May 25th, 2018
How do YOU define 'Masculine Polarity'?
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What is the definition of masculine polarity and what is the definition of female polarity?
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This may not be exactly what you were looking for, but:

I don't define it. I look inside, there it is. Let it shine.

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Read way of the superior man

The Yang energy is masculine in nature and is described as light, dry, directed, focused,
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1 word.

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Great question. I think this is the bottom line. Here's what it is for me. Resolution of internal feelings....awareness and acceptance of what shows up. Most importantly of all: Grieving. Men in their family of origins suffer ENORMOUS losses emotionally and then plug into the western "stimulation" game to make up for the lack ( addiction). This is what the heart of the "chode" is and the reason for all the relationship problems. Grieving slowly puts out the hunger for stimulation and makes the internal world a fine and even place. A way to eliminate neediness. Creating a place other men can trust. A place where community is possible. And this is a pole for women to be drawn to. Coming out of isolation by going inside and letting other men in. Tribe. Warriors by facing and being defeated by weakness ( like Superman being disabled by Kryptonite allowing him to be real). A woman can't be attracted to a pole that isn't real ( human). WEAK. Weakness and how a man deals with it strikes at the heart of masculinity.

SOLID. And flexible. Such a strong place that the ability to "jump maps" and deal with conflicting realities becomes an art. But at the same time a passionate belief in what the man "knows" ( based on his gut).

Masculinity has a huge amount to do with mentorship. A man is plugged into his tribe as a man via mentorship. Masculinity is connection and leadership. This is how his values live...and it's the ultimate answer to the constant congruence tests from the world ( adminstered by women).

As it says in the's also about being "chill"....and passionate at the same time.

The searing coal. Strength through humility. Acceptance of death as a reality and acceptance of character defects....and working through them. Accepting limits.

It's about identity. And for identity a man MUST have personal limits. And he can only get that by feeling. Not thinking...feeling. So a man lives in the real world, facing what he feels. And he acts on his feelings. And then thinks about what he does in reflection...and acts again.

PURPOSE. Coming from a strong identity with a strong will. A man who has faced himself can act on his own behalf ( as they say in Al-Anon).

Acting on his own behalf to me aligns with what is said also in the Blueprint: Acting from your own intentions. And it's this that the female energy detects most.

A man acting from his own intentions HAS to be a man. It can't be faked...and it turns the masculine pole up to an intense level.
“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”
- African Proverb
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