December 13th, 2018
How I'll Manage To Die Rich -- HTML/CSS Work In Progress
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3/31/14 ~ 9:30 PM ~
This marks the --BEGINNING-- of my efforts to becoming a developer.

I am compiling a plan so I know what to stay focused on. 
my goal of being able to 

create marketable websites (websites worth paying for) in these areas: 
~ (small, entrepreneur) business ( professional/clean layout), 
~ portfolios, 
~ personal use.

I want to leverage HTML/CSS & JavaScript (jQuery).


What I've accomplished so far :

Basic understanding of:

- Javascript (basic concepts && fundamentals) 

From here, I want to focus once again on:
-- Photoshop Refresher,
-- HTML & CSS,

Then, once I'm able to efficiently create websites with these languages.

++ I will learn to implement jQuery.
 - Sliders
 - Hiding, Fading, Transitioning in elements as the page scrolls.

I plan to be proficient with HTML / CSS by May 10th,
and begin to implement jQuery readily by May 28th.
I am 18, and will be 19 in a month.

From my efforts, I will have earned 10k by the age 20.

This will be my journal, I will make sure I am re-capping everything I've learned from where I've learned. 
If I stop updating, consider that I am dead.

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  • I used to run a popular EDM website, I loved it, and I slaved for two months or so pieceing it together along with everything else I had done. But I had to take a forced break from everything, and lost how to do most of it. Also, how I set up the site wasn't exactly beneficial in the long run. Now I'm building the sites from the ground up. Anyway, since music is the driving force behind nearly everything in my life, I'll add some sexy tracks every now and then. I'm also inspired by Tapiture, so I'll occasionally post up some pics when I get the post count.

    Unofficial uploader, but VariaOfficial took forever to load so just used this.

    Starting from the roots of HTML. Getting a quick review of the basics,

    I love how easy it is for me to pick up html/css, it's so simple. 

HTML & CSS, Design & Build Websites (referred to as JD (it's written by Jon Duckett) from now on)
    • Read Chapters 1-4

      • skimmed over inline formatting

        • ignored most of it because i'll never use


      • reviewed  creating lists

      • Reviewed linking sites, email, & pages within


    • LEFT OFF: Directory Structure


    • Going to go to sleep, and i'll probably read to chapter 6 after I wake up.
    Wow looking at this in the preview, I wont be trying to use html in this again hahaa

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    27 more days until I'm 19. I hope to be able to begin putting together a profile for sales by then (:

    Read through Chapter 4-7

    Covered linking to other pages, and specific parts of other pages:
    -- done by creating an id on the element and setting the < (a href="market.html#IDofTarget") /> 
    -- link to other pages in my website by << a href="portfolio/index.html" >> 
     == All the files for the market section are in a different folder. (images,style.css,script.js)
    -- target="_blank" opens the link in a new window, otherwise it uses the same tab.
    -- adding other pages into a site is simple. 
    --- best to have new sections (pages) of sites in new folders with their own index and css files 

    Covered Images:
    -- Regular photos use .jpg format
    -- vector images, images that use few colors or large areas of the same color, use .gif or png
    -- don't be a lazy mofo, and crop the image to the height/width I need, don't rely on css for this.
    ---- saves on website file size && loading sizes.

    -- adding images to other pages ::
    = since I've put everything in a new folder,
    all i have to do is << src="images/img.jpg" >> since it's in the same sub-directory.

    -- Creating Tables :: I feel it's not worth the time to create tables,
    -- I'd only use them for image galleries
    -- jQuery can do all the work for me, much quicker.

    Left Off:
    -- chapter 7, Forms.

    EDIT: Lmao everything was linked.  it doesn't close off the <><> tag. 
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    Skipping Forms:
    Can't focus right now, keep getting sidetracked.

    Not going to spend time on something so basic and common, I just found a functional form online and am going to just use that while I work on the more important topics. 
    I'm customizing it by adding google maps, a nav bar, and everything else will depend on the rest of the site. Has to stay consistent.
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    Finished the HTML section of the book, I found a video series from Front End Masters that will be like a more in-depth re-cap and I'll learn some new concepts. I'm going to start that up next. 

    Working on setting up a practice site,

    It's going to be a 3 page website, Very basic, nothing special. My problem is I always try to do more than I know how.
    3rd page Im going to practice with custom fonts and taking up the whole page, something I need to do but it's difficult because not all screens are the same size. 
    What looks good on mine can look like shit on yours.

    I'll post up pics when it's done, need to PRACTICE before i go any further.

    Found this awesome resource when I was looking for how to get a certain color gradient, and found exactly what I was trying to re-create inside, just need the color codes.


    damn. Pics might be difficult, can't until 100 post count. 
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    Love this song.

