September 22nd, 2018
Tyler, Nathan and Olcay bootcamp!!
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This FR is going to be extremely long (and even then, I'm only mentioning 'stand-out' sets). I was thinking of not posting it and just giving a basic review stating how much I loved the bootcamp. BUT, I figured you guys would appreciate this more. So here it is, in all it's entirety:

I sit here, typing this with empty pockets and a full mind.

I'm 18 years old. Yes, 18. Introvert extrodinaire, and about 10 months ago I decided to save up for a bootcamp. After jumping through a few loops, Tyler agreed to do an 18+ bootcamp with yours truly.

I was more than excited and I was even more nervous. I hopped on a plane, flew to Hawaii and at 7pm found myself sitting in the lobby of a hotel.

For some reason I thought the bootcamp started at 7, so I waited... and waited. There was no one else in the lobby besides me, no other student. With each passing minute my heart beats faster and faster - I was going to have a heart attack. Every so often a person would walk in, my heart rate would peak, then fall after I saw it wasn't Tyler. Nervous. Very.

I pulled out my cell phone, 8:00pm. No Tyler - was this the wrong place? 2 guys were standing near the entrance though, they were looking at me. One of them calls over, "You here for RSD?" "Yeah!". Turns out the bootcamp starts at 8pm

At first I thought they were other students, turns out they were instructors/interns. Olcay was a cool looking ethnic version of Fonzy :) , and Nathan was a buff Navy dude. They tell me Owen (Tyler's real name) will be down shortly, and they begin to debrief. I am not going to go over the debriefs, even though after the night was over I did write everything down; I paid a lot for this bootcamp, and the info was extremely, extremely valuable - if you want it TAKE A BOOTCAMP!

Owen walks in, my heart races again. This was the guy who was in my head for almost a year. He sat down and immediately started to lay down info.
Stuff on "inner game" and hammering home the idea of "not being cut from a different cloth". He made sure I understood that he was just a normal guy,
no different from me. I was overwhelmed by the end of the debrief. But wait, where are the other students? Ha! I'm the only one. 3 instructors, 1 mother fuckin' student.

Oh and Nathan has strep throat and Owen has the shits :). They hid it VERY well though, I didn't even notice they both had the plague. I was BLOWN AWAY by how much fucking enthusiasm these guys had for what they did. Owen told me that he has run more bootcamps than any other instructor in the world! He talked about it as if he had been holding it in forever, so much enthusiasm - inspiring.

As I mentioned earlier, I am an introvert deluxe. After the debrief we climbed into Olcay's car and Owen REALLY pushed me out of my comfort zone. I was
expecting there to be at least one other student, but ALL the attention was on me.

Owen: Make a funny noise.
Me: Um...
Owen: Don't think, just do it.
Me: silence

I sat there like a lame duck, not making a sound. Just laughing nervously.

Owen: Ok, Olcay make a noise.

Olcay makes a strange animal noise with absolutely no hesitation.

After a few moments I just open my mouth and say, "Eeeeee.....!"
Owen: laughs good, LOUDER!

I repeated it again, and louder. Then I proceeded to bark like a dog, and make 'gulp' noises - All in the name of unstifling myself. They explain to me
why they were making me do this.

We park our car and start towards the club. They make me bark like a dog again, this time with people around me. I do it.

Nathan tells me to sing, "Row, Row, Row your boat. Gently down...." as loud as I can. I do it, but it wasn't loud enough - so they all joined in on
the Row-boating singing orgy.

We are now walking down a busy street in Honolulu, hundreds of people in front of us and behind us. Then Nathan tells me to scream, "I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK WHAT ANYONE THINKS OF ME". Without hesitation I scream it at the VERY top of my lungs, Nathan smiles proudly. People looked, but at this point I honestly didn't care :)

We are outside the club now, all 3 of them give me some final words of advice before we enter the battlegrounds. Owen had talked earlier about homeless beggers, and how they tried to 'take value' from us and we could sense it. And whaddya know, a homeless man walks up to his asking for change, Owen doesn't even look at him and just says, "Good luck buddy". The man asks no questions and leaves.

