December 13th, 2018
Alex & Julien bootcamp review Auckland 7-9 Nov
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Here’s my review of the Alex and Julien bootcamp in Auckland 7-9 Nov.

I’ll put out a caveats first.

Firstly, I signed up in March, I think when it was first announced, I knew at that point that the biggest challenge would be not getting a girlfriend between then and Nov. Needless to say I got a girlfriend in that time, whilst we are in an open relationship and she’s openly bi, (as yet unrealised threesome opportunity!) the pickup fire in my belly is well and truly quenched by an awesome sex life. She’s knows I’m attending and is totally cool with it (great find eh?). However, finding that fire/leverage to push yourself in field at the bootcamp would be a big challenge. Going into it I’m feeling like, ‘remind me again why I am doing this?’ my brain is already looking for excuses to not get out of my comfort zone.

Secondly, I’m not an anti-social weirdo, I have a good job in marketing leadership, a big circle of friends, am in good shape, pull some attractive girls and am happy, healthy, funny and well educated. I just need to get out of my comfort zone and prove what I am actually capable of – not what I can do.

Finally, I signed up on a Julien bootcamp, Alex’s stuff has never really struck a cord with me, and some negative reviews on here compounded that, so I go in with a negative impression of him. I hope to be proven wrong.

Goals / sticking points
Crumbler. Same as most guys involved in this stuff, I’m okay with average girls. Terrible with hotties, I’m a bit of a crumbler and panic at thought of stepping to a hottie. So consequently I don’t. Need to get over that stupid ass fear.

Drinking. Whilst I am in NZ, I am a British lad at heart and I like to booze – and I can drink heaps. Usually to fuel my confidence, however that’s not sustainable and def doesn’t deliver results. Need to learn that I can game whilst sober. That is what scares me most.

Club game. I’m awesome on dates, and I’m epic online with follow up dates. In the club, I’m not great on a cold approach at all, much better on a warm intro via social circle. Need to change that. Most my club results have been luck rather than strategy.

Congruence tests. I tend to believe them, a chick will say, ‘you’re too old for me.’ And I’ll wander back to my friends, thinking ‘well that was worth a try’. I usually don’t realise until the next day that it was a shit test and should’ve been treated as one.

I’m 37 and I like younger chicks. I am hoping this will give me more of an edge on those 20-somethings that I like so much.

Actually really nervous. More nervous than I thought I would be, way, way worse than a big job interview. My brain has been coming up with excuses not to go all day (you already have a girlfriend etc) and reasons to have a drink to lubricate the social skills. I’ve been at work today (thurs), but will skip the gym so I am not totally depleted of energy, eat some good food (steak, avocado and greens) and stock up on plenty of natural energy (dark chocolate, coffee, maca root).
Thursday night
Arrive at hotel for the intros, Alex is shorter than you expect. Julien is taller than you expect. We do the round table and decide that due to the dreary Auckland weather, that Friday day game would be better than Thursday night. I’m cool with this. Limited day game experience, so happy to go into that. However, the teachers and the local help take us out for a drink and Julien demonstrates outside a couple of bars, we are sent into set on what there is. Julien is good without question. We shoot the shit a bit and connect as a group. We drag a couple of groups of girls into our bar, but nine guys asking them the same questions is a bit overwhelming I think! They bail after a little while.

I mention that drinking is a sticking point. I am told no drink for the duration of the bootcamp – no questioning.

Friday afternoon
We meet at starbucks, it is totally pissing with rain which makes finding sets very hard. I’m in a group with Alex. He gives solid advice and sends us out to hit some moving girls on the road. I try a south American girl, walk with her for five, we chat and it’s pretty easy. I try for the number. No go, possible excuse, I don’t know. Super cute though, and just my type. Glad I stepped up to a girl I actually fancied! The debrief is good, get in front of her, slow down your rate of speech. Smile more, don’t take it too seriously.  The critique makes my state drop, I’m a very competitive student and like to be top of the class, I can’t handle not being number one. Making me increasingly nervous – too hard on myself.

Couple of bad approaches due to nerves and I spiral down a bit. I’m also close to my work office which is in the back of my mind.

