October 23rd, 2018
Non AFC Music
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Hair of the Dog- Nazareth
Cat Scratch Fever - Ted Nugent
Stranglehold - Ted Nugent
Black Dog - Led Zeppelin
#1- Nelly
99 Problems-Jay-Z
Area Codes- Ludacris
Pimpin All Over The World- Ludacris
La Grange- ZZ Top
Sharp Dressed Man- ZZ Top
Wild Side- Motley Crue
Girls, Girls, Girls- Motley Crue
Even Flow- Pearl Jam (State)
Hit That- The Offspring
Come Out And Play - The Offspring
Hungry Like The Wolf- Duran Duran
Wild Boys - Duran Duran
Notorious - Duran Duran
Let It Ride- BTO (State)
Thunderstuck- AC/DC
No More Mr. Nice Guy- Alice Cooper
We Ready - Archie Eversole
Feel Like Makin Love - Bad Company
Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys (State)
I Get Around - The Beach Boys
You Already Know - Big Hawk (State)
I'm Still Fly - Big Tymers (State)
The Bad Touch - The Bloodhound Gang
It's My Life - Bon Jovi
I Look Good - Chalie Boy (State)
Santana - Winning
Push It To The Limit - Paul Engemann
Hey Mister - Custom
Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Suck My Kiss - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Love Me - Damm D
Chick Magnet - Paul Wall
Stuntin Is A Habit - David Banner (State)
Liberate - Disturbed
Party Up In Here - DMX
Step Up - Drowning Pool
U & Dat - E-40
Lose Yourself - Eminem
Lean Back - Fat Joe
In The Ayer - Flo-Rida
Slow Ride - Foghat
Pony - Ginuwine
Juice Box - Gorilla Zoe
Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
Open Your Eyes - Guano Apes
Welcome To The Jungle - Guns N Roses
Boats N Hoes - Huff & Doback
Between The Sheets - The Isley Brothers (Action Music)
Birthday Sex - Jeremih
We Fly High - Jim Jones
Foxey Lady - Jimmy Hendrix
Back That Azz Up - Juvenile
Are You Gonna Go My Way - Lenny Kravitz
Wanna Be A Balla - Lil Troy
I'm A Balla - Lil Flip
Throw It Up - Lil Jon
Get Low - Lil Jon
I Don't Give A Fuck - Lil Jon
On A Boat - The Lonely Island
Saturday Night Special- Lynyrd Skynyrd
Real Big - Mannie Fresh
Can't Touch This - MC Hammer (Classic)
Majority Of Metallica Songs- Can't Go Wrong
Bad - Michael Jackson
Wanna Be Starting Something - Michael Jackson
Don't Stop Til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson
Fuck Bitches.. Get Money - Notorious BIG
Big Papa - Notorious BIG
Hypnotize - Notorious BIG
Don't Look Back In Anger - Oasis (Great Singalong)
So Fresh, So Clean - Outkast
That Fire - Paul Wall
Break Em Off - Paul Wall
In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins & Nonpoint
Knockin Doors Down - Pimp C (State)
Shake - Pitbull & Ying Yang Twins
Calm Like A Bomb - Rage Against The Machine
Wake Up - Rage Against The Machine
Get Ready - Rare Earth (State)
Gettin Some - Shawnna
Party Like A Rockstar - Shop Boyz
Get You Home - Schwayze
Sexual Eruption - Snoop Dogg
I Got A Line On You Babe - Spirit
Sex Type Thing - Stone Temple Pilots
What You Know - T.I.
Big Shit Poppin - T.I.
Right Here, Right Now - Jesus Jones
Sippin On Some Syrup - Three 6 Mafia (STATE)
Weak Ass - Three 6 Mafia (BEST STATE SONG)
Stay Fly - Three 6 Mafia
Slob On My Knob - Three 6 Mafia
Tongue Ring - Three 6 Mafia
Ass & Titties - Three 6 Mafia
It's A Fight - Three 6 Mafia
Live Like You Were Dying - Tim McGraw (Great Perspective)
I Need A Freak - Too Short
I Got My Game On - Trace Adkins
Headstrong - Trapt
Let's Go - Trick Daddy
California Love - Tupac
Love In This Club - Usher
Yeah - Usher
Party Starter - Will Smith
Kanye West - Good Life
Kanye West - Stronger
What's Happenin - Ying Yang Twins
Don't Trust Me - 3Oh!3
In Da Club - 50 Cent
Candy Shop - 50 Cente
Magic Stick - 50 Cent
Sweet Emotions - Aerosmith
Born To Be Wild - Steppenwolf
Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf

Not A Complete List But Will Get You Started Being A Pimp.. Good Luck Bro!
Adapt or Die You Become What You Think About The World Is Yours--SCARFACE RSD AUSTIN BOOTCAMP ALUMNI -- AUGUST 8-10, 2008 NATHAN (!) Right Here, Right Now-Nathan
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Definetely music by Depeche Mode.   I like the originality and mystery. 
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I listen to spanish songs because I don't understand the dumbs lyrics. house music is good too, no dumb lyrics too.
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 50 Cent Pimp fosho ha

What get me going is some good ol mudvayne, disturbed.. basically anything that gets my state on high I feel like I can sarge anyone. 

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I like listening to David Guetta and DJs, like DJ Tiesto.  
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Pantera is good music if you are over that bitchy mainstream emo/alternative crap . Check out A new level, regular people, revolution is my name, 5 minutes alone, primal concrete sledge and domination.
No comprehension to fail                                 All I knew                                  No matter what they say or do
I vacuum the wind for my sail                          All I believed                             No matter what they put you through
Can't be the rest                                                 Crumbling Images                 Never lose your self respect
Let others waste my time                                 No longer comfort me            You don't have to live like that
Owning success is the bottom line.
Like a knife into flesh
After life is to death
Pulling and punching the rest of duration
NO ONE can piss on this determination
(props if you can figure which songs they're from)
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anything that you genuinely like and dont give a fuck about what others might think of you is non AFC music.

ex. Everyone listens to rap/hiphop. I listen to Techno.
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Capricorn® wrote:
Word are subjective.

So check music with lyrics.

House music - progressive house in particular is a fav of mine.
OOOO BABAY, deep house, house, and some trance, also like 90's rap (like gang starr and such)

Some of those house songs get you in such a trance that you don't give a fuck and go with the flow (kinda what tim says in flawless natural)
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Funny thing is, many of ELVIS' greatest hits are basically AFC songs.

From dwelling at Heartbreak Hotel "since my baby left me" to "Treat me like a fool, treat me sad and cruel, just say you love me", "Don't be cruel to a heart that's true", "I just wanna be your teddy bear", "Maybe I didnt love you as good as I should have" etc etc. 

Nonetheless in his time he got all the panties wet.


Because he was ELVIS. shades 

It's all about style, not necessarily content.

If you are Non-AFC enough at the core you can afford any AFC-like-behaviour. It will even heighten your appeal (see Nicholas Cage in WILD AT HEART doing the Elvis shtick.)
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 You want non AFC music? you REALLY want some NON-AFC music? do yourself a fucking favor man and get Mobb Deep's "The Infamous" this motherfucking album - without exaggeration - has been in my car, ipod, computer for the past YEAR. Every. single. track. is just viciously masculine, because most of the lyrics come from a reality based perspective (both Prodigy, and HAVOC)

here's an example.

The Start of Your Ending

Q.U Hectic

"I open my eyes to the streets where I was raised as a man"

As for other suggestions, I can give you some..I usually listen to electronic music, generally non trance.

Instra:mental - No Future (Consequence Remix)

actually just get Fabriclive 50. You'll do yourself a favor. 

if you're into some dub techno / dubstep listen to Sigha, Scuba
here's a pretty awesome release from Sigha. 

Hold Your Heart Up To The Light

Here's a recent favorite tune of mine. It's very dub techno and very very dark
Monolake - Titan

and if you're into breakbeat, QUALITY breakbeat then you can never go wrong with Hybrid

again if you like what you hear, or anyone for that matter - just PM me I'm virtually an electronic music of the things I pride myself in,. hehe
 "Every facet, every department of your mind, is to be programmed by you; and unless you assume your rightful responsibility, and begin to program your own mind, the world will program it for you." -- Evil Nine - Cakehole 
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