We get into the club and it is LOUD, there's just a few scattered people inside - it's too early. That doesn't stop us though. There is a 5 or 6 set of 3 very beautiful girls and (I think) 2 guys sitting down, deep in conversation. Owen instructs Olcay to open the set. He walks up fearlessly and his voice (amazingly) projects over the music.

Olcay: Hey you guys havin' a good night?!
Set: Yeah!

Owen begins to explain what Olcay is doing, how he is hooking their attention etc... They all seemed to be loving it. Then Owen tells me to get in there and wing him. Oh shit. I walk in, completely unsure of myself.

Olcay: Hey! This is my friend Jackett, he rides BMX bikes!
Set: Hey!
Me: ahem Hey.... silence

Olcay saves me from disaster and carries the set for a little longer before ejecting. Oh god.

Nathan tells me to project my voice more, I've had a problem with this for a while - I'm going to make a conscious effort to do it.

Next set. Nathan pulls a 2 set walking by. I hear Owen's voice shouting into the back of my head, "Talk to the fat one". Right-o.

I see the fat one Owen is talking about. I felt like sticking an apple in her mouth and having myself a good ol' luau. After all, I'm here to enjoy the
aloha spirit.

Me: Hey!!
Hog: Hey.
Me: You having a good night?
Hog: Mhmm.
Me: Awesome! Hey, I have a question - Is yaya a guy's name or a girl's name?
Hog: I don't know.
Me: Oh come on! You have to have an opinion.
Hog: Uh.. a guy's name? I don't know.

The conversation continued like this for a while. Her uninterested responses were almost as overwhelming as her fat ass. But I was proud of myself, I opened my very first set!
A few minutes later

We head over to a different bar, and decide to come back to the previous one when it picks up a little later.

This is a very nice outdoor restaurant/bar type deal. We roll in and Owen points to a seated 3 set. These were older ladies, and one of them was a HARDCORE (turns out she use to dance for coyote ugly).

Me: Hey! What's up? I have a question for you guys, is yaya a guy's name or a girl's name?
MILF: Yaya? I'd have to say that's a girl's name.
2nd girl: blah blah...
3rd: blah.

For some reason I felt NO approach anxiety when I went to talk to them. Lesson learned: DON'T THINK - JUST GO!

We were having a great time laughing and talking, a few minutes pass and Nathan beckons one of the girls over to him. Olcay comes in and takes her seat :). He tells me to pull up a chair.

We are all just chatting, when Owen walks up behind the and just stares at her. Not a creepy stare, but a playful stare. It was time for me to watch.

He didn't say a single word. He motions for her to stand up, she smiles and obliges with little hesitation. He hugs her then starts to sensually massage her entire back, starting from the bottom of her spine. She LOVES it!

Haha.. I was laughing my ass off. That was smooth. We chat a bit more, and tell them we'll see them later (and we did).

We head back to the first club, we get into an altercation with the bouncer. He apparently is making me pay TWICE because I'm under 21... Ughh... I fork over the cash, and Owen is REALLY pissed at this 'Moke'.
(Moke is apparently a slang term used for 'ghetto-ass' locals). Owen actually paid me for the entry fee which I thought was a really nice gesture.

Anyways, we head in and the club is overflowing with people now. I'm sent into a few sets, not many hot girls in here but whatever. This is just practice. I make my way around the club opening, opening,
and opening some more. Most of my sets go smoothly, but I kept running into the problem of running out of shit to say then resorting to 'survey' questions. Sticking point identified.

Olcay is talking to two REALLY hot girls, Owen sends me in.

Olcay (to me): Hey, this is my friend Jackett! Jackett, these girls only like guys who play football.

They don't even LOOK at me, not even a glance. Then I noticed they weren't even looking at Olcay! They were staring at each OTHER while talking to US. Haha... wtf?? I hear a voice behind me say, "occupy the other"

Me: Hey!! What's up? I'm Jackett.
HB2: shakes hand, again doesn't look at me Hi I'm HB2.
Me: I heard you like guys who play sports. I play tic-tac-toe, does that count?
HB2: What?
Me: Hey, do you live here? Because I have a question that's been bothering me...
HB2: blah... blah...

