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FR: Do or Die 45-day Massive Challenge
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Do or Die 45-day Massive Challenge

Hey guys, I am making this thread to give me extra motivation and make myself go out EVERY DAY. I wanna have more fun than ever before and get more girls than I could've ever dreamed about.
I decided to make the game the most important goal in my life right now (second is gym, nutrition and reading). There's no way back, I'll do it no matter what. I also want to contribute back to the community, as my life has improved drastically thanks to RSD and pick-up in general.

Info about me: I'm 22 years old, on my last year of college, living in Lisbon, Portugal.
I found out about the game in a poker forum about 3 years ago. I had no motivation to keep studying for my degree, was home all day playing poker, didn't have many friends. I did what we all did, I read The Game and got pretty crazy about it, started digging more, found out about RSD, read everything I could and at the same time started working out on the gym with a friend.

Even though I knew a lot of theory, I didn't have the balls to go out and try it at all. 3-4 months later though, funny enough, I went shopping with my gym friend and his sister. Yeah, guess what, I put in practice my knowledge and stuff, and managed to get her. She was my GF, until she dumped me (I was really needy and desperate). I was soul-crushed! Oh, my one-itis ahah. I was pretty depressed, but after 1-2months managed to recover and started re-reading RSD stuff, watching lots of videos and reading Eckhart Tolle stuff.

What happened? I went to hang out with my neighbor and through that social-circle, I got a new GF. Funny, 3 months later, she dumped me! (rightly so!). I felt like shit, even worse than my previous GF. I just wanted her back lol. I studied RSD again and other related "philosophies", and I managed to get her back 2, months later. We had a relantionship yet again, for over 1,5 years! What a numb-blurred-time that was. I even missed some classes, training or going out with friends, to be with her, what the hell. Feb/March this year, I ended the relantionship, I was sick of all the drama and shits.

I slowly started grinding back into RSD, started watching mass videos, reading all Tolle's books again, Tony Robbins books and audiotapes, lots of self-help in general. I also improved my nutrition and training (I was already pretty good, but now I'm fucking ripped, muscular and in the best shape of my life) and re-started meditating (I was into meditation before I had this last GF, did wonders, dropped it because the relantionship had made me sloppy). What a big upward spiral I'm currently in, massive motivation! 

My current game level:
I went on vacations 2 times last month for a couple days, F-Closed both times (on both vacations). If I'm with my friends, far away from home, I just get out of the house and start approaching, as both times we stayed near the bars/clubs' street, and it ends up well, I'm out of my head and I get into state, managing to pull home pretty hot chicks.

When I'm here at home, I have to go by car to the clubs, takes 25min, by the time I arrive I'm so inside my head, have to wait on the line, my friends are not encouraging me (they say I'm burning my reputation because about 25% of those people are from the area we live in and I know who they are, they know who I am, even if we've never talked), and I just get lost. It's funny though, specially because they've seen me do this and pull some hot girls. They're cool guys, but ultimately, cold-approach is not their thing and they're kinda game chodes. 

My game is good when I'm in state, but I rarely can get into state. The problem is the first 20-30 min, if I don't free myself from my own constraints, I can't do anything, can't even approach anyone.. it pisses me off as much as if I miss a day in the gym or eat something I shouldn't (happens very rarely, it gives hugeeeee pain!).

Last night I went out, DID ZERO APPROACHES, even though I got approached by some ok semi-drunk-girls (I usually get approached at least once a night). My friends kept saying how my 'theories' about pick-up suck lol, how you just can't go and approach people like that, they will not give in and blablablalbalbal. Their BS makes me socially-conditioned.
I said it's enough and decided I want to fix my leaks, completely kill the approach anxiety, be the most self-amusing I can be, give massive value to others and fuck a lot of girls. By writing this here, I'm making sure I will follow through and SUCCEED. I will go out and approach, either during the day or during the night, solo or not, it won't matter. As Tyler said, my only criteria for success will be approaching, no outcome-dependency. There are no excuses, I just can't care anymore what anyone thinks, not even my friends.
I will do it.

45 days: approach minimum 5 girls every day. When 50% of the challenge is done, I'll upgrade it to 10 approaches minimum.
Daygame: Monday, Tuesday
Nightgame: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
(The day/night game schedule might change according to what parties are on, like if there's a big party on Monday, I'll go there, or if there's not much on a thursday night, I'll do day game.)

Let's go!

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#DAY 1 - Friday, Nightgame (09/08/2013)

The Beginning - Going out Solo and Sober is tough, but glad I pushed myself to do it.

Some chillout music to get you into a relaxed present state.

