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Hello, I decided to start posting my Field Report on RSD to learn from my mistakes and also get feedback from people who have more experience than me. I have been studying simple pickup for 2 months, RSD for about 5 months now, for a total of 7 months of gaming.

If I look back at where I was, I have changed as a person, but I’m not quite where I want to be. I understand this shit takes time and I’m willing to continue on this journey until I’m good with girls. I have been to 1 free tour and a hotseat. A quick background about myself.

I’m 28 years old, Asian, 5'11 and never had a girlfriend before in my life. Back when I was 17, I had sex for the very first time, but from that point on, I didn’t touch a girl for the next 10 years of my life. Yes, that shit was depressing and I don’t know what the fuck I was doing with my life. I spent majority of my 20’s playing online mmo games which was fucking stupid of me, but whatever, time to move on.

That was one of my pains that I went through to force me into learning to be good with girls. Another pain that I had was when I realized getting hot girls was out of my reach. I had setup an online dating profile on Okcupid and paid for a account. No girl gave me the chance of the day to talk to me. There was this one girl, she was a 2, yeah that low, ugly ass Asian girl. We end up texting back and forth for a month, but yet she didn’t want to give me her name, meet up with me, skype, or any shit. I’m like WTF, this ugly bish rejecting me, and I know for a fact I’m way out of her league.

That was when I ran across simple pickup. I thought that shit was amazing hitting on girls and asking for numbers. I end up taking action right away. I quit that online dating bullshit and decided to meet girls in real life.

I been through a lot of ups and down until I ran across a wing who studied RSD, roundtableking. I end up learning a lot from my wing “Ryan Gosling” or roundtableking and started studying RSD. This is where my journey starts with RSD and I’ll start posting my insights during my day or night out in pickup.

I still consider myself at newbie level and I go out at least 5-6 nights a week at night. Sometimes, I even go out solo. I stay sober and I don’t drink or do drugs at all. In my 7 months of gaming, I have pulled 7 times but only got lay 3 times. All from day 2.There are 3 of my adventures that I would like to share and from that point on, everything else would be new.

These 3 adventures consist of me pulling a girl and fucking her on day 2. I have to warn you, for whoever reads my field report. I’m very descriptive in my post and I write a lot of shit in details, only because I like to analayze as much as I can during my interactions. Plus writing about my journey is fun and I do learn a lot from my mistakes.
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 July 5, 2013 - Night Game - Pull to the car

Okay tonight I was planning on going solo but Diago told me to meet him up at Celtic. I’m like ugh.. then Ryan Gosling calls me and also tells me to meet him up at Celtic.
Like fuck it, let’s go chode around with these fuckers at celtic. So at Celtic, I met up with Ryan and a new wing Spender. A cool guy and he know how to shoot the shit with girls.
So we were just being chodes and standing around checking people out because it was still early. 

Alright enough of the gay shit, let me get on with my approaches. I didn’t do much, I’m not a great wing either because I’m afraid I might fuck up my friends interactions and that stops me from being myself. 
I approached 2 set sitting down, they were giving me the “ I am a creeper vibe”. I shoot the shit a bit then got up turned around and sat down next to another 2-set white girls. Yeah, I shoot the shit again with them,
but one of her friend was being a bitch. I got up and went around. I saw a black chick, shoot the shit with her then met up with Spender. Most of these early interactions I did were just to get me in the social mood so
I can talk like a mofo. At this point I’m in a good mood to talk.

So as I was walking with Spender, I saw an Asian group. You now me, I have to approach. So I approach this cute Asian chick and she blew me off but introduces me to her cute cousin.
I’m like okay whatever, so I start shooting the shit with this girl. Like I don’t know, when you have a connection with a girl, you can talk about anything and the conversation just flow. I’d give her a HB6 because
she didn’t have a lot of make up on, she was short and petite. She was an average Asian girl with an average body. But I’d fuck her, oh yes you bet I will!

Alright I was talking to her, teasing her etc etc. At one point, I was holding her hands, spin her around and kept talking to her.
Then out of fucking nowhere, fucking Diago and Ryan comes and cockblocks me. They formed an Eiffel Tower around the Asian girl and was just fucking with her. They were jumping up and down saying " Party, party, party"

I’m like fucking bish, these asshole haha, but I knew it was still early in the day and nothing would have happened. O well, so I just left the Asian girl and went to go try to game with Spender.
Spender went in a set and I’m like ugh… I don’t want to go in with him. I’m not that great of a wing, so I went to use the restroom, came out and saw the same Asian girl.

Fuck it, I went back and re approached her. This time I was building more comfort with her like holding her hands and shit like that.
Then Spender whisper in my ears.. “go move her around”. I knew I had to do this sooner or later, but I have to thank him for reminding me because I was in the moment with the girl in my little bubble of love.

So I moved her to a quiet area where we sat down and talked. I found out this girl is a super nerd like me, who read some sci-fi fantasy book that I thought no one ever read. We had a lot in common and shit.. like fuck what
are your chances of finding someone like that.I was talking to her at one point then I just stopped talking because I was just amaze that I found a girl like her, but I wished she was a fucking 10. She’s super cute, but I don’t know.

At that point, I’m like fuck it and told her “ Let’s go on an Adventure”. I screened her and found out she drove to the bar by herself. Hell yeah, no friends to worry about.
She agreed with me and I walked her outside the bar. At this time we were hugging each other walking outside the bar.
We both were fucking around with random people like I was telling random people “ Hey meet my ex-fiance” and she would be like “ Watch out don’t fall on your high heels” to random girls. 

It was pretty fun, but I didn’t know where the fuck to pull her to. I was thinking should I take her ass to a different venue, but I’m like fuck it.
So we were walking and she kept surprising me with random shit that I enjoyed, so I just stopped her ass and made out with her.
She was super aggressive in the makeout and I had a boner because of that. I decided to pull her to my car. 

We were in the car, talking and shooting the shit. I went over and kissed her a few times until I had a fucking cramp on my leg. So I was like fuck it, I hopped over to her side and I was on top of her. We were making out hardcore and shit.
I thought to myself, I wonder how far I can push this girl because I wanted to burn that shit to the ground today. I end up rubbing her ass, and she didn’t give me resistance, I rubbed her small tits… no resistance.
Okay fuck it, I went in and rubbed her outside her panties. Like shit, nothing, she didn’t stop me at all, and I was like holy shit, awesome!

I had a friend telling me about placing the girl hand on my cock, so I’m like why the fuck not. We continue making out and I grabbed her hand and place it on the cock. She reacted well to it, and then she did the work by putting
her hands under my pants and started giving me a hand job.It was super tight, so I had to unzip my pants so she can give me a hand job. I started to kiss her on the neck and started biting the neck.
The biting the neck really turned her on, and I kept doing it and she was loving it.

I decided to take a chance and finger her under the panties. I went in and the first thing I felt was a FUCKING BUSH.
For fuck sakes, why the fuck don’t Asian girls shave their fucking pussy. You see in Asian porn all the time where fucking Asian girls with hairy ass and shit. I’m not going to eat a girl out with all that fucking hair in my mouth.

Like I want a nicely shaved pussy, not no bushy ass shit. But this girl was cool and she even pointed out that she haven’t shaved her pussy. So I told her “ I think it’s about time” and I went down to try to finger her. Haha
She didn’t stop me, but she told me that her wasn’t ready. That only mean one thing, she was on her period or something. I also felt a tampon or whatever, so I knew I couldn’t do anything.

We were fooling around in the car for about 2 hours or so, her giving me a hand job but I didn’t bust a nut or anything. It was just a long ass makeout session, with us fooling around with each other.
I wasn’t super horny or anything because I was just uncomfortable in my small ass car, but I was down to fuck her. 

Toward the end, her friend called her and we had to stop. The Asian girl told me to not make a sound, and she picks up the phone telling her friend she was kidnapped and to send $1000 ransom lol
I dropped her off at her car, got her number and told her we will meet up again. I know this number is fucking solid, it better be. I spent like close to 4 hours with her and the time just flew by really fast.

I need my first taste of pussy, Asian pussy, which I haven’t yet since I started in Janurary. I would love to fuck this girl but I don’t want to focus on her only. I want to continue gaming other girls.

As far as feeling wise, man I am cold as Ice, I don’t feel nothing at all. Like nothing, and we have so much in common. I don’t know what to do. It’s scary, but shit I don’t know myself well enough.
Let me fuck her first, if I do, then I will see how I feel afterwards.

It's a good thing I didn't bust a nut when she gave me a handjob though, I thought I wasn't going to last long, but I wished we had more time together haha
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 July 6, 2012 – Lay Report #1 - Asian HB6

I don’t even know if this shit is considered a Lay, but I pulled a girl home, in my bed for the first time since I started my journey. I should be like “HELL YEAH” all happy and shit, but I’m not. Btw, I stay with my family, fuck me right.
Like fuck, I’m like soo frustrated at what happened, and I just don’t know what will become of me. 

Ahh fuck it let’s start my day. I decided to stay in today because I was feeling like shit. So I decided to text HB6 Asian girl from yesterday to see what she was doing.
She text me and told me she was going to be in Midtown. That was my cue to get ready and head to my favorite spot at Celtic.

