November 20th, 2018
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AZN Tupac Jesus

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9.30.13 - Pushes Finally

I was at Hakassan by myself tonight. Might not have been the best choice since I had trouble opening. I wasn't sure if this was because I took a night off or because I was outcome dependent on the push.

I only took a night off so that doesn't seem likely. It was probably because I was so focused on an outcome so I had difficulty opening tonight.

Regardless, I do open a number of sets. The sets that did hook I was pushing. I had 2 great interactions actually. The girls weren't all that attractive however but that doesn't matter.

I remember when I was first doing BR tonality, I had trouble opening anything except fatties. Now I'm berrating down anything that moves. It's gonna be a process but I'll get it down.

Ok I had a great interaction where I pushed the girl 3 or 4 times and even when I started to lose my clarity of intent, she fucking stood there! She just wouldn't leave. Eventually she does to go to the bathroom but holy shit!

My brain was fucking blown. I mean I've done this before and I know push is suppose to cause the attraction but after an entire month of girls not even complying with me and leaving the very instant I lose my clarity of intent, this was shocking.

Like she just stood there waiting for me to keep going. It's like, "Shit. I just stopped you on your way to the bathroom and you're just standing here waiting for me like a dog." WOW.

Anyways, nothing really too memorable beyond a few sets. A lot of approaches were opening surprisingly but that's also because my tonality and eye contact are so good now. I just have to trust they'll open and focus on the challenging frame and self amusement.

1. The pushes are playful. Strong but not in a scary, intimidating way. Playful and firm. Unless you're trying to focus her RAS, then you can berate her down.
2. Not too worried about having bad nights right now. This always happens when I'm taking on a new sticking point. I get outcome dependent which makes me not want to approach. All good, keep hammering it out. I was also at quite possibly the loudest venue in Vegas by myself, so it's all good.
3. Wanted to put this link here cause it's so awesome:
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AZN Tupac Jesus

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Solo at XS tonight. Tough getting myself going. Didn't really approach consistently, had trouble following my process. Regardless, I do approach intermittently throughout the night. I couldn't approach the hotties tonight.

I can feel myself getting more indifferent however. It's slowly getting there. Eventually I hope to be as indifferent to approaching as when I'm with a wing.

At the end of the night I had a great approach. I had my wing Kenny with me however so that helped.

I approach a chubby Australian chick. She's cute. She opens up pretty easy I go in and my game is much smoother than yesterday. My pushes are on point, did about 4 or so.

She's definitely attracted. When I say "I hate you" I can see the "predator eyes". I go to kiss her at some point, which is really quick in the interaction only maybe 2 or 3 minutes in. I get the kiss but she doesn't give me a full kiss.

I tell her to give me a real kiss and not a shitty kiss. She gives me a shitty one. Tell her that was shitty, she tells me she has a boyfriend.

I decide to let her go at this point but in hindsight I could've pushed it harder and in different ways. At the end I make her give me another kiss and let her go.

Holy shit though. I kissed a girl who has a BF in like 2 minutes of meeting her. Fucking pushes are AMAZING!

Anyways, I'm all validated at this point and do one more approach before heading home. Basically tried to AMOG some guy grinding up on an Asian girl.

1. Kinda bothers me that I have trouble being consistent when I'm solo but solo is tough, it's suppose to be like this. Hang in there and be patient with yourself.
2. When the girl told me she had a BF, I should've said, "Fine. Fuck off then. Scat like a rat. I don't judge..." then pull her in. I also could've pushed harder for the makeout. Lesson learned.
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AZN Tupac Jesus

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Solo at 1Oak. Wasn't too good when I was there but I managed to approach quite a bit. Awesome. Proud of myself in this regard. Also pushed but wasn't really caring too much about it here.

Eventually decide to hit up Pure. Everyone is there. Place is decent tonight.

I get in and approach a lot effortlessly. Solo makes going out with wings so easy. Approaching is so effortless. I still get stifled but all good.

I was also pushing more often and in more sets. Some went well, some not so much. Who knows, doesn't really matter as long as I'm incorporating more and more pushes in my game that's all that matters.

