January 18th, 2019
Out of My head and into my Life. Actions, Good time, Period!
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Hey Guys! What up!

I'm 24, I began the game since the last year, First FR journal on rsdnation, happy to finally start one, it was the fckin time!

I came back 3 month ago from Sydney where I was beasting for 6 month Nights and Days, to really improve my game, lot of good experiences, rejections, make out, 2 fuck bodies (almost 3, fb issue)
During these 3 last month I didn't go out so much (Fuck me, choding in) except this summer where I was doing day/night game for 10 days, and pulled a Tatoo Chick (she was dirty) in a hidden street in 20 min.

I didn't take action so much these times, I was trying to make a living online and other stuff but I was More interested on creating a product and starting a real business, I'm working on a site right now. I was enough overwhelmed with that, After quitting my Job I was also worrying about my money, but that's okay is just a "by product", Value is Real!

At the moment, I have enough money for a while because I'm still living in my parents basement, It's sucks,
but I own a car and I can move to other little city of my Area.

I made this journal in order to :

-have real Self-discipline and improve my Game like a Man with Balls

-have less time for thinking, Stop being passive, being more Active, make choices quicker everyday, stop over thinking.
-Push myself to always get Hotter girls, offering them a really good moment, Having a lot fun, and bringing the Overflow of sexual energy like a bottle of Cola full of mentos ready to explode.

-create a good circle of girls and be able to reproduce the same situation in every city
-Pull and close on more strange places like : in a car, in a sauna, ham am, in a jacuzzi/hot tubb, bathroom.

already did in the kitchen, on the beach (night), in the street, but I gotta pull in the Sauna, it's my main one :)
main belief for that : "I pull everywhere!"

It's crazy how you can literally lose the momentum after doing some intense period of game. At sydney I was going crazy
All really got back to my old reality when I came back to my little town in Switzerland. I was not really happy sometimes because I was pussying out like a after missing some sets.
I have to cut the shit right now, the time is passing and I can't miss opportunities anymore. I'm the only one that can create an amazing lifestyle full of Adventures and Hot girls.

Okay, gameplan:

-I go out 4 nights per week, wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (maybe more after seeing if I have time to work on building my business)
-I see a girl, group of girls, I go, I am the champagne

I will also make a field report and impression of the Bootcamp at Atlanta the 5th of September with Tyler and Julien
I never took a bootcamp, I guess it's gonna be really good.

Tonight, I'm out!
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 Very nice man I look forward to reading your progress.
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Went up to the city by car, on wednesday night, I come there seemed stifled because I see a lot of people I know, no time for that I go for 2 girls on the main place
*I make click finger noise "Hey!" the girls screamed everybody heard them, I was laughing my ass off, they lol'd to.

When other of the female friends came there, I was introducing myself, I could directly say which girl doesn't like me, I felt a bit like a butthurt, that's why I took the set just for the warm up and eject after 10 min, no number, I said bye.

After I saw some friends that I didn't see for a long time.
Less and less people in the street. I bring one of my old buddy to his home

I made it short, until 01:00, after there was nothing,

glad you like it jack ;)

Tonight I'll make it worse.
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Damn dude...All these girls need adventures and Deep pleasure.. it's a sense of urgency! Wtf I'm doing..

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Busy journey, my eyes were hurting after spending so much hours on my laptop.

Afternoon :

I've had to time to do some cardio, when I decided to go run all around my village, when I came in a big field where's almost nobody, I saw 1 pretty well conserved and her mother I think, walking, I exceed them and I say :

-hey come on you're here to run, c'mon let's go

and the directly went run wtih me and we begin to chat and laugh together

she asked me where I was living, what I was doing tomorrow and my number pretty quickly, and... I got a boner, she told me she call me tomorrow for a run, yey Sweet

Night :

Beasting in my little town, where I was seeing a lot of people i knew and finally approaching in front of them. I was the only one who was beasting I felt fckin good
Pretty negative sets, but as always I Pumped my state all the time I felt more and more good, then

I stoped 1 mother and her 2 daughter, didn't even know at first, cool chatting, Colombian girls, the mother didn't quit her eyes from me, she was into me I was into her,
She was married, but nothing else after.

Middle of the night I entered in this little bar in the corner of the street. It was Empty, then I began to chat with the waitress who was Bulgarian, pretty hot, after chatting for 30 min she's get used to me, I let her talk, it's cool, I was in my momentum, When she said she was married, before I quit the bar I asked to its hands to see the ring, 

When I quit the bar, just before I went out she said "you thought I was talking bullshit?"
I say : "We never know"

Well, Married chicks night... sometimes i don't know but I really feel I could push more even if it's not a good idea lol...., after it was empty and joined my old school buddy who also has his game, kind of a guy who really don't give a fuck to, I'm having a lot of fckin Fun with this guy.