I arrived at Celtic and met up with Diago. Then Ryan comes in and everyone just fucks around. I end up hanging with Spender and we did a few sets. I did a few approaches but I was actually waiting for the Asian chick.
I hooked a Mexican girl and she really liked me, but I let Diago have her and I ran off to the restroom. As I got out, I saw the Asian girl by herself at the bar ordering a drink.
I approached, shoot the shit, we both ordered water and sat down at a nearby couch to talk. Again, she came by herself and I’m like fuck yeah.

As we were talking, I told her let’s go on another adventure and lead her outside the venue. We walked toward my car and I was just teasing/joking with her saying stupid shit like
“Are you going to kidnap me or lure me to a place I don’t want to go”
So we arrived in my car and I’m like let’s go grab something to eat at chacho’s. She was cool with it and I drove toward that destination, which was also going toward my house.

We passed up chacho’s and she was like “ hey we passed it up” and I’m like fuck.. so I took the next exit and continue to shoot the shit with her. I end up saying fuck it and went back on the freeway toward my house.
I told her “ let’s go back to my place and shoot some pool” but she found out I didn’t have a pool table. I kept using that as an excuse, but she didn’t fight it, she knew what was up.

I arrived at my place, told her to take her shoes off and we went to my room. I gave her a tour of my room so she can feel comfortable and then we started making out on the bed.
I took my time because I wanted to have fun with sex, not finish that shit in 30 minutes and call it quits. So we made out, I’m like fingering her, we roll around humping each other in our clothes.
Then she tells me “ I don’t think I told you but I’m on my rag”. I told her “ I have some towels we can lay down”. She was cool with it and I proceed from there.

One time during our makeout session, my mom, out of all the fucking time knocks on the door. Like FUCK MOM GO AWAY, was what I told my mom, and she still wants to have a conversation outside my door.
Like shit, my mom doesn’t bother me when I jerk off at night, why all of a fucking sudden when I have a girl she wants to fuck with me. The mood kinda died a bit and the Asian girl wanted to go home, but I ignored and continue.

Finally, my boxer came off and I pulled her panties off. The funny thing was, my dick wasn’t getting up. Like fucking bullshit, I could not get a boner at all. I tried putting on a condom, and that shit just went limp.
So I took off the condom and had her give me a BlowJob. I still couldn’t get a hard on because the blow job was shitty and I didn’t feel nothing.

After a while of just kissing her and playing with myself to get it hard… I somehow managed to get it up 60% hardness. I put a condom on and went in her. We fcked for like 10 minutes, but after that, stupid me oh I had to be all fancy and shit.
I told her turn around I want to do “Doggy style” with my limp ass dick. That was the worst decision ever, and it was a total fail. FUCK hahaa.. This was my first attempt ever at doggy style, yeah I'm totally inexperience with sex.

Then from there, I just tried to finger her. I fingered her for a good 5 minutes and then she said I was hurting her and I was numbing her pussy. Fuck me and my lack of experience in sex.
After that, it was game over for me. I couldn’t get an erection. I even took the Ipad and told her let’s watch porn together.. but that shit still didn’t work.. I tried playing some swisha house fuck action music.. shit still didn’t get me up.

Like fuck man, whyyyyyyy, I hate my life. She ends up passing out and I couldn’t sleep for shit. I stayed up all day until it was time to take her back to her car.
During the drive back, she gave off the vibe like she didn’t want anything to do with me anymore. When she left the car she told me “text me if you want to talk about literature or about your weird personality”.

Fucking bitch, fuck you, who you think you talking to. I had the feeling that after I fuck her, she would get attached to me and I would have to break her heart.
In my case, I didn’t even have to worry about hurting her feelings because she was too fucking disappointed to even be attached to me.
That is a good thing, I don’t want girls to have feeling for me because I had like no feelings for this girl. I just wanted to FUCK her or make her my Fuck Buddy.

In the end, my lack of sex experience was what failed me. Now I’m all emotionally scarred because I don’t know how to fuck a girl properly and I cant get turned on at will. My shit still won't get hard as I write this down.
Well rather than being an emo ass little bitch, I'm going to study and read up on about sex. Yeah it's a learning experience. Reference all the way. Oh yeah and no more masturbation, none of that shit.
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 July 10, 2012

Alright, it has been a few days since that bad experience I had from my first lay. I know, it was a problem I had with myself, not the issue with the girl.
I had a talk with a few friends and it was all in my head. Maybe I wasn’t feeling comfortable with the girl or I was just nervous. I was overthinking things when I should have just enjoyed the moment.
I’m trying hard so that shit won’t ever happen again. That bad experience has made me look at things I could do to improve myself. 

I want more knowledge on sex and that made me look into studying about sex. The only thing I know about sex is watching porn, but that doesn’t help me at all. I’m reading books about sex and learning how to properly have sex, rather than doing crazy shit they do in porn. Another thing I’m doing is that I’m going on a no FAP spree. I’m going to try for 30 days then move from there. I’m also forcing myself to go to the gym consistently and lift heavy weights. I also read up on testosterone and I want to be a beast.

I have to thank my friends who were around to help me with my problem. Yeah it was kind of gay going around telling my friends “ FUCK I CANT GET A BONER”, but I had to let it out. They did make fun of me, but they also helped me by giving me advice and ideas I could use when I fuck my next girl.

Diago sent me some information on sex through email. I had Ryan gosling showing me how to finger a girl, well he gave me a demonstration with his other hand, he didn't finger my asshole now. 
Spender gave me a text earlier - "Hey man! Heard you got it up the other day!! So proud!
Haha, my friends are awesome.

I want to redeem myself with that Asian girl, to fuck the shit out of her and kick her ass to the curb. But I don’t think that’s going to happen, no redemption for me. It’s time to move on and I live in a world full of abundance. Too many hot girls out there, waiting for me. My next girl, I want to fuck the shit out of her.I do have to thank this Asian girl though. She made me look twice at myself, my sex life, and the things I need to do to be a fucking man. I'm not a man yet, I'm still a ass guy who doesn't know shit about sex. I'm working hard to change.
Oh another thing, after my failed attempt at my first lay, I couldn’t get my dick hard at all. I was freaking out for 2 days. Then after the 3rd day, it came back to me naturally and I was like oh shit. I had to go test it out on the field.

Night Game - Solo

Today, most of the crew went to some karaoke bar. I went to some Asian club solo, because I wanted another Asian pussy.
I arrived at the club and opened an Asian chick out on the street. She invited me to hang out with her and her chode guy friend. The girl didn’t give me enough attention or I was just being bored, so I left her and went to game other girl.

I’ll go right into my first good set. I opened a thick Asian girl with cute face by tapping on her shoulders. When she turned around and looked at me, I just went and hugged her. From there we were just shooting the shit and she was digging me.
She was with her cousin, who left us alone and we were just vibing. I was talking to her while hugging her and I had a boner! Boner Power! It works!

It was an easy hook and she liked me, only bad thing was that she was from out of town. All the time, in my head, I was thinking of screening logistics and ways to pull this girl out of this club.
We shoot the shit and I made out with her. Holy shit, this girl knows how to kiss and she is by far the best kisser I have encounter. 
I lead her to a nearby sofa, shoot the shit, more makeout, until a guy chode cousin of hers came in and cockblock. She ends up telling me she had to get back to her friends and I tried my best to keep her with me by saying stupid shit like

“You not going to fight for me girl”
“Wow you throwing me away like a piece of trash”
“You just used me and treat me like dog shit, You do this to all the guys”

I wanted to see if I could hit her emotionally with that, but she was telling me it was between me and her family. In the end, she runs off with her guy cousin, and I went around to game more girls.
After writing about this, I could have done a few things differently. One, I spent at least 20-30 minutes with her alone. I should have brought her back to her friends, shoot the shit with them, then isolate her again. That way, her friends would feel comfortable with me being around her. The second thing was, just go straight for the pull. Lead her ass outside and go from there. I doubt it would have worked, but I could use more reference on pulling a girl. 

From here, it was just more approaches, nothing hook. I remember I did a half ass front claw on an Asian girl and she just pushes me off lol. 
I went around the dance floor and tried to open some Asian girl, her fat ugly friend cockblock and said they were lesbian.
I also ran into another Asian middle school friend. I shoot the shit with her, but I guess I gave off the vibe as being dangerous, and she didn’t want to talk to me much because she had a boyfriend. Whatever.

Well, nothing else worth mentioning
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 July 31, 2013 

Night Game

Wow, it has been super long since my last update. I took a week off because I just needed a break. I also took some time and went to Dallas to hang out with my friends there.
I still go out regularly, like at least 5 days a week. However, I haven’t found anything I could learn from and I was doing the same shit over and over.
Well today, I’m writing because I actually hooked a girl and things went pretty smooth and I can actually learn from what happened today.

It’s Wednesday night and that means Wild West, a country club. I was kind of scared to go back to this place because the previous week I was fucking around and almost got in trouble with the bouncer. I was faking a seizure just for fun, and the bouncer saw it and pulled me aside. He looked me in my eyes and found that I wasn’t drunk. He then let me off and told me not to play possum anymore. Scary shit.