They were both being pretty bitchy, so we ejected.

Afterwards I entered the SET OF DOOM~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

There was an extremely cute Japanese tourist girl in a red dress standing by herself. I approach. We chat and she is laughing hysterically at everything I say, we're both having a good time. I was afraid to escalate, so I ejected. Owen was having none of this, he sent me back in with these instructions, "GO BACK! Go back and tell her to close her eyes, then kiss her" ------------- What? I mean, Yes sir!

I go back into set.

Me: I'm back!
HB: laughs, waves
Me: Close your eyes.
HB: Huh?
Me: getting nervous Close your eyes!
HB: She closes them for about 1 second then opens them.
Me: No, no. Close your eyes for 10 seconds!

(I think she thought I was MAKING FUN of her eyes!! haha.. She kept nodding and pointing to her eyes and stretching them out so that they were more slanted.. lmao.)

She eventually closes her eyes, I go in for the kiss with about 5% conviction. She opens her eyes at the last second and pulls away. She has a look of complete anger and bewilderment.
Me: What's wrong?
HB: She shakes her head vigorously and makes a 'shoo' gesture

I leave. She leans over the dance floor and calls over her BOYFRIEND and tells him what I attempted to do. He eyes me, and RUSHES towards me. Owen, Nathan, and Olcay step between us. Now, Owen did something incredible here, which I won't say - again, TAKE THE BOOTCAMP and ask him how he avoids getting into fights. It was extremely valuable. Fight successfully avoided. Phew.

At the time this experience really rattled me, I was actually afraid to approach mixed sets for the entire bootcamp, but Owen really helped me push through this.

I approached a set of REALLY cute Swedish girls. These girls were adorable. I started talking to the cutest one and she was about 1.5 inches away from
my face the entire time. Wow. We were both laughing and having a great time. Her head was literally leaning against my chest. I actually didn't have trouble thinking of things to say as much as previous sets because she was genuinely having an amazing time. I wish I had gone in for the close with this girl.

After the last set I felt like I was on clouds. I approached an EXTREMELY hot babe, probably the hottest in the club, with: "Hi, you're sexy! My name is Jesse" followed by a shit-eating grin.

She flashed me a beautiful smile.

HB: Thanks!!! I'm HB!!
Me: OK, you know what.
HB: What?
Me: Please tell me you're from California.
HB: cracks up Oh my gosh!! How did you know?
Me: Because you're the coolest girl I've met in the club.

At this point she CLAWS ME and does NOT let go! Man, this girl is smokin'.

HB: Im' from LA, are you from there too!!
Me: Of course I am, only cool people are from LA.
We chit chat some more and I eject because I was afraid to close. Owen sends me back in. She smiles even wider this time, I tell her to come meet my friends. She enthusiastically follows as I introduce her to Nathan, Olcay, and Owen. Nathan works his magic and she literally JUMPS on him and wraps her legs around his torso. I watched and learned. Nathan is clawing her, she melts in his arms.

I assume her friend got jealous, so she pulled her away into the bathroom and would NOT let go. I expected to see her again, but we left the venue after a few more approaches with the : "Hi you're sexy" opener. EVERY ONE that I opened with that greeted me warmly. Interesting.

We go to another venue across the street. This places is tiny and PACKED with people dancing. There is an extremely cute Hawaian girl sitting alone drinking a beer.

Owen: POUNCE, in front of her! Go.

Me: POUNCE Helloooooo!
Her: laughs Hey!

We shoot the shit. Again, I run out of crap to say... Dammit!!! I resort to survey questions. Owen is behind her, telling me to MOVE IN CLOSER. She notices that I look at Owen, and turns around. Owen smiles at her and waves. She beckons him over.

Owen: Are you being nice to my friend Jackett?
Her: Yes I am!

Owen says some hilarious stuff to her and she is CRACKING up, almost to the point of tears. He's holding her hands, and stroking her fingers.... Wait, he has a girlfriend! He turns her attention back to me.

