April 23rd, 2018
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I was talking to my bud about this today so it's cool I've just found this thread. We were trying to figure out how cavemanning a girl works because we see it go down but we both don't really get it.

Both him and me are more smooth types and so historically we suck in clubs and are more successful in quieter bars. We don't have the caveman mindset.

Saying Cavemanning isn't scientific or technical because it's just cavemanning doesn't explain it very well to people who just don't get it. ie. ME.

I kind of understand it in my head.. you rock in and touch the girl up,
but how much can you get away with and what avoids getting pepper sprayed or arrested :p
Do you pick your target? Where to you go for first or do you just go straight for the most stimulating areas? Because that'd mean you just rock up and start rubbing her which sounds mental and I don't think that's how it goes down.

Maybe like the other guys who are questioning it we don't get it.
Like those annoying ring can see how to get the ring out but unless you know where to twist it you just can see how it's done.
When you know how it's done it's easy and you can't understand why people can't get it.

I don't get it.
Cavemanning is kind of out of my radar.

Any cavemanning masters out there who can explain what they do, why it works and do they get blown out or pushed off?
Without saying....duh you just do it...because that isn't very helpful.
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Well, as mentioned above there's no exact way of doing it but if you don't know where to start you might want to try this:

1) When you're walking around you have to have the mindset that chix want you, even if they don't. Walk straight and act confident.

2) Say hypothetically you see 1 and you start talking to her or she starts talking to you or whatever, start making seductive eye contact as she talks. Look at her face, move your eyes around it, open your mouth and rub your tongue along your bottom lip and look her in the eye, then look back down at her mouth.

3) If she kino's you, kino her back and escalate. If she doesn't kino you, if her reaction is positive, make some kind of kino. Either take her back, hand, front of shirt (most chix have a bit of fat, so sometimes i like to squeeze the bit at the front as kind of a non-verbal neg).

4) After this if she's flirting/still talking/looking back at you...look straight back into her eyes, don't blink, look straight at them (ive found sometimes this scares them but other times it seems to turn them on). Then grab her hair at the back and pull it, tease her about it or something, tell her that her hair is like a lion's.

5) Use your judgement, if you think she wants to kiss you, slowly move in towards her. My advice is that you don't ask "do you want to kiss me" because this destroys the implied undertone. I think if you don't actually ask, it keeps her guessing as to what you're thinking thus making it more exciting for her (at least in the initial parts of the escalation).

After that? Well it depends on the situation but so does the stuff above i guess. This is one way of doing it, im not saying it'll always work, you really have to use your judgement here. It's more of a guide to where you might want to start if you dont know anything about cave maning. I could give examples of what kind of stuff has worked if it'd help anyone? I think there's something else i was going to mention that im forgetting. Hmm..oh yes dance floor cavemanning.

Just a few ideas:

1) don't approach directly from behind where they can't see you (i used to make this mistake all the time and it never worked).

2) it's good to make eye contact first

3) Coming in from the side or a slight angle is often best. The front is better than from behind.

4) I've seen some people use peacocking/lock in props effectively here so if that's you style you might want to try that.

Let me know if there's any questions or if you disagree with what i wrote.

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Okay cool things are starting to click a little.
You are saying that the Caveman dudes hit on girls a lot and get blown out a lot but don't care and keep going until they hit a chick who they can take all the way.
This would mean you'd need a good supply of hot girls to keep hitting on or not don't overly care that much and kind of hit and caveman anything remotely sexy to get the lay.

I have seen stuff where I was trying to engage a chick and she kept running away from me....dancefloor style. Then this dude basically just wandered up and grabbed her so she couldn't move away. She pulled him off and moved away...then he just grabbed her again and pulled her back and rammed him crotch into her ass and held her so she couldn't escape.
She kind of pretended to move away a bit but I watched a big sly smile go across her face....and then from there they enjoyed the dance floor together and then probably a few other places.
She was his...and this dude was not a handsome, buff guy but a bit of a skanky fat dude. Hence my SHOCK! LOL...I wouldn't wanna touch him LOL.

Thing with that is...if a chick is trying to brush you off in this case it seems normal not to push it....because that is what you learn gets you beaten up, thrown-out etc....or screams of 'Don't fucking touch me!' ...which I've seen. this the core of cavemanning? You just don't give a crap and keep going through kind of 'fake' rejections and the dominance will horn her up and do the rest?

Where is the line? Or do you forget the line unless it results in unbearable physical dehabilitating pain...;)

Cavemannig is interesting because I've seen it work so well in clubs and also seen the smooth guys get totally shat over where some other guy rocks up employs monkey boy tactics and is just the King.

I want to try it and add cavemanning to my tool box :D
Best to have a range of styles, so all your guys advice and examples are great because I can piece together how I am going to start doing this until I get it.
Please keep 'em coming!
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