Call it at 3am and go chill with the boys. Had some great talks about buyer/seller dynamic and pushing.

Tomorrow going to keep going out solo because I realize how good it fucking makes my shit. I have to do it no matter what. I'm going to work on pushing until it's auto-pilot.

1. Just realized I actually had some great interactions, I just ejected from them. If I had just stuck in it might have gone somewhere. I was talking to this Mexican chick and I was very challenging in this approach I realized now. Dunno why I didn't remember it. I think I ejected because I had moments where my verbals weren't perfectly "smooth" so I bounced. Thing is, your verbals don't have to be perfect. You can fumble around a bit and it's fine. I realize now she was really into me. Doh!
2. I had a mini-epiphany. I shouldn't think of pushes as just pushes, I should think about the vibe of the push, which is a challenging vibe. I realize even though I was pushing, in some sets I wasn't giving off a challenging vibe which is so key to making it work. With the Mexican chick I was very challenging and it went great.

"Are you cool? I'm from Hollywood, so if I bring you around my friends, don't fucking embarrass me. Are you going to embarrass me? Are you cool? Awesome. I love you. A little bit."
"Let's be Bonny and Clyde. Wait, let me see your guns. How we gonna rob a bank with those arms girl? Fine you can drive the getaway van. Can you drive? Are you sure? Cool."

Holy shit. I remember back when I was first discovering this for myself and how amazing it worked. I realized I was creating my own hypothetical scenarios just like Julien but in my own "futures projections" style. It's challenging, it acetuates the "togetherness vibe" and it's very push/pull. It just says all the right fucking things. I'm totally bringing back this shit. It's also some fun shit you can talk about with the girl. 
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AZN Tupac Jesus

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Almost didn't go out tonight. Was feeling sick and lying in bed. I dose off for 10 minutes and I snap awake. I start getting dressed and head out the door...

On my way there my buddy calls me and tells me they're going to LAX. They were kicked from Surrender. Ok, LAX I go, never been there.

So getting inside the place is pretty bad. Ratio and there are a lot of fat girls. Oh well.

This shit feels like San Francisco. Girls open so easy here and they're all down to get pulled. It's just "that vibe". It's like a combination of shitty venue + girls not that hot + guys with shitty game, that amounts to all the girls not having a shtick and way more willing to meet a guy.

I had some pretty good interactions but there weren't enough girls here for me to really get into state.

I had to take a seat at the end of the night and try to analyze why it is I'm having more difficulty approaching this past week. I think it's because I've taken on a new sticking point so a few things are happening.

1. I don't want to be devalidated so I'm way less willing to just roll up congruent. I also unwilling to just folow my momentum building process and just throw approaches away because I want validation.
2. Because I'm unsure of myself due to trying to push, this leads me to not believe "I am enough". It's a paradox because trying something new you have to go through an unsure phase until it's internalized.

I shouldn't be too hard on myself but I'm finding I'm becoming game fatigued because pickup isn't this effortless, fun thing right now. That kinda sucks but I know I have to keep up with the pushes. I don't think I was challenging enough tonight actually, I must be more.

Anyways, it was good night, I'm glad I went out even though I almost didn't.

1. Holy fuck this just blew my mind.

Lil' Wayne just says any dumb shit that comes into his head and because he believes in it, other people believe in it too.

This is what pimps do, it's called the "million dollar mouthpiece". Pimps realize women are just drawn in by the energy. Nightclub environment, women have attention span of an ant cause they just want to have fun. They can't even remember what you're saying anyway. As long as they feel good energy that's all that matters. All you have to do is put good energy behind anything.

The problem as guys we want the energy to match the content. Guys with "million dollar mouthpiece" realize they can divorce the content from the emotion. So you can be talking about anything and as long as you think it's cool, she's going to feel like it's cool. As long as I have the emotion that I want transferred into her body, I can keep talking and talking.

What most guys do is FILTER, "Is this good enough to say to a beautiful woman like that?" What they don't realize is that she's only paying attention to the emotion anyways.