Owen: My friend Jackett is actually a virgin.

My face flushes, the blood rushes to my head. Why did you just tell her that? Is there a method to this madness?!

Her: Aww, that's OK! I lost my virginity at 18 too.
Me: Hm.. hey, thanks for telling her that Owen.
Owen: shit eating grin
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We chat for a little while longer, it's obvious she doesn't want us to leave. But we're on a bootcamp, time to gogogogogo! I open all the other sets that weren't dancing in the entire club. Mostly neutral. One girl was shit testing me (which I didn't know until Owen told me mid-conversation with her :D ) and I tried to plow, plow, and plow. Great learning experience.
We head out. It's 2am. The bootcamp is technically suppose to be over, but Owen really wants me to get more experience. I love this guy. We drive around looking for clubs that will accept 18+. No luck. We find this secluded little bar and Owen instructs me to go inside and see if I can get in. I step out of the car, the two bouncers are eyeing me up and down. I stare back and just walk in. Success! (this place is 21+).

I look around, there must be 5 or 6 girls in the ENTIRE bar, the rest are dudes. Local dudes. The first thought that runs through my mind is, "Fuck, I'm going to get my ass kicked". But the girls are ALL cute, fuck it - I'm going in. I open a set, it hooks. This really cute asian girl with a red hat is listening intently to what I have to say. The set laughs, but I lose steam and resort to the damn survey questions again.. and I lose the set.

I open all the other sets in the bar, same deal. I need to get over this sticking point!!

We debrief, and all three of them gave me some extremely valuable info. Day 1 was finished. I went back to my hotel room, my mind a spinning vortex of excitement and pain. I slept for just 4 hours.


I will continue Days 2 and 3 once I finish typing them up.
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sounds like you had a awesome time.
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Forgot you were flying down there so soon. Post the rest -- good read.
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This bootcamp had it all! Drama, conflict, and shining, unwavering nimbus! Can't wait to read the rest.
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sounds like a blast!! can't wait for the rest :)
"I'm bringing Eckey back... them other boys dont know how to act"
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awesome... will be reading the next installments
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I'd really like to know how Tyler disarmed the angry boyfriend... That seems to be something that could really help me
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I forgot to mention this in the Day 1 report, this was actually really cool:

As we were walking to the club we ran into a 3 set, 2 girls and a guy. One of the girls was REALLY cute.

Olcay starts vibing with the cute one and Nathan pulls the other one about 5 feet away. Owen is on the phone with someone so he is not in the interaction (yet!). I watch in amazement at Olcay's ability to vibe so fuckin well with the set. He befriends the boyfriend and starts shooting the shit with the chick. Then halfway through the conversation the girl realizes that she's "met" Olcay before (he closed her a few months back). Owen gets off the phone and comes into the set. He starts to make funny faces, and gets flirty with the girl.

The conversation makes its way to 'surfing'.
Owen: I love to surf.
Hottie: I want to surf YOU!

I stand back in awe. This girl's boyfriend was just standing there like a chode while the hottie was eye-fucking Owen. We eject (I think Olcay got her number, because she kept texting him).

(Just had to add this little set in there, OK - on to day 2)


I met Owen, Olcay and Nathan at the 'W' hotel lobby again. We went up the second floor to a beautiful restaurant. One of the nicest I've ever been to (looks wise). We sit near the bar and I get some 'cocky funny' and 'push-pull' advice from both Nathan and Olcay. As they explain how physically escalate with a girl, I can already feel my heart beat racing.

We sit at our table and order our meals. The vibe in this bar was awesome. Owen explains 'what it means to be a man' and take control of both your life and women. He talks more about unstifling yourself; then all of a sudden a tall blonde walks up to Owen and taps him on the shoulder.

Blonde Bitch: rudely We're trying to eat here and you are being very loud! So you need---
Owen: even louder OK, you can go now. (assertive) Go. I said go.
Blonde Bitch: It's just you by the way, you're not the only person in this--
Owen: louder OK go! Why are you still here? You can go.

