January 17th, 2019
Quest of Inner Puzzle to solve the GAME - Summit 2013
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White Tiger

White Tiger

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Its 7 am - My pedometer shows I have walked 15 miles since midnight. I was just out partying. I have blood shot red eyes. I am surrounded by 6 guys who want to pump their state up outside walgreen and are screaming RSD RSD RSD! . Couple of hookers have approached me and offered me free sex in exchange of me becoming their PIMP. They have seen me with 100 different RSD guys and they think I have access to more men than they can hook up on their own on the street.. How do I know everyone? Its RSD WORLD SUMMIT and I am just being social. This guy next to me is talking about pulling STRIPPER. Someone else had 3 pulls in a night. Crazy yet normal event at RSD Summit. I hope I see you guys there next year.

I wanted to attend RSD event but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to but eventually I was able to attend it and feel blown away by it.

Day 1:
Due to flight delay – I missed out days lecture but I am lazying around at night in my room. My roommate Jake shows up with a girl and asks me – am I not going out? Out of guilt – I just take quick shower and leave. It was after all 30 hour flight from Mumbai to Las Vegas with 8 hour stop at Heathrow where I had lost my wallet and hence was super hungry too.
I went to Chipotle and when I finished my meal I went to trusty old Mcdonald’s and started approaching. I was pretty much acting like Indian sets. Slow talking and building comfort and attraction.

Harsh landed and we decided to catch up on food. We go outside to taxi queue to sarge. I am acting usual slow rolling person. Harsh reminds me “Slut, this is USA – Just grab the girl and go for it. It’s USA.” I realized – all my RSD bootcamp training can be applied here.
Couple more set and then off to bed.
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White Tiger

White Tiger

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Day 2:
It’s Todd & Ozzie.

During break opened one girl. I realized – I need to be true on INTENT – either attend the conference or open girls. You can’t do both.
Todd is shy slow game guy who has awesome pacing. You don’t realize how he pulls his girls but you end up feeling shocked – oh he pulled. WTF!
Ozzie – crazy maniac – his videos – in my MIND – only RSD folks can do that. It was really inspiring. I also realized I might have been choding around in India because nobody does that shit in USA either. If you pump stuff up a level – it doesn’t even matter because you are shocking everyone’s system including yours own.

Monday Night:

I went to XS. They didn’t accept Indian driving license and I had to go all the way back to my hotel and grab my passport. It felt like average club instead of world class with people spread out. I decided to make it bootcamp style and view the club as I did last time. I started hi5 everyone. I entered the club at 2 am. I started dancing with all the girls and just trying to pump up my vibe which was slow process.

I slowly started hitting my spots where I was able to do something. Moving set – grab her and pull her into me. Make out! She wants to go to toilet but I won’t let her go until she does something for me. She made out more and left.
3 Spanish girls wanted to dance with me. They started taking pics with me. They wanted to have good time but didn’t want guys touching them. It was definitely not helping the cause. I decided to move on.

See next girl.. Strong eye contact.. Lift her..Spin her.. Make out.. She tasted amazing.. She might have had some awesome cocktail. I slowly shoved my hand down her and started rubbing her clit while dancing with her. It was going good and I raised her buying temperature too high. I should have started extraction already except I didn’t and regret it as about 3 am her phone rang and she freaked out. She has to leave. I tried going out with her but situation looked zero dice.
See another girl at exit, just grab her and start pulling her for the pull. I was just about to reach exit where her friends showed up and dragged her away from me. I am like damn.. this was so close.

I did couple more sets before I realize club is dying down. I am still highly logical. It doesn’t feel smooth fun vibe. I am just HULKING and acting dominant. I have nothing else going for me. I am not using my verbal.

I decide to go to taxi queue and I see Tyler, Julien and boot camp student. I love the way Tyler does compliance and makes girl hold him from behind while he talks to other people. He is so passionate that girl wants to hear what he is talking about and he is talking about one of the most interesting topics in front of women. Its SOCIAL DYNAMICS and they love it.
I try to ask Tyler about how to fix my LOGICAL problem. He suggests I should watch foundation and how not to run out of things to say. I tell him, I can talk forever but it is more like trivia and highly logical. My talking doesn’t increase the attraction. Tyler sees a girl and tells me to roll with her. The girl turns out to be very smart and we walk from Wynn to Harrahs. She was staying at Caesars so I thought it was going well. We spoke about movies and books and she found me interesting. I made fun of her being Harry Potter hater but then appreciated her for reading a lot. It was highly logical talk with lot of kino. She wouldn’t come to Harrah’s with me. I tried everything I knew at that point of time to pull her but she just wanted to go to her hotel.
Its 5 am and I head to sleep. This was last time I went to sleep before sunrise.
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White Tiger

