December 12th, 2018
1000 - Red Leader's 1000th posting
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Red Leader

Red Leader

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So, 1000 posts is a fair bit.

I signed up on here a few days after it was opened thinking, "ooo, good time
to ask the guys some good questions while not many members are on the board."
and I couldn't think of any at all.

But regardless, the content this forum and its users are spitting out
is just great. There is nothing really like this anywhere on the net.

Anyway, I'm not into reminiscing about the past.

Back to the present.

What this post will consist of is a basic run down of concepts and
ways I go about everything to do with being myself, opening my self and
being present with everyone I meet.


past present future

Anything that doesn't 'work' in pick up or socialising, is related to time.

Time is part of the ego.

Detaching yourself from time is presence.

The ego wants things that are not in the moment.

Living in the past or future can leave us feeling unfulfilled or in a state of fear.

Wouldn't this make you late for things like work and appointments?

No, it will actually make you more conscious of practical factors associated with time.

Thinking or fantasizing about what will happen in the future takes you out of the

You become an image in your head of something you want to be, something that is
in the future and you shut yourself out to the moment.

You can be in set HOPING to not screw things up as she seems like girlfriend material...

then boom, you're either too careful and she's bored, or you're trying to hard to be funny
and she gets turned off.

Thinking in the past can create havoc such as things like, "she'd never want someone
who has never had sex." etc... etc...

These are all time based objections that hold one back.

This is also the reason as to why natural guys who sleep around secret
society style will never reveal anything... they're addicted to the present and
feel unnatural delving into the past or future...

Fear of Death

Ultimately, the cause of any type of fear is fear of death.

The ego fears death.

It wants to survive.

Even getting rejected stems from being societies outcast and eventually dying somehow from societies disapproval.

Egoless state knows nothing of death.

It does not exist.

For ALL we EVER have is the present. The only thing we actually HAVE in our lives

... is the moment at hand.

Our consciuos state, that can only live in the now, is not aware of death.

It is timeless.

Once we are present and not using the mind to try and gain something from the past
or future, our MINDS become more sharp.

They become sharp because you dis-identify with them.

You no longer ARE them, they are not yours.

We do not own our minds or our bodies.

They are mearly pieces of particles made up of energy combined together to create a
gateway for our souls/spirits to enter the world.

And since the only 'thing' we do HAVE is the present, we have more control over our
minds becoming sharper and our bodies more calibrated to our surroundings
eg. people, hazards, sexual signals... remembering names... and lots more.

An interesting way to look at it is that we are not even alive...

IT is to BECOME alive that we all strive for...

Why would we be afraid of death if we are yet to be born?

Be Dumb Be Pulled

Some people need a gateway to enter the now.

An analogy to enter the present is to act dumb.

It turns off the logical self-talking side of the brain and you start to slow down.

You eventually feel a sense of calm and relaxation.

You open up to everything you like...

things COME to you.

You go for things without questioning yourself.

Your mind slows down enough for you to catch up.

The speed of your speech matches the pace of the mind.

Being dumb stops you from questioning yourself... whether or not you should do that...

And because you don't question yourself, you forget to feel anxiety.

A lot of people will say, 'think before you act.'

This is going a level above, 'be conscious before you act.'

Now this may confuse some people how,

being dumb is the same as being conscious.

The thing is, thinking internally closes off the outside world

You can have your eyes open, your ears working, you may even be flapping your trap.

But you can be completely unconscious to your environment and the present moment when
you're stuck inside your head with loops of thought about the past and future.

Being dumb and slow, matches the pace of the interaction.

You start to feel like you're talking to people underwater.

Every move you make is enjoyable.

You start to push pull naturally because moving back and forwards is so much fun.

You care less about everything and the conversation almost always turns sexual.

Settle yourself

A lot of people find that BEFORE they get into this state,

BEFORE they're 'ready' to enter the now, they need to settle themselves somehow.

You might be already pretty chill, but you just don't FEEL like talking to anyone.

You can be up in the club having a good time, but just don't FEEL like talking to people.

That's cool.

All you need to do is settle yourself.

Accept that that's the way you feel right now.