    Okay so before I get off for the night:

    So we can end on a positive, first, Problem:
    I'm chasing perfection, I spent a good ten minutes working on the best way to implement a group of underlines, and ended up scrapping it. That was probably the best result. 
    Looking at my code now, need to keep consistent with white spacing.

    Had an idea for a logo and built it out of sheer spontaneity
    -- still damn good with photoshop, and now have a decent logo. 
    First page of website is nearly done.
    Confident with HTML, but I may not be using best practice regardless, it looks good.
    -- Still a little shaky with css, have to look back every now & then.
    Finding problems quickly, searching specifically and knowing what my problems are.

    Just have to figure out how to display it here for sentimental purposes once I finish. 

    It's late ( again ) so going to pass the fuck out. 
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    Don't bother too much with books when learning development. I am a 4th year CS student and almost everything I know I've learned it from youtube and googling specific stuff such as "how does xxxx work" and so on. In youtube find thenewboston's channel, it's like RSD for programming. Too bad the dude hasn't uploaded a thing in 8 months, he's amazing at teaching. Just choose websites that you like and try to recreate them, that is the best practice. I have done a small social network in the past, inspired by facebook and it earned me a 3 months summer internship.

    Also if you're planning to focus just on web design and no programming, you have to become a real guru to be able to have a solid career as the market is flooded with designers, especially on freelance websites. But if that is what you enjoy keep pushing. If you have any questions I would be happy to help even though I specialize more in programming.
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    Lol im 18 and and im in the same boat mate, im currently learning those languages and am excited to see where it goes 
    "I’ll see you in hell, feminists ... Long live men."-Rsd student to feminazis at melbourne free tour
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    A new favorite.

    Didn't want to do anything at all, am so tired, and I know once I start I just can't stop. I am getting off in 15 minutes before this becomes another night of no sleep. Sleep deprevation effects me physically so much, the look in my eyes could scar a small child, my voice gets breathy and if I'm not paying attention i'll mumble lol. I  don't have focus when I don't get sleep, I'm completely lost in the world. 

    Gym , got my first shitty haircut in the longest time.. still tipped, and Finished my homework that I needed to do and got back into coding. I feel like I'm wasting time if I'm not doing anything. 

    Put a good hour into this so far tonight.

    Working On Practice Site :

    Everything's coming together very well, 
    I had a few things I wanted to put up but forgot, so until i remember here's the update:
    Didn't get too much done, but still enough to say I "did something," was alot of playing around with the styling.

    -- I need better color planning, I'm pretty sure the gray I picked is literally two shades off the regular font color lol. 
    ----- This will come with time, 
    --  I need to learn some fonts and master them
    ---- Again, this will come with time
    -- stop pushing ctrl + s when typing these updates, habit.

    -- Learned to add << article >>
     tags when trying to make text columns in a << div >> otherwise everything molds together when trying to do anything with it. The << article >> gives it their own box and space.
    ---- forgot what I was going to say...

    -- Modified and replaced pictures in my "gallery", have a really good sense of what should go together, atleast I feel. But then again, these pics are amazing and could fit together in any way and be displayed any where.
    ---- what was I going to say...

    -- Modified logo, removed something and changed the layout a bit. It doesn't really fit what I'm doing i feel, but it's a nice looking placeholder (:

    -- My code is staying consistent, { on the right, and as far as I can tell I'm doing my best not to repeat my self (D.R.Y)
    ---- with the article tags in my columns, had I not thought to do that I would've created Id's for each << p >> and styled it like that... lol rookie moves..

    -- Working with Photoshop is still a little slow, but I've got a system down for resizing images/cropping for the website
    ---- Also, been doing good with knowing how to size my images, I havn't had to re-size anything yet because it was too big or didnt fit. 

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    Damn my first comments... 
    New milestone.

    Don't tell me the odds. haha but seriously,  thanks for the input man and it's something I think about occasionally... but I know everywhere Someone's making money, and I have more than a few ideas to implement when I get good at this, and one method is going to nearly gaurantee a long term client. I've got a plan.

    Also I looked into thenewboston and he has a shit ton of videos, something I'll definitely look into when it comes to more of the programming side of things. And Your right, I will definitely learn a programming language, I put a solid three weeks into Javascript, couldn't really get much out of it lol it's complicated. I learned the core of it all, but still have a hard time typing it all out on my own or making any sense of it.  I'm probably just going to learn jQuery since I have the basics of Javascript and be done with it, then maybe? i'll learn php for a back-end, truthfully I'm hoping to team up with someone for that side of it all. But that won't happen for a while.

      I also don't want to try to do it all.  

    There's alot I have in mind, like I said.

    I'll cross that bridge once I get there, it's still one of the things i'm thinking over. 
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    Awesome Ruski let me know how your progress goes, ask if you need anything.

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