November 19th, 2018
What do I mean by "Girls like sex"? How often should you be closing?
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I read many comments from guys unclear what I mean with the whole "girls love sex" frame.   Does it mean they fuck a different dude every night?  What's going on?

In the vid I said most girls by their mid twenties have fucked like 30 or 40 guys.  That's obviously not a different guy every night.

At the same time it's a LOT more sex than most guys delude themselves to believe.

This is important to understand because you don't want to delude yourself that even "high quality women" or "classy women" or "educated women" are not hooking up with dudes.  They are.

I think the biggest failing that guys make in interpreting my "girls like sex" videos is they think I'm making "social commentary" or talking about an "ideal society" where girls fuck tons of guys.

I'm not saying to tell your sister to go get banged, I don't care about that.

Rather, I'm giving you the MINDSET of a GUY WHO GETS LAID.

It doesn't have to be fully accurate or socially prescriptive, it simply has to be the mindset that works.

For example, if you're a highly successful car salesman, what's your view of people going to be?  PEOPLE BUY CARS.


You're a hardcore closer, to the fucking bone.  You're Alex Baldwin from Glengary Glenross who says "Coffee is for closers".  You pride yourself in this.

Closers (also known as "rain makers") believe fully that women LOVE sex and that women ARE HAVING SEX and that women SHOULD BE HAVING SEX.

They believe that GIRLS LIKE TO FUCK OTHER GIRLS and PREFER to have sex with another girl in the mix to add to her experience.  They are not JUDGEMENTAL or SHAMING to the girl for wanting to be a kinky slut.

They don't judge women for sex anymore than a car salesman judges someone for buying his car.  They are fully aligned so that every inch of their energy says to the woman "This is fun, you know damned well you're doing it, you know you want to, you know you SHOULD..."

Obviously that doesn't mean that if you're a newbie you should brow beat yourself if you don't get laid, like "If girls like sex and I'm not getting sex, I should kill myself!"  Or if your girlfriend finds out that another girl doesn't want to have a threesome with you, it doesn't mean she should freak the fuck out.

Rather it just means that you've adopted a set of beliefs that will come across to the girls in a way that makes them ASSOCIATE YOU WITH SEX and cause them to become SEXUALLY AROUSED.

This belief emanates from every inch of your pores.  Women FEEL SEX coming off of you in your vibe.  They know that YOU KNOW that they want to have sex.

Your belief that women love sex comes through in your interaction with them.  They feel that sex is always on the table with you.  You're one of those guys who "gets it".

That's how you close a lot of girls.  You have the MENTALITY of a guy who gets and most importantly you FIND A WAY to get that pussy.

You don't sit around meditating and thinking the universe will MANIFEST the for you, you know you have to go out and GET THAT PUSSY.

You combine that extreme level of intent with extreme levels of INDIFFERENCE and SELF AMUSED FUN, since indifference and fun communicates to the girl you ALREADY HAVE and therefore you are a DESIRABLE MAN.

That's where things like meditation, or having a great lifestyle, or being on your purpose, or having a harem of other girls comes in.  It makes you NOT CARE.

Every pimp knows to keep around other girls so the women can see he doesn't NEED them.  It's basic dime store psychology - people want to purchase brandnames that everyone else is purchasing, which is part of why Coca Cola is the most popular drink in the world - people assume it's the best cause everyone ELSE is drinking it.

You gotta be an extreme hardcloser while being extremely indifferent.  It's a zen paradox.

I sometimes read guys who say they fuck 3 or 4 girls a year, but if you are HONESTLY playing the game then a girl a week is not uncommon and some guys fuck a new girl every few nights, or even hit streaks of every night for periods of time.

That doesn't mean life is all about sex with new girls.  Guys go through different periods. If you have a lot going on with work, you may not go out as much.  That's fine as long as you're progressing in LIFE which is building up your game regardless.

Other dudes get a girlfriend they love to fuck, and only fuck ONE girl that whole year.

For many dudes that's the biggest win - even more pleasurable than fucking a ton of girls cause you get "depth" and not just more "breadth".  90% of my best sexual experiences are with girls who I went deep with and didn't have to use a condom, not girls I bang with a condom who I barely just met.  OTOH some of my best were with girls I just met, so it's not black or white.