White Tiger

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Day 3:
Ryan & Julien
Ryan just touched inner game aspects of the game where things you should incorporate in your life to make it stronger. How you can be the man with no regrets.
Julien presentation just blew everyone away. It was like watching thriller and I am on edge of seat. It was like he was NEO in the matrix. The stuff he could come up with and do is beyond what I can ever imagine myself doing. He is the reason why I want to do Summit 2014. If you guys want I will share my notes here. Just let me know. He is beyond what rock stars could ever achieve. Only close nemesis he would have is Tucker Max and Russell Brand. May be he is better than those two.

Tuesday Night:
I joined Papa, Dmitri and Harsh for dinner. We saw Papa’s TV Show. I will have to find it online. He is just too cutting edge and is most under- appreciated person in RSD. His mindset and what he has achieved in life is beyond my current maturity level.
Harsh and I went out for street game. His battery was low and I lost him for the night when I got into set. Even he is adjusting to Las Vegas lifestyle. I number closed the set.
I decided to game in hotel lobby. It was worst possible idea as I had zero cash in pocket and I wasn’t carrying my id because I thought I would be on streets. You have to be 100% ready for everything.

I started opening set after set. For first time I realized value of hooker in Vegas. Some of them have serious game and they taught me a lot by just watching them. How they interact with clients. I just replicated what I learnt from them in clubs next few nights and it was huge bang.
Don’t ignore them – talk to them. There are 2 drunks girls who I am talking to and RSD guy joins in and take over. His problem is that he is too logical and I can’t see things going anywhere so I start doing next set during taxi queue. But when they get into taxi – Girls invite me in the cab to MGM. I had zero cash in pocket but I decided to play along and hop in. When we reach MGM – my value goes down real fast because I didn’t have abundance. Other guy can’t do shit. I ask him how he wants to play it out. He has no clue. We go to MGM food court. I know girls are so not into us. I just open the next set. He thinks he is persisting and I see girls taking off their shoes and running for their life. HAHAH!

I am deep into next set and I made out with Air hostess. She guesses I am from Mumbai which was interesting. I made out with her but then her brother showed up and I didn’t know what to do. I just kept talking but it wasn’t the same after that.

I know I have long walk to Harrah’s. I find my way out and I see a lady lost. I start talking to her and she is hugging me and thanking me. In few moments her friend joins us and has won 2 grand in crapes. It’s her birthday. As soon as I hear birthday, my eyes lit up. Within 1 minute I am making out with her. This is our BONA FIDE. However the first girl’s bf keeps calling them to room and they want to hang out for night. I try to tag along but then they say it’s not good idea as bf will get jealous.
I start walking towards Harrah’s and I am trying to find a way around. I see super stunning girl walking in front of me. It is the exact time I get call from parents. I speak to them and continue walking with the girl. After call is over – I tell girl I hope she knows the way as I am following her. I am too scared of cops here. I hope you are not from Scotland too. 4 continuous set from Scotland. What is going on? Are you guys all leaving the country? Keep teasing her and end up making out with her. I made out with her for 15 minutes. I wanted to take pictures with her. But I totally forgot that my phone has front camera. She had to go inside Bellagio and was flying 8 am flight. I made fun of her taking Grand Canyon tour.
I should have followed her inside and closed like Jeffy did in ice room. But that awesome piece of information that you can do that came to me 3 days later. LOL! If I would have persisted I would have gotten her.

ROOKIES need always be closing and how to push the limits. Be the man who takes the charge.
On the way, I meet a guy in suit and I start talking to him. He turns out to be strip club and club promoter. I learn about his life and keep talking to him. We both had to get to Harrah’s and he knew all the routes and hence that helped. It was late and I headed for bed.