It was my first time going out alone and sober. I started nicely, put loud music in my car while driving and I was feeling it, sometimes music puts me into state instantly.
As soon as I arrived in the club, I started talking to a group of people there. I found out one guy I kinda "knew" before hand (saw him last time on the club, talked with him) on the group. I have one friend promoter there, and he gives me free-entrance, so I had to wait a bit (10 min) to get into the club for free. This didn't put me out of state though, and as soon I entered I opened one set (guy and girl). Good responses and laughs, I could've gonne longer but after some minutes I ejected ("Gonna go back to my friends, enjoy the night"). Then I opened another set with 2 girls in it, it was also a nice and fun intereaction, was going good but then I ejected myself again for the same reason. Opened third set right away, a girl, talked with her a bit more, she was into it I think, I saw her friend a bit away looking at us, she was smiling, and I was stupid, I said go to your friend, I'm going to my friends now. Arghhhhhh, I had just ejected myself yet again

After this I went to the group of guys that I met earlier on and was there chatting up and having fun with them, they were really cool and crazy ahah, it was fun, but eventually the energy faded a bit and I started getting inside my head. I should've just kept approaching. We went to sit and talk a bit, that got me really out of my early momentum. I had 3 approaches done, had to do at least 2 more. I got up, went to search for my promoter friend, I took my phone out to ask where he is and a girl looked at my phone, and we started talking. She wasn't really my type (is this an excuse?!), but she was all over me, I could've kissed her easily. She was with another girl, they were both older than me, and we talked for like 25min. I got her phone number and ejected. Then I found my promoter friend, talked with him, etc, the time went by and with 4 approaches only, I made a final one in the night (it was a girl that I had seen talking with my promoter friend), it was hard but it went well, girl was enjoying it, I was enjoying it, she wasn't anything special but it was a nice interaction. We talked for like 40min, I think she liked me. After a while I was feeling a bit tired and sleepy, so I decided to go home. 

Pros: - Going out solo and sober (1st time ever, both!);
           - Made myself get into state at the beggining, alone and took action;
           - Made 5 approaches, all 5 went well and girls responded well;
           - Got 1 nr-close.

Cons: - Ejected myself too early, didn't push hard enough. Must stay longer in sets;
             - Should've approached more, shouldn't have stopped because it gets me into my head and got me approach anxiety. I must be an approach machine.

Lessons: - Push myself harder, approach and lead more without caring about the outcome.

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 #DAY 2 - Saturday, Nightgame (10/08/2013)

Crash and Burn - Couldn't approach to save my life.

This song represents well my last night, it's easier to hide.

I had a friend's birthday party on some bar, went there with 3 of my friends, plus there were about 10 friends of him there. We hadn't seen each other in many months, so we were just talking at the beginning and seeing what's up lately. There were a group of 3 girls seated there constantly looking at me and my friend, and we didn't take fucking action. I'm so pissed now, 2-3 people tried to open that set, everyone was getting blown out. I knew If I went there, I would succeed, but I'm such a moron. This was on all night on multiple ocasions, could've opened many sets, but just couldn't fucking do it. At one time I got out of the bar, onto the street and did 3 approaches, instantly blown out every time (not hard to figure out why). It was a nice night because I had fun with my friends, but regarding the challenge, it was a completely horror.

Pros: - Decided to get out of the bar and go approach.

Cons: - Didn't say "fuck it" and approach, MUST APPROACH, NO MATTER WHAT;
- Just approached 3 sets;

Lessons: - Push myself the hardest I possibly can, approach and lead more without caring about the outcome. I must get rejected so much that I let go and get competely indifferent to the outcome. This is key;
- When girls look at me, just go and direct approach;
- Don't think, just go. Whatever happens, happens.
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 #DAY 3 - Sunday, Nightgame (11/08/2013)

Feeling better - 3rd night in a row going out

Was feeling really chilled last night, like this song.

Went out on a sunday night (I can't remember the last time I went out on a sunday night), the streets and bars were kinda empty, but managed to approach. All the interactions went well, but I wasn't 'sexual' enough. Girls were talking nicely and I was vibing well with one, but her friend just said 'we've to go' and they left. I also talked with a bartender before she actually went to work, like for 30min, it was a fun interaction, but it didn't go anywhere. Anyway I felt chilled the whole time, found out by luck some friends that I hadn't seen in a long time and hanged out with them a bit as well.

Pros: - Went out on a Sunday, for the 3rd night in a row;
          - Approached, managed to make interactions last longer;
          - Felt relaxed.

Cons: - Must approach more, fuck their reaction;
- Must be more sexual, create more a male to female dynamic;

Lessons: - Going out every day is starting to give me a nice feeling about it, just 3 days in and although it has been kind of a rough start, I think I'm learning a lot, even though it's a really slow progress, it's progress.
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 #DAY 4 - Tuesday, Daygame (13/08/2013)

(Day 4 was supposed to be on Monday, but had to help my parents the whole day, so I had to skip it. Will not count it as a gaming day obviously).

Awkward - Day-awkward-game.

It's a short description: Went to the mall solo before lunch, not many girls there, had a really hard hard time opening, felt so awkward. I must get out of my head, it was killing me.

Pros: - Went out trying Daygame for the first time (took action).

Cons: - Fuck social-conditioning;
- Fuck-awkwardness, just go for it.

