May 21st, 2018
LA bootcamp w/ Tyler, Oljay and Sparky last wknd
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I have been to the Saddle Ranch on the Sunset Strip many times. When I was 25 I went there at least a few times a month. The script was the same every time: I would stand around with my friends nursing my 7th beer and wondering whether, after the 8th, I could get up the courage to approach a girl, any girl. At the same time, my head would be saying something like this: “fuck why does my friend Scott (who is talking to a group) always get girls” “that’s bs” “it isn’t fair” “maybe im not good looking enough” “that guy over there is worse looking but he’s doing well” “but he’s taller” “oh, is that girl looking at me?” “no, she’s looking at that guy” “or maybe she’s thinking my shirt is weird” “fuck why did I wear this shirt I should’ve wore the other one.” “this is fucking bs” “why even come out.” At this point, I might go over to a girl, tap her lamely on the shoulder from behind, and say something like “how’s it going.” (no question mark to convey the tone!). Inevitable blowout, confidence further crushed, go home. At some point it occurred to me that this weekly and inevitable torture was not productive, around which time I “got lucky” and entered a two year relationship, with a girl I never should have been with at all, just b/c she was a girl, she had a vagina, fairly large tits, and she was sorta hot, well pretty hot really, and the other option was the Saddle Ranch, and watching Scott, and listening to Scott say thing s like "whats wrong dude" or "be confident" or tell a story about how he f'ed a daughter, and almost had the mother joining in, but he got her too drunk, so she yacked at the last second, or whatever stupid bs story you can imagine. If you are on this board, these exact same things have likely happened to you, or it’s your story now and you’re looking at maybe taking a bootcamp.

Fast forward five years and things are pretty much the same. Well, now I’m a lawyer and I have a nice car and a cool pad, and not much is different. Until one day when a friend reccomends the game, I read the book, love the ideas, start going out and find some limited success and then… go on the RSD bootcamp. Ok, so night one we go to the Saddle Ranch. I won’t belabor the details of the curriculum, because they are in other posts. I won’t brag about “number closes” or “kiss closes” or whatever. I won’t tell you how I “clawed” this girl over here or over there. At the end of the day, what was important to me was that these guys showed me how to go into this same venue that I’d been at a million times before, completely sober, and open tons of girls, the vast majority successfully. And without a single line or opener. If you told me before the program that I wasn’t going to learn openers or routines and was going to be told how to be in state, I definitely would not have signed up. But THIS WORKS. And it’s way more powerful than any “material” I could have learned, because it showed me that all of the times I had stood around and been in my head 5 years ago weren’t due to looks or fashion or any of those things that society tells us make somebody attractive to women. I had basically the same stuff going for me then as now, but these guys allowed me to bring it out and show it to the girls. This isn’t about gaming girls, it’s about being your most confident, non outcome dependant self and just having a great time and presenting your personality – if you do that, the girls are going to come. You could have told me that before the program – that’s what all the successful guys say, right, “be confident,” “be yourself,” – but the program showed me how to do that and what would happen when I did. You know when (haha, prob a bad word on this board) says on the show “this is about building a life”.. he’s right.

I had doubts, sure – could I do this without being pushed into sets or having the instructors around? And I did… I’ve started opening everywhere. At lunch at work, at whole foods, and of course going out. A couple of guys came over last night, one of whom I knew in college, and I convinced them to do some state pumping exercises and we went to a couple bars… every set opened, no approach anxiety for the most part.. it was f’in awesome. Me, being a tomato out on the street in front of my orthadox jewish neighbors’ apartment as they watch and just not giving a F.. are you serious?? Just that moment was cool and liberating, not to mention the rest of the night.

So anyways, with pickup, what I’ve found that happens – and tell me if you guys have the same experience – is that if you know the basic concepts of pickup, social dynamics, how women think, etc. (gained from the bootcamp and some reading I’ve done) then the good “material” will just come out if you are in state. So you aren’t saying a canned line, but you are saying something that basically does what the line is supposed to do – and it’s just there because you know what you are doing and you’re having a good time.

I’m so excited about all of this. I mean, I used to go out and get maybe a number in two weeks and now I’ve got loads of them and am lining up day 2’s a week after program – it’s just so awesome because I don’t even know what the limit will be. It’s like the start of this trip and I don’t know where it’s going to lead or how far it’s going to go. I get up in the morning and I’m excited – I don’t know who I’m going to meet that day or what’s going to happen. I used to just go through my day basically treading water, with life passing by, trying to save money for the future where I could buy a house and a fancier car and whatever. It’s all BS, you can live for the “now” if you just turn off the internal dialogue and limiting beliefs.

Anyways, on to some of the practical stuff about the program, what I really appreciated was that the instructors gave us a lot more of their time than they had to. Friday and Saturday ran 7pm to like 4:30am, and Sunday ran 1pm to 8pm or so. There was more seminar time than I thought before the program, which I liked. The debrief sessions were informative and, as Santiago mentions in his review, contained lots of personal feedback which was mainly positive. There were some very cool demos by the instructors, and I must give props here to Sparky for some awesome day game which included number closing a hb10 at a store.. f’in cool. At the end of the day, the thing was just a lot of fun. If you go out with a great group like we had, you are going to be unstoppable and have a great time. I mean, how can you not have fun being a helicopter at the pool at the standard? lol (Oljay, that was awesome!).
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That's awesome. Can't wait till I do a bootcamp. Definitely looking forward.

Just keep pimpin it playa. Peace.
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Spade Wrote:
IIf you told me before the program that I wasn’t going to learn openers or routines and was going to be told how to be in state, I definitely would not have signed up. But THIS WORKS.

This is what really rung true for me as well. I'm well pleased for you man. Welcome to your new world. And prepare to welcome many more to your new world.

"You are probably much more attractive to women than you give yourself credit for. Whether you've got the guts to approach and capitalise on it is a completely different story."

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