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White Tiger

White Tiger

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Day 4:
This got to be greatest day of my life. I have never taken so many decisions that could possibly life altering.
Julien & Alex
Julien continues to blow my mental limits.
Alex – I sat for 1 hour and tried to understand what his game was like and I couldn’t understand anything. It was all expression and just didn’t make any sense to me. Later I realized that you have to see his hot seat to understand what he was talking about. Ory

Wednesday Evening and Night:
I was super hungry and was feeling dizzy – I headed out for chipotle. I got out of wrong exit and hence see a passing girl. I ask for directions to Chipotle. I am super stifled so I keep talking to her. I was enjoying her company.
As soon as I see Denny’s I know where I was and I decided to skip my meal for the girl. She was obviously really sweet and cute. I walked with her to Flamingo and I thought I am getting ditched right now. I might have pushed my limits too far. Nope, she is still with me.
On way out – One of the hotel staff asks – if we were married – we have most funny look. However, I remember Todd’s story about how he acted as pastor and got his student and a girl married.

Girl asks her friend that I hope you won’t judge me and girl’s friend replied that of course not, you are married now.
I just cracked up and why not to go with the flow. We talk about our wedding. As we go to Caesars – She tells me she has to go Chippendales. I knew everything about it because I have been talking to so many girls about it before I landed to USA. I keep making fun of her. She knows so much about India that it blew me away.
However while talking to her, she changes everything. Every line I want to say, she says it before me. It was so deep connection that it blew me away. Her game was tighter than all the hookers I met till date. I had found my yin. It felt so special that I decided to drop her to Rio. I sacrificed my food for her.
I get back to hotel and I see 6 guys in my room. They are going for Zedd concert at eclipse. It’s an open club so you don’t require ids to get there. It was pool party so even better. However, I had to rush back before party started. Boys gave me tips on how to get ahead. He had pulled 3 girls night before.
I realize that girl doesn’t have my number. She just fed her number in my phone. I sent her message

“Hey wifey, this is my number. “

I didn’t expect any reply. After all this is Vegas. Girls toy with guys all the time. She had incredibly solid game.
She kept her end of the deal and decided to meet me. I have reached Mandalay bay and it takes me half an hour to get back to see her. She waited for me. If this isn’t the greatest IOI, I don’t know what is.

Harsh is calling me to Surrender as he has gotten VIP access for us. I reach little too late with her. I always wanted to go to Surrender and Tryst. I had been waiting for this for about a year. I introduce girl to Harsh and we talk about my plan. Harsh wishes me good luck and I go out with girl and sit on outside bench.
This is where I truly start knowing her and it was electric. I have never ever felt like this kissing million girls. She knew what she was doing and every word she said was hitting me like stone hitting pond. Splash SPLASH! She is everything I wanted growing up and dreaming about. I was wishing that I could just marry her right there. She is ethereal force that made me believe in love which I never thought I had capability to feel.
I know this is sounding chode now. Taxi driver rolled his window down to stare at us and I decided to take her to room but she was feeling too uncomfortable so I decided that most romantic spot would be near gondola in Venetian. I even started negotiating baby names and other stuff with her. I just wanted to call my parents and just say hey, I am getting married here, can you give me your blessings. Harsh already had given his blessings.

I took pics there and my favorite venues of Las Vegas are now marked by her memory. Something I will always remember every time I visit Vegas. I pull her back to my room.
In room while she was on top of me, one of the guy who was earlier in the room comes with a girl. Both the girls start freaking out. It was so funny. I just acted as cool as possible. She covered my girl with blanket. My girl had funniest look I have ever seen a girl having. My girl thought other girl was prostitute. Lol!
I went out and dropped her to bus stop. I just sat near Venetian fountain mesmerized in experience when I see Anthony coming my way. He takes me to Walgreen and shows me that I can get food from there. I didn’t know much till then, this night that spot became my daily spot where I would take organic sandwich from Walgreen and sit there talking to strangers.
I sat with Anthony and turns out he is smooth talker. A girl comes and he offers his food to her. I am watching natural doing his thing. I keep talking to girl and things escalate between us while Anthony is busy with some prostitute he wants to have sex with. I pull her back to my room within an hour.

2 pulls in a night is a personal record.
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 Awesome congratulations!
* Always see the positive in the WORST of people and situations.Acknowledge the negative but don't dwell on it, always focus on the positive.* * Do NOT care what other people think of you.* * Do NOT try to impress anyone.* * The world owes you NOTHING.If you want something, if you deserve something, GO AND TAKE IT.* * No excuses.* * your comfort zone.* * Be happy with every rejection.Even Tyler STILL gets rejected.Not every girl is gonna like you.You gained experience.No pain,no gain.* * Smile after every rejection.* * To get a lot of girls,you have to lose a lot of girls.* * Everyone is always friendly.* * All women are attracted to me.* * There is no reason why I am not enough.* * Approaching is fun.* * Trust the process.* * Push through THE FLINCH.*
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 Your FR is amazing. Thx bro. I was at the summit 2013 as well, hope to see you next year.
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White Tiger

White Tiger

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My room mate and his wing had lost their cellphones last night and they were scrambling around a way to get it. It was crazy morning to have.