Okay so today, I went in and met up with the usual crew. I saw the crew hanging around in a circle and I’m like wtf a sausage circle, so I went out alone to do some soloing.
I have been working on my improv speaking, where I think of random shit when I talk and to self-amuse myself. It’s fucking hard to self-amuse but it’s something I need to learn in order to be good at game.

Alright, so I hook this mediocre girl who looked Indian, but she was actually Argentina. I opened her with 
“Frosted flakes, Cheerioes, Apple Jack, Captain Crunch, Lucky Charms, my it has been so long since I had lucky charms”
Seriously, bull shit ass open, but she was laughing her ass off. So from there, I stayed in and tried to vibe with her some more.

We dances, I moved her around the venue and just continue to vibe with her.
Something I did today was role play. I found out she was a big fan of Disney so I start role playing like ” I’ll be Aladdin and you can be Jasmine”. 
From there it’s all improv and thought of witty shit to say that I found hilarious such as a genie in a bottle and giving her 3 wishes.

After the vibing, I screen for logistics such as who she came here with, and how did she get here.
I found out she came here by herself, and that she was planning on taking a cab home.
Yup that’s all the sign I need so I told her “let’s go on a magic carpet ride adventure” and I pulled her from the club to my car. At first I told her let’s go grab some food because she was kind of scared to catch a ride with me.

After she got in the car, I’m like let me just drop you off at your hotel room. So I drove her to the hotel room and I’m just thinking about ways to get back in her hotel room.
I found out that she was afraid to let her coworkers see her bringing anyone back to the room because she was here on a business trip.
So, I’m like fuck, can’t go back in her hotel room. All we did was make out in my car and I showed her how awesome I was by saying some witty/ridiculous shit.

At one point she was saying she had to go, and I had a straight face and just told her “BYE”. She laughs and we made out.
Another time, she wanted to go and I just hugged her tight in my car and told her “ You’re free to go” but still holding on to her not letting her go. Got her laughing more
I used the “ you’re going to forget about me and throw me away like a piece of trash.” 
Finally, she was ready to leave so I gave her a last hug, and said this in her ears

“Hug me like you never hugged an Asian before”
“ And as you hug me, your conscious is telling you to stay”
“Toti, I am your conscious, I want you to continue to hug him and don’t let him go”
“ I want you to stay with him, you don’t need to leave yet”
“ Listen to your conscious, I am your conscious”

Well, at that point I was spouting stupid nonsense shit, but she was laughing her ass off and gave me more makeout.
We end up exchanging Facebook because she is leaving on Friday and maybe I might get to meet with her tomorrow for a Day2. I didn’t get her number because she’s from Argentina. I gave her my number and I will see if she gives me a call to meet up.

Now, I didn’t really push it for sex, which I think I should but I don’t know. I could have parked my car and asked her if I could use her restroom or straight up ask her let me hang out with her in her room. Not so sure though, because I wasn’t being needy or persistent. I was just being mehhhh. Plus she had to get up in 3 hours to go to work or something like that.

Yeah, I’m trying to go for it, hopefully I get laid. I need it, I want it so bad!
She isn’t that hot, but she isn’t ugly nor a wilde beast looking or what Ryan Gosling calls it “WAR PIG”. She is decent looking and I think I will manage to get a boner! 

I need experience when it comes to fucking, and I'll take anything.. well besides a fatty.. gives me the shiver, like mother fucking mufasa....
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 August 1, 2013 – Lay Report #2

HB5 Argentina

Okay, it was a good day. I’ll just start with my day. The girl from the previous day texted me and I set up a date with her. Let’s call her “Toti”

Toti: Hi dreamkast14, how are you doing? This is Toti
Me: Yo! Just had me some taco. What are you doing today
Toti: Jaja what? I don’t know yet… What are you doing today

Me: Taking you out on a romantic lobster date then we go on an adventure
Toti: Sounds good but what would be the adventure
Me: A magical adventure. What time works for you? 8 or 9pm?
Toti: 9 would be perfect
Me: Cool. I’ll come by at 9pm

I went straight to the point and asked her out on the date, set up a time, and picked her up at her place. It was easy because I hooked her yesterday and she was probably looking forward to hang out with me again.
We didn’t go eat lobster at all. We had dinner at some other place. She offered to pay for her share and I was cool with that.
After dinner, we head to Glorious for Salsa/Batchata night. She thought the place was amazing. We dance and make out. The time just flew by and it was 12:30am, so I was thinking about bouncing her to another venue, but she said it was late and had to get up at 5:45am.

I’m like okay, so I drove her back to her hotel, but all I did was think about how I was going to go up to her room. I know if I ask her for sex, she would clearly decline me. I was just like bleh, so as we drove up to the hotel parking lot, I parked my car and told her to hang out with me a bit more. We were in the car making out some more. I ended up being on top of her on the passenger side of my car, grinding on her. She was making excuses telling me like “People are going to see us” or “ I have to get going”.

I just ignored all her worries by saying “It’s okay” or “ Okay” and continue to escalate as much as possible. After about 5 minutes of heavy makeout, she then asked me “ Let’s go to my room, you have condoms right”.

Like shit, why can’t more girls be like her and ask for what they want. She knew I was down to fuck her and I was escalating on her hard. I think the turning point of this was the neck kissing/biting. That really had her moaning and shit. She would say “ I have to get going” then I bite her neck a little rough and suck on it. That shut her up.

I parked my car and grabbed some extra condoms.
I walked with her into her hotel room and I knew I was locked in for sex. So all in my head I’m like “Yippy dee doo day” or some shit like that, I’m getting laid tonight!
I wasn’t nervous as before and I didn’t even think about my boner problem. I just went with the flow.

Okay get ready for some fifty shades of dreamkast14 shit here now. I’m writing this shit down only to observe my actions and see what I could do next time during sex.

As I was sitting on her bed, she came in the room. We still had our clothes on and I grabbed her from the back and started kissing her neck. From there, I turned her over, got on top of her and made out with her. She unbutton my shirt, then my shirt went off. Next was her shirt, then my pants, then her pants. We were both in our under garment, where I had boxer on and she had her panties/bra.

She asked me to take out her bra for her, and I thought to myself “ FUCKKK… I don’t know how”. So she ended up taking her own bra off lol.
I was on top of her grinding and to my surprised, I had a freaking hard on. So it was time to foreplay and I took my time to rub her breast. Then it was time to finger her pussy. This time, I was fucking prepared to finger a girl.
Diago and Ryan taught me how to finger a girl and I also watched some video on finger blasting a girl. Also a few time of practicing fingering my other hand lol. Hey, I had to learn that shit somewhere and it’s not someone through butt hole.

I went and rubbed her clit for a moment, she was enjoying it. Then I stuck one finger in her and did the come here motion. I asked her “Faster or slow” and she responded with “ I like both”. So all I did was worked my magic finger, kissing/biting her neck and also breathing heavy near her ears. She was moaning, which had me fired up because I like that shit. It was after about 10 minutes that she was begging me to get inside of her. I told her say “Please dreamkast14” and she said it.

A few days back, I had practice putting a condom on when I woke up with a hard wood, just to make sure I know how to properly put a condom on. So this time, I wasn’t nervous about putting a condom on because I know how to now, through practice, mistakes, and failure.
After that, I went and tried to penetrate Toti pussy. For fuck sakes, I keep having a hard time with this shit, like I can’t even find the fucking hole. She kept apologizing, and I was just keeping calm. After a few tries, I was finally in.

Shit, from my experience of just missionary style for 15 minutes straight, I didn’t feel SHIT. I was pounding away, but Toti was enjoying it. Either way after that, she suggested we change position. I should have been the one leading it, but whatever.
The next position was her riding on top of me. I didn’t think that shit was going to work because of my small ass dick LOL…. Well I’m Asian wtf you want me to do. But hey, it works and the girl was riding me on top, but it didn’t feel good at all.
We went back to missionary, and yet again, I STILL CAN’T FEEL SHIT. Good thing my dick was still hard, but I didn’t feel any pleasure. I was just working up a fucking sweat.

Then I decided to go for the almighty doggy style. Worst fucking mistake in my life, I’m staying away from doggy style. Like I can’t for fuck sakes doggy style a girl without fucking up. I had a hard ass time trying to penetrate her that my dick went limp. I think it’s impossible for me at this moment, and I won’t be trying doggy style again until I understand how the positioning works.

Good thing Toti was cool about it and we went back to missionary. Again, me pounding away and we been having sex now for at least 1 hour or so. She was telling me that she never had sex with anyone like me and that she had cum many times. I guess she was complimenting me for the great sex. I’m like oh shit, I’m just trying to fucking bust a nut, but I guess it came out good and she really liked me. I like her style in bed too because she was also being aggressive and that continue to keep me horny, that and her constant moaning/screaming. Gotta love it.