All you have to do is sit back relax and DRINK up the energy surrounding you.

Eventually you won't be able to contain yourself and you will summon the energy out of
nothing, spilling yourself over with self-entertainment.

Labels and being the judge

You must judge the world before you can react to it

So to be nonreactive to the things you want to remain nonreactive to....

be nonjudgmental towards them....

What is the reason to judge and label something?

Perhaps to remember that this or that person is rich/famous/hot/knows people...

What if we were all to assume everyone was EXTREMELY rich in value to the same amount.

What if we took that and realised that no one is aware of their own potential.

Would this not cause us to see through it all and rise them up in the world.

Pull them out of the depths of their mind and give them a moment self esteem.

This is giving value deluxe.

Be Social

Subject: The Gamer

Goes out to bars and clubs nearly everynight running 'game' on people trying
to pick up girls.

Generally has his eyes set on attractive women only and doesn't
care to find connections with anyone else. Fantasizes about getting with the hot

Subject: The social guy

Goes out to bars and clubs when things are on and has fun making friends, is open
to sex, that will most likely happen but is indifferent...

Makes friends with everyone regardless, is nonjudgmental with women and doesn't let
peoples looks affect him

Get in her personal space

Pretty much 'ODD' on Tim's blog.

Basically just going up and talking centimetres from her face.

I've opened like this.

Weird huh?

Completely negates the 'leaning back' rule.

The thing is I'm very open if I do this... I'm 100% front on, direct, not hiding anything

This creates MASSIVE sexual tension.

Though this is not a technique.

IT's just having fun with her.

In this space you laser eye the fuck out of her. - kind of like this, but you can be WAY more forward and earlier on if you want...


What I've found lately, is that by tilting my head on it's side and staring at the girl
with a smirk on my face, it makes her more intriguing to ME.

She will notice this big time.

This is a big one and girls will come talk to me from ages away to see why I'm so
intrigued wiht her...

I'll do it VERY over the top as well.... sometimes scracthing my chin or raising an

Even on the dancefloor. I eye them down and tilt my head. Tilting my head really helps
ME feel more warranted when I approach.

It also makes me feel more comfortable in general.

It's like when you make a weird noise around a new born puppy it will tilt it's head
like, "what did you just say?"

Except sometimes with me, I have a dirty sexual look on my face like I want to ravish her

... but it's considered ok because is tilted and she's intriguing me.


This is a big one for remembering names.

Before I would SUCK at remembering peoples names seconds after they just told me.

I'd be too worried about what's happening next in the interaction.

But I find once I'm super ALERT to the moment, it's like my little radar antennas on top
of my head are able to receive things MUCH more clearly and details like names get burned
into my memory.

This helps a LOT with networking in general.

If you want to get places in life, start being super ALERT and conscious (no thoughts)
when people tell you their names.

Being super present with people makes them feel special. Because in turn...

they KNOW you're looking deeper than the surface. Seeing the REAL THEM inside.

People will appreciate and remember people who are conscious around them.

Flippant Fun

So, I can at TIMES be somewhat flippant.

I used to go a bit far and come off as gay, but that's ok to go to that area as long
as you don't get stuckt here.

Being flippant is like natural push and pull. You are in and out, having fun, waving
your arms around the place.

You become DYNAMIC.

Your voice becomes dynamic, more interesting and you feel way more comfortable.

Though this may not be for everyone, it helps me get in state and be REAL about what
I'm feeling and trying to express.

A TRUE value giver is a giver of love - real love

As I was saying before, true value giving is an expression of love.


Where do Goals come into effect when all we have is the moment?

Goals are awesome.

However, they are always SECONDARY to the moment.

Know what you want, chalk it down as a goal.

solidify it.

know it indefinitely.

then don't think about it.

Just be open to it happening.

You'll realise after a while, it's kind of already there in a sense.

it comes to you.

Sex for example becomes simple because there is no thought towards it.

You don't think about it, you're open to it so solidly that it just comes to you

The more open you are, the more abundance you'll experience.

Final thoughts




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Another solid 1000th post from an RSDnation member.