She looks at Owen, taken aback and disgusted and storms off. I'm actually laughing, Owen isn't. He just continues as if nothing even happened; it had absolutely no effect on him. After he was done making his point he talked about the blonde and how he handled that situation and all the possible ways he could have handled it. The three of them then began to dissect that interaction down to its bare bones, I couldn't help but smile.

We talk about 'breaking rapport' 'neutral rapport' and 'trying for report'. This stuff was absolute gold. We actually identified one of my biggest sticking points: I almost always talked in the 'trying for rapport' prison. It was hard for me to even roleplay a 'breaking rapport' scenario. I've been working on that everyday since then.

They then teach me how to 'tool' other guys, I was actually pretty good at this :) I tooled on Nathan and Olcay, making gay slurs and mom jokes.

The restaurant starts to transform into a club: the lights dim, the music starts, and my heart worked its way into my throat.

The place starts to fill quickly. VERY fuckin' quickly. We look around and joke about how Nathan and Owen are the only white guys in the entire club. Haha... This was an Asian Invasion. I looked around, plenty of hot little Asian girls everywhere. Let's get started.

I follow Nathan and he demo's a set for me. I watch him vibe with this girl, I watch his kino escalation - he moves the conversation focus on me. While she is talking to me Nathan tells me to touch her. I was amazed that she didn't hear/notice him say that. So I do some light tapping and eventually eject.

I open a few more sets and pretty much same story. My balls are slowly starting to develop but they are not visible from space yet.

We move over to the other half of the club where it isn't as loud. I open a 2 set of seated girls.

Me: Heyyyyy!
Girl1: Hey!
Me: I have a question, is yaya a guy's name?
Girl1: blah, blah, blah, blah.

At this point i pull up a chair so that I can talk to her (cuter) friend. She hears us talking about 'yaya' and suddenly she exclaims:

Girl2: Hey! I heard someone ask me that question 2 weeks ago. Was it you?
Me: What? 2 weeks ago? I just got here a few days ago smiling
Girl2: No, no no... someone asked me this 2 weeks ago. Why does everyone keep asking that?
Me: Uhmm.. oh! because they were probably from California. Uh.. In California yaya is a really popular name.
Girl2: Sure... Whatever. Go talk to some other girls.
Girl1: Yeah, there are some cute girls over there - go talk to them.

Nathan comes into the set, attempting to save it. But the girls are already weirded about now because they've caught on to the 'yaya' line. After that set my state went down - fast. Owen recognizes it immediately and tells Olcay to do some state pumping. So we start dancing and jumping, then I get into the 'happy circle'. Haha... I actually do the 'happy circle' with my friends now, it's hilarious. I feel good again. Time for my next set.

I see two gorgeous Asian girls and I pry myself between them.

Me: Heyyyyyyy!!
Set: Hey!
Me: How are you guys doin' tonight?
HB1: I'm doing good.

HB2 is distracted by her other friend, so I focus on HB1. We talk for a bit and she is laughing, she comes VERY close to my face. This has happened a few times when I hook the set well and it always makes me nervous. My internal dialog goes a little like this, "Why is this girl an inch away from my face? Wait - she likes me. That isn't suppose to happen". My inner chode tries so hard to resurface. I fight it, I kino, she kino's back, I get nervous, she senses it, I eject. FUCK ME SIDEWAYS WITH A FIRE HYDRANT!!! Dammit. Sigh.

I open 3 more sets in the vicinity and each one had a boyfriend lurking behind her back. Flashes of night 1 went through my mind and I ejected.

We go back to the louder side of the club. I see a 2 set of probably the hottest asian girls in the club. Nathan comes with me and we open. Turns out I met one of them the night before! She was kind of cold towards me the night before and I thought it had something to do with ME, so Nathan starts chatting with her and she's cold towards HIM. So I guess this chick just has some head issues. But her friend, who was cuter than her was talking to me. I get her to laugh, we are having a blast. She claws ME, (this is about the 3rd time this has happened) and again comes VERY close to my face when she talks. Why am I not closing? The fear of the set I had last night always comes up. I need to get that shit out of my head. We talk for a bit and I didn't resort to any chode questions which was awesome. I eject because I wasn't escalating, but I was still really happy about it. I never thought I would be able to do this a few days ago.