So after another 10 minutes, she kept bugging me about when I was going to cum. I told her in a bit, and she kept asking it and I told her “Shhhhh”. Yet, I couldn’t bust a nut for shit, and then she told me that she had enough. She couldn’t take my dick any longer and needed to rest. I’m like fuckkkk… so I asked her to jack me off, but she didn’t do it and went to the restroom. I took the condom off and that had my dick all gooey and shit. I ran to the curtains and wipe my dick clean and hurried back.

Fuck…. Even if I didn’t cum, she was kind of sad for me for not cumming and that she couldn’t continue because she was exhausted.

So we were lying in bed, about 3am in the morning. She set the alarm clock to 5:45am and passed out.
I’m here, all mad at myself because I couldn’t cum. Still lying in bed, trying to figure out “WHY!”. I then came to a conclusion; it was maybe the fucking condom. I was using Trojan condom, but I couldn’t feel shit. Luckily, I had some other brand condom, and I thought I’m going to try that one next. But shit, I’m never going to see Toti again, so I decided I’m going to fuck her again at 5am. Let her sleep a bit, then wake her ass up at 5am to fuck her. I should have done that with my 1st lay, but I didn’t know, I didn’t fucking know.

At this time my dick didn’t want to get up, so I started grinding on her thighs. Man that shit works, it got me up in no time. It works way better than me trying to stroke it and trying to get it up. I was literally stroking my dick for 30 minutes, and it didn’t move at all. Grinding up on the girl ass/thigh works wonder! So close to 5am, I’m all up on her huggin her, grinding on her legs,rubbing her and I turned her on again. She didn’t want me to penetrate her because she knew how long I can last and that I won’t cum. But I brushed that aside and told her it will be fast and she won’t be late for work.

I put on the different brand condom, penetrate her, fuck her for a good 5 minutes then bust a nut. Shit fucking finally, it felt so good. It’s like I won the fucking lotto. I realized it was the condom all along.
Afterward, we went to go shower together and had fun times.

I won’t see Toti ever again because she is going back to Argentina and never coming back to the states. We said our farewell and hopefully I made her last day an awesome experience she won’t ever forget. Hey, I was happy I made her cum many times and I probably gave her a great sex experience that she said no one has ever given her.

I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing, and I was just pounding away. Lol
I end up going to court, got my ticket dismissed and everything is good. 
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 August 7, 2013

Night Game - Solo

I have to say, I love my friends. Without them, I wouldn't grow as a person and they’re always teaching me new things.
Alright, let me get right into my night. I decided to go to some karaoke bar with Ryan and Spender. I didn’t do much here. I was hoping to sing a back street boy song with Ryan, but it didn’t happen. I was glad to see Spender and we just have fun doing stupid shit. haha
I only went to this place because I was waiting for midnight to come before I hit up some Asian club Roxy. Ryan Gosling rather slit his wrist while listening to Justin Bieber than go to an Asian club with me. So I went solo to this Asian club by myself, so sad, such a loner.

I arrived at Roxy and this place was pretty packed with Asians. Like shit, hell yeah finally! So I started approaching left and right. It’s the most Asian girls I have approached in my city at once. Which was crazy, but I was like a fucking beast, no fear.
Well, it sucks because for the next hour or so, I was approaching and nothing I like hooked. Only 2 mediocre Asian girls, but I just bounce because they were boring me.

The best set of the night was when I was walking around on the dance floor to see who I can open, I saw this tall, hot ass white girl HB8, dancing with a short ass Asian girl. So I went and approached the white HB8 by tapping on her shoulder.
The white girl was surprised but started laughing at me because I was doing some random dancing. The friend however, this little tiny piece of shit face 4 ft nothing Asian girl was being over protective of her friend.
Somehow, I managed to talk to the little piece of shit Asian friend, and she started liking me as a person.
So from there, I stood around these 2-set for a while, having fun in my own little world and the white girl was just laughing at everything I did.

After a while, I left this set to game other girls. I think I re-approached this 2-set at least 4 times, with me coming around them and just doing some funny dances. Also, I was befriending the little piece of shit Asian girl, and also tried to connect with the hot ass white girl.
So after about the 4th approach of the white girl, I pulled her in by grabbing her hand and placing it over my shoulder. At this time the little Asian girl was dancing with some random Asian guy. 
Finally, that little piece of shit Asian girl was occupied and I can work with the white HB8. So, we were just hugging each other, grinding, and trying to vibe with each other.

I’m not sure about the interaction, but I was just saying whatever that I found amusing.

Me: I like the backstreet boys and I was supposed to sing it today at a karaoke bar, but I didn’t
Her: I like the backstreet boys too!
Me: I’m going to serenade you with my voice ( I started singing backstreet boy song in her ears)
Her: *laughs* Nooo, stop it nooo *laughs*(she tried to shut me up and softly slapped me)

Me: Wow, how could you, I’m here trying my best to sing for you and you slapped me across the face, I hate you
Her: *rubs my face* Ohhh I’m sorry, I didn't mean to.
Me: I’m just trying to show you my version, the Asian backstreet boy version, which you would never hear, and you don’t appreciate it

So that was some of the stupid shit I was saying to her. Then we started grinding some more and dancing. I couldn’t feel any tension and I’m like fuck it let’s go in for a makeout. So I went in for a makeout and this white girl didn’t know how to kiss AT ALL. It tells me many things about her.

One, she probably haven’t kissed anyone in a long ass time or none at all. Another thing is she probably hasn’t been with a guy yet. Just my assumption, I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about.
But just as we were kissing like 3 seconds, the little piece of Asian shit friend and another fat girlfriend, came in and stopped us from kissing. They were like WOAHHHH made a big deal out of it.

I’m like WTF, but the fat friend didn’t like it and told the white girl NO and tried to pulled her away from me. I kept my calm and tried to calm the fat Asian friend down by telling her I was sober and I won’t do it again. After a bit of talking to the fat friend, she agreed to let the white girl dance with me some more.  The fat friend did the gesture to me “I have my eyes on you” and I thought to myself “well you need to keep your eyes off of me and keep staring at the cupcakes, fat bitch”

So after a bit, the 2 Asian friends left, the HB8 girl was saying that her friends are over protective of her. I told the HB8 “it’s okay, I have two words for you, Love and Loyalty. I love you” Which had the girl laughing.
From there, I started screening the HB8 for logistics. She came here with her friends, and has work tomorrow. Damnit, not sure if I could pull her so I didn’t even try to.

I then moved her into the middle of the dance floor that was more crowded, away from her friends, and then made out with her lol. Yup, this girl has no experience in kissing, and it was just like bleh.
We danced some more and I was just vibing with her. I think it didn’t matter what I said, it was the sub-communication that I was giving off. I was self-amusing myself and not really care about her responses or reaction.

The little piece of Asian shit came back in and tried to pull the HB8 girl away from me because the night was about to end.
At this time I told the little girl “wait, 2 seconds, let me talk to her for 2 seconds”. The little Asian agreed and then left. I told the HB8 that we are going to hang out again.

I told her to say my name, which she remembered, and then I told we are going to hang out again. I got her number, called it, then kissed her goodbye.
After she left me, I was in the middle of the dance floor, not even knowing I was there. I bet all them Asian guys were looking at me with this hot ass white girl in the club. Like shit, I just kept calm and walked out to my car and drove home.

No, I’m not excited or extremely happy about this HB8 white girl I hooked. I have experience with this type of stuff many times before, whether the girl be hot or ugly. It’s the same shit and it depends if I hook the girl strong enough. It also depends if the girl remembers me the next day or even bother to get to know me.

She did text me first and later on texted me good night. I’ll text her tomorrow and see if she wants to meet, but who knows. I don’t know what’s going to happen.
I have other things I need to accomplish first in my life and I need to focus. Ryan called me out today for sleeping too much and wasting my life away watching game stream. I have to focus and do more productive shit.
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August 13, 2013 
Text with HB8

Okay, I’ll start with my texting and what I did to get this girl. Not sure if I even used game, she still young and inexperienced. Well whatever.

HB: I win, I remembered you. You’re welcome
ME: Hah great. What are you doing today
HB: Having the best time of my life working. You?
Me: Having lunch with friends. Let’s hang out later and go on an adventure
HB: An adventure you say? Hmm.. That does sound fun. But I leave back to my town and I’ll be back on Mon and Tue

At this point I’m like fuck, it’s pointless to try and meet up with her. So I decided to try something different and have fun through texting because I didn’t give a shit

Me: I will wait for your return until this flower withers. I will forever be a beast if you don’t come back (sent her a pix of beauty and the beast Rose)
HB: If you stay a beast remember to brush your teeth and comb your fur regularly. No one likes a mess
Me: Yeah after I come hunt you down and eat you up. Yummy! I wonder what you taste like
HB: Tea and crumpets with the occasional taste of royalty

Me: Yuck I ‘m going to spit you out then
HB: Sorry I’m not your liking
Me: I’ll just drink your blood like a vampire. No worries
HB: Eww, vampires are overrated

Here I changed the frame. I could have just continue and talk about vampires and shit, but I found that boring to talk about, so I text her something I want to talk about

Me: Btw, my magical mirror is broken. I can’t see you. Send me a pix
HB: I’ll send you one from last night ( She sent me a pix)
Me: Princess! Yup that’s you alright
HB: Your turn
Me: You not the only one with Asian friends (Sent her a pix of me and fupaptomus together)
HB: Haha dang, thought I was special. I like his hat

At this point im like wtf.. like his hat.. fuck his hat, it’s all about me. I got kinda jealous and I just ignored her at 7pm. Didn’t even replied to her. Like his fucking hat, get out of here, she supposed to compliment me, not him. Bullshit!