Sort of wander around. There’s not much happening, no more sets really. A few moving ones but not much more than a hi and a pleasantry. We hit the train station. We try a few other sets, doesn’t go to well. Nerves are pumping really hard now. Fully out of comfort zone, not freak out zone, but the reserved Englishman in me is holding me back big time. Another student and I speak to two Japanese girls for a good while, but language barrier and the fact that they are 17 holds us back. Not great.

We rejoin with Julien and the other group that are doing well with two German students. A few more circuits, Alex and I try another area, and in a moment of absolute surrealness, an angry Maori girl starts shouting ‘faggots’ at us and ‘are you going to suck each other’s dick’ – we can only conclude it’s the result of a crystal meth habit. Alex suggests he has never seen anything like it before. None of us have even opened her. Haere Mai Aotearoa (welcome to New Zealand).

Julien sees my nerves and tension and puts me through several very public confidence exercises, gaming the wall at full volume in rush hour central Auckland, screaming at the top of my lungs. The whole kit and caboodle. It unstifled me very well, he sends me to follow a girl crossing the road. I open we chat, we walk to the shop, I chat chat the whole way, teasing and being myself and feeling pretty cool. Help her buy a top in a clothes shop. Get a kiss and the number. We have been texting since and I quote her reply ‘pretty smooth way to pick up the ladies, rather impressed’ lol! Day game could work well for me.
Head home try to nap, fail – brain is flying. Eat very healthy food and plenty of natural energy again.

Pointers for me for day game
Just fucking relax, enjoy it
Shoulders down
Hands out of pockets
Dominant but fun
Don’t hide behind something in your hands

Friday night
Arrive about 20 mins early at the venue. So wait in my car, breath and meditate a little. Psych myself up. But after the close of the day game on a high note for me, I am in good state and good spirits. Enter the venue see the crew and a chick I had previously gamed up, so I entered their group. Nice easy start to the night. She’s super keen and could’ve ended up in her bed no probs. Julien enters the set with the view to make it tricky for me I think. But to also show how he has a good grasp on getting a girl to behave how he chooses. Nice and dominant. They do call him creepy though. He did sniff her head lol! I hang with their group for a while to build my social vibe, perfect easy start to the evening. Chatting with the group getting illogical and enjoying it – and sober. Channel my inner Russell brand. She wants to meet later.

We brief for the night and what they want to see and the RSD structure for club game – My sales/marketing brain connects with the approach. Open everything, seek leads, nurture your leads through the night, select hot leads and close at end of night. It’s marketing-sales funnel management essentially. Like my job.

First bar is kinda quiet, but my state is up. I open the good looking tall blonde with a big rack (wow, I’m sober, I would never hit something nice like that!) and she is just super into me, I’m talking with the group and her friends and she is looking for my attention. In the end her friends literally drag her off while she holds eye contact. I’m the daddy.

Get to the club. It fills up very nicely. We start opening immediately, and I get blazing state very quickly. Fully on fire. Not a care in the world, social, illogical, having fun. The advice and feedback from both Alex and Julien is solid, esp on the cadence of my speech, my body language. I am suddenly opening and gaming in a totally different way, but it feels good, and feels natural. Julien has a moment of hilarity and creates a persona for me that is ‘Big Daddy’ and makes me play it most of the night. Open by saying ‘They call me big daddy’ – it’s hilarious. We get girsl to say 'Hi Big Daddy' - too much fun. I have some awesome sets, hotter and younger girls than I ever would, many laughs, flirting, great times. I talk absolute self amusing nonsense. Girl takes my shirt off and paints on my chest. He makes me say some harsh things in set, but I follow his lead. Whilst I feel that it spoiled the set, young chick was into me, I think he is making me work on a harder situation. I look forward to asking why in the end of bootcamp debrief.

However, I definitely peak too early. At about 1am, fatigue kicks in. I lose state, start to drop and feel very tired. Gets very hard to open. Interesting to see the difference that being in state makes for an open. Go back to pumping my state, dancing and creating motion.

Drop back in and out of a few opened sets from earlier. But the fatigue is punishing me and my state is low. Still having fun though. Girls are thrown my way by the instructors.