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The of the other day finally called me, she was pretty happy to talk with me on the phone, I think she's 37-40 years old

She wanted to meet up directly at my place but Parents basement doesn't really help... She said, let's meet at an hotel 15 km of my town on Tuesday after work
and talk about "my project", she was pretty excited and happy. I don't expect anything let's just have a good time with her. Non-needy, detached.

Night with my wing

I went out by car in Lausanne, pretty far away from my town but worth it This night because I Learned.
I was beasting everywhere, rejections, big Chat and Flirty girls, I was fixed this morning when I wrote all the shit that happened.

My best Set :

Two hot girls sitting on rocks, a Black one that I really liked, I began chatting, they were nice, We were talking for a good moment I've had the mindset of "I'm good, I'm completely enough" at the start
but I was Sucked in at the end,  like Validation seeker.. it was fckin funny for a moment but she changed Behavior directly Because she wanted to know how i would react, and of course, I TRIED
things like a Weak guy who try to prove himself and put the girl on the pedestal. The Energy fade away at the end, but it was Because of Me, Because I didn't likes myself at this exact moment when she changed her face/bodylanguage and I said incongruent stuff of course, but just before ejecting, I regrouped myseld and talked big funny bullshit (I don't really remember what I said) just to fuck it up and go out of my head, this time it was coming from a place where I wanted to do it for me. But No number, ejected, done.
It was a validation game and I was too logical.

My wing was looking at what I was doing, and I learned on myself.

I wanted to get the girl looking at me all the time, tried to seek a reaction and Forgot to come from a place of Awesomeness and being Centred, not giving a Single Fuck.
She Sensed the incongruency at a particular moment, that's why the rythme of the interaction changed and I was not LEADING anymore.

I also figure out that I was adding too much words in my conversation sometimes, and talked fast, It's crazy how my brain click very quickly, again because I was logical and didn't get enough momentum
I Put the value in the conversation : wrong shit
Let's slowdown when I talk. Less words but more Valuable

It was also not the only kind of set like that.

It was me or I've had a lot of validation seeker this night??.... doesn't matter, just Fuck it up and Learn.

"You don't try shit when you know she wants you dick." :)
-someone on the forum
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"Life is too short, Time is to valuable to spend it in telling what is useless"

Night game alone this time in Bern which is the main city in switzerland, already tired of the journey and driving, Finally find a place for the car.

There was a concert event, A lot of people in the street, very fckin cool atmosphere,

I found out some good stuff for building my own state : I was claping my hands, even talking sometimes alone and really express what I see, or where I go. when I'm alone it's great, I'm pumpedup.
Approached one girl alone, shy, cute, funny long conversation, after I hit every groups of 2 to 5 girls, I was having so much fun, long interactions, I was having a Fckin blast this night.

After understanding how to fix my sticking point of conversation, I immediately fall into this mindset of "I'm enough, I say whatever I want, and get the million dollar mouthpiece" it Fucking worked lol
I was blasting so much stuff in Every set that night, I really didn't care, I was always louder than the girl no matter what, I found that shit so Funny, because in one set I was talking NON-stop in a cool rythme, I was totally Leading the interaction, some girls didn't Liked some other were always laughing about it. It was Coming from a place of NOT-caring at all : I was literally opening a 5 sets like : "Hey Bitches what's up?" but just teasing. The girls just stood there watching me, and I kept talking and delivering the expression of innerstate. I was telling the stuff that I like, stuff I don't like which for me it's really amazing because It reminds a lot other stuff relevant that I still can express. It's really Powerfull.

just have to look in the girls eyes, Being In The MOMENT, and Bam a Flow of awesomeness is going through my veins.

Like Jeffy said : "managing logical responses Not good, Non-sense and Utter stupidity : Good." in order to Change her Mood not her Mind.

But damn it suck so much energy after 2-3 hours... that I feel fckin tired, I pushed anyway as much as I could this time,

the Only thing that I regret is that I was in a group of 2 hot girls I stood there for a good moment, I was building a good connection with one, she saw me like a Fckin butthurt at the start but, I really changed her mood after doing my stuff, then she changed again and again, I Tried to pull her, take the number, but Nothing, I've had Stay There! But I was so fckin tired, but I knew I could push more so I was a bit pissed.