So we have been texting back and forth for a few days, role playing on kidnapping cats, going to jail, and shit like that. Here is what I did to spike up her emotion since she is heavily invested in me. Not sure if it was necessary, but I wanted to take that risk. No risk, no reward!

Me: haha looks fun. I bet you day dream about cats, car and chopsticks
Her: It’s like you can see right into my mind
Me: I might be able to see what else you’re thinking, but I’ll tell you next time
Her: Next time?
Me: Yup next time I see you
Her: You want to see me again?

Me: Yes I do. You don’t want to see me?
Her: Hm…. That’s a tough one
Me: Don’t talk to me

After she said “that’s a tough one” I’m like wtf. I didn’t like that answer. So I tried using the “don’t talk to me” text which fucking broke my heart and made me text 18 times in a row to the beautiful Korean swan back in New Orleans, which I lost. I also thought it was funny when I text that to her that and I wanted to see her reactions. I wanted her to be needy ass fuck and send me 18 text

Her: Haha. You don’t know what my answer is!
( one hour later)
Her: Night

So the next day, she hasn’t text me yet. She usually text first and I’m like FUKKKKK, all nervous and shit. I was about to cry in the shower lol jk. I did panic and my heart skipped a beat, but I’m like fck it. I end up texting her first like a needy little at 7pm

Me: What are you doing tonight
Her: Lifeguarding then packing some stuff

That was our only text for that day. Like shit, I thought I lost her, but she replied back so I was somewhat safe. I left her alone and decide to text her the next day.

Me: I’m here waiting for the ice cream truck so that I can get me a ninja turtle gumball eyed ice cream
Her: hahaha no way! I’m totally jealous. I’m at a concert
Me: Mr. Ice cream didn’t show up. You’re in H-town. Are you going to turn me into human?
Her: He didn’t show? How disappointing. I’m actually out of town now shopping. Wait you’re not a human??.... whatttt?

Me: Nope, I was raised by wolves and unable to coexist with humans. But you’re different =p
Her: You must have had an amazing child hood. The reason im different is because… im not from this planet
Me: I knew it, that’s why when I sniffed you, you had a different smell to you
Her: … you sniffed me? That’s not odd. Hope I smell good

Me: I had to make sure you were no threat to me. Plus you’re from another planet… um… I come in peace
Her: Ah, that’s acceptable then. Wanna know a secret? I’m actually a princess on the planet I come from, but I chose the normal life
Me: As a wolf.. I only see a human being with a trait of sweet, kind, and caring. But I’ll call you Princess Belle
Her: Just call me sonya. That would be better. Life as a wolf is so simple

Me: Lol okay. Btw I want to take you on a romantic date where we feast on zebras
Her: On zebras? Make sure they’re the black and white striped kind
Me: I’ll get one fresh from Africa
Her: Sounds fancy

The next day, which was Thursday, I forgot about her and she texted me first

Her(5:40pm)So I’ve been thinking, I’m not sure if this was obvious or not when we met, but I’m not 21, I don’t want to lead you on thinking I’m older than I am

I freaked out when I read that shit, I’m like how the fuck do I respond to this shit. What the fuck do I do. I spent an hour to think about it. I remembered my friend Jaywoo telling me to be sincere and honest, which I’m good at, but sometime I creep girls out and shit when I'm real. Refer back to my 18 text message haha. So I texted her

Me(6:44pm): Look here, age is irrelevant. I like you for who you are, not some age. But, it’s your decision if you ever want to see me again

I put that shit on the line. If she wants to see me, cool, if not, I don’t care at all. I think during this time I was beasting solo at a bar. I got some black chick number lol. I tried my best not to look at my phone, because I was too worried about this girl response. So, after about 4 hours of “ WTF did I just do” I get a text

Her(10:50): I don’t mind about age but just to confirm.. how old are you? Sorry, my phone died earlier and I was out with a friend

I didn’t know how to respond to this and all I wanted to do was meet up with her so that I could see her in person again. Then I’ll tell her my real age, fuck this texting shit. So I ignored

Her(11:55pm) And to make it clear, I do want to see you again

I ignored this as well, fuck hell yeah, feels good to have a text like that. So I was planning on texting her at 10am when I wake up with some funny shit, but guess what…. She text me early in the morning

Her(9:00am): Sorry for all the messages, but I have another question. Are you busy tonight? tina is going out with some guy and since im staying with her I’ll be third wheel. Not sure if you want to go, and its cool if you don’t want to

Okay, done with this texting. From there, she is heavily invested in me. Not sure if it’s my text game, or it’s just the girl who is simple minded. No idea, I do know that she is still young and inexperienced. Okay so I decided to meet up with her

Date with HB8

Alright, I wanted to go on a date with HB8 alone, but it was impossible because she was staying at her friend’s place. HB8 gave me a place to meet them and I decided to go see her. In my head, I thought to myself, man this is going to be a shitty ass double date. Fuck it, I need reference experience!

So, I went down to china town.. took my ass 1hr drive through shitty traffic, and I end up getting lost. I had to ask random ass china man for directions, and they didn’t know shit. At this time I was like 30 minute late from the appointed time.

Finally, I found the place, and I walked it. I saw HB8 and I pointed at her and smiled… then I realized that she was the only White girl and everyone else in the group was Asian. There was 2 other Asian girls and 2 Asian guys. I’m like holy shit, so I started introducing myself to everyone, sat down and started talking to HB8.

Then all of a sudden, some Asian thug ends up talking to me. He started asking me questions like where I’m from and shit. I answered him and start a little convo, and went back to talk to HB8. Later on, I realized that this Asian thug was trying to spit game at the HB8 while ignoring his date, which was the Asian 4ft nothing girl. I kinda felt bad for her, because her date was ignoring her, and he liked my chick the HB8. So he ignored the Asian girl and everyone was just being awkward. Good thing I came late.

Anyways, he was trying to AMOG me, but I didn’t know what he was up to at that time, and I just respond through reflexes because I dealt with that a shit tons of time already at bars/club. He was trying to size me up and shit, but I just stayed cool and talk to him like its normal. I thought he was just being friendly talking to me, but found out later he wanted to holla at HB8. Lol, wrong person to mess with.

Alright, they wanted to go watch a shitty movie. Who plan was this, mother fucking thug Asian. Got damn this guy, but oh well. So, HB8 ends up riding in my car while the other people went in a separate car. I’m like fuck yeah, alone time with my HB8.

So, the drive toward the movie theatre, I just tried to get to know her etc. Just like I thought, she is inexperience with life, insecure with a lot of stuff, hates that she is freaking tall, and just overall tomboyish. She needs to act more of a lady, but she hasn’t learned yet because she is still young and immature. O well, if I don’t fuck her, someone else would.

So we arrived at the movies late because I got lost lol. The friend kept texting HB8 because she was all worried about her, but everything was cool. I paid for her ticket and we walked toward the theatre. I heard that great Gatsby song by Lana Rey on the speaker, and I stopped her in the center of the plaza by grabbing her hands. I pulled her in close to me and we had a 2 minute slow dance together. She was super embarrassed and shy because people were looking at us. I didn’t care, I liked the song, and I wanted to hold her while dancing. She was too embarrassed and stopped dancing with me haha.

We then went in the theatre to watch a movie. Now the theatre was dead with no one there, but they all wanted to sit together in the same row, right next to each other and shit. Man wtf, kids these days, don’t know shit, horrible date idea. I was sitting next to a black dood, and every other seat was fucking empty. WTF man… WTF

So like 10 minutes in the movie, I’m just joking with HB8 having fun and I told her I’m going to the restroom. I went to the restroom, walked around all bored and shit, talked to the bartender lady, then restroom again. I’m like fuck it so I texted HB8

Me: You! Come join me for an adventure!
Her: Right now?
Me: Outside!

So, she walked outside the movie and met up with me. We left the group of 4 Asians to watch that movie and not know shit about socializing. Hah who watches movie on a date and not do shit, so pathetic… woops.. didn’t mean to call you out fupap! HAHA

I had her outside the theatre, and I was holding her hand, messing with her, embarrassing her by stopping random people and talk to them about her in front of her face. She ends up getting all embarrassed and starts blushing. I noticed her eye pupil went big, close to anime eyes.

We just walked around the theatre, talking, having fun, taking pictures, doing silly stuff together. I was randomly stopping people in the theatre and asked them if they could take a picture of us together along with some posters lol. She can’t even keep eye contact with me and always turn away blushing. Yup, no challenge at all. She lacks the confidence of a girl who has it all, like them stuck up ass Asian bitches, who’s not even hot.