1st exercise - Talk about mundane stuff but put the right ENERGY behind your words. ALLOW YOURSELF TO SLOW DOWN AND ASSUME PEOPLE WILL LISTEN TO YOU WHICH DRAWS THEM IN
Think about it like you're just enjoying the emotions in your body as you speak and that you're focused more on the emotion and the swagger as opposed to the actual content.

2nd exercise - Free association.

1. Whatever you have to say has value purely because it comes from you.
- Imagine whatever you do, people cheered you, even for the most mundane things. Whatever you do is THE SHIT. Like a child, you expect everyone wants to hear what you have to say. It's the shit.
2. Whatever you have to say is interesting or compelling because she wants to know what you find interesting. The law of state transference causes that.
- She wants to see a window into what you like, your humor, your points of view, your emotions, your ways of seeing the world.
- If you find it fascinating, that emotion of fascination makes you fascinating to her. Also when you feel the emotions of humor or interest, it draws her in.
3. Be in the moment, don't think ahead.
- Exercise: Stay very present and then just say whatever is the first word that pops up without judging it.
4. Lower your standards for what's good enough to say to the girl.
- Girls love it when you're not filtering yourself, not judging yourself, you're just letting go.
- Even though what you're saying may not be that great, she may not be that into it but just the frame that you'll say whatever you want and that you're free, she feels that frame of high value coming from you and she gets attracted.
- Make the world a lighter place for you. Stop overanalyzing it and thinking certain humor isn't good enough just enjoy all humor.
5. It's not what you say, it's the energy behind how you say it.
- Girls just want the energy, they're not overly concerned with the content. *MINDBLOWING*
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AZN Tupac Jesus

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So I've been going out every night but nothing has been worth noting in terms of my field reports. A lot has been on my mind however.

Tonight I was only out for about 30 minutes. I wasn't planning on going out but I had already bought my ticket so I decide to regardless. I only did 3 approaches. They all opened but I ejected quickly. I was feeling an adrenaline spike on each approach and that made me stop. I decided to head home.

Something has been going on with my game as of late. It's a bit of a confusing time as I don't know how to proceed. It seems I'm at a stalemate in my game a stalemate that I've hit 5 times in the past already.

All I have are clues, nothing concrete so I'm basically just going to jot down points that have been on my mind as of late. Maybe I can begin to piece it together eventually.

1. My difficulty with verbal game is a result of stifling which is a result of lack of ENTITLEMENT

Entitlement has been the biggest realization of the past week. I realize my verbal game is fine. I know how to do it but it only comes out with I'm talking to a 6 or 7. I realize now my game is actually fine. The actually outer game is good but what I lack is the entitlement to execute it at will.

2. I spend the majority of my night building entitlement in order to do a good approach

I've developed a process where I can go out every night, approach and building momentum and eventually do a good approach. Every night it's the same. I start off at the same place.

3. My default state during the day when I'm not doing pickup is very low

I'm not a very happy person during my day to day. My default state is very low and I start at that place every single night and have to build my entitlement and good emotions from there.

4. The only time where I've gone to the club in a good mood is after I got laid

My base state was actually happy and that night it was effortless to open. I viewed pickup as such a joke, "why did I take pickup so seriously? That's so lame."

5. I have nothing going on in my life or any successes in other areas of my life

Pickup is the only thing I have going for me. All my eggs are in this basket. This leads me to care too much about any single approach or how my game is doing.

6. I'm having tremendous difficulty embracing rejection, authenticity, bad emotions and congruence

This has been really difficult for me. No matter what I just resist it now. I don't want to look bad which is so crazy in my mind. I hate that I care.

7. I ask myself why I can't just approach that set and take the rejection

At the end of the day, that's all I have to do. How can I trick or force my brain to do it? I just can't put myself in that situation even though I know how to. What's the block that's holding me back?

So the question I have to ask myself, "Do I embrace a more ego-centric method to force myself to keep going or do I take a more relaxed approach and keep my ego out of it?"

I really don't know but I think tomorrow I'm going to push myself with more ego since my current method is breaking down. I have to take a more gangster approach to solving this and pushing through.

Solo tomorrow as well, I'm looking forward to it.