Good read.
"How soon 'not now' becomes 'never'."

How to sext like a master
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Red Leader you got some solid sketching skills

always making good with posts too

congratulations on hitting 1000th (now just for you to hit 1000th females ;) wink wink)

and as always a solid post

much love from Melb

- Jeks

p.s those impression expression images would look cool on a tshirt
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I really liked the "settle yourself" part. I never realized that I could do that before... let the value build up inside me untill it just spills over to other people around me. Missing link to get me opening more I think.

Liked what you said about raising other's value as well... "the moment of self-esteem"... I see this is the future of the community.

Our games I think are very similar... the most uncanny part was when you talked about the head tilt. I actually made a post about this EXACT thing. The Quizzical opener :).
Present minds think alike I suppose... Or is that an oxymoron?
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I'm gonna jump on Red's cock right about now, but, having spent a fair amount of time with this guy in field, I can honestly say that he is the real deal. He's already good at this stuff, and he's only gonna get better. Guy's gonna get laid out of his mind once he hits up a bootcamp.

Thanks for a being an awesome wing and friend, RL. Congrats on the 1000th.
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Great post man. Lot of quality inner shit in there. That's what the majority of us need.
"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds..."

-Bob Marley
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Kimball Wrote:
I'm gonna jump on Red's cock right about now, but, having spent a fair amount of time with this guy in field, I can honestly say that he is the real deal. He's already good at this stuff, and he's only gonna get better. Guy's gonna get laid out of his mind once he hits up a bootcamp.

Thanks for a being an awesome wing and friend, RL. Congrats on the 1000th.

What he said :)

Your head tilt open cracks me up every time. You do it so well.

Oh and about that ODD thing, when I was reading that I was like "ohhh yeah thats Red".

Uber tonight big shot. Don't know what I'm doing for the footy though...

I just generally win at life -

The best way forward?

Take an Alexander~ Bootcamp | Australia | Everywhere else
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That is a beautiful post! Artfully done. Wish more guys would put together masterpieces like this. & I should put one together soon, myself. Thanks for this RL... cheers

The only people for me are the mad ones,
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at the same time, the ones who never yawn
or say a commonplace thing, but
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like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding
like spiders ac r o s s the stars.

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Great post Red Leader. Realized one of my problems right there. I try to be the Gamer instead of the Socializer. that Robbie Williams guy. Holy hell he is good at that, im surprised she didn't kiss him.

Turd Battalion Eigth Marine Regiment....

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Red Leader

Red Leader

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Join Date: 08/22/2006 | Posts: 1729

Thanks for the kind words everyone.

Really appreciated.

I actually started off years ago as a routine junky, knowing underneath I wasn't really into it... even though I did get some success, I got internally BORED with it all, super bored.

I had a deep yearning to express myself.

2007 was my switch year.

I had to go back to zero and unlearn everything.

As frustrating as that was...

from January to now has been ridiculous.

I remember hanging out with Alex a few times back in 2007 just knowing I was so close to it as I could see he was a machine and it seemed so easy. I had been where he was before, but I was so inconsistent and varied every night....

Finally after a date with a gorgeous woman who wanted to fuck the hell out of me that just went NO WHERE, when all I had to do was escalate, I reached my limit, just dropped it all and found the power of the moment....

Super results ensued. Super escalation with NOTHING holding me back, the fact I held myself back with this girl pissed me off beyond belief.

After that I released this warm vibe of superfluous sexual energy to everyone and dominant make outs and sex was had...

Halffull - funny stuff. Great minds think alike. I actually don't use it to get results off girls, I actually use the head tilt more to unstiffle myself. IT gets me in a state of inquisition... I also do it for most of the interaction as well, not just an opener.... I'll tilt my head and have this smile on my face, then I just lean in and kiss her... or I'll be tilting it form side to side as she's talking... or even when she's silent, just observing and appreciating her... sometimes ridiculously over the top as a joke and 'fluttering' my eyes at her.... and because she feels what I feel, she becomes quite intrigued with me too...

Pyro & Kimball - Going out with you guys is a pleasure. A-Team right here.
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really good
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