Throughout that interaction, I wanted to isolate her in an empty theater so I can work my magical skills, but she kept refusing. She was trying to lead most of the time, and I had to put her in check by telling her to slow down, or pulling her back toward me. We were messing around and I end up wearing her precious bracelet.

After that, we decided to head outside the theatre. HB8 ends up sitting down at some place, and it was time to get physical. I got close to her, my dick on her leg and we started talking. Then I just went in for the makeout. My goodness, she doesn’t know how to kiss for shit. So after the little kiss, I told her to stand up. She stands up and I hugged her and we kissed a little more. This time I told her, open your mouth bigger, while making out with her, then I told her to stick your tounge out more into my throat. She starts to laugh, but comply to my commands.

That’s when the kissing got little better, but I had to teach her how to kiss haha. Damn I have accumulated many experiences on kissing girls, so I do think I’m a good kisser.

In between makeout, I would tell her some shit like

“I don’t know why I like you so much”
“I don’t know if I can trust you, I’m afraid you might break my heart”
“I’m scared to open up to anyone because they will break my heart”
“ Do you trust me”

Just some emotional shit, something I haven’t tried out yet, so I tried it on this girl. Not sure if it worked or not, but I want it to stick in her head that I am vulnerable. When I told her something along the line of " Can I trust you, not to break my heart", she replied with " Yes" lol

I figured I won't see this girl again so I'm just going to have fun and say some stupid emotional shit and see if it works.

Then the Asian friend texted HB8 and said they were done watching the movie. So I thought she was going to leave, but to my surprised the little 4 feet Asian friend asked HB8 if she wanted to stay with me. I’m like wtf… and HB8 said “Yes”. So the 4 feet Asian girl, ends up going with 2 other Asians to smoke hookah and ditch that Asian thug guy. The 4ft asian girl was pretty depressed, I thought she was mad at me, but she was mad at thug Asian. Well, good thing for me.

HB8 ends up telling me that the Asian thug was making shit awkward because he was ignoring the 4ft Asian girl all day, and was trying to holla at her. HB8 was calling that guy an asshole, lol. They don’t know the true meaning of an asshole. O well, kids these days

So, I took her to my car, we stayed near the theatre and parked in a dark area. I end up making out with her, then I went over to her side, got on top of her and made out with her some more.

I turned up the heat by kissing on her neck and biting her neck. I also learned something awesome, like slow breathing in the ear, which got the HB8 girl turned on really hard. She was moaning, and it seemed like she was having an orgasm or some shit. I kept biting her neck, breathing slowly on her ear, and rubbing her big breast. At multiple times, she kept saying in a soft voice " stop..... ugh.... stopp...." and I whisper in her ears " It's okay", and continue to bite in her soft spot and breathe in her ears.

I did this and I also grabbed her hands and placed it on my cock. She went under my pants for a second then realized what she was doing and pulled out. I placed her hand on my cock 2 more times during our makeout session and she gave me a quick 10 second x2 hand job. Fuck, I wanted to fuck her, but I knew it wasn’t going to happen because I tried to touch her ass under the pants.. and she pushed my hands away.
I didn’t even bother to go in and touch the because she probably going to reject me. During the make out session, I wanted to try something different by saying

“I don’t think we should move any further than this”

She then agreed and I’m like fuck!!! Haha o well. We stopped making out and talk some more. She shared some dark secrets of hers to me, and I told her a somewhat sappy story about friendship.

We continued to makeout and do the same shit, having fun, cherising the moment. And then we were cuddling in my car, just hugging it out, made out some more and I whisper this in her ear

“ I don’t want to lead you on or anything, but I got to tell you something, it’s about my age..................... I’m 28 years old”

HB8, didn’t flinch at all and said she was cool with it. Hah, great time to tell a girl your age, after you done gave her an orgasm without even fucking her. All I did was bite her neck and breathe in her ear, which really turned her on. She was super tired afterward and almost passed out sitting up.

Toward the end of the night, she gets a text from little Asian girl and I dropped her off at some place.

She texted me later on telling me she had fun.

She also texted me that Thug Asian guy was such an asshole that she wanted to slap him. She told me that he had the nerve to ask the little 4 ft Asian girl if he can have HB8 number.

Like damn, that other dood is a fucking douchebag, even I won’t do shit like that. But o well, I have more game than him; he’s just an Asian gansta that doesn’t know shit, just act like he's all cool smoking cigarrettes and shit. Smoke these nuts you fake ass Asian thug.

Throughout the makeout session and stuff, I didn’t feel nothing for this girl. Yes, she has a cute face and all, but I just don’t feel nothing yet. Even if I wanted to g/f her up, which I probably can if I keep at it, I’m not sure of it. No idea, but I do want to try a relationship with someone. I have never been in one, and I need someone to break my heart. I’m using myself as an experiment, to break my heart, so that I can move on. Scary shit.
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August 15, 2013
Phone with HB8

Okay, today I’m going to write about what I talked about with HB8. Let’s just call her Sonya rather than an HB.
One thing I have to mention is that I am getting so horny, that my dick is hurting. Damnit, everytime I think about Sonya, I get a fucking boner. As I’m writing this shit down, thinking about her, I’m getting turned on. Fuck me right, this is what happens when you haven’t fap for about 2 months. Like this shit is driving me NUTS.

Alright, let me start with the phone conversation. I texted her and told her to call me when she was free. I was writing a report on my Habits when she called me. I started a journal for my habits so that I can continue to grow as a person.
So, Sonya called me on the phone and we started chatting it up. I mean I enjoy talking on the phone with a girl where we can talk about anything and the conversation just flow. It has been too long since I talked to a girl over the phone and I actually enjoy talking to a girl.

Well, we talked a lot and our topic was broad. She then mentioned the “Question” game and I’m like cool let’s play it then. She first started off with simple question like “ Where I want to go in the world if I had a chance to”. Easy question, so I answered and then I asked her another simple question.

After a bit of back and forth, she started asking me about my relationship. Which I replied to her that I never been in a relationship. Then I started asking her all kind of questions.
I asked her “Does she masturbate”. This made her shy and blush over the phone. Of course she does but she didn’t want to give me a direct answer. Other stuff I noticed about her while asking her the question game was that she’s not a virgin. 

She had sex with one guy and that’s about it. She also enjoy sex, would be down for a threesome, kissed a girl before, dated 4 other guys, wants a monogamous relationship, believe in trust and honesty a lot, thinks I’m a nice guy, wants to go to New York City for an intern, she gets turned on by guys biting their lips and that’s all I can think of.She asked me a question about what would I do if a girl cheated on me. I replied to her that I would go out and find another girl within a heart beat and that the girl just lost her chance to join me in my journey. True I might get heartbroken for a bit, but I know I can snap myself out of it and find me someone else because I’m a just an overall cool person.

I also told her my secret that I was into pickup. And that pickup was something I enjoy because it changed me as a person. It’s not something to manipulate girls, its something to express you as a person. Like a phrase that Alexander mentioned “ You are enough”, meaning you are enough as a person. You don’t need to change for no one and people should accept you for who are. You go throw yourself in a situation by taking action and meeting the girls of your dream.
I think it is every person right to go out and meet a person that they find attractive or interesting. Rather than meet a person through your social circle or through the social norm.

I don’t have a social circle, so that won’t happened for me. Getting a girl online through the dating sites, well that’s impossible. So my only choice is to go out and face the world. Which is what I did, and within 7 months, I found Sonya, someone who I can talk to. But, I don’t know whats going to happen. I have no idea and what it might lead me to.

I do want a relationship because I never experience before. I don’t know whats going to happen, I might get my heart broken and that shit is going to be fucking painful. After I been through it once, I will have the reference experience and grow stronger as a person. I’ll move on and continue on my path to be a successful guy.
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 August 17, 2013 – Lay Report #3

HB8 White

Okay where do I start,hm.. I wanted to write about this because I did a lot of shit over the past few days that I found interesting. A fucking learning experience since I started my journey.

Alright, I started with texting her the other night saying I wanted to see her. This girl lives 1hr away. Ryan was telling me to give up on the girl because it’s not worth the time, the drive and to go find other girls. I understand where he’s coming from,the abundance mentality, but I worked too hard for this girl and I wanted to experience her all the way until I get rejected. Burn that shit to the ground.

So I texted her if I could meet her and she told me she was probably going to be busy. I’m like fuck.. I wanted to meet up with her. Usually she will give me a text in the morning, so the next morning I get a text message, we vibe a bit, then I text her.

Me: oh btw im coming to see you today. Don’t question it
Her: But what if Im busy?
Me: Let me know
Her: Hahaha that’s what I thought
Me: Yup I’ll see you later tonight then
Her: so are you coming?
Me: Yeah I am. Unless you’re really busy. Then I won’t bother you

And that’s how I got the chance to come see her. Now, the drive was over an hour long, but it didn’t really bother me because it was a new experience for me. Something I have never done and even the thought about long distant relationship excited me. Never been in a relationship before.