I guess the question I have to ask myself is, "How do you have passion with ego? Certainty without ego? A purpose, a path without ego? It's impossible to have a clarity of intent without a clear identity. You can't enforce any boundaries without an ego because you wouldn't ever call a person out on it."

I have a feeling I've been mislead on this ego shit. I think in the context of pickup, you can't be looking externally to be validating your self worth but you better have self worth and believe in it 100%. Basically don't care if people think you suck or are awesome but believe you are awesome in all context.

Hmm, sounds like it's time to bring back the narcissism. ;)

Hmm self-respect... Do I respect myself, my own time over others? What's more important?

Wait, why does my sense of self, sense of entitlement have to be derived on anything that makes "sense"? WTF, it doesn't have to make sense nor does it have to be based on social conditioning or any conditioning. I can make it up as I want. Holy shit... my mind is blown.

"Wherever you are at, that's the new shit." - Julien



Top Inner Game Concepts - Julien FT Vid

- Focus on the positives, learn from the negative.
- I got a number I'm so awesome. I'm so awesome. If you focus on the bad you identify with it. Identify with the positive and you'll slowly move towards that guy
- Snap yourself out of victim mindset. You're the only person that can give yourself permission.
- I am enough. I should be having as much fun alone as with her. She adds onto you. If sex doesn't happen, it's all good.
- What I take pride in is going up and expressing myself. Letting my personality out there and sharing that with the women I'm with.
- Taking action makes you happy. Being pro-active makes you happy.
- Pickup must be normal to you. You are the guy putting himself out there without wanting validation in return.

This ultimately made me realize that who I am can never be taken away from me. All experiences in field only add onto the reservoir of positive reference experiences even what's normally considered bad is a good reference experience. A bad one can't change who you are in a negative way, it only makes you better. Stop being afraid that your identity that you struggled so hard to build can be taken from you. It can never be taken from you.

- A lot of power in life from having nothing to lose. Try everything and anything.
- Look like an idiot and be ok with that.
- If they can see you will never back down and you will take it all the way, it will work.
- Have nothing held back. The ability to lose everything willingly. The ability to lose my ego completely.
- I'm trying to preserve myself. For what? I'm 31 years old, WTF am I trying to save myself for? My identity or anything? Risk losing it all. Only then will you achieve.
- Anything and everything that you have other than yourself and your experiences can be taken away so don't get too attached to it.
- Get attached to your experiences and building yourself up.
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AZN Tupac Jesus

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12.24.13 - I'm back BITCHEZ!

So yeah, I'm currently in Vegas with my bro. We be hitting it up. Finally got out to the club tonight at Hyde. Don't really like Hyde that much but I had a fucking blast. Super awesome. Approached a lot too.

It's weird. Ever since my bro's bootcamp I've noticed my game has gotten better. Like skillset-wise maybe it's worse but I have less resistance now.

When I see that hot white girl, I just go. I approach them more often than I don't. And the thing I like is that I'll be stifled and just roll up and stutter like a retard but I accept that and just do it. I even think its funny as shit.

It's weird how I ended up here. I think once I began to work, everything changed for me. Everything. I was right about it. The last block to my game, entitlement, etc. was finding a job. Now I can finally say I have no excuses and go full steam.

Can't wait for the next few days. Get to see Derrick talk tomorrow. Super excited about that.

1. I don't give a shit that this hot white girl thinks I'm a piece of shit.
2. Embrace sucking. Give yourself permission to suck. Express everything.
3. Every experience is just a way to grow. Embrace all experiences.
4. Don't stand around and save sets till the end. There will be plenty of girls throughout the entire night so always approach.
5. Embrace everything. Embrace every stupid thing in your head.
6 My only criteria for success is that I approached. Doesn't matter how long it lasted. If I opened, I won.
If you want to sleep with the girls you want, you have to put yourself in a position to win. You must approach the girls you want to sleep with. You must open all hotties.
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Hell Ya Bro! Dude you got some good shit on your thread and its good that you returned because I know there will be some mad success coming your way. Looking forward to reading more of your posts because you got a good way of writing that shit out. I feel like I can relate to a lot of the things you say. Congrats of the job by the way, hopefully that will be the boost you need to get over the hump. Keep strong bro and kill that shit!
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AZN Tupac Jesus

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Surrender tonight. Place wasn't as good as during the warmer months but still a decent amount of people. Fuck it, show up and do my thing.

