May 21st, 2018
What every skinny guy should know - By Pook
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I have started reading the Book of Pook [which is actually a collection of Pooks post at another internet forum] and found it a truly awesome read. That dude has a funny writing style and lots of good understanding. Even if you disagree with parts of what he is writing, it's still lots of nuggets to find and also a highly enjoyable read. Some of his writing is also geared towards nuRSD stuff...

But there is a particular post from the Book I would like to hear your opinions about. And that's the post: "What every skinny guy should know..."
[The article below is an extraction of the post originally posted by Pook, you can read it in the Book of Pook at page 32]

Smart, fun, and interesting. So why is it that all the beautiful women always seem out of your grasp?

Why!? You may even be athletic. You can do karate, can run super fast around the track, along with other things. So why does it seem you can get the average to cute girls but the very attractive women seem out of your reach?

What is holding you back is that you are skinny.

“But I like being skinny,” you say. “Look at all those fat people!” Indeed. “Those guys who go to the gym and all are just idiots.”

There was an article in the Atlantic Constitution that said how average women marry skinny guys over big guys. It also said… why am I parroting? Let the article speak for itself:

"When women are choosing mates - except for very attractive women -- they're facing a tradeoff of choosing a guy who's very sexy or one who will stick around and treat them well," he added.

It is self-evident that beautiful women end up with the masculine men, in other words, NOT skinny guys like you.

I know… I can hear what the objections you’re saying… because I used to make them. It seemed so ‘jock like’ and is ‘below you’.

I have gained over 50+ pounds of muscle mass. There is a saying that when skinny guys get big, when they look in the mirror, they still see the skinny guy. This is true, as my ‘skinny mind’ hasn’t yet caught up with my body.

Let me tell you of the change of reactions I got from the women:

For your reading pleasure,

Fat Girl = Means a big girl that requires an elephant gun.

Ugly Girl = In the same category as Fat Girl. These girls may not be fat, but it hurts to look at them.

Average Girl = They don’t hurt your eyes, but they aren’t amazing enough to attract your eyes. Average girls are the plain Janes.

Cute Girls = Often, they are innocent average girls whose innocence makes them cute. They are a bit picky about who they end up with as they are inexperienced.

Very Attractive = Great curves, long luscious hair, nice everything. These women know they are very attractive and sometimes narcissistically wear outfits to reflect it.

Very Beautiful = Bombshell. Every guy will notice this girl and stare and gawk. You know one of these women are around by seeing the satellites of boys trying to be ‘friends’ with them. Guys fear these magnificent creatures.


I started out around 155 pounds at 6’3 height. This meant that I was very skinny. I was also considered a nice looking guy. Women loved me being tall.

At this point, I had to deal with a lot of fat chicks hitting on me. These girls were BIG and I wanted nothing to do with them. Ugly girls also would come to me. This was me not doing anything. This was what my body was attracting all alone. If I wanted to get a cuter girl, I had to work for it.

I have problems talking to women, not because I am scared or boring, but because I sense the women think I am ‘below’ them. And the truth is that they do.

I date average women.


Already, things have changed. The fat/ugly women still go for me but they don’t think I’m as easy. They want to enter oneitis with me. The ‘unworthy’ girls category would now all be staring at me. To the beautiful women, I’m just a typical guy. Cute girls now enjoy talking to me.

I still date average women and now some cute women


“You are looking very good,” my older female manager told me. The fat/ugly women no longer hit on me (thank goodness!) and people (out of the blue) are asking why I don’t have a girlfriend. Average girls are beginning to stare.

I date only cute women with some very attractive ones mixed in.


Average girls are now hitting on me. Very attractive women are checking me out. At this stage, every woman is happy to talk to me. They all secretly wonder if I’m gay.

I date more very attractive women but still have the cute ones.


OK, when you don’t have a girlfriend at this stage, the ladies will whisper, “Is he gay?” all the time. One girl got bold about it and asked me point blankly, “Pook, you are cute and all. So why don’t you have a girlfriend?” I was stunned by her bluntness (rare among women).

Average women consider me out of their league. Cute ones try to become my ‘friend’.
I date only very attractive women. Beautiful women are still a bit of an anomalie.


When you get to this stage, something very strange happens. All the attention and staring women gave you is gone (mostly). Ugly/Fat women will despise you as will the average women. Most girls will be scared of you (cute girls, very attractive girls)

Let me give you some examples. One Very Beautiful girl was in several of my classes. I start talking to her and she has plenty of time to leave. But she doesn’t… she stays to keep talking to me. The girls now notice me, but are a bit scared to talk and act around me.

One cute girl is like a leech to me in one of my classes. She must sit right next to me, must ‘borrow my notes’, must talk to me 20 minutes after class everyday…

One Very Beautiful woman was a fitness instructor at my gym (think ‘well muscled’ with nice strong legs (those strong thighs come in handy with her dealings with the Pook-man!)). Every time I saw this girl, she always had a ‘satellite’ boy around her. Who does she end up with? Me.