I drove to her place, not knowing what was going to happen. I just took a chance and went with the flow. As I got to her place, I called her and picked her up in my car. She needed some shit at the store, so I drove her there and we went shopping for some stuff.
It was actually fun hanging with this girl because she was still a kid by heart. I was just having fun with her at the store, messing with her, teasing her, etc. She even pointed out at some guys saying they were cute, but it didn’t bother me, I wasn’t jealous. I even encouraged her to go talk to other guys. I told her I would introduce her to one of my Korean wing, if she wants to hah.

After shopping for her shit, I bought her some food and she suggested we go back to her place to eat. I’m like fuck yeah, alone time in the room, that’s all I need. So we were alone in the room, finished eating up and she wanted to watch a moving. AHh, boring sht, so we watched a scary movie.At one point in the movie, when the movie was building up anticipation, but not yet to the scary part, I scared the shit out of her and she was mad at me. I’m like fuck.. I’m sorry, and had to calm her down because she gets scared easily.
So the movie was shitty, and I just turned that shit off and we started making out.

This is by far the longest time I spent being in bed with a girl messing around. I mean we spent almot 2-3 hours just messing around with each other. It first started by me kissing her, then her neck, then biting it, licking it, then breathing hot air in her ears. I tried all kind of shit and also I was looking for a lot of her soft spots.Some of her soft spot was below the ear, licking her in between her breast, licking and biting near her stomache. I would be like a dog, and lick the shit out of her. From her stomache all the way up to her neck and shit. Often times, when she was feeling too good, she was be forceful and push me away like aggressively. I’m like WTF.

So at one point, I was licking her in the neck and she tried to pushed me away with her hands, I just grabbed that shit and pinned it down like a fucking man. I would say shit in her ears like “Just FUCKING Relax” In a polarizing way, and then she would calm down. Still she would be pushing me or trying to get me off of her, but deep down I know she was enjoying every moment. She then gave me a BJ, but after a while, I felt my dick going limp for some reason.. which is fucking gay, I’ll talk about this problem later. I mean I haven’t fap for 2 months, but still I find my body to act funny during such precious moment….

Then I decided it was long enough and then I started trying to finger her. Yet again she was trying to push me away forcefully and didn’t want me to go in. I was like fuck this shit, so I just pulled her pants down aggressively. I think she likes it when a guy is dominant in bed. I was being really aggressive so that I could put her ass in check, but not trying to hurt her. After some time, I fingered her doing the “come here motion” and she was enjoying it. She was being embarrassed because she didn’t want me to look at her so she covered her eyes. I’m like forcefully moving her hand away from her eyes and saying shit like

“ Look at me in the fucking eyes.. LOOK AT ME” She looks at me obediently
“ Relax girl, just fucking relax”
“ Trust me, so relax”

No resistiance… so I as I finger her, I asked her “softer or harder” and she replied with “Harder”. I kept asking her “Harder?” and she was like “ YES”. Fuck this girl can take a beating because I was going super hard on her g-spot fingering her, but I realized that I’m going to hurt her without lube. So, I stopped. Then I went to grab the condom, put the condom on, and try to penetrate. Like fuck, my dick went limp and I couldn’t penetrate at all, there was no wonderful feeling to it. So after about a few attempts, I got in, fucked her for a bit, then she pushed me off. Dick went limp, I couldn’t get it in.. then out of no where, the girl pulls the condom off. I’m like what just happened……. NO CONDOM….

I was too in the moment at that time, so I’m like fuck it let’s have sex RAW. So, I end up penetrating her raw and fucking her. It felt good. I was fucking her missionary style for a while. While fucking her, I asked her why she liked me so much. She said that I was cool, funny, awesome, and have a lot of confidence. I'm like holy shit, I'm awesome. She ends up telling me to stop because she was tired. To my surprised, I could still have kept going, but I stopped because she couldn’t take it no more. She called me “crazy” and I didn’t get the chance to bust a load in her.

I did try to have her ride me, but my dick went limp and I end up being on top of her. I want to add variety to my sex position, but the only thing I feel comfortable doing is missionary style. Which is pretty lame, I want variety, but from my past experience, I’m still not capable of doggy style. Her riding me, well I need more experience for that. Afterwards,, she decided she wanted to shower. She didn’t want to let me join her, but I kept being persistent and next thing you know I was in the shower with her having fun times. It’s so fun taking a shower with a girl, just overall an amazing experience for me. Cherish the moment!

When we were done taking a shower, we went to bed. I think she was sleeping, but I on the other hand couldn’t sleep. After about 30 minutes, I’m here rubbing my dick on her ass. It felt soo good and within a few moment, little jimmy woke up. It was time again, so I got her on her back, and penetrate her raw again. As I was fucking her this time, it was a good feeling and I knew I would cum sooner or later. I was telling her “ I’m going to cum inside of you” which was stupid of me, but I was in the fucking moment. She then replied “No, pull out, don’t cum in me”. So, I fcked her until I couldn’t take it no more, pulled out and jizzed on her stomache. It was a great experience for me, since that was my first time doing shit like that.

I helped her clean the cum off, and we went to sleep. Somehow, when I was sleeping, I had a fucking wet dream. Like really, a wet dream right next to the girl. That shit woke me up and I wanted to fuck her again.
So, I started trying to turn her on again, and I tried to fuck her one more time. At this time, it was like 8am in the morning and shit, with the sun out. I knew I had the power to get a boner, but somehow, it kept going limp on and off. I’m like fucking bullshit, but I kept calm, fingered her and rub my dick on her thigh. I tried a few times to penetrate but my dick couldn’t do it.

After a while of fingering her, someone knocks at the door and it was over from there. We stopped everything, and one of her roomates was moving in. She ends up kicking me out, and I felt kind of empty because I couldn’t properly fuck her right toward the end. I felt like shit and probably thought she won’t ever want to see me again.I thought we were going to spend the next day together and hang out. But, she just sneaked me outside her place, hugged me and went back inside her place.

So, I drove home being depressed and shit because I couldn’t fuck her again in the morning. It was pretty lame. From that point on, I thought I won’t see this girl again and it kinda made me sad. It was a lone drive home to remember.
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 August 19, 2013 – Lay Report #3 -2
HB8 White

After the day I went home. I thought my life was about to go back to normal. I mean I had emotional spikes such as I would be thinking about her for a bit, then my mind drifts off and I would go back to my daily routine in life.
If I was the same person when I first started my journey, I think I would have slit my wrist or some bullshit after getting rejected by this girl. But I have experience lots of pain from girls rejecting me, so I managed somehow to not fall into the same trap of producing feeling from this rejection.

She doesn’t text me in the morning so that kind of just killed it for me. From that point on, I knew it was game over with me with this Sonya. I decided not to go out because I wanted to be productive and do some shit with my life.
As I was telling some of my close friend about my previous night, telling them I fcked the girl RAW.. they end up telling me “ WTF were you thinking”. I’m like holy shit this is a big deal, and I didn’t even really worried about it too much.
Like seriously, since I have been in the game, I have been in soo much heart breaking situation, my heart doesn’t flutter as much as it use to. So I didn’t really let it get to my head, but I did know I have to take action and get this shit done.
I end up calling her later on at night, she picked up, and I asked her a few questions.

“Are you on pills” her replied Nope
“Did you have sex with any other guys I don’t know about raw” she replied with Nope
“Why did you take the condom off” Her response was that she trusted me

I mean I am glad she trusted me, because I am the person to be trusted. I am that needy ass guy who doesn’t know shit about girls. I am fucking honest and sincere, so I’m not that guy who fucks a girl and get her pregnant, then runs off.
But still, fucking raw without us ever hooking up being together was a mistake. I don’t blame her for taking off the condom; it was mostly me to be blamed for. I could have prevented it, but I wanted the feel of a raw and now I’m left to take care of this problem. It’s an experience I have yet to run across, so I had to go do some research. So, what I found out, if you have unprotected sex with a girl, which I did, then I have to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant. I mean I pulled out during our raw sex, but that doesn’t mean shit, this isn’t no fucking porn. I have to be safe and make sure she doesn’t get pregnant.

So, after talking to my friends, they told me about contraception. That’s like Plan B, for a girl to take within 72 hours of unprotected sex. This prevents the girl from getting pregnant and shit.
To my surprised, I wans’t really worried like scared shitless, even if it might fuck up my future, I just kept calm and I knew I was going to handle this situation like a fucking responsible man.

I told her I was going to come by to see her the next day. So the next day, I knew I was going to see her. All I did that day was took a mini personal boot camp for myself on “ Female Orgasm Blueprint”. Like seriously, people would freak the fuck out about getting a girl pregnant and rush to the girl to give her the pill, but I’m here watching some videos on improving sex. Haha

Well, I wasn’t satisfy with my sex the previous time I saw her, so I knew if I see her again, I want to fuck her good this time lol. Even if this shit just got real, I spent my time understanding about sex. I learned a lot from this video such as different method to eat a girl out, finger her girl g-spot, etc.That helped bring my knowledge of sex to a whole new level. I forgot to mention, Tyler video on making a girl orgasm was also in my mind the whole time.
I wanted to have sex with this girl again, I truly do, even if my mission was to bring the pill to her to get it over with.
So I did, I drove again to see her, over an hour drive to her place. I also stopped by some random pharmacy to pick up Plan b, which cost $45 dollars, fucking expensive, and I also bought me some Lube.. AstroGlide…….