Well, it was a good night, I re-learn and re-get the momentum of Sydney, I feel good
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I fixed the plan to go out just 4 nights but, I couldn't stand it, I've had to Move my ass, Do something, Save a girl lost somewhere in the city, I'm Slobodan

Monday night, really quiet, I was walking around, tiered as fuck I wanted to go sleep (ate some stupid food)
My mind was telling me : "Don't Do anything! Don't approach at all! Weirdooooo" huh

then I opened a set of 2 hot 19 years old girl from university, chatting, I was surprisingly on my flow, (million dollars mouth piece again, maybe 'cause I was tired, got some crack creative allucination)
was having fun, cracking stupid jokes, I was teaching them some really nasty words in serbian (they didn't believe I was one so..) I say "cock smoking", I immediately translated after, I just saw the face of the one that I was talking to : O_O, then she laughed. she was pretty hot, their friends were calling them to come, I took her number.

My mindset this night : "I can get away with Everything"

I was walking around again, saw nothing, no clubs opened, i walk to the train station, I see a girl 19 too, I want to sleep, I hesitated to go, there was a battle in my head, thousand of excuses *too tired too talk in the train with her bla bla, what is she doesn't like me.
I sit on this stupid bench, after a min............... I woke up and I started walking to the girl.

I began to chat, superchill, natural flow, congruence, everything was in place, she's serbian, I'm, she liked that so much, she was smiling all the time, she couldn't even look me in the eyes sometimes, I sense she's aroused, she's really Hot, I've never seen beautifull natural big Boobs like that from a 19 (I know the girls of the country where I come from are the Hottest, for me). then I ask her which station she takes, she has to go, I feel a connection.

me : "maybe it's the last time we see each other"
her : "I don't know..."

I take her number

she smiled, silence, I sensed an awesome feeling. she goes out the train.

I wake up the next morning, I have this chick in my head a little bit. it's all good, I don't care for the moment. anyway I've got this to date the next day in a hotel, let's see what's gonna happen.
It's all good, still busy on my project.

I was thinking about what would happen if I didn't walked up to this girl...daamn, It really motivate me to absolutely stop Missing opportunities and Start walking! when things like That happen! It's Crazy to not do anything!
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Finally went on the date, surprise! it was an advertiser for some Gel jewish food supplement from the nasa, we were talking about that during 1h, I wanted to stay with her to see what happened,
after she had to go,

me : "tell me are you looking for a prince?"
she : "hoh, no hahah, why?"
me : "because I could find one for you" (she told me she live alone)
she : "oh, hah, not now, and it has to happen by chance, hihi"
me : *laughing
she : "Oh, you though it was a date for Sex? Hey, I'm not a prostitute!"
me : "I didn't say anything, hah, just kidding, just kidding, call me maybe, let me know bye"
she : "oh haha, ok ok, sweet, see ya

Lesson : I could have stood more with her she was on her way to the car, she has to go bla bla, but if I stood there and be more confident after a logical discussion, something would happen, I still got her number, I gotta finish this, she lives's cute............DAMN! she really need to fuck!
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 Nice stuff keep going dude
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went out yesterday night alone again, just for an hour and half, this city is so calm, I plan to move to a bigger city anyway

Funny how calm it was, no clubs, few bars open, when I see a pretty sexy turkish girl a solid 8, *chatting, chatting* cool, smooth, fun, I say : "you got a nice beard" *what? lol" *bla bla, I lead, I go walk with her until the bus station.
she was telling me some nasty jokes, me : "we step at the end of the movie, you're so shy that you would show me your body" *no logic out there,  her : "maybe.." *sex vibe up a bit, I was horny, me : "congratulation, I'm hard because of you now" I was completely in the moment her : *laugh "are you drunk? lol" sensed that buying temperature was pretty hard to make it happen..she was on the low...maybe..I guess this girl would be a Beast, hmm I like that!

for a moment I was too close to her and she step back, it was almost creepy lol whatever, but when I expected this, I completely let go again step back myself, and let make the things happen. talk talk, confort, but always too much distance.
we came to the bus station, she has to go I took her number pretty easily (means nothing), hug and bye.

2nd set

came back to the city center, I see the only group of 5 teens girls, birthday of one of them, cool girls, after 20-30 min shittesting and ballbusting, some were pissed, some were smiling, then when one girl pissed off a bit said : "okay we gotta go bla bla" I stood there then they left the place, didn't tried to take a number of the one that I think, liked me, I felt like needy, didn't really know what to do, my mind reacted like : "their friends are there, they should not see her exchange numbers bla bla".

What I figure out : Usually in sets I'm always playfull, fun, But sometimes I catch myself being reactive when i laugh too much, I grew up with this habit of waiting that something happen to makes me Laugh VS must bring My own fun to other people. This is really key for me. This how I should give and not suck.

Lesson set of 5 : I could have pushed a little more for getting at least a number, but pussying like a likilittleputain

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