July 6th, 2015
emotional attachment and women
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Regarding emotional attachment:
For us guys even if a relationship affects us somewhat its still a lot less than girls. I hear all the time that women are 10x more emotional. My question is , when women get emotionally attached to a guy, Does it really affect them MORE than us guys? Does it affect them Deeper than us ? I mean for me, If I feeling emotional over a girl, I can still do a stress ful day of work. I can go on with my life , I can go and talk to the next girl like nothing happened. But for a women who is emotionally attached to a guy and the guy ends the relationship, I wonder if it must completely affected like are they unable to goto work, unable to get another relationship, just unable to have a normal day until they get another relationship ? Do they basically become more 'affected' than us guys or they are affected JUST like us but JUST EMOTE IT more?

basically I female view on emotional attachment..from you more experienced PUA

Any stories/opinions/comments./discussion to add please do so....
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 Ya me too
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They just say that as a way to make us feel bad.  When something they don't like happens.
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