May 21st, 2018
how do u dhv, build attraction in rsd?
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rsd has no routines, no techniques. but how do u build attraction and dhv? a sample conversation would be great.
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Distant Light

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I'm not 100% sure how RSD actually does. But here is my view on how I understand it and how I do it.

Attraction is her being attracted to your Personality/Identity/Who you are

So in order to do that you'd have to convey your personality. Sub-communication is important. I see sub-communication as your thought pattern, which is like your foundation of how you actually act. So if you have thought patterns that are true to your core Identity and don't betray your Identity (Giving in to pressure and changing your thought patterns as a result aka reactive)

Also attraction also happens as she realizes your high value, dominant, confident, etc. All which can basically be sub-communicated by certain thought patterns and behavior patterns.

So how I apply all this stuff to my game is, I have a certain thought pattern that I focus on internalizing for a certain period of time and have behavior patterns that come with that thought as a result.

For example...
Thought Pattern: "I'm having fun amusing myself, playing with these chicks"
Behavior Patterns: I send hot and cold signals (Push/Pull), I say random made up stories and bust on her for believing me, I sing retarded songs, I misinterpret things that she says, I am unpredictable, I bait her into questions to fall into a joke.

See where I'm headed? I no longer actually focus on "These are attraction techniques to use at this x-time" instead I just internalize it into who I am and I just do it as a result. The chicks know I'm amusing myself because thats what I'm sub-communicating

I also think thats how RSD does it and how basically everyone is doing it because were always sub-communicating stuff.

Example of this would be from back when I was in school and I had art class. I didn't know anybody at the time but I still had that thought of "I'm having fun amusing myself" and so I'd do stuff as a result.

I first bullshitted about being a jewelry maker because there was a sign that said "Make jewelries here" and then I told the girl1 I'd make her a ring, so I make one out of paper and propose to her right in the middle of the class with everyone watching. (I'm getting a kick out of the whole thing) After were married for about 2-3 mins. She starts doing some shit tests and I tell her I want a divorce and tell her how I cheated on her, plus she can't cook. I then marry girl2 who is next to me and I give her a hug and kiss and tell girl1 how she is so much better. Every since that day the callback humor was "Ex-wife".

I never closed this chick due to my own stupidity of me not # closing despite her wanting to hang out with me after we graduated and also when I stated I'd come to her house and cook with her (That was on the train) and she gave no resistance and was actually down with me cooking at her house ;)

But the whole point I'm trying to make was that I was never seeking a reaction because reall I was just laughing on the inside of the stupidity, the random, the fun, insane, CHAOS!!! :p

There was one particular chick who would shit test me each time I said something random. (Wierd face look, or the famous "Okkkk") She thought she'd throw my off, but I was never seeking a reaction. How ever the chick responded didn't affect my orginal thought pattern and so she was always attracted, because the shit tests never hit me, it was never really even noticed because its so far outside my reality of what I'm actually doing.

Hope that helpped...
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distant light is right. RSD has a different approach at all.

its a natural's game. actually its not a game. you just assume she wants you already and you create rapport and kino when you see something in her that you like and break rapport when she doesnt act up to your standarts. Its not a game. You just qualify women because you can't hang out with each one of them.

you come from the mindset that there is no such thing as c&f, as routines and just say whatever you want without thinking about it because what you say has value just because it comes from YOU and not because you talk about something valuable!

its also about being 100% real and authentic by saying REALLY what is in your mind. never lie, even if it is lame. if she asks what you were doing last night, say i was watching beauty and the beast on youtube if that was true but dont say it apologetically. make it sound like its cool the coolest shit ever and invite her at your place to finsh watching the movie ;)

this what i call being really yourself
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franktjmackey Wrote:
rsd has no routines, no techniques. but how do u build attraction and dhv? a sample conversation would be great.

those arent obsolete with RSDs method, but they are specializing in something else so you dont hear about it so much. If you are displaying higher value to a girl I hope RSD doesnt not want you to do that.

I ant agree with the idea you made about RSD up there but you can do some old skool game. Maybe a c +f line that always worked for you, you can use. I think what RSD wants to stay away from the "controversial-indirect" long routines, stacking canned material, etc. There is no rule about being shunned (if you say 3 canned c+f lines we shun you! ... nope no one cares)

They just dont want to teach the typical game of the early 2000s and have you trying to cite paragraphs of impressive story.
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