We open a few more sets and I make the mistake of asking one girl,

Me: Hey I have a question, is it OK to date your best friend's ex-girlfriend? (I know...)
Her: OMG! Do you watch that show, "The Pick up Artist"??
Me: playfully Haha, what are you talking about? Is that a show?
Her: You watch it!! OMG, you watch that show.. haha...
She playfully slaps my chest - I guess it doesn't matter that she knows that I watch it. She wants me to hit on her? (I didn't realize this at the time)
Me: I don't watch TV. What is the show about?
Her: You watch the show! You're name isn't Jackett, it's "Mr. Pick-up artist!!" haha....

At this point I am seriously amused at this girl, that was pretty damn funny.

Me: It was really cool meeting you!

She actually looks disappointed that I'm leaving. We shake hands. That was actually a great learning experience. She knew what I was doing but the reaction wasn't that bad. And even if it WAS bad, who gives a fuck? The world isn't going to stop turning.

I open a few more sets, same story as the ones above. I must have opened about 17 sets, and almost all of them opened beautifully. I was getting better. We bounced over to another club. On the drive there we went over my sets, and Olcay sang some hilarious songs. I never mentioned this but Olcay is a fucking hilarious guy, he is really clever and is a state pumping machine. He constantly pumps his OWN state by singing impromptu songs and making funny noises. Good times :)


Preface: If you ever visit Hawaii, don't go to a club called 'The Pipline'.

So we arrive at a ghetto ass back alley of one of the shittier parts of Hawaii. We see a warehouse type building with a small opening, and a rag-tag sign: "THE PIPELINE".

We walk inside and this place is PACKED and it is HUGE i mean fuckin' HUGE. I slowly realize why it's called 'the pipeline', because it is a fuckin' toilet, shit 'pipeline'. I look around, where are the cute girls? I see fat and fugly beached whales everywhere. I see some girls that I'm not so sure are girls... I see short fat Samoan bush monkeys walking around like they are the shit. I see acne infested creatures dancing on the dance floor. And I see... DUDES. The guy to girl ratio is VERY skewed. Fuck it, we're here - it's time to make the best of it.

(P.S. If you take a bootcamp, you won't have to worry about going to this place - they only took me here because it was the only other club that was 18+ that night).

After I take in the surroundings we head upstairs for a quick talk. There are some nice couches, Owen does some exercises with me to get me 'out of my head'. You know what that means....

A cute waitress walks by and Owen grabs her attention:

Owen: Hey!
Waitress: Hey, can I get you guys something?
Owen: My friend Jackett can back that ass up.
Waitress: laughs Oh really?
Owen: Definitely. Here, show her Jackett.

Don't think, just do it. I back that fuckin ass up for her. Haha...

Waitress: Impressive!
Owen: You're turn.
Waitress: I can't dance!!

Owen and Nathan both vibe with her. Owen is making funny faces at her, she is blushing. I could see the attraction rising. Owen backs off (as I said, he has a girlfriend), Nathan takes over and starts to go into a story. She is digging it, after a few minutes Owen tells Nathan to cut the thread. He does and they focus back on me.

Owen: I want you to make a funny movement

I get stuck in my head again, when this happens it gets hard for me to think of 'funny' movements to do. Owen then starts to get into a really inspirational talk about his childhood and how much of an introvert he was. He told me, "I have yet to have a student that was coming from a worse place that I did". That was really motivating and inspiring - if he can fuckin' do it, I can fuckin' do it.

I start to do the 'wave' dance. Nathan dry humps the table, I dry hump the table :D

OK, I'm out of my head - let's go!


We head back downstairs, I scope over the club again. The music is LOUD. The girls were not hot in any way shape or form. This was going to be a cakewalk. Right?

I open a set and get blown out IMMEDIATELY. I open another, blow out. Another, blown. WTF?!? Owen opens, blown. Olcay opens, blown. Nathan was able to finally hook a set.

