October 17th, 2017
The Blueprint De-Coded
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Wow, FreezeTime's reply is exactly what I expected to find here. When I watched the Blueprint it totally  b l e w  my mind and the second time I watched it all, it did even more because you can't process all that stuff right away. Tyler's right when he sais that "obviously it's not going to connect with everybody" - that applies for every method or programm there is but for the Blueprint even more! I happen to be totally into philosophy so for me it was just perfect. But if you see you're mind like it is seen in the Blueprint, as "somebody" that is not always your friend and many times resists changes and challenges in life because you GET ALONG somewhat well being who you are (a chode for instance), then it makes perfect sense that, sadly, most people don't get anything out of it.

I think everyone who's new to the community knows the fear of using stuff that soon everyone is going to use and therefore becomes useless. When I first read The Game, "Style" describes in one of the final chapters how Sunset boulevard was totally "sarged out" because all the women had been "opened" with the same shit by some other dude already. That's what makes the Blueprint so special and such a thing can NEVER happen. First of all there's the insight that there is no such thing as a magic pill. If you need something to start with, any other RSD-product will help you because even if all the instructors encourage you to develope your own style you can still "imitate" them and be successful with it to some extent. It can be mind-shattering in the beginning but in the end it allows you to find the path to who you are (that's what the eastern-philsophy stuff deals with a lot) after having used canned material for a while - the self is always coming through. If you haven't even started using canned material, never even approached, then forget about the Blueprint. It's really advanced stuff. Tyler makes very clear in the beginning what he just repeated here. This programm WON'T give you any how-to stuff, but only when you've been out there in the field for some years these things start to make perfect sense. And second, when I watched the Blueprint I suddenly realized that the old fear of "being caught" or applying stuff that is not new anymore like openers, would become invalid once-and-for-all.

And the reason why is actually a little sad: most people will never EVER get it. I'm 27 now and I watched it just at the right time when I was 26. If I imagine I could have watched this when I was 17 it would have been totally counterproductive or even dangerous in a way. If I could have watched it when I was 22, still it would have messed with my head but it wouldn't have helped me AT ALL because being a total, total chode with 1/10 points in terms of experience... there's absolutely no point. Now I can watch it every year and as my game gets better constantly, the things in the Blueprint make more and more sense.

Cheers, M.

Btw.: there won't be any DVDs for the hot seat right...!?
Papa wrote:
It means alumni have purchased a second product or program from us.
McLovin82 wrote:
What does the alumni retention rate mean? That 70% of guys who took bootcamps took more than one?
Tyler wrote:
Hey dude -- check out "Foundations" for what you're looking for.  RSD caters to alumni (we have like a 70% alumni retention-rate -- it's obnoxious) so we put out programs that are of interest to them (and have zero rehash of old concepts).  To get started, the best would be Foundations.

Then when you've been going out for a while, check out Blueprint again, and it's possible that your perspective will be different (or not, obviously it's not going to connect with everybody.  But give it a chance).

FreezeTime wrote:
I am 40% through it and I don't get it.  To me, it's just a lot of rambling, disjointed thoughts.  Which seems to be in line with a lot of what I've heard from the instructors here.  It seems like there's two types of information you get.  It's either "step up, be a man" (the same stuff you got from your gym teacher years ago) or drawn out philosphies that have little direction.  When you boil it all down, after the extended hyperbole, that's all you get as the consumer here.

As a consumer of this brand and its products, you either get "you suck for not approaching" or rehashed easten philosphy models that have been around long before all of us.

Transformations, Tim.  "everybody; say your game is a 10".  Audience:  "My game is a 10".   Really?  Really?  WTF is that!  What's next - "this is my rifle and this is my gun"?   That's fucking retarded.  There's fucking absolute dorks in the audience barking back at his commands whose game is not a 10, never will be a 10, but whose money has put these DVD's on his bookshelf, right next to the Power Abs workout, p90x, and how to make a million dollars in real estate.  You either have it or you don't.  I'm 36 years old, single, and I never approached a girl ever because I'm not stupid enough to believe that if I have some great opening line and I say with conviction, and I have a beaming personality, girls will of a sudden be attracted to me.  Bull.  Shit.  Extreme fugazi. 

Blueprint, TD "you have to believe in what your saying.  If you believe 100% in what you're saying it doesn't matter what you say".    Here's the problems with this bookstore grade self-help shit.  It doesn't do anything for people like me that really want to experience growth.  I'm getting 20 hours of philosphy from a 30 year old guy who happens to be able to pick up chicks (advertisement:  so you can too!).  So how does one synthesize these anerobic messages into practicality??   I don't need to know who I need to be, I need to know HOW to do it.  About 8 hours in, there's no how-to.  It's just be your chi type of shit.  Great.  How the FUCK do I do that?   When I listen to this, I keep thinking of the Good Witch telling Dorothy simply click your heels, say there's no place like home, and presto, bango....she's home.   I can chant that I'm a 10.  I can close my eyes and make my brain focus on me being positive and charming and fun and then guess what????????????????????????????????????     Reality enters and that shit goes out the window before it even gets a chance to take shape.  Life is liquid and I'm 36 years old with no time  to spend galavanting at nightclubs.  

