January 18th, 2019
Best Clubs to Hang out in Lisbon
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Hey guys, here’s a detailed review of the best clubs to hang out in Lisbon these days:

Monday – There’s not much going on Monday in here, so my best advice is to go do some Day-game on Downtown Lisbon (Baixa de Lisboa), some park (ex: Parque Eduardo VII), or some mall (ex: Colombo Shopping center, El Corte Inglês, Vasco da Gama).

Tuesday – The best place to go on a Tuesday night is, hands down, Docks Club. Urban Beach i salso opened, but it’s not as good. Girls have free-entrance with 3 free drinks until 1h30, while men have to pay 8€ (via Guestlist) or 10€ (no guestlist) with 1 drink. If you come after 1h30, you have to pay 12€ (via Guestlist) or 15€ (no guestlist) with 3 drinks. It usually starts filling up after 2h30.

Dress Code: Dress good or you’ll not get in.
Guest List Difficulty: Easy
Quality of girls: You have some pretty hot girls in here, it usually has many 8s, 9s and some 10s, mainly girls between 23 and 30 years old.
Duration: 1h00 – 6h30
As a side note, girls usually go to Space Lisbon club (it sucks, but they have a free entrance with 3 free drinks) before going to Docks (both clubs are relatively close).

Wednesday Urban Beach, hands down. It’s free to enter until 1h00, else you’ve to pay 12e (that you can use for a couple of drinks though). There’s lots of Erasmus girls (foreign people studying abroad or just on vacations). Very fun club.

Dress Code: You need to be OK, nothing special.
Guest List Difficulty: Super easy, when they ask what’s your guest list at the entrance, just say “Artur K”.
Quality of girls: Many 6s,7s,8s, very few 9s and 1 or 2 tens ocasionally (usually the bartenders haha).
Duration: 1h00 – 6h00

[b]Thursday -
Main Club, this is the best one to go on Thursdays. Completely packed, all ranges of people, nationalities and girls. Entrance is usually 12€ for guys, 6e for girls, both with 2 drinks. With the proper guestlist, you can, perhaps, enter for free sometimes, or pay 8€ only with 1 drink.

Dress Code: Dress good, maybe use a dress shirt.
Guest List Difficulty: Moderate.
Quality of girls: You have some pretty hot girls here, ranging from 5 to 10 (also lots of college-girls).
Duration: 1h00 – 6h00 (fills up after 2h30~3:00)

PS: You can also go to Urban Beach on Thursday, but I think Main is better in terms of girls. Prices are similar though.

Friday - On Friday you have many options. Before going to the club, you can go to Bairro Alto, a place known for its bars and clubs (all free entrance). Many groups gather there to get some drinks and chat a bit before hitting the clubs. Bairro Alto usually runs between 22h00 and 02h30. Usually afterwards, people either go to the club, or to Cais do Sodré (another street packed with clubs and bars (50% free, 50% paid, ~5€). These are not high-end clubs, and you’ll not find many attractive girls here, mainly 6,7,8s.

On the club side, you can go to:

Lux Fragil[=rgb(139, 0, 0)] :[/] probably the best club to go on Friday. Price is usually 10€ no drinks or 12€ with 1 drink (before 3:00). The later you go, the more expensive it gets.
Dress Code: Dress good.
Guest List Difficulty: Hard.
Quality of girls: It usually has some pretty hot girls, ranging from 6 to 10s. It’s also filled with foreign women. In terms of age, you can find a 18 year old, but you can also find a 40 year old. The best milfs in town come here.
Duration: 2h30 – 7h00 (starts filling up after 3h30)

Main [=rgb(139, 0, 0)]: [/]Also pretty good, but it’s better on Thursday. The entrance is about 12€
Dress Code: Dress good.
Guest List Difficulty: Medium
Quality of girls: 5-9 with the rare 10.
Duration: 1h30 – 6h00 (starts filling up after 3h00)

Urban Beach: It’s fine, but has lots of 18-21 year old girls, lots of younger girls. 8€ with Guest list before 1h30, 12€ withot (can be used for drinks). After 1h30, with guest, it’s 12€, while without guest, it’s 15-20€.
Dress Code: Dress ok.
Guest List Difficulty: Easy.
Quality of girls: 5-8 with the rare 9.
Duration: 1h30 – 6h00 (starts filling up after 3h00)

You also have Docks club on Friday, amongst many others, but I’ve never been there on Friday. From what I’ve heard, they’re just weaker than these 3 I posted above.

Saturday: It’s basically the same as on Friday, with the exception that Urban Beach is actually pretty nice on Saturdays (although it has also elder people, milfs) with an entrance fee of 12€ before 1h30, 20€ after.

Sunday: On a Sunday you can go check Bairro Alto, it will be half full though. Afterwards, if you want to go to a club, sometimes[=rgb(139, 0, 0)] Urban Beach [/]is opened, but not always, it depends if there are any events going on.

-This guide is mainly for NON-SUMMER times, because during the summer, some clubs close and many new open up (Swag on, ondeando, spies kontiki, etc). I’ll do a summer-guide next year.
-Usually, all the entrances’ tickets can be used for drinks.
-Good facebook pages to check out which events are going on in Lisbon:
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Thanks for this man, I'm going to be in Lisbon for a couple weeks in December.
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Hit us up at Lisbon Inner Circle
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Lust in rio is the new place to be :)
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Yup, Lust is clearly the best place atm.
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