Day 5:
Julien & Tyler

Julien gave introduction to his day game. I kept pointing it out to Harsh – if we can do this – we would be SUPER Gods in India. He is pioneer in India and greatest pickup artist of India. He is at stage where he can experiment and tell us if this would work in India or not. Julien game is just off charts. Even Harsh is blown away by it. Harsh game is among the best of the best.

Tyler just gave speech about social paradigm which is available online. Speech lasted till really late and then I asked him my doubts about being super technical.

Tyler pointed out that I should focus on making things funnier, watch comedy and self- amuse. Find a way to self-amuse better and be passionate about something.
Checked on girl from previous night – she is asking me to join her at station. There is no way I am going to be doing that. However I am still suffering from THOSE LOVE PANGS. I just wanted to talk to her whole night. She was travelling to LA and it even crossed my mind to take bus with her and be with her. However, I had to know my purpose.

Thursday Night:
I check between Surrender and Tryst and decide to go for Surrender. Tryst is too dark and not happening for me. Turns out it’s a pool party at Surrender and not much happening. I am carrying passport and hence can’t go in water.

This is the night when I realize potential of RSD GUYS. They were everywhere and hoarding entire venue. How would a girl go out without getting laid – Had to be super strong minded. There is no way in hell a girl can escape 100 guys whose game range from zero to super power demi-god scale.
Just approach everything left and right and just jumping around. Being social and trying to make things happen but it’s not the same. We all are winging each other and making things happen.
I am opening big bachelorettes.

My opener: How many times did you get hit on tonight? On scale of 1 to 5 – how was the pickup attempt?

There is a girl fighting outside in lobby that they were drunk but they were talking in Hindi that got my attention. I keep talking to them and turns out of the girl had lost her id in the pool. I tell them to wait till 6 am and then ask for id. If it is in there it would be easy to find because I know at 6 am they do they broken glass cleaning. There is so much broken glass in clubs that I travelled with 3 shoes to USA and all 3 were finished.

I open set inside Walgreen. She is trying to eat organic yet cheat with something else. I suggest her to buy sandwich and ask what she would like. I walk out with her and see another guy and girl there. I check for dynamics and a turn out that guy is girl’s brother and the girl is random lesbian. They wanted to go to club but they went to Tao on night it was off. They each were chased by Lesbian and gay guy and couldn’t have had worse night. I escalated on girl but brother freaked out and asked not to do it as he was there.

Its 7 am - My pedometer shows I have walked 15 miles since midnight. I was just out partying. I have blood shot red eyes. I am surrounded by 6 guys who want to pump their state up outside Walgreen and are screaming RSD RSD RSD! . Couple of hookers have approached me and offered me free sex in exchange of me becoming their PIMP. They have seen me with 100 different RSD guys and they think I have access to more men than they can hook up on their own on the street.. How do I know everyone? Its RSD WORLD SUMMIT and I am just being social. This guy next to me is talking about pulling STRIPPER. Someone else had 3 pulls in a night. Crazy!
I was out till 8 am. I met with David and Frank.

We had 2 guys on summit that had serious injury due to excessive partying. Beat that!
David is one of the best guys out there who can provide you most precise thing to practice and subtle changes makes you feel that you have transformed in that very moment. His tips:
1. Start meditation to tap your emotions – Try headspace when starting – guided meditation.
2. Find something you are passionate about and practice talking about it in the mirror. Record your audio and ask people around you how passionate they feel you sound about that topic.
3. Always carry your utilities around with you. He keeps mints handy.
Frank gave deep mindset guidance on how to believe in something and how we need to free from labels and just focus on what we are there to achieve. It has to feel like natural extension and not come across as try hard.

Brad and Todd
Todd spoke mostly about online game. I was too sleepy to attend Brad conference. I wanted to do field work at night.