Or the ultimate example: there was a girl I was in oneitis that drove me to this webpage. As I got bigger, her reactions to me changed as well. At 155, I was ‘average’. At 175, she knew something was up. I got her at 195.

Now I date some Very Attractive women but most are Very Beautiful Women.

I know many of you guys are saying the same thing, “I get beautiful women too and I am skinny!” But the thing is, all these examples here is based on attraction on the body alone. I am NOT working to get these women. My body is doing 99% of the attracting. I can just be a statue and get a response. (But of course, you have to take action. This is based on doing zilch.)

Rather than work hard to get one woman, why not work hard on yourself and get all the women? I don’t work hard to get women, I work hard on my dreams which gets the women automatically.

Like the article says on top, only the extremely beautiful women will risk being with a hunk like you. If you want a girl with a great body, you ought to work on your own body.

Coming from a skinny guy, being big is a totally different world. The worst thing is finding out how people really viewed the old you. People now openly insult my past skinny self and it hurts. It hurts because I never knew they had thought that way of me. Clothes no longer hang on my body properly, but I look terrific naked (I am saying this for the mental imagery of our lovely lady readers).

Big guys are allowed to get away with more things. I allowed to be cruder, to be bolder, to take advantage of women more (I’m serious!), and so on. You can also be stupid as well. My biggest problem is women only wanting me for sex (no, this is not a joke. Yes, it is a problem). You try to find a girl that fits your life and all she is interested in is your body! It is like getting rich and putting up with gold diggers.

So how do you go from being skinny guy to brawny guy? There is a lot of information on the Internet. Diesel’s Guide to Bulking Up threads in the Health Forum is a start. For myself, I used Anthony Ellis’s program. 30lbs in 3 months, no joke. Though, for most people beginning, it will be like 30lbs in 4-5 months. The big problem with fitness is that there are so many different opinions. Many of them are wrong and will waste your time (including trainers). What I loved about Ellis’s program was that it cut all the hype and came up with very in-depth information. It works.

However, the risk with body building is that it can turn into a highly narcissist womb. I often think the mirrors in the gyms are not so much to perfect the form, but to perfect the ego. The risk is that you will try to become perfect and we all know that perfect is boring.

Now for a note to the skinny guys who are successful with women. They will, no doubt, post replies to challenge the relevancy of this post. Know that the central… thrust… of the post is not a bettering of image. It is an increase of testosterone. If you are naturally skinny, and are at a higher muscle mass, your body will continually be at a high state of testosterone building and rebuilding muscle mass just to stay the same. High rates of testosterone affects not only your actions, I believe women can sniff it out. So take a guy, stuffed with testosterone, and push him into a room full of lovely young ladies. He doesn’t speak a word. He won’t have to. The women will go to him automatically.

Such is the power of testosterone. Such is the power of sexuality.

I know that this is against what Tyler is saying in the Blueprint about looks, but I'm curious to know if anybody has gone through a similar transformation and can talk about their experience? Realize that Pook was extremely skinny (6'3' at 155 lbs) when he started bulking, so the transformation was pretty insane. What he is talking about is "the attraction of the body alone", he's literary just standing there attracting girls. He still needs game though to close the deal, but the initial attraction did indeed skyrocket.

Please don't make this into a flame war ;) I'm interested in people's experience being skinny and then bulking up some serious muscle. Both positive and negative experiences!
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Sounds like he got more bulk and got confidence from his new body
and the confidence is what ACTUALLY got him the girls.

And he says that when he was 205 pounds weight average looking women
despised him? that's just weird, if you're a value giving guy, no woman should
despise you IMO.

I myself am skinny, and I can tell you that a year ago it made me lack
confidence, but I worked on my confidence, and I started getting girls this
way, anyway I am also working on my body becuase I think it is more
attractive and it does look more dominant and masculine.
but it is not necessary at all IMO.
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I have a little similar of a situation. When I was 19 I was 6ft 140. I was a skinny mofo. Sure I had a six pack. I would get approached by average looking girls.

2 years later, I am sitting at 185. Still got the 6 pack, actually a smaller waist and for the most part I am "jacked". I have noticed a difference in the types of women approaching me. Sure the average girls are still approaching me, but no I am having beautiful women argue with each other whether or not i am tasty or delicious.

All though I still have manorexia( i heard that term somewhere). I go to the gym 5 days a week and i feel like i still need to get bigger. Although the majority tell me I am the "perfect size".

Not as dramatic change as Pook but I have noticed the difference.
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This is the best PUA I personally know. As you'll see in the video he is fully relying on his his huge muscular body and not his personality.


PS: I lift weights five days a week. It's for myself and has produced no measurable results with women one way or the other.
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Eight Wrote:
I used to be really skinny.

