January 17th, 2019
You are Nuerotic
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let go

stop being nuerotic.

the very thing that got you into pickup is the reason it got you into pickup.

sounds weird eh?

so it goes like this: Because you WANT to micromanage your self impression, you give off a bad one.

Those who do not want to micromanage others' perceptions of them give off a good one.

I see guys who even once they've mastered the art of approach -->escalate --> kiss

still aren't cool guys.

so basically here is what i have to say: do not be socially nuerotic

if at any time you catch yourself thinking: "does he/she like me?" "god they are so much cooler than me" "I will be as cool as them in 2 monhts after 134 approaches"

you need to stop yourself.

let go.

just live freely. stop being nuerotic, who the fuck cares what you do or how cool you are or how your dressed.


The big mindfuck of the game is that it comes to those who don't want it.

The secret is that there is no secret.


The thought that this "secret" even exists is the VERY thought that sabatoges your game.

It's along the same lines as the bullshit programming you've got inside of you that says you need to do, or say, or dress, a certain way or thing.

So just realize that there is nothing blocking you from the hottest girl. The only thing standing in your way is your brain.

your brain is nuerotic. simply stop it whenever it starts going .

stop being nuerotic. relax. thats all.

I hope some of you "get this". It might be too out there. oh well.

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Love the energy and message in this post, but try spellcheck once in a while :D
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its actually abig part of my training... to me this is mostly about training or rewiring your mind through concentrated focus and shutting out unproductive/negative things and through action, confronting fears, aclimatising and getting positive references.

ive had a social anxiety in the past n thats pretty much about being hyper focussed about how other people are perceiving you,
its all about rewiring yourself

doing things that put you in the spotlight (exposing to your fear and that witch you avoid --> followed by aclimatising/habituating to the auto-emotional reactions untill they eventually disappear) ,while reframing but mostly shutting out every tought n focus on others and what their potentially thinking about you
while taking your focus and concentrating purely on what it is your doing and the experience of it.
ive done this with things like dancing on stage, and every toher thing i could make up

its called being in the moment.
Basicly its about letting go every form of processing others and their potential toughts because they simply arent relevant. I start processing another person the moment they step into my life, like they start talking to me etc. before that nuh-uh.

ive used this formula like crazy and am still using it alot.
also a toughtpattern ive continiously rammed into my head is, what do i want? --- i want x, im gonna do/take X
putting my entire focus on that tought process, shutting out anything else referring to what other people are thinking, potential toughts, mindreads, educated guesses etc they are simply not relevant. changing negatives into positive since at the end of the day you dont know what another person thinks helps to.

this helps alot because alot of people run conflicting motivations simultanously.
they run towards pleasure motivation ---> i want x the girl ,fun m a drink or whatever. but at the same time they run a pain avoidance strategy.
''avoid being negatively perceived, avoid being critisised, avoid looking bad, avoid fucking up, avoid failing.. witch all comes down to the exact same ego preserving/ perception preservation motivation.

having both these strategies at work isnt really helping alot of people getting what they i purely run and ram in a towards pleasure motivation.
plus a confront every fear mission, witch gives me massive positive emotions ,emotional reward and self respect for pushing through any kind of avoidance, and it conditions in a processing of potential pleasure and moving towards, less n less am i processing potential negatives.

and those negatives are reframed and now positive because its another oppurtonity to confront a fear witch gives me a massive kick and emotiona lreward.

This is basicly the system i run and i think its simmilar to the internal frames tyler talks about.

Good post man, i liked it.
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I'm 2 cuul for spell check. duh.

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People need to see this
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