Friday Night:
Venue: XS
Everytime I go to Chipotle, I see this girl who is always excited to see me. I met her first night and she always goes out of her way to greet me. I haven’t tipped her but I always make small talk with her. She compliments my clothes.
I hi5 tall African American guy and ask him who is bigger – Him or Shaq. We fool around. I am singing songs and playing tap dance. I make people on street clap with me.
It is one of those great nights where best DJ in the world is playing the music. You just can’t make it any better than this. I quickly tap myself into zone. Befriend bouncers.
I am talking to everyone – hi5 everyone.
I enter one of the set with 3 gals and a guy. They quickly hand me a girl but I am not interested in her because she is too short. Just behind me a girl tries to push me aside. Grab her and start making out.
BR – Where you going?

She is like OMG! I have to go to toilet. Again make out = Touch her and indeed she is tense, let her go.

Just keep hi5 everyone in the club including Mexican folks. They are screaming USA sucks. I am like yeah it’s cool.
I enter big set of 9 people. This is most complicated setting I have seen because looks like everyone is occupied and I don’t want to mess the dynamics by touching taken girl. I introduce myself to entire set to understand what is going on. I scream this is one of the BEST DJ I have been to – WHO is HE? DJ VICE.
I see Asian girl who is dancing alone while everyone isn’t exactly grinding but keep rolling around same girls/guys. One of the guys wanted to get rid of me but other guy and girl says no he is just a cool guy having a good time. I tell Asian girl that she seems very shy and pull her into me. Entire group cheers for her. WOW! They found a guy for her and whole dynamic is working. I start making out with her. Group is cheering even more. They are encouraging her to be with me. My problem is I am beats guy and I dance pretty well. DJ changed beats wrong time where grinding didn’t feel congruent.

At 2 when I was planning to go into ISOLATION mode, entire group was feeling hungry and they left. My girl didn’t want to stay with me. I know I should have isolated her before and asked right questions. I am pretty sure if I had isolated her little earlier – I would have pulled her. But she wanted to roll along her friends
ASD! Sometimes asking logistics early is important. She was cute.
See one of the RSD guy in 3 set alone. I occupy girl he isn’t engaged with. It’s set with Indian girl and he is trying to force himself on the Indian girl. He gets slapped. I am like welcome to INDIAN reality. I go through this shit everyday on much bigger scale. HAHA!

Harsh was with RSD and they were having late board meeting or something. As he comes, he starts doing his thing. He almost pulled twice. I almost pulled once.
As Tyler says “What separates good player from bad player is ability to get the girl out of the club door.”
Harsh is out with me after ages. I photograph this real tall girl and she notices me. She is trying to tool me but I just keep pushing. He joins me and is trying to engage her friend. He isn’t getting anywhere but I am having my way. I am just not able to get solid hook where she can slow down. I keep walking with her and she gives me her number out of sympathy for trying. I keep making fun of her height and how I am such a toy for her. She is model rate stunner. One of the hottest girls I have seen in VEGAS.
After we leave her, we open another bachelorette. Harsh occupies one while I occupy another. Both girls are into us but bride doesn’t want that. Girls invite us for dinner but bride doesn’t want it and hence they have to politely let us go. I almost went in for make out but it didn’t work out.

We go back in again and Harsh is trying to speak in HINDI with a set that doesn’t speak English. So they are chatting in Spanish while Harsh is talking to them in Hindi. It was one of the funniest moments of my life. We see Brad and Harsh tries to put Brad in the set but Brad gives up quickly. He isn’t interested. I just keep singing hindi songs.
We go to Taxi queue and I see a girl with spider tattoo. I tease her about being bad fan of Harry Potter and how Ron used to be scared of the spiders. Another set with what stone is that.
One of the girls is a fashion stylist. She says my jeans and t shirt are awesome but my shoes suck. I am like aren’t they loud? She says no they are too loud and aka over doing it. I have to agree with her. I hire her to become my stylist but it’s not going in for pull.
I am dead tired and barely can walk

When I wake up next morning I see incredible amount of text from MY LOVE SET. I showed it to my room mate and asked him what does he think?
My room mate receives a call on hotel phone that his phone has been found and he is super excited and goes to get it. He teaches me PRINCE concept that I need to think about and understand it on deeper level. I need to get level of Narcissism in me where I can own up to my stuff and not be affected by external noise. Cure roots not symptoms.
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White Tiger

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Instructor: Jeffy

I have no way of defining this guy. He invented so much vocabulary we use every day. His notes and stories can only be defined by himself. His mouth is billion dollar mouth and boy can he talk. Being his ex – student helped and somehow he remembers me and thought of solutions for me.
I wish I could spend more time with him and just explore his reality more.

