be happy.

Drinks for all. Music. Some talk and then I remember to be laid back. I chill totally, as I had already demonstrated my intent before. Overdoing it would come across as try hard.

This was one of my recent sticking points so I am in the ¨consciously competent¨ level and I am glad I am sober to just give her space. Otherwise I would be gaming her and using every single technique on the book (which would certainly backfire).

Playin it like the old times

Just being cool and Blueprinted does not lead anywhere. THGBB is ignoring me while I ignore her. Brother talks to Melody while THGBB listens, all talk going on in a Scandinavian language I have no idea what is about (not his fault, he's my brother but did not notice I am going down and down in this dynamics).

So I patiently Sun Tzu myself waiting for the right time. Melody goes to toilet, I keep quiet so brother goes talk to THGBB. I move to the sofa. One step at a time, microcalibrated like a Terminator from Venus and wait Melody, instructing her with dominant friendly charismatic leader that she should sit by my side.

Like not even top hat man could do better, I get a tarot deck and do a good job. Melody is super impressed. THGBB starts to ask to have her tarot read as well.

Instead of negs, I just smile friendly to her, asking her to wait a sec, as I am not finished. And that she should think of a surprise for me if I do it for her.

Melody gives me a kiss on the lips for my surprise. I imagine this would start some jealously plot on THGBB but as she is still not attracted it is irrelevant.

Giggles bells and whistles and microdancinmonkeyloops from my side later, THGBB has her hunger for attention and fun satisfied and goes again to the window for her 10th cigarette of the night leaving me alone.

Time to escalate

Again, Melody comes across as very handy.

¨Melody COMMHIER. N O W.¨ (I guess this is the so called power of now)

I start massaging Melody and she melts down. Of course, ADD party girl THGBB gets zombie mode activated again hungry for fun and attention, asking to be the next one.

Long story short, I am best friends with Melody who likes me as a friend and shares that she loves this dude. Brother does not care, and goes sleep after some time. So I have to handle both of them.

After considering the chances of making a 4 hand massage to escalate into a threesome and examining it to be not realistic, I tell Melody that I like THGBB while she went to toiled. Melody is supportive and does not try to take THGBB out of the house and behaves nicely reading magazines.

I kiss THGBB on lips doing the massage, she smiles, but I do not go for the makeout as I would usually do. I had a crash and burn doing this before here in Norwauy and heard from different and (maybe reliable) people that in Scandinavia the kiss is postponed for later, when you go full monty for sex.

Plus, being finally away from my plateau of trying hard, I just do the massage, smelling her hair sensually and caressing, but without trying to kiss. From her body language I know she does not want to give me the opportunity of doing it.

Later, Melody receives calls and has to go. They leave, and THGBB goes into ¨thank you¨ mode, like she got her fulfillment and thats what matters. She tells me she would like to go out somewhere by the end of the week. I tell her I wont be around, so it has to be tomorrow.

She agrees and suggests I should call tomorrow.

As I check from the window, THGBB goes out on her mobile, which I pretty much can tell was talking to some dude who is in the same situation as me... or maybe talking to the one man that has her (but who probably also has different women so does not give a damn if THGBB is playing hell games around)

My plead for help

I had a girlfriend (ops, sorry, LTR) like that before and I know how much of Hell Games they can play. They ask what they want, get aloof when do not get and give microcalibrated bits of ¨thank you¨ action in return to keep the gold coming.

It's like playing with coins on a slot machine - you lose a lot, but sometimes you win some bucks to keep you stuck into playing and losing. Unless you stop playing or hack the box.

What can I do to hack the slot machine?

The reason I wrote such a detailed long post is to allow those experienced enough to share your good experience and insight. Thanks for explaining your point of view.
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victor lee

victor lee

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Join Date: 12/01/2007 | Posts: 132

obs. Generally I am a lover of women (as i identify, admire and apply enlightened seduction guy view and action), but for this one in particular I just want to have a ONS. Maybe this helps on your feedback.
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victor lee

victor lee

Senior Member

Join Date: 12/01/2007 | Posts: 132

accidentally deleted her number. probably my unconscious acting for he good
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