Now I work out daily, and have what you would call a "swimmer's" body. I'm still thin, but I've got a muscular shape. And instead of wearing baggy shirts, I now wear skin-tight shirts.

And yeah, I've noticed alot of different attention from girls now. I get stares and double-glances, and "up-look shy smiles", mostly from showing off my more muscular physique.

BUT: I have a relative who is a bodybuilder.. He's buff as hell, looks like a comic-book character from over two decades of professional competitions. But, he has no success with women. He lives for the gym, and girls are just too complex and intimidating to him. Sure he gets looks, but once his social inabilities become apparent, girls instantly lose interest.

So yeah, definately get a nice bod. Why not? You'll look better, and feel more energetic and confident. But don't rely on it alone! Social skills are a huge value determinant as well.


I believe that the increase in "stares" and "double takes" your refering to is your state. This is all in the blueprints btw but if you notice when you buy a new shirt or get a new hair cut, your more confident. Its an aura that your giving off when you get these things and are the material woo/ state pumper (reffering to blueprints again) think about it... the last time you got a "super sweet shirt" what did u feel when you wore it!?!?

And im not saying dont work out, Cause I do :p but the whole part of working out or whatever like Tyler said should be for PERSONAL gain. not to impress others/ validate your self!

hope this helps, Cheers!

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Thanks for the reply guys!

Yeah I'm skinny myself and I always wanted to be bigger because I got picked on a lot when I was younger. Tall, slouched and skinny that was me. I exercised a lot but have always been a "hardgainer", didn't have the right information either so I didn't know how to properly bulk up. After discovering the pick up community, my game has increased a lot, and I'm not so obsessed by looks anymore. I know it's mostly in my head, but it's years and years of wiring geared towards looks so it's kind of hard to let go of it completely.

Anyways I'm just starting the same program as Pook [the one by Anthony Ellis] and it could be interesting to see what happens. I'm doing it mostly for my personal gain though, but if it gives me more confidence and better initial response from the really beautiful girls, hell yeah I say bring it on. Even if I'm skinny I have always been pretty descent looking (I was the "cute" one) and have had some success with women (but only average to cute ones) based on my looks. Even when I was a complete chode, the girls was somewhat attracted, but I totally blew it up when I opened my mouth...or actually didn't open it at all mostly, because I didnt know what to say. But the really really beautiful ones was always out of my league. They didn't even look in my direction. On a side note: It could also be that I have a hard time with them because they "scare the shit" out of me being so damn beautiful :rolleyes:

I hear it a lot from girls (especially good looking ones with several options in men), that I should gain some more weight, that it would look good on me. They don't say it in a negative way tho, it's more like "you should work on yourself because there is such a potential!". Thats how I interpret it anyways.
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Before this summer I was 6'6" 150 lbs. I remember this one girl grabbed my arm in the cafeteria and said "You have to eat more! Girls want guys with meat on their bones!"

So over this summer I have been eating a ton and lifting weights. Right now I'm at 185 lbs so that's about a 35 lb increase in 3 months.

I won't know what the results will be until I return to campus in a few weeks. I'm guessing that my size will give me the appearance of more power, which is just another factor that attracts the females.
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this is def a case of it's not necessary, but doesn't hurt.
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Tyler Wrote:
This is the best PUA I personally know. As you'll see in the video he is fully relying on his his huge muscular body and not his personality.

I just knew that link was gonna go there :p

edit: just realized how stupid I was for not reading the link in the first place and just blindly clicking it
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Enigma685 Wrote:
Before this summer I was 6'6" 150 lbs. I remember this one girl grabbed my arm in the cafeteria and said "You have to eat more! Girls want guys with meat on their bones!"

So over this summer I have been eating a ton and lifting weights. Right now I'm at 185 lbs so that's about a 35 lb increase in 3 months.

I won't know what the results will be until I return to campus in a few weeks. I'm guessing that my size will give me the appearance of more power, which is just another factor that attracts the females.

35lbs in 3 months is a bit much, I'd keep an eye on your man tits and sides, I'm being 100% serious too.. and by a bit much I mean... unbelievable. If it is muscle mass, wow, you have done a great job.
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Tl; Dr.
Just skimming through this I can say that guys who care about how tall they are or how much they weight in relation of what girls they 'should be getting' are chodes inside their heads.

Depending on the day of the month I weight 55-58 kilograms. (120-125 lbs). And I still pulled the hottest chick from the club last Thursday.

Sure she was taller and heavier than me. (Looks funny when I claw tall girls on high heels :D) Sure we talked about it. She's about 64 kg (140 lbs). She even wanted to arm wrestle me, I just said that'd she'd win and just move on talking about something else. I'm extremely comfortable in my body. If it gets talked about, I just acknowledge it but I'm not making a big deal out of it. Because it's not, really who cares.
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