November 21st, 2018
Words Can Bring You Down!
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As I sit and work on the words that I normally use to talk to myself as part of my self help manual. I am totally surprised at the bunch of crap words that use on a daily basis to talk to myself. It looks like I take a dump on myself by means of putting heaps of shit on my brain.

Finetuning your internal dialogue looks like trying to fix a watch. It is a fine, lazer-driven labor to all the tiny bits of info that shortcircuit your system.i just sit and marvel of how I used to work with such defective machinery. Somehow I managed to survive all the way up to here but let me tell you it was not fun at all.

Words do affect your mood.

My latest project has been to train myself to feel good after major screw ups in the field. In other words, I have trained myself to erase the notion of failure so that every situation is a win-win. Just last night, I was pulling a 3 set back home-this was a moving street set btw that we extracted to nearby club-, my target was into me big time, attraction through the roof, hugging, hand holding, rubbing and all that shit. I hesitated on the pull for a millisecond and it was gone after jlaix had done all the dirty work for me for 2-3 hours by holding the other 2 girls. Though it was a hard pull, it was very possible since my home is 5 minutes away from anything that´s worth looking at in Barcelona.
Again, I caught myself just in time since the avalanche of negative words like stupid, chode, dumb, etc came to my mind to overload it. I caught myself just in time and let it go. All this crap words will act as a mold for your emotions and will crystallize them and make you feel like a dumb fuck. I said to my partner “I just gonna let it go”. By the way I totally loved the girl: sweet, sexy, fun, similar values, soft spoken, great tits, etc.

I have repeatedly train myself to do this. It is a game for me now. I do it also with my phone numbers. I have a very bulgy list of phone numbers that I cycle everyday. I know there is going to be frustration because some numbers will not answer, other girls are too busy to meet, etc. I know it can be frustrating so I practice myself staying positive through out the phone conversations and capitalize on those day 2´s that really come through.

It is so valuable to stay positive because you never know when you are going to hit your gold set that you will pull or really hit it off. Words play an important role in that. What kind of words do you use to describe your negative moods? What alternative words could you use to minimize the blow?
Also throughout the pick up I find that the more I use positive words like “fun”, “sweet” “energized”, “loving”, “phenomenal”, etc. all the girls fall into my positive frame and try to maintain the fun vibe at all times, which eventually leads to sex. They are trying to be consistant to my expectations about them and they cant stop having fun just to fall in the frame of “fun”. That buys me entirely hours of pick up where I sit in sets longer and longer.

what chu talking about
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Im wondering though, could you avoid this altogether by making sure you state is ON before you go out? Like, not being in a value-taking state. Just not being outcome dependant at all. Then there would be no need to lift yourself up because you couldnt give a shit about the outcome...
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 Hey Ozzie, my girlfriend lives in Barcelona. Keep your hand off her!

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