But if you're out "actively gaming" which means going out several hours a night and clearing your schedule so you can stay up late to close the deal, yes you should be PULLING REGULARLY.  At least once a month, but ideally a handful of times a month, or a few a week.  It's not uncommon to go 2 or 4 in a week, AGAIN if you are ACTIVELY GAMING EVERY NIGHT and sex is a high priority.

This is categorically different than doing what I often do, which is go out 20 mins a night to do a few opens so you stay loose, and then game hard on the weekends.  But if I decide "I'm gonna bang out a grip of girls the next few months" then ya, I'm gonna have a plan for what the best clubs are every night, know where I'm taking the girls, be willing to stay up super late to get laid, and the numbers are gonna shoot up.

I've been in this a while so that makes sense.  At the same time it's doable even within a few months of learning pickup if you're a regular guy who wasn't a hardcase like I was when I first learned this.  If you're a hardcase then take your time.  You should never beat yourself up but simply apply pressure onto yourself while enjoying the process and realizing it's a journey to success.

How about quality then?

I hate rating women by numbers cause I think it's demeaning for them to read.  Let's be real - there's so much more to women than just their initial "number" as far as looks.

Every dudes' taste is also going to vary, some guys like stripper hot whereas other guys like model hot .  Some are asian fetishists, others like a girl next door.

That said, if we're gonna be in "locker room" talk mode on an online forum, general numbers are the only way I know to get the idea across quickly and succintly.

So we'll use it GENERALLY to get the idea across.

IME most guys will pull a 6 and rate her a 7.  Pull 7.5 and rate her an 8.  Pull an 8 and rate her a 9.  Have sex with a 9 and rate her a 10, etc.

This is human instinct because if you pull a girl then you LIKE her.  Her interest in you, plus bouncing around naked on your cock, definitely boosts up her rating.   Plus it pumps up your ego to rate her higher, which makes sense as well.

That's all good, and I'd even encourage you to view the women you sleep with in a positive light.  Enjoy sex with ANY girl who grabs your interest.  Don't worry about impressing your friends, ENJOY LIFE.

(Most important is NEVER choose your girlfriend or wife based mostly off of looks.  As long as she looks good enough to arouse you, go for family values and how she supports you in your goals.)

If we're gonna be HONEST as far as quality though, for the sake of discussion, most guys pull a lot of 7's and 8's throughout the year (college girl hot), and the 9's and 10's (stripper / model hot) are more here and there.  They'll also pull the odd 6 (or even 5 lol) on a quiet night when they're horny, which works out fine since their brain distorts the girl to being hotter than she is regardless.

Yes guys will say otherwise, but again they are usually exaggerating unless it's a special case (usually involving someone in a social circle with  major access to these women, and even then, when you have a perfect 10 you usually don't just blow her off to fuck more and more girls).

This is also simply because TRUE 9's and 10's are so uncommon, and they usually roll with high status groups of cool people who they aren't willing to just ditch out on to fuck a random guy.

That said it DOES HAPPEN and it WILL HAPPEN when you go out a lot.

You can also cultivate a harem of stunners if you persist in going out long enough as well, so you're always having sex with really hot girls, just not a brand new perfect 10 who you just met a few hours ago, every night you go out.  I've personally had sex with a stunning girl nearly every day of my life since my early twenties, but it wasn't a girl I just met that day, it was with highest quality women I'd met over the course of the year who I was still enjoying sleeping with.

Assume that if you're in the game you will eventually be having a lot of sex with attractive women.  This is a given if your'e doing it right.

It may take a few months to learn, or a few years, but you'll get there with time.

And how about progress?

Progress is gradual and you should read books like "Mastery" by George Leonard.  Make goals and revise them over time.

Be happy about progress and realize nobody is above it, ALWAYS be happy with wherever you're at and be good to yourself.

Then simultaneously, PUSH yourself to beat the plateaus.  Realize that total happiness with where you're at while pushing yourself hard to improve is another "zen paradox" of all this.

Some plateaus occur cause you care TOO MUCH and are being a try-hard with girls which communicates desperation and scarcity.

Other plateaus occur cause you are not trying ENOUGH, you are not crafty enough, weasely enough to get the damned close.  You lack the will to win, and you're failing to make your open-to-pull into a "greased slide" of awesome emotions for the girl where she doesn't have to think, and you conquer all her objections, all the way to a night of amazing sex that you KNOW she will love.