I arrived at her place and texted her. She invited me inside her place again. I came prepared this time with 3 condoms in my wallet and the Lube in my pants. I wasn’t sure if we were going to fuck again, but I wanted to get ready just in case we end up having sex again. I met with her and she didn’t look so happy. She was depressed because she had to move away from her family and she had no friends around this area. School hasn’t started for her so she was being a bit a lone. I asked her if she misses me, and she said she does. Damn, I can’t seem to figure out what goes in a girl mind. So we talked to some, the convo started dry and we talked a bit. Then later on we started having fun together. She was slapping me, punching me, and all kind of shit. I was doing the same to her as well like I was wrestling her, flicking her ears, punching in her stomache, softly slapping her.

We were just having fun in that moment. One time, she was drinking water and I told her to give me some water mouth to mouth. She then puts her mouth over my mouth and drinks the water to herself. Haha I found that cute, so I had to write it down.
After having some physical fun, it was time to get down to business. I end up bringing the pill out and told her some warning about it. She tells me she doesn’t like serious business and she kept joking around, which made it less depressing.
I was joking around as well telling her she would have side affects from taking the pills such as hallucination, migrane, tiredness, and that she would probably have to take a shit. She laughed at the last one, but it was super fun.

She ends up taking the pill and then after a bit, she felt kind of sick. So she was lying in bed, and I was just rubbing her back, to make her feel better. I felt kind of sad that I had to put her through this, but there was no other way around it.
After a bit, I told her to turn over and I gave her a playful massage. I was massaging her and told her my arms hurt. She said “NO, keep massaging” and I kept massaging lol. A few times I went and massage her ass in a playful way, and she laughs and got up.
Also, one moment, I brought out my phone and started recording her. It was super cute and she was being all nervous and shy. She kept telling me " stop it" but I continue to film. I told her that I'm going to go home, watch this video and cry because I'm not going to get to see her. lol 

I actually took like 3 recordings of her on video, its super cute, I found it cute and its a memory I'm going to cherish.
From there, we were just talking about random shit, doing random shit like punching each other in the stomach. Then this was the point were I was drinking water, and she held her mouth open. I acted like I was going to give her water, and swallowed the water myself. I did that a few times, like she did to me. Then after the last attempt, I drank the water, held the water in my mouth, and passed the water to her mouth to mouth. It felt awesome, and I bet she enjoyed it.

Then we started making out and I went from there. I started kissing her neck and licking it, but she kept pushing me away aggressively. I kept at it, and then I wanted to remove her bra. I end up finding the clip to remove her bra, but she still had her shirt on.
Often times, she kept giving me resistance and pushing me away. I kept persisting, like trying to manhandle her, but she was really aggressive and didn’t want to let me go any futher. After a long attempt of trying to escalate, I went too aggressive on her one time by throwing her on the bed, and then she ends up biting her lip. It was bleeding and I’m like fuck… I just fucked up there.

I just gave up because I was looking in her eyes. I saw that her eyes weren’t anime eye anymore, so she was starting to lose attraction. Plus she had a little swollen lip because of what I did lol
I asked her if she wanted me to leave, and she said she doesn’t want me to, but she had to go to shower and sleep to wake up early the next day.
By this time, it was already 1am and I told her that I was tired, if I drove home right now, I wouldn’t make it. Most likely, I would go sleep in my car then drive home later. I was being honest, and she decided that I could sleep at her place until 5am.

Cool, From that moment on, I didn’t think I was going to have sex, so I just wanted to cherish the moment. She went to go shower and came out of the shower and hop in the bed with me.
After a while, I thought why not just cuddle with her and fall asleep. So I cuddle her, and I end up getting hard and shit. Fuck, from that point on, I was just grinding on her ass, then I went to rub her pussy. She didn’t give me any resistance but said " stoooop it" in one of those girly way, so I kept rubbing it and she was moaning from time to time when I hit the soft spot of hers.

Then I decided to just pull her pants off. No resistance, I got her pants off and I went down to eat her. This is my first time eating a girl out. I thought it was going to gross and nasty, but I didn’t taste nothing. Good thing she didn’t have a bad odor and I was sucking her clit. As I was sucking her clit, I stuck a finger in her vagina. Only thing I had a problem with was that she was a little hairy. I wished she shaved her but she didn’t.
So after a bit of eating her out, she stops me by pulling my finger out of her pussy. I went and put my dick in her face. She started sucking it for a while. She said she was tired and stops sucking it.

I went to go grab the lube, first time using this shit, lube my fingers and proceed to finger her. All this shit I did on her, I learned from the “Female Orgasm Blueprint” I watched earlier that day. I am glad I took the time to sit down and watch that video.
So, I was giving her a fingering session and she seems to enjoy it. After fingering, I went to go grab a condom and penetrated her.
I fucked her missionary style, and she kept saying I was crazy and she was surprised I could last long. I am surprised myself that I could last that long, like fuck didn’t know I could last that long.

We end up switching position so that she ride on top of me. She tried riding me, but she kept going up too high and my dick keeps slipping out. Mind you my dick is just average and isn’t long enough. So that situation happened like twice and I felt my dick going limp because I was being nervous. Fuck me, so we went back to missionary, fucked her for a while longer, and she told me to stop to take a break. I stopped, but my dick was still fucking limp. I had to rub my dick on her thigh. So after about 15 minutes of break, and me rubbing my dick on her thigh, I went to grab another condom and fcked her there.

This time, I felt like I was about to cum, but I managed somehow to suppressed the urge to cum, and lasted about 20 minutes longer. She was telling me she liked rough and hard, but I could only do so much because I was about to cum. It felt really fucking good, compare to the first time fucking her. She kept squeezing her and it was an amazing feeling. After a bit more, she told me go ahead and cum, and I was like “NO, not yet”. I kept at it for as long as I can, and I’m like I think I need to cum. I told her I was coming in the last push, and she tighten her for me while I cum in her with a condom on. Man that shit felt sooooo fucking good. I stayed in her for about 30 seconds and she pushed me off of her.

She was laying down on her back and I told her I’m not done with you yet. So she stayed there, I went to go grab the lube, poured some in my hand, and went to go finger her.
This time, I wanted to give her an orgasm like Tyler taught in one of his video. This was my first time every going all out fingering a girl. I had two of my finger in her like the star trek hand sign and I went up and down near her g-spot.

I tried like 3 times, and my hand was tired as fuck from going up and down super fast. She kept telling me to give up that I won’t be able to manage to make her cum, because she could hold it in. I said “ fuck you” to her and I told her I was going to do it. The 4th try, I finger blast her super fast, and I stopped. She told me I was close and that I would have had it, but I stopped. Like damn this shit, I wanted to make her have an orgasm or either squirt. I then asked her have she experience it before, and she told me she did with her past boyfriend and because he was much stronger that’s why she had an orgasm. I told her “ Fuck your last boyfriend, I didn’t know I could go harder, now that I know your’re fucking dead”. 

So my last attempt, I went full out super aggressive on her g-spot, in her pussy, like me trying to rip her apart. I was finger blasting it super fucking hard, and her stomache was going up. I knew she was about to orgasm, so I kept at it. Then she had the orgasm and told me to stop. I told her I win, and we were just laughing. I calm her down by rubbing it slowly.

We then cuddle and I talked a bit about her past b/f. I asked her if her last boyfriend was better than me at sex, and she told me I was better. Of course, that guy she fcked was in Highschool and he didn’t go through the trouble of studying sex like I did, fuck! I also asked her about the sex the previous time, and she said it was okay.. and I told her how about today.. she told me it was ookay. I’m like wtf girl…. Haha she is super cute and corky.
After a bit of cuddling, I got dressed and was about to get ready to go home. She got up and I saw that she was having trouble standing up. She was like shaking or some shit , I guess that’s the affect of a good orgasm or I don’t know.

I hugged her goodbye and told her we should see each other one more time this week before school starts. Then I walked out to my car 6am in the morning, feeling like a FUCKING CHAMPION. She texted me right there saying “It was fun seeing you again” So that was my adventure for that day. A wonderful dream that I experience and I just woke up. Now I’m writing about it and holy shit this so soo fucking long. Fuck it, I’ll read this when I’m 40 year old and be amazed at my amazing life I experienced. 

In the end, I realized that this girl is cool, fun, corky, and silly. Such a playful girl and doesn’t take things seriously. But, I probably think of her more as a friend with benefit than trying to start a relationship with her. She is a college student, just got out of high school and probably will experience more guys where she’s at. I’m not going to hold her back and be jealous because she goes around and sleep with other guys. She needs to go out there and fuck 30 other guys and experience that shit. But in the end, I want her to feel that I was the best guy she had experience with. I’m just overall a cool as Asian motherfucker she will ever meet.

I ‘m just glad I had to opportunity to have sex with her. Now, I know what I’m capable of and that girls aren’t everything in my life. I must focus on other area of my life to improve myself and better myself in many ways.
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