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How to BECOME a DJ - Trance/House ? Please Help - Dj James Bond
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hey guys,
how u doing. i just love trance music. i know how to play piano and stuffs. But i love to know how to do dj and how to make electronic music. Please tell me how to do it. i actually dont know anything about Djing.

Please give me some good resources.
Books, Dvd,Films,Internet websites,internet forums ...anything. i will get them. Tell me how did u guys started Dj.

Much appreciated guys.
DJ JAmes Bond :D
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robots and cocaine

robots and cocaine

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check out the tranceaddict forums.. probably best for you. lots of resources and helpful members there (well i havent been on there in years but it was always a good forum).

production wise i'd start off with a program called fruity loops.

you'll find everything you need on those forums to get you started.
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Well I dont think you can really call yourself a DJ if you mix Trance... ;)

Seriously tho.

I dont think a DJ is defined by his technical prowess - this is a BIG mistake. I have been Deejaying for ten years also, I started off in hip-hop and got really into turntablism and battling. I was obssesed with my technique and didnt dare rock a party as I felt I "wasent good enough". Truth was, I was fucking amazing - technically.

When I started finally started playing gigs, I soon realised that the average person didnt give fuck how skilled I was, they just wanted me to play good music.

Some of the greatest DJ's in the world - are very limited in skill. Some dont even MIX. They just play the best tunes. I went to a good funk/breaks night recently and the DJ had one busted ass turntable, a cd walkman and a big ol' crate of dusty vinyl. Not once did he even beatmatch a tune, there were even gaps between the tracks. But my god he dropped an amazing set and was just loving the music.

And EVERYBODY at the end of the night was saying what an AMAZING DJ the guy was.

Shit, This is actually a good analogy for game
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^^^^I have a similar background to you (Jaz). I bought my turntables and did nothing but practice scratching and juggling pretty much for a couple years. I have 2 copies of almost every classic hiphop record and hundreds of funk 45s.

I agree that song selection is very key and you can scrape by on good songs alone, I have a funk gig every Saturday where I just drop song after song.... BUT if you're spinning electronic music you gotta mix. The people who are into that stuff are interested in DJing generally. Plus, it's music that's made to be mixed. There like 3 minute intros in some cases.

My advise: Get 2 USED Technic 1200s (they last you your lifetime and can be tuned up like new for about $100). Get Serato. Learn how to count bars. Make sure you drop the 1 beat on the 1. Practice beatmaching and equing. Don't do gigs until at least a year of dedication, unless it's strictly for practice and your rep isn't on the line.
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P.S. It sounds like you maty be more interested in production than DJing. As in creating your own music. If that';s the case get a midi controller and use whatever program you want. I use Acid, Soundforge and Fruity Loops.. but there's lotso f programs that do the same things.

You'll want: A sequencer (Acid), Audio Editor (Soundforge), and something to program synths, patterns and drums (fruity loops).
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hey, just saw this thread.
seriously, check out tranceaddict forums as said above. you can find me under the handle "kadomony"
check out their DJ Booth sub-forum here:

Guaranteed, almost any question you have has been asked and answered before in there :D

You might also want to get the book "How to DJ Right: The Art and Science of Playing Records"

Tons of useful information in there. A little dated in light of new technology, but all the important basics are covered.

One of the 1st questions you'd need to answer is how much money are you planning to spend on this, and what medium would you prefer to play?
Vinyl is expensive and heavy, CD's much less so, and laptop (ableton, serato, etc) requires a large starting investment but is much much cheaper and easier in the long run.
Temet Nosce
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[="Trebuchet MS"]Goddamnit you bastard.

You need to become MY dj!


ELEV8 Wrote:
i've been a dj for the last decade. first thing i could say is, don't call yourself a dj until you deserve to be called one. you have to learn how to mix before you can call yourself a dj. just like you have to have some game before calling yourself a pua.

get yourself some technic turntables. you can get them used or new. the turntables and serato set-up are going to be your main concern with regard to equipment. everything else is secondary.

after that, you just have to start practing mixing. the key to mixing is to match the snares together, and to make sure you match the bars of music correctly. for example, the standard beat usually loops in bars of 4 or 8. so when you attempt to bring in a new record, you want to make sure you're dropping it correctly, and not off-bar.

other than, practice makes perfect. :)
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I can't be the only person to think this guy should try doing it with software on a computer before spending hundreds on a mixer, decks, vinyl, etc.