Lessons: - Gonna try some more day-game stuff, need to really push myself over my limit.
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 Awesome shit man. I like the way you organized your challenge. Good luck seeing it through to the end. Also, you will feel less awkward if you game while you do shit you are supposed to do. Walking to the store for food? Grab a chick on the way to shop with you or something. Make it part of your life and it won't be that awkward. 
My New Field Reports

"This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time." -Chuck Pahlniuk
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I'm from Portugal too and i'm moving to Lisbon in a few weeks..
Where did these approaches take place (specially the bar/club ones)?
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@ PIMPIN - Thanks mate, every day that goes through I feel less awkward and better and better! You're right, if you're going to the mall just for the girls, it definitely feels more awkward than if you go do your thing AND go for the girls as well.

@Edd94 - Day 1 - Kontiki/spies @ Costa da caparica
Day 2/3 - Bairro Alto and some bars there
Day 4 - Forum Almada
Day 5 - (report coming) Urban Beach

PM Me - we should hang out and try some stuff!
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 #DAY 5 - Wednesday, Nightgame (14/08/2013)

Finally, some success! - best night since I started the challenge.

Went to a club with a friend of mine, just us two. I made sure we talked and said silly things all the way to the club. As soon as we arrive there and get in line, I start talking with 2 girls in front of me. It goes nice, they talk a lot and laugh hard. When we get inside the club, I go meet a friend of mine (his birthday), screaming and shit, getting unstiffled. I start to open right away, I'm feeling good, getting some good reactions, this time I'm taking more time in the interactions, Ieading and plowing through. Girls are receptive, I made like 5-6 approaches in 45min.
My friend wanted to get his drink, so we went to the bar in the club, and I see a blond girl coming through, I just use the clawwwww. She stops, and I talk to her, found out she's from england. Now, I speak fluent english, so it's fine. We get it going, joking, laughing, touching each other, she's all over me. I try to kiss her, she turns her face. No problem, I act like nothing's happened, I just keep talking, leading her to the dancefloor, dancing a bit, try again, rejected. Wash, rinse, repeat. She won't let me kiss her, I even make some games with her, I tell her to close her eyes, I move her around to near the pool, to another dancefloor, to the quiet area, I just keep on leading. Try again - nop. At no time did I show any dissatisfaction, I just said "You're so shy girl, not adventurous enough to me!". Stuff like that, she's qualifying herself, talking a lot now. I decided not to go for the kiss for a while, just listen to her, talk and build some comfort.

We talk for like 1h, it's rly good. The 2 girls I was talking at the waiting line come and touch me and start talking to me. lol, I talked a bit, but then ditched them. I lead my english girl, once again, to the dancefloor, and this time I manage to make out with her. ahah, about time. We just go crazy, make out, dance, etc. Then I remembered to ask her when is she leaving. Fuck.. tomorrow at lunch time (today). We kept touching, making out, dancing, and I start to talk about my home, how there's gonna be an amazing after-party there tonight. She should come, it will have the best music ever, best light-effects ever, best drinks, etc lol. Right. She says she can't , because she has to leave tomorrow. I just go for the makeout at this time, talk some more, and try again.
I do this for like the next hour, wash, rinse, repeat. She's getting closer to accept, I'm even saying she should just come for 5min to check out my cat. She's starting to say yes, she even says "you're driving me crazy, I sooo wanna come, damnnn". I say, let's go, she says I can't, but I just go nontheless. We pay, leave the club, get into the car, and she starts to get logical saying she can't miss the flight balbla, it was unfortunate that we met on the last night, blabla, I just throw some illogical stuff at her, and go for the makeout, then say, let's go to the after party. I'll bring you or pay for your cab to the airport, you'll get in time, trust me, no problem. She's still being resistent. Then I say, Ok, no problem. She gets sad, I say it's fine, I'll go visit your room when I'm in England. Blabla, she starts complimenting me so much, so glad she met me, etc. I leave her at her hostel, and that's it. Now that I think about it, I could've just parked the car, get a one-bed room on the hostel and sleep with her there. I didn't think about that at the time, mainly because my friend was also in the car with us. Oh well, no problem, it was a fine experience

Pros: - Managed myself to get into state;
- Approached a lot, talked with everyone;
- Had lots of fun;
- Didn't give up, persisted a lot;
- Wasn't reactive, and I was very self-amused;
- K-closed, Nr-closed;

Cons: - Got a bit outcome dependent towards the end (Wanted to take her to my bed badly)

Lessons: - Loved last night, maybe I should've realised earlier on that this girl couldn't come with me because she had the flight early, and go search for other girls;
-Get into a talkative and fun state all the way to the club, start approaching as soon as you get there, thus getting into some god mode;
- Approach approach approach - don't care about their reactions, just be self-amused, CLAW the fuck out of them - persist persist persist - win.
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 #DAY 6 - Thursday, Nightgame (15/08/2013)

Nothing hit - Sleeping around.

Went out with some friends to the club, it wasn't opened. Wandered around on the streets, there was nobody, started to get inside my head, so when we found some girls (2-3 sets whole night), I didn't approach. 

Pros: - Went out again.

Cons: - Made up excuses, though I just saw about 3 sets the whole, should've approached them nontheless, you never know what's gonna happen.

Lessons: -  Try harder to find girls, no matter how few they are, open them!
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