Nothing was sticking tonight. Not the girls fault obviously, I just wasn't following through on the approach. Not committing to the approaches tonight. I attribute it to the good night/bad night cycle of game. On bad nights, you just can't relax, you're tense, you're looking for an outcome and your approaches just suck. Such was this night. All good, these nights are unavoidable just gotta soldier on through.

Honestly though, anyone looking at me probably would've thought I was having a good night since I still pushed myself into every set I could. Shit a few years ago if I had a night like this, I would've been on top of my world. As they say, your good nights get better but so do your bad nights.

So I can't really complain, just gotta keep on pushing through.

1. Feel like shit right now. Door shit, makes me all nervous. All good just follow the process and go through the motions.
2. RAS will trick you to wait for the perfect moment. There is none just find a set and go.
3. I have no problems being a creepy mofo. That shit is awesome cause I grow as a result.
4. Never judge an approach by the result. The fact that you opened is enough. Who cares what happens or how you acted. Definitely try to do game but don't worry about outcome.
5. Keep pushing the verbals a bit more each time. Just stay in, remember to just stay relaxed. But keep pushing it in a fun way.
6. Get to a point where no one approach matters. Every approach is just simply getting u closer and closer to a goal. 
7. When I embarrass myself in front of a hot chick it's so awesome. 
8. You don't need momentum or state. You are enough. Just roll and own it.
9. Be "that guy", fuck being cool. Who the fuck cares about your self image fuck that shit. Just be massively on your purpose.
10. Sticking point: yelling down girls. I realize this was the last thing I was working on when I left Vegas. Time to re-initiate.
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AZN Tupac Jesus

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Tried a few different spots but they're all closed or they're not allowing general admission. Ended up at Tryst which wasn't holding the line tonight. Awesome.

They have half the club closed off so they're obviously not expecting too many people. Regardless I hit it up and do mah thang.

Doing better tonight. I can feel little bits of my game coming back. Slightly less stifled around hot women, more self-amused, talking louder and holding eye contact. All these things get better the longer I'm going out.

Also pushing girls away and doing mixed sets. Had a really interesting one where I basically intercepted some guy as he's trying to open a girl. Totally choded him out. Pretty awesome.

Ended up at 2 more venues. One was Stoney's which is like some country bar. Holy shit... SMH.

Last was Oracle. Pretty sure there were gangbangers in there with their hot ass latina women. Did a bunch of approaches in there but didn't really want to push my luck. Headed home after.

Did a lot of thinking tonight about my game and the trajectory I want to take it in. Some things I realized for myself.

1. Feeling quite intimidated by hot girls right now. Awesome, I love this feeling of complete stifling and fear of making a total fool of myself. It's so awesome.
2. A difficult sticking point is getting it going again once I lose my momentum. Just don't even want to be in the club anymore.
3. I actually want to be polarizing.
4. If I actually do this (game mixed sets) there's no turning back. I gotta step up and be the man.
5. Ok can't do mixed sets properly so I gotta build up to it. You can't do mixed sets cold. It's too outside your game skillset since you don't believe you can hook so hold it off for a bit.
6. Walk up and don't try. Just be completely indifferent. 
7. Relaxed intensity and just calm but expressive. Look like you completely don't give a shit.
8. Most of these guys aren't with these girls. So don't be afraid to push through. There's no magic pill to pulling off mixed sets you just have to start doing them.
9. Talk to the guy. Too much social pressure on her so talk to the guy. If she sees him start to supplicate to you. 
10. Momentum trap. When you stop approaching and you lose your momentum or state. You must pull yourself away from the state building paradigm.
11. I'm just enjoying myself and self amusing. I don't care about getting good emotions. I just want to express myself that's what I get out of it.
12. You're being too cool. Snap out of the coolness, you have permission to be a total fucking stupid idiot that's just having fun. 
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Holy Jesus
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