I believe you have to be between 16-24 years old (high school and college age); have all the time in the world to implement, and be tall (i'm short) and good looking.  Otherwise this crap is like a diet book for a fat chick: useless.

Prove me wrong instructors.  Prove ***ME*** wrong.  I'll bet you.  But you're too afraid to take that bet and be exposed.

Oh and let me cut off the predicatable responsese.  Chode, negative, get off the forum if its not for you....yeah, blah blah blah.  I know what you're thinking, you're too obvious.   I'm here because I debate.

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Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner

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I'm 36 years old, single, and I never approached a girl ever because I'm not stupid enough to believe that if I have some great opening line and I say with conviction, and I have a beaming personality, girls will of a sudden be attracted to me. Bull. Shit. Extreme fugazi.

LOL I think you made your own point there. Go outside and talk to a girl and see what happens. Then try to come on here for a debate. I've hooked up with 2 chicks this week from cold approach, so it's not like they are giving you some kind of secret lines. This place is trying to make yourself better so that you can have positive thought loops and confidence so you can approach and score hotties.  I am seriously starting to think that the only thing that matters in attracting and picking up girls is your thought process and the ability to escalate. I'm still testing it out, but that is just me. Good luck man and I hope you get your shit handled.
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 I don't get how those guys saw the whole thing in 4 days. It took me 2 months to get through it all. Sometimes I would watch 40 minutes then not watch it for 3 days because I needed to reflect on the new concepts. 

This is the best PUA video-based product in my opinion. 

Where do you guys go from here? I haven't felt this way since I finished the Harry Potter series. 
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 DVD 19

Owen talks about The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker. Is this helping book recommended, to read?

I'm thinking about getting it in Itune audio version.
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fuckin awesome.

this is my 6th/7th time reviewing the product. and damn.

this is the shit.

this connects the dots between your logic and your emotions!

btw i'm testing out sedona method to release my "pain-body"

i figured out that you don't have to be in state all the time.

if you can reduce the amount of time you spend in negative states,

chances of increasing the times when you feel positive is upped exponentially!

tyler said in the programme that happiness is the default state.

normal babies don't cry all the time.

most of the times they're shouting and running around.

but when we grow older, we start to think negatively.

negative thought patterns start to set in and sticks in here and there our negative self-dialogue...

let's share our personal insights here guys!


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Quick question. I know there is a deeper message to this, and Im understanding more and more of it.

But not thinking about your answer, how is it different from reacting, like most chodes do?
For the Glory!
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crucial piece of puzzle i found out today by doing a research article assignment.

title of the research is

"adult attachment, god attachment and gender in relation to perceived stress"

-sara r. reiner, tamara l. anderson, m.elizabeth lewis hall, and todd w.hall
biola unviersity

owen said in blueprint decoded you need to get your relationship with god handled... blablabla,
anytime you're internalising a new reality, you have to think more, you'll be under more stress...

it kinda clicked when i was reading the article.

this is part of the article...

"some research also suggests a relationship between god attachment and stress.
overall, it seems that a more positive, secure relationship with god is associated with lower levels of stress.
studies have shown positive implications of secure god attachment and negative connections with insecure attachment with god, especially concerning wellbeing variables such as coping with stress.
therefore, god attachment also appears to be a possible predictor of perceived stress."

one's experience with other people often matches their experience with god.
some individuals with insecure parent attachment may be able to develop a secure attachment to god through compensation
god is able to heal attachment wounds through conversion.
god can function as a primary caregiver, "our secure base, our foundation from which we can face the world.


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I agree. I have had my own experience with God, and it seems that your life turn out better if you have a good relationship with your God. One of the things I'm in the midst of doing is improving my God relationship, as well as my personal relationship with my other half. I will start with Blueprint Decoded. I believe it's a great starting point. 

With all this said, this is my first ever post. Signing up to this wonderful forum of RSDNation is one of the good first step. Been wussy for so long, I need to change for the better.
So hello all fellow Blueprint Decoded people! Good to meet you all guys!
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Just got it on the Mail and I can't get enough  of it .. It's seriously taking it all to the next Level of the game. what I also find cool is that it's not just on Pick up but things I can apply on all sides of my Life! Tyler your a shark and it's awesome that there are programs like this that help you change your game and Step it up! 
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modernera, i watched it last year when I was 16 and you're right, it was counter-productive.
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