Witness plenty of Julien in action with some hot girls and cute girls. Definitely keeps it dominant and playful – good to see it in action. And good to see that my verbal game, is actually great when I am in state, as good as anyone esle inc the teachers. The father-daughter vibe he asks me to project is good, I like it,

Hit up more girls, stay in with a 21 year old through every shit test she can throw at me. We’re both sober too, I take the challenge and keep my state. Whilst she eventually ejects, I am stoked with my performance. Yuss big ups to the old man!

Alex is pushing for me to find my hottest lead to walk out with her. If I still had the state of earlier in the night, no probs. But it’s harder now. Working, working, working. At 3am I decide I am spent. Fatigue has broken me. Four hours of day game and four and a half hours of club game. I’m broken. Fully blown out including the ‘nice to meet you’ and arm tap. Ha!

At this point, I feel like I have won. Won the night, won the game, and most importantly, won over myself. I didn’t drink a single drop and I spoke to more and hotter girls than I have ever done in one night. Had better responses than ever and I loved it. Solid advice all night – changed the total nature of my game in a few hours. Good work RSD. Massive personal victory.

Alex debriefs another student and I outside. The rest are in set, and committed to the pull with their hottest leads. Teaches us the float. We drop in and get a cool little session with a couple of nice blondes. Goes nowhere but they are responsive.

We start to walk back. There’s a cute blond from the club behind us. Julien sends me in, a very pretty green eyed blonde Russian girl. Boom, opens great, she loves me, I float with her, chatting and taking Alex’s advice on ‘nice guy game’ at this part of the night, goes perfectly. Walk her back to her CBD apartment – laughter and good times the whole way – we have a mutual friend, perfect. The ten mins we had spent together was not enough to get through her door, but I get the kiss and the number. We are already texting today.

Again, both sessions finished on a high note, kissing and number closing a blonde – though I prefer dark haired girls!

Pointers from my club game
cadence of speech slower
be father – daughter frame
body language be like big daddy
obnoxious self-amusing
Keep fucking still
Open hard and loud
Be expressive
Screen logistics
Keep early interactions much shorter, I burnt out by making them too long
Increase length of sets as the night passes
Reengage your warm leads
The float
Manage your state. DO NOT PEAK EARLY. 
Julien says be chodey early to save your state for later when it matters.

Final night review to follow - it starts in about 3 hours.
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Cant wait for the next chapter
 Vibe can't stop!
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Saturday night
Meet and catch the end of the hot seat. I just couldn’t justify the expense for both programmes in the end.
t’s time for a debrief on the night before. It was good to catch up on the crazy adventures of the guys, who were all solid dudes. Being cockblocked by a Chihuahua was the best story of the night for sure.
Julien and Alex give us the briefing for the night – what we should be doing as a crew and some individual work. We head to the same club and it’s pretty banging. Busier than the previous night. And there’s a lot more elbows flying.

Immediately sent into sets, I endeavour to have fun and enjoy myself without taking them too long. I hit the hottest girl int he bar. stoked.

Sent into one girl, she’s just my sort. Tall, tattoos, piercings and a bit alternative. And closer to my age, she’s out with a group and a disabled friend. I engage them all and pay plenty of attention to the disabled friend. Then start shooting nonsense, the bootcamp has helped me connect with my verbal game very well. It’s not for everyone but when I lock it in, it’s great. It’s a combination of the surreal and the intellectual. I use lots of long words and blend it with stupidity. In bag of big daddy frame. I get her laughing and smiling, she’s loving me. I manage to drop Jean Baudrillard and then on to the ridiculousness of taking about contemporary French philosophy in a bar. Awesome.
Drop out and then open a few others, but nothing catches. We are reminded to just mingle at this point of the night. Open, nothing too hard. Just chill and meet some people.

See the girl sat down with her group and there’s a seat next to her. Julien says go. A guys sits down. Damn it. Then he immediately leaves. Boom I am in. She loves it, immediately laughing and genuinely pleased to see me. She has to go and help her disabled friend home. I say you’re a cool girl, would really like to hang out again. Get a solid number and a kiss. We’re texting already. Win. Julien reminds me to text early, make sure she can get back in touch if she wants to.

One of the other students and I hit a two set of blondes that fluctuates wildly from into us, to not into us. And back again. We manage to get as far as the taxi with them. They were good looking chicks, glad to have got that far and to wing well with him.

