July 21st, 2018
Loosing my motivation
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Hey guys..

I am not sure..but I am loosing my motivation. I have a wing who is very high energy and random..He doesnt have any social fear..because he is totally socially uncalibrated..but he doesnt really have any pickup skilss as such either..but he gets results sometimes..because he is pretty bold. He doesnt even get along well with guys...

Its weird...I have seen when I am with guys who are way better than me at something, just not pickup..I tend to go into a shell..and actually become worse at whatever...because my wing is so good at the approaching...I am actually becoming worse at the approach game..Once I can approach..I can usually do well...

I am thinking I have to focus more on what I really want and focus on my goals..than focus on what he is doing...whenever I bring it up to him that we should try to improve our skills gradually..he just bombards stuff out..and just starts shouting "approach, approach, approach". That was helpful in the beginning its counterproductive...

What do you think? I had a hiatus of 2 months..because I was going out a lot and actually had a lot of repurcussions at work..but got frustrated that I was not really getting results. ..had to take a I think about it more..i am feeling the problem lies more in my belief system...i am too dependent on my wing...I am not really going after what I really want...i am not being selfish enough...if we are not compatible..I should cut him out and get a new wing..I have to be selfish...

Being selfish is something that is hard for me...I have a decent social circle..but one of the other mental blockage is how my social circle is going to perceive me once they know that I am a player...I agree that I am reliant on the validation that I get from my social circle..I guess I have to find another social circle of players and bitches to get my validation from...this social circle thing is preventing me from going all wing doesnt have that baggage..because he doesnt have any social circle at all...

I leave you with a video from tony robbins..which gave me some insight into my problems..maybe it will resonate.

any advice?
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that shit happen to my wing too, and it end with he bang some big pig, and make her pregnant,
i approach a lot before, and it end with they kick me out from my favorite club, i did make the club look like a meat market,
so now i try to do more technical stuff, and more indirect, the back side of that is i need to work more to get the girl to hook,

if you have hard time to open just learn some fun can lines, who cares,,,,, after that just step back and let the girl talk back,
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