December 10th, 2018
learned behaviours
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most of our reactions in the field be it positive or negative are a learned behaviour. our emotions follow a learned pattern that has cemented over years of growing up and going out or dating.

take for example the typical guy that is used to going out and not getting laid. he goes out, enters the club, buys a drink, leans back, wait for a girl to approach him, gets another drink, feels shitty, finally has the nerve to approach one girl, she rejects him, feels more shitty, finally gets hammered and goes home with his buddies.

this pattern repeats itself everyweekend like a clock. he is not used to the idea of not feeling shitty. but then again, it feels like home everyweekend with the same thing.

he learned this over the years. he feels shitty after rejection, drinks more, more rejection and finally gives up. no game. he hates it but the feeling has become familiar now.

some of these guys come on bootcamp and they are not familiar with the feeling of success so when they have it it feels like it was luck and they start feeling they dont want to lose the feeling of the bootcamp. they deny to themselves the feeling of success. they are not familiar with it.

they need to unlearn their old behaviour patterns.

after bc there is a high risk, if you dont do what you are told that old familiar patterns creep back into you. so we aim to pattern interrupt those behaviours by encouraging students to take initiative on second night as if the instructor is not there to offer encouragement. we aim to start breaking the pattern by getting guys used to being successful on their own. that´s one of the many things we do to break old habits.

take a look at your own learned behaviours and try to unlearn them. for example, feeling shitty after a rejection, talking to your wings or buddies as a sub for not talking to women, keeping yourself in the comfort zones by not approaching the hardes sets or simply hanging by the bar, not opening a set right away as you enter club because you dont want to be rejected so early-ego protection-, etc.

if you look at your learned behaviours you will have a lot to work on when you go out. the rewards are amazing once you unlearn.
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seeing as no one else has said it, i ought to mention that this post is good for my inner game. value received.. thanks ozzie!
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yo ozzie, there's something about the claw that i like. :D

ALL of my CONSISTENCIES before and after the naming of the thing included it's use. It is indeed an extension of your magical soul that penetrates the hyperspace of the protocolled reality.

so guys, unlearn shitty states, go 'sweet spot' and just claw all right?

That's all. ;)

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