Feel a bit lost for a while and open every little. A few half conversations and intros here and there. A lot of wandering. Nothing sticking. Lots of young club girls, and aggressive drunken guys – the Friday night vibe was a bit better at the club. Get to watch Julien at work, he is really great. The real deal. Captivates any girl he opens – strong/cheeky/sexual eye contact, and is total proof that you don’t need to say anything at all as long as you make it SOUND interesting. He opens with ‘Are you from Auckland?  Do you like the hobbit?’ – Okay so he has a small accent advantage here, but I have an Englsih accent too.

Open a few sets with the instructors. Whilst Julien is able to get the undivided attention of 90% of opens. We are lucky to get around 5%. It’s still good. Fatigue starts to set in and I’m struggling a bit.

Alex intros me into a two set, I’m fully out of state. Boom, back onto it in 5 secs, state up. Making jokes and entertaining two girls, both are laughing and giggling for like 20 mins – my verbal game is so good when I am sober. Alex helps move the set on for food. I take the two girls for pizza and a chat. Fully keep them entertained, whilst they are two conservative Asian girls, I take the opp to tell my stories and to make them entertaining – adopting all I had been taught. They absolutely love it. Alex helps me out to lock in the bounce for food - pretty neat little line. I took Alex’s advice here and considered to be host for them both, helps you keep that masculine 'i'm the don here' frame - I kept the stories flowing and fun was had. Practiced my range of expression by telling deliberately crappy stories in an awesome way, worked a charm. Joined by a wingman and we drive them home. No dice. But great to practice the bounce and keep it flowing. Again sober.

Final debrief
I crash my car on the way to the debrief. So lame. Kinda spoils it for me, not able to concentrate as much as I wanted.  

We recount our learnings from the weekend and they drill into each of them with personalised feedback – everyone’s feedback is useful.

For me
-          Range of expressiveness, use the full range. From bottom to top. Manage the rhythm and cadence of my verbal game.
-          Adopt a persona to experiment. Be big daddy lol!
-          Keep up the word association games
-          Play all the way to the pull
-          Host the girls and assume the pull

The advice is solid, and I feel like we finish the weekend as friends, even with the instructors. They are mates by the end. My next engagement might be Vegas, I’m planning a trip to the US.

The boot camp is a high pressure environment. No matter what you do, you can’t help but feel the pressure of not wanting to look like a dick in front of the teachers and students. Harder to perform there than it is on your own. It was tough

Three very solid numbers that I am engaged with. Can convert any of them easily enough.

Masses of confidence taken from this weekend. I can’t stress how much gaming whilst sober has increased my confidence and opened my mind. I think I am at a stage where gaming nights will be drink free – and partying with my friends will be drinking time. I prefer being out and sober.

I have to now impart some of this with my girlfriend and take the opportunity to seek threesomes. I could be living the dream (well my dream) sometime soon, and RSD will have played a big part in my success.

Julien – The guy has got game to burn and you can see he’s living the life. He’s very high energy all the time. Always on, always opening and bouncing. Be aware that this might not be for everyone – think about which instructors you connect with. He’s a great teacher and clearly his cheeky sense of humour flows into his game. Genuinely nice guy too – always had time for everyone, even when people were pick-up nerding out on him!

Alex – I came with a negative impression, thankfully it was overcome. Alex is very affable and a likeable guy. His advice was more macro, which is useful, in terms of how have you structured your night, what’s the plan, what’s the plan, what’s the f**king plan? Pretty funny dude and easy to hang out with.  Whilst he didn’t demo as much as Julien, the sets he opened were solid. And Asian girls appear to have the hots for him – he clearly prefers Swedes!
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nice review man,
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nice one.
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Is free tour coming back to auckland?
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Interesting !
Massive Action !!
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any puas from hawkesbay? im cleaning up!
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Thanks a lot for taking the time to post. I am doing my BC with Julien right before summit and I am excited, but also nervous it was great to read how it worked out for you and be rinsed that we all go through emotions that get us and affects our decisions, thanks a lot I will keep in mind your lessons since I have gone through many specially going out of state when it matters!!
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sounds great
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Great review man! i did'nt even know they had a bootcamp damm, any one in Hamilton? its like 4girls to 1 guy ratio down here because of uni and wintec.
Does anyone know when the next bootcamp is?

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