November 19th, 2018
Stun's Field Reports and Learnings
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Here's where I'm at:

Did about 21 days of a 30 day challenge flawlessly before burning out and catching up on things I'd been neglecting. The challenge consisted of going out every night, no drinking, no fap, and sticking to the paleo diet strictly. I definitely took on a lot of difficult lifesytle changes all at one time. 

The purpose of this challenge for me was to get over approach anxiety and to be able to do so while not drinking. I was highly successful in doing this.

Especially during the beginning of my challenge, I felt a strong anxiety about quickly improving. I'd just met a bunch of new wings who were down to go out 4-6 nights per week and approach a lot. I had a strong sense of urgency that I needed to improve as fast as possible to "catch up" to everyone else. A little bit further into my challenge I realized that this isn't just a 30 day challenge, it's going to be a long, long journey. Especially after reading Cat's field reports. It's all about long-term consistent action.

Moving forward I'm going to balance my pick up goals with other lifestyle goals. Pickup is a great thing to improve upon but I can't neglect my other goals. 

Things I did well:
Approached lots girls at bars and clubs
No drinking
Paleo Diet
Met new wings
Day game
Kept up with salsa/improv classes

Things I sucked at:
Playing guitar
Getting 7-8 hours of sleep
Hanging with civilian friends
Talking to family on the phone

Things to focus on during the next month:
Meet one new wing per week
Write field reports every day
Start calling girls
Day game at least 3x per week
At least one day 2 per week
At least 10 minutes of meditation per day

Play guitar every day
Sleep 7-8 hours per night
Take at least 10 pictures per day
Cook breakfast every morning
Cook dinner 3 nights per week
Keep hanging out with civilian friends
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 Right now I'm in an fun place in my progression. Right now it feels really awesome but I know that at some point I'll outgrow it.

I ended a year-long relationship about 3 months ago that was going nowhere. Post-relationship there were still strong feelings and I went out of my way to hook up with as many girls as possible. This lasted for 2 months and I did so by going out all the time and getting drunk while out.

The Transition
I went to Hot Seat in DC and things changed. I realized how unnecessary the drinking was. I realized I was just holding myself back in a huge way. So I committed to approach sober. It worked pretty well.

I don't have much trouble approaching sober and when I go out, I'll get 2-3 solid numbers per night and maybe a make out. A few times I've pulled. Not trying to make myself sound cool, it's just where I'm at. Over the last 5 weeks or so I've gotten a lot of numbers and have hooked up with a good amount of girls 6-8… I don't want to count right now.

Right now I have 5 girls I've hooked up with at least twice in the last 3 weeks. I plan to keep hooking up with at least 3 of them and keep them in a "rotation." This is what I've been striving for.

The weird thing:
I want to have a huge rotation of girls. I want to fuck it up and create chaos/drama. I want to create a massive amount of abundance. I feel like I've lived my life in so much scarcity that I need to over-do it for a while and just have a lot of girls that I have the option to fuck. I'm aware that this is unsustainable and I'll move through this phase but I'm 100% sure it's what I want right now. Lots of sex with lots of different girls. I need to feel the pimpery.

Entitlement is a big issue for me. Because of this, I don't pull many girls above an 8. In order to develop a sense of entitlement I need to have my rotation and improve the quality of the rotation. Now the "rotation" exists. Over the next few months I'll improve it.
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 Breakdown of my game:

Approaching and pulling during the last few months has taught me a lot about myself. From feedback from girls and feedback from wings I have a pretty good idea of what I'm good at and a good idea of what I need to work on. In this post I'll give a quick summary of my game for each of the following categories:

Same Night Lays
Day 2's
Casual Relationships/Fuck Buddies
Serious Relationships

Having solid wings who like to approach has helped me step up approaching during the last 4-6 weeks. Being sober was a challenge at first but now I feel a lot stronger for doing it the right way. I still hesitate before approaching sometimes and sometimes I need a push. When I approach I enter the set in a very relaxed manner. Not gimmicky but not friendzoney.

Sometimes I'll start out with something a little higher energy but usually not. This is definitely something I should experiment with.

If I'm out by myself I'm a complete wuss about approaching and I hope to overcome this by going out solo more often. In general, I'm confident that my approach anxiety will continue to decrease by taking action like I've been doing over the last few months.

Generally I have a chill demeanor and I consider my interactions to come across as pretty authentic. However, a lot of my conversations tend to get boring and repetitive. I've made it a point over the last 1-2 weeks to go out of my way to take my conversations in weird/fun directions. By continually approaching and just having lots and lots of conversations, I'll eventually break out of interview-mode and transition to full, self-expression.

I want to fully and honestly express my opinions more often and risk losing more girls. I should actually probably make it a point to lose girls. Abundance. Losing one girl doesn't matter.

Same Night Lays
During the last 6 weeks I pulled one girl and it was from street game late at night. Other than that, most of my hookups have come from getting numbers and setting up day 2's. I've found it sort of challenging to establish a frame that has the intent and sexuality to pull a girl the same night. But I'm aware of this and will be working on it continuously.

Day 2's
I feel pretty good about my day 2 game. I do a good job of keeping it fun, holding strong eye contact, good body language and qualifying the girl. I find it pretty easy to establish high value and making the girl qualify herself in day 2 interactions. I've pulled from a couple of times from day 2's but I've also had a few where I made clear mistakes.

I've had sex with about 40 girls in my life and about 15 in the last 3 months. I've definitely learned a lot in the last few months which has helped me a lot with my most recent girls. Also, hooking up with a couple older girls has taught me more. I know there's a long way to go but I feel like I'm on my way and taking action to get to where I want to be.

Casual Relationships/Fuck Buddies
It wasn't until the last month that I had any girls that I could hook up with randomly without an expectation of a relationship. Now that I have some I'm learning from my reference experiences how to frame relationships. In the future I'd like to be completely honest with all the girls I'm hooking up with, I'm not quite there yet.

Serious Relationships
This has to be the weakest part of my whole game. I've only had one serious relationship and if I'm honest with myself and hold myself to a high standard, it was shitty. I was dishonest about my past and generally didn't live the type of relationship that I envision for myself. I really haven't outlined the type of relationship that I want. I know I need to do this rather than aimlessly dating a girl and getting increasingly more serious.

Day Game
Although I've done an OK amount of approaches during the day, I know I need to do a lot more to take it to the next level. My conversations struggle to make it beyond interview mode. In the long run I know day game is a much more sustainable way of continuously taking action and balancing non-pickup life goals.

During the last 6 weeks I definitely broke through a big barrier of being scared of talking to girls during the day. I now have much less hesitation.
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 Congrats on your successes! 
 Midland, tx
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