Last day he taught about Polygamy and 27 Rules of Pimping. I checked out more about Polygamy on Polyamory – Married and dating TV show.
I wish I would just follow lot his advice from day 1. It would have saved me so much hassle. He has faced every issue out there in the book and he has overcome all the odds that you can name it. He is evergreen master who can do just about anything.

Julien is child of Jeffy and Tyler combined. He has mouth like Jeffy and reasoning like Tyler. May be Derrick was the God Father aka ALL THE FLASH.
Saturday night

I was stifled but trusted my momentum to bring me forward. I made fun of drunken stupor girl trying to walk street.
One girl had her legs burning from her shoes. I offered to piggy back her and screaming HUMAN TAXI for 10 dollars. She started kissing me. Put her down and wall slam. Her friends came running and took her away. They really liked me but didn’t want me to take away their friend.
Tease Russian girls for being mafia and trying to kidnap me. I pulled one of two and started making out with her in middle of street. Her friend was trying to pull her so I tried to kiss her. NO GO! Worth trying.

Meet 2 girls drinking fat Tuesday daiquiri and mess around. They want to take pics of me. I felt so small around Vegas that girls just kept toying with me and moving me around. They want to take pictures with me and I obliged. In Vegas, Girls keep calling me in their pictures and take pics with me doing crazy things. I wish I could have access to few of those pictures.

I don’t know why but Girls are obsessed about my nose. Someone pulling nose hair out, someone removing blackheads and another gave me nose massage and told me that I would likely get sinus very soon and I need to fix it ASAP by taking more liquid oxygen.
Being brown INDIAN guy I just KEEP SINGING, I am exotic and HOTTER THAN CHOCOLATE.
It was so funny meeting all these people walking around and meeting them. People like drug dealers, hookers and other underground people and understanding their motivation and drive. I was obviously scared of them but why not to touch new high. One Hooker also became good friend of mine and would always come and give me sweet talk.

Wanted to do pool party but got up too late for it. Went to Wynn and had one of the best buffets I have tried. It was cheat day and hence focus was more on food and less on women. I spent whole day trying Daiquiris, Biscuits, Chocolate Pretzels, Ice creams, Candy Apples.

After Mid-night started approaching girls again. I approached one of the girls who were having bad night. She just pushed me away and told me to fuck off. I decided to persist and ended up cheering her up. She was from New York so even easier to give her kudos. I was heading to NYC after this. We started making out and sat near bridge to Fashion Show mall. However, turns out she had guilt coming up. She said she has a kid with her bf. She gave me her number and thanked me for being there. Reason she was having bad mood was her boyfriend.
I have really foggy memory of this day because of huge size of Daiquiri drinks I tried.

I did some sarging in Wynn Lobby where I kept momentum going. I had long set with 2 girls who were from Vegas. I saw hottest hooker in my life.
Bouncer told me that he put us on guest list and we should have showed up. It was crazy night.
Escalator ate my shoe so I opened many girl with that story.
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White Tiger

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I fell sick that night and was coughing whole night. I woke up at 5 PM with million messages on my phone. Harsh told me that I was apparently talking to some girl in my dream and I realized it was my new found LOVE.

At night headed to XS and had another really awesome night.

As I enter club early, I went ahead near DJ booth. An African American lady started dancing with me and she took pics with me. She asked me where I was from and started making out. I was too aggressive for her.

DJ Avici night

However just next to me was another set which I opened and was having good time as music was average so far.
I was seeing lot of lesbians doing their thing. I open a group but another guy with much higher energy comes and does his crazy dance and becomes center of dancing monkey thing. Girls shift toward him.

Girls loved my hat and they kept pulling it off and taking pics of them wearing my hat. Atleast 20 girls that night posed with my hat. It was so easy – Two girls just pulled me and started making out with me. Both the girls just started pulling my cheeks and how cute are you. They grabbed my hat and started making out with me. Other girl joined and joined the make out. MY FIRST EVER 3 way make out. I didn’t game them, they were gaming me. I had not tried 3 way make out on my 3 some night either.
Some friend of their shows up and take them away. It was too early in night to think about pulling.

I got stuck behind some tall girl and I tried doing something with her but no fruits. One couple was grinding next to me. I said hi to girl and she said hi back to me. There were huge ribbons up shot and I grabbed one. I put the ribbon around them and told them they should get married in Vegas. I turned around and started dancing with some other girl.
Two minutes later I pull girl into my hands and started making out with her. The guy was so shocked that he removed himself from there. He wasn’t able to anything to break us up. She tasted too good. I decided to pull her and almost got her to door when she sees somebody and goes over to hug that person. I tried grabbing her back but that person just took her away. It was platonic friendship but I don’t girl just wouldn’t come with me. I am like DAMN!