Google is your friend. Look up basics of DJing.

You probably only want to DJ because it will get you girls and because some people here that are "cool" do it. That's probably your reason. That's a crappy reason and you should give up. You'll never be good enough anyway. Now go practice for a few hours and see how bad you are.

Do that every day for a while and if you don't feel passionate about it, quit because you'll never get anywhere anyway.

I'm only saying this because I see a lot of people who try to get into DJing for the wrong reasons. I don't consider myself a "DJ" even though I put up my mixes every so often. I just love the music and love creating a set and love having people enjoy it and get value from it.
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To become a good DJ:

1) First you have to pick out a cool DJ name that nobody has thought of before. Something like "DJ Beats" or "DJ Mixmaster".
2) Use a laptop with Virtual DJ. Just use the touchpad on the laptop to scratch, its better that way.
3) Only play Hard Trance at 200 bpm.
4) Get all your tracks off iTunes
5) If somebody requests a track slap them and tell them to get away from your decks.
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Dj Sgt Neo

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Since you already know that you want to dj trance strart from here....  Well first off you have to pick what type of Dj you want to be there are 4 types*

* 1 Room dj  ---  Basically a hobby....
  2 Moble dj   ---  Partys and such not much for a job....
  3 Bar dj        ---  You only play the bars selected music,  you get a % of the bars total makings after the show, still not much money there....
  4 Club dj      ---  This is were you play a certian gerne and you get either a base pay or % of total makings and mabey even a % of the cover....

When you find out what type of them you are going to be you can then select the equipment you need, such as hardware....  "Now take in mind that a trance dj is not the same as a producer I will leave some info on that also cause I think thats really what you are asking about...." 

For equipment....  first you will need a set of turntable decks and a Dj mixer or any thing to play live while you edit, fx, and mix your music....  good disc decks come costly but you dicide*
* these usually go from $1,100 to $2,000....

Ok next you will need you music that you are going to play like 12" records, casset tapes, cds, mp3, coputer, and so on....  most good dj's use 12" vinyls....  how ever that is mostly Flaming expesive so if you have the green pockets go right ahead with that one, also vinyls get destroyed every time you use them....  What I use is my laptop It is the best tool I am not going to explain how this works just check this out, its easy to figure out....*

This thing works like a charm every time and no damaging precious vinyls....

Ok once you get your gear you need to find out the basics of mixing and playing live, when you find out this you need to practice practice and practice until you know your the best but not until then, Cause if you think your good and then you show people that u suck it will really F u up....  So practice and find out what u can do then make demos and find some one that is much better than you and let them mentor you and give you hook ups on shows and partys to start out on....  Well that is pretty much it for the basic over all part of dj for a tracne dj....  To tell you the truth a trance dj really does not do much live, he just has to know what the crowd/ dance floor is there to listen to and its got to be the best or you will not get many shows....  Cause after all it's not about the dj's it's about the music scene and for clubs and bars it's also about how many people will come rushing in.... 

Now then For a "Producer"  This is much different from the dj in a way....  Like most of my buddies say the dj's take 100% of the credit and only 1% of the work lol....  but its mostly true....  ok a producer is the one who makes a song or remixes a song....  I do this as well....  Ok it takes much time and a lot of skill for this with trance music.... to be the best that is.... 

Ok for this you will need to get the stuff to make it,  now there are so many things out there lets start here.... *

* Programs to design, create, and remix music*

FL Studio  ---  A full packaged program, comes with all the basics u need to start out....  now there are many things u can add to this i will list a few

1. ReFx- vanguard == strings, arps, and such not good for bass....

2. ReFx- Nexus      == I like very much presets of rythems and drums all sorts of stuff agian not to good for bass....  also there are a lot of packs u should and must get "and its worth it" to make this a better vst....