The same thing happened throughout the club. The ugliest girls I've ever seen in my life - they didn't like it when cool guys came up to them and talked?

BY THE WAY, let me paint a picture for you guys:

These girls had grills in their teeth. These chicks looked like beavers with down syndrome. Imagine the most GHETTO ass place you've ever been to and multiply that by 100 - and there you have the Pipeline. The girls here also had 5 foot rods jammed up their assholes - and it was VERY hard to remove those rods from their anal cavity. It was like shaving against the grain with a dull razor - painful and difficult.

The night progresses and I open more sets, and I noticed that the ones that opened well were the cuter girls. Very, very interesting. Then I had an epiphany. The same thing happened the night before! The hotter girls opened MUCH more receptively than the average to fugly girls. This was huge. Owen later explained to me why that was, it was really insightful.

Another reason that the girls in this club didn't open well was because they were ALL locals. Locals stick to locals. They hate tourists.

Olcay and I head out to the end of the dance floor where I spot a cute girl I met last night. She sees me and lights up!

HB: Oohhh my god! I met you last night!
Me: I remember you! It's like a reunion!

She throws her arms around me and introduces me to her friend. We chat for a little while but it's almost impossible to hear what anyone is saying as we are standing RIGHT NEXT to the speakers.

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Owen shows up and takes me to the middle of the dance floor. His favorite song comes on and he starts singing and pointing to me, "HE GETS MONEY! HE GETS MONEY! HE GETS MONEY!"
This random dude joins in, "HE GETS PUSSY! HE GETS PUSSY! HE GETS PUSSY!"

Owen: laughs He's actually a virgin.

Owen REALLY enjoyed pointing out the fact that I was a virgin to random people, lmao. :D (He was trying to teach me to be comfortable in awkward situations, lesson fuckin' learned :D ).

We are about to leave when I spot the cutest girl in the entire club. She was absolutely adorable, and she stuck out like a flower amidst an ocean of feces.

Owen: claw her!

My hand shoots out and she smiles at me.

HB: I'm sorry! I really have to go to the bathroom!

It did not look like she was lying, she had a sense of urgency about her.

Me: OK, you better come back!
HB: I will!

Nathan didn't give a shit she had to go to the bathroom. He claws her in and starts talking.

HB: I need to go to the bathroom!
Nathan completely ignores her plea.

He starts doing a future adventure projection with her while clawing her. She is laughing hysterically - she suddenly doesn't need to go to the bathroom anymore. Question: What was different about this girl? Why did she respond so well? Answer: She was a tourist from LA (surpise, surprise) and she was hot.

After a few minutes she honestly looks like she is about to explode. She apologizes and rushes to the restroom.

The bootcamp was suppose to be over at 2am. It's 4am :)

I was amazed that they were dedicating so much time to me, ONE student. These guys have so much drive and dedication it's amazing, you would have thought that I paid them $10,000 ... each!

We drive back to my hotel while debriefing. Olcay, Nathan and Owen each give me some priceless tips and words of encouragement.

The first night about 30% of my sets opened 'warmly', the second night (despite the pipeline) about 70% of my sets opened up amazingly!!! I was improving at an incredible rate. And this was just 2 fuckin' days!!

I made the pipeline out to be some hell hole but the sets weren't THAT bad. I had about a 50% success rate at this club - which was still better than my first night. However, at the 'W' I opened almost every single one of my sets amazingly. Quality clubs attract quality people.

They drop me back off at my hotel - I was functioning on just 4 hours of sleep from the previous night. I went in my room and just crashed.

Lessons learned/sticking points:
- Hot girls open easier than average to fugly girls
- When you open a set in a loud environment you need to be ENERGETIC.
- When a girl shows interest that doesn't mean I eject because I'm nervous (huge sticking point)
- PROJECT my voice

Glorious Day 3 coming soon! (Day 3 was the most exciting and influential day of them all :D )
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epic Wrote:
I'd really like to know how Tyler disarmed the angry boyfriend... That seems to be something that could really help me

Take a bootcamp :)
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