The game is a journey that teaches you all about your own psychology, that of women, and even that of other men.  You learn everything.  You must challenge yourself to new heights of indifference as well as new heights of getting it done.

Women love sex.  CLOSE!  That's the bottom line. :)

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I'd add something friendly to this:

If you think abotu a girl who is 28 who has slept with 20 guys, and starts being sexually active at age 18...
That means she's sleepgin with 2 GUYS A YEAR! THAT'S NOT THAT MANY.

If she's slept with 40 guys, that's still ONLY 4 GUYS A YEAR. THAT'S ONE GUY EVERY 3 MONTHS. THAT'S NOT THAT MANY.
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Something that helped me out a bit: expression through various forms of art.

I'd say the biggest part about being a closer is creativity and seeing something when nothing is there. On the spot, dynamic, quick-thinking is necessary. To be able to drop everything you thought would work and force your mind to to just come up with something out of the box, well that can translate over into pickup beautifully.
It would be ill advised to take the above statement(s) too seriously.
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Its funny, during my intense hater days, when I thought that everyone was having sex except me and that I was never gonna have sex so the best thing to do was to make sure that no one else had sex either, I pretty much assumed that every woman had already run through 100 or more guys by their 20s. I still believe that, although thankfully the first part has gone away and now I have a much more logical standpoint.

Chicks only have until their mid 30s (if they have a healthy lifestyle/good genetics) to have kids so they need practice lol. Many are looking to make babies by their mid 20s. Even more already HAVE kids by their mid 20s. Once you know the biology behind it, it is VERY easy to believe that chicks crave sex more than men, their body literally TELLS them they need sex or else they won't be able to pass on their genes. Us guys can take a lot longer, which leads to my second argument...

Guys on the other hand, I think a lot of em go through their first 30 years with less than 10 partners. And that is if they have a big social circle/go out all the time. ppl like me who don't go out or just randomly date around, I think the number is less than 5. And there are WAY more male virgins over 25 than we could ever hope to think.

And I honestly believe the average age a chick loses her virginity is like 14 or 15. With guys, it has to be 25.
Let's also not forget that going gay is also tolerated (and now even celebrated) more and more and more and so is celebacy, so now more guys are either becoming MGTOW or going gay.
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im way intermediate and have sex with at least one new girl each week. it isn't unrealistic or even that tough. the hardest part is designing the rest of your life, not anything to do with the girls.
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Hey Tyler!

Thought I would add, it's not just the girls who have slept with a fair few guys that are down for the good stuff! I'm 19 and started University a couple of months ago, since then i've slept with 3 virgins (among others lol), and if you portray to them how sex is normal and you be completely non-judgemental, they are just as down as the ones who have actually been fucked in the arse by a 10 incher. And before you know it, you are the one their next boyfriend is getting pissed about that they fucked.

All girls want to get fucked like a pornstar, you just need to convince them it's completely fucking normal.

You will know you have done this correctly when the girls are eager to go for round 2. And you will realise you are slacking when they are not, simple as that!
But hey, what the fuck do I know!

Hope to meet you one day dude, you're like an evil step dad or something. Couple years yet till i'm old enough for Vegas though, thanks for everything. Peace!
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Awesome post Tyler
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Tyler, you think you could get the same amount of lays from daygame?  Is it a different level of difficulty for you?  Or just another process that can be achieved given certain actions?

I ask because I enjoy daygame a lot and was wondering.

Awesome post btw!
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This post is so money. Of course girls love to fuck. The process for pulling new ass feels fucking amazing.

I've found that letting go and not stressing over it leads to more sex. But yes you must put yourself out there. The key is logistics. The end game must be in mind. Make it easy for her to be fucked and have a place to fuck. Thats all you need.
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The frame i take is like a billionaire playing a game of poker with his friends and the pot is 1000$
they have all been talking mad shit about how good they are so there is a sense of competiion about the whole thing.
While winning actually means nothing for the billionare he is only doing it to amp himself and is embracing the emotions for the fun of the game.

Same frame i have for when i choose to push hard for the close, its painfully obvious that girls are abundant to me but i'lll focus on one girl and try get her for the fun of it.
Well its like this when i do it right anywya
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