3. IzoTope Ozone   ==   Great for mastering single channles or your whole track....  I can't get enough of this one....

4.  Spectrasonics Trilogy == Hey this one is wow....  A # one for bass....  although many say it's not for trance but I say it makes my trance.... : )

5  Spectrasonics OMNISPHERE == wow again this is a must for all....  it's pretty big though so make so space for it, like 70GB worth or more....

6   And then you have "Apple Logic" for mac....  really good most pros use this still....

7.    Reason  == this is a great one you will be suprised of it's power....

8.   Camel Phat works good for bass and such....

Ok I got to go now If any one would like more help just send me a email to I will make sure I get back to you....  Hope my info is a bit helpfull I know it's not teaching you how to make a track tomorrow but that would be impossible to teach and you to do....  I will leave a very good teachers info on the bottom she is a famous dj and producer from Spain,,,," JUST TELL HER PALE RIDER SENT YOU!!!! FOR REAL"....*****

*****Interested in learning to produce your own music and can't find a teacher? Having recently worked in a professional music school, I'm offering my lessons online as well in order to help people fascinated by this incredible world and, who are some distance from me who want to improve their production skills or just teach them to produce from the begining.

Lessons will be 2 hours a week and the price is really low so give yourself and your future music a chance.

For details, please contact me in

Ok thanks for reading and take care....  Dj Sgt. Neo also Pale Rider....
Trance Man
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I began with vinyls back in college.  Bought my own deck and it was shared as a hobby between my close guy friends and I.  We were all heavily into the Trance scene back then, back when NYC had a great dj come spin at least once a month.

Eventually everyone else's interest waned, however I decided that this was gonna be my passion, my dream for the forseeable future.  I realized that if I was to get anywhere, I would have to write my own music.  Thus my journey began.

This was over 7 years ago.

I was lucky enough early on to almost get signed to the second biggest label in the world.  The deal eventually fell through, mostly due to my own inexperience but ever since then, I've never waivered in my belief that I will succeed at this.

My success since has been well, hit or miss.  I'm a slow writer.  It takes me on average 4 months to complete a track.  I'm a perfectionist at heart.

I started with Fruity Loops early on, mostly as an experimental thing as well as not knowing any better.  I eventually found myself interning at a music studio in the city.  This is where I fell in love with Logic.  I began the tedious process of learning the ins and outs of the software, the software instruments, some hardware, how audio works, how to program sounds, etc.

I eventually became really close friends with the owner of the studio.  I look back on those days and smile.  Traveling to the studio and staying overnight.  Coming back at 6 in the morning in the blistering cold.  Man those were the days.

Now, I have my own mac and my own little humble studio set up in my parents basement.  I'm poor and I'm 27 and many times I wish I could afford to live off on my own and take care of myself.  However, I wouldn't trade my path for anything in the world.  I chose this path.  I chose my destiny and I'll be damn if I ever give up on my dream.

In terms of how to get started djing.  I haven't djed in years and I don't even consider myself a dj anymore.  However, if you're doing it for a hobby, I would suggest going the vinyl route if you have the money for it.  It's fun but cost a lot of money to maintain your hobby, plus all the pitfalls of storing big discs of plastic.

If you're actually serious about taking this somewhere, I'd say skip vinyl altogether despite what the "turntable purists" say and go straight to CD-DJ's.  Go with Pioneer's.  Industry standard.

The nice thing about going all digital is it's cheaper, you can burn multiple tracks onto one disc and you don't need to lug around a million pounds of plastic.  A lot of Trance djs don't even bring vinyls anymore.  Just doesn't make sense.

However, considering I'm a producer at heart now, I would even skip that step and just play everything from a macbook pro.  Either using Ableton Live or maybe a djing software with midi controller.

In any case, the above clip is my last track I finished.  Still haven't put vocals to it.  Will get around to it soon.

Hope this gives you a bit of perspective into this journey.
                   Such game.
Much improve.
                              So amaze.
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