Go back in and start HULKING girls. SUPER INTENT with super power. I just would pull them up in air and midair drops to my mouth and make out. I just do hand of god to 3 consecutive girls standing next to each other making out with me. They were finding me too slutty but loved the experience of that. I discovered that move that night itself. This is my PATENTED super move that worked on every girl till date. It feels like Michael Jordan step back midair jump shot. Every single girl loving being thrown in air and going nuts.
I have craziest photos from this. I start talking to this tall girl and ask her how tall she is. She says she is too tall for me and I should hit on someone else.



She is like no no yet she grabs her friends and gives her to me. She finds tall guy for herself.


One of the girls comes in and I find her hotter. WORST DECISION OF MY LIFE at time seemed BEST ONE.
She starts grinding with me; another girl joins in who isn’t that attractive. 3rd one joins in and is average. Somehow we are grinding 4 ways and it seems like orgy is going on dance floor. Rubbing each other parts and stuff – HELLO Experience! Only thing that didn’t happen was my dick going in those pussies. Grinding – Groping and name whatever – ALL HAPPENED.
I am feeling too GREEDY to think straight and HAVE NEVER EVER experienced something like this.

Turns out they were Polygamous lesbians and girl who I opened was well Bi-Sexual allowed to grind with other boys but not allowed to have sex with others.
Grab another girl who is from England – JUMP AIR ROUTINE – but when I put her down she denies make out – I say same jokes as Tuesday night. She is into me but keeps saying she has bf and keeps backing down every time I go for make out. I feel she is being judged by her friend who is dancing next to us with another guy. I try to isolate her. FAIL! Try every tactic I KNOW for ISOLATION – FAIL.

I head out of the club feeling bad about my fuck up. I see 3 hot girls walking in the club same time as I am heading out. Instead of Taxi queue game – DO this. Follow them back in..
DJ somehow gets my vibes and puts Bhangra.

LET ME REPEAT – Bhangra in LAS VEGAS in XS CLUB and I was among probably 5 Indian people I saw that night.
Give me the CENTRAL STAGE and let other swoon over me. Girls would call their bf to put me away but then it’s my music so I would just show bfs step and situation would go neutral real fast. Find 2 girls – HAT routine – PHOTOS – HAND OF GOD – SPIN top – AERIAL MAKE OUT!

But this time I added one more thing, I just decided to run with girl on my shoulder. HAHAH! Bouncers came and ask me to put her down. Her friends came and took her away from me. Damn it!

So many make – outs - So many near pulls. Just shoot me. I am tired of lifting so many girls and grinding with so many. Dance floor becomes street dancing competition. I see 4 way dances going on again with those lesbians.

There is nothing really out there to open in Taxi queue. It’s pretty empty and I was too tired to move around hotel lobby looking for a girl. I didn’t have any wings that could help me out that night. It was such a different experience without 100 RSD guys always ready to wing you out.

On way back I see lesbian set walking with me. RE-OPEN and that is where I find all about lesbianism and how it works and what they were doing. I wish I should have pushed for going to their room and see their dynamics. Some education for me. They were staying in my hotel.
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Spent day shopping at Outlet mall
This is the night where Self amusement became PRIMAL source of the game. I went out and started gaming on street. I met up with this girl and continued walking with her throughout the Venetian. It was Tuesday and she was drinking Big Fat Tuesday daiquiri and was having good time. She had some tattoo that said may God be with you. She had been to Iraq during war and could kick some serious ass. We had good chat but I was too nervous to make out with her in front of so many people.
There are 2 girls walking in front of me fighting about something. I just keep walking with them and pacifying them. I keep telling them, they don’t have to fight over me. They are giving each other hard time. I keep saying I know I am exotic around here and girls are super into me. Turns out they are having bachelorette party going on. I try to walk to their room. They keep saying no. I use my entire repertoire that I learnt from Jeffy talk. NO LUCK!

Harsh tells me that I am having amusement but I am playing away from my strength. I am trying to copy other people. I need to do things that I find funny. I need to work on my bringing my character out and develop my own style. We are here to learn principles and not the lines.
My strength is I am very sweet guy who is very Engineer like and can talk about girls and social dynamics easily. I can say trivia and shocking things. I have got massive general knowledge about food and cultures. If I don’t know, I ask about it and use it to my advantage.
I have made so much fun of so many of bachelorettes happening in VEGAS.

Harsh and I started street-gaming. It was another crazy night I would have on the trip. I was feeling low on energy because of coughing. We started dancing on street and talking to girls. When hookers/vip promoters would come to us we would pretend that we are getting recruited for Stripping.
I started using that as my opener – MEET ME! I am exotic INDIAN IN VEGAS! Only Indian stripper in VEGAS!
We opened an Asian set (turns out to be mixed set). I do strip dance for them on pole. No clothes stripping – Just spin around the pole. They cheered for me. Harsh started putting price for
me $400 for Indian exotic dancer.

It was going so smooth that 2 guys came over and invited us for audition at their male strip club. LOL!
I opened a set which turns out to be MILF. I bargained to give her LAP dance. So made her sit on fountain and gave her stupid ass lap dance while her 2 daughter who were teenagers watched. She suggested that I should improve my verbal English.
Opened another set where girl was huge and I hired her for being my body guard. She stood up – Yeah! I would bounce for you. I told her instructions were to keep possessive girls away and let cute ones in. She winked.

Harsh manages to pull a girl. I am thirsty and tired but not wanting to disturb him as all my money was in the room. I walked outside Pure. Open a lady and she gets me in the zone. I just keep talking to her and flirting with her. She gave me huge hug.

I walk forward and open another set which turns out to be 3 people having exact same birth date roaming around. I hi5 them.
I open another girl from Bulgaria (Sofia) = A place I just knew that exist but know nothing about. I became more interview mode guy there.
Another girl and it starts to work. She is from Iceland and I copied Julien video style. Kept talking to her and keep building the conversation up. She is from Iceland and I am engaging her. I needed wing to occupy her but nobody out there in sight. I see a guy and he stupidly wanted to outdo me. He wanted to start AMOG battle when there were 2 girls. I told him to take 2nd girl and go. He didn’t want that – Just wanted to talk to girl I had in my hand. I just walked with her to corner of the casino while her friend is following and he is following behind. I can’t even run with the girl. We don’t have enough rapport. She pops her phone out and gives me her number. She says call me in an hour.
I open another lady and turns out she is asking do you want to go strip club. I reply, she doesn’t look like a stripper. Put my arm around her and continue to banter. Invite her to after pool party at condo. I start making out with her right there. She tells me she can’t come as she is working and gives me her number. She says calls me at 5 am. It would cost her a lot to leave right now.

I guess I should have just pulled and not cared about it. I thought it was objective but she might have gotten ASD after that. I still feel so rookie at this. RSD guy seeing this gets even more excited.

He asks me how I did that and what was I doing. I tell him that I would wing him and he should open the set. He opens and he is too busy running his mouth – zero physicality and he starts arguing with the girl and ejects by calling her mean and liar.
There is another guy Nguyen who is out there and runs away every time there is certain resistance in the set. Something that I used to do 3 months ago – but after Julien analogy that make her run out her no s before she has none of them left.

I heard Haze was there but I didn’t meet him or I might have met him but not recognized him.
People are opening me thanks to my T shirt and singing songs with me. I am giving them hi5. Girls are opening me and complimenting my t shirt. They take crazy pictures with me. I was wearing SpongeBob T shirt so they start humming the tune for me.

Girls are saying things like make SpongeBob sexy and other sexy stuff. I made out with 2 girls due to my Tshirt. I can’t believe this and yet I am still not able to PULL. I can get make outs but when it comes to taking them away and dealing with logistics – I just am not able to handle it.
I open couple of sets in McDonald's and other places. At the end I open a girl waiting for bus. I go in for make out but she won’t make out. Turns out she has bf. I keep running my million dollar mouth. Building connections and everything but nothing is working. 2 other girls come and sit behind us. I start talking to them. Meet her – Meet her. Harsh joins in and starts speaking in his wananbe Italian accent in Hindi. Girl is like you know English, don’t pretend. I know you are talking in 5 languages but none are English. We are blondes but we aren’t stupid. HAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!

Just crazy time!

I see my HOOKER best friend walking around and she is so happy to see me. I bid her good bye. She is ending her career and is heading to Texas, where as I am heading about to enter my last day in Vegas.
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 Damn Man!!

Thank for this post I was there too and I agree with you this was insane I can't wait for next year!! I am all excited again I still wear my bracelet and I intend on keep it all year to remind me the good 10 days